Q & A Archive - February 2005


Q: I play a Pearl blx kit with Paiste signature series cymbals. Just wondering what hi-hat cymbals you use as I love the sound you get on Thunder & the last Magnum album. ( f.y.i.I use 14" dark,crisp hi-hats) Keep up the good work! Rock n' Roll!!! P.S. Got the new album on Wednesday! Keith Butler, Wirral
H: Glad you like the sound Keith. They are 14" Signature Heavy Hi hats. Paiste Signature are simply the best cymbals in my opinion.

Q: love's an easy word to say, a brilliant song, and how true. I always tell my boyf when he asks me if I love him, that I have told him once and if I change my mind I will let him know. my question is do you actually believe in everything you write or is it like writing a story?
L: Some lyrics are based on experience, some come from imagination and some are a mixture of both. There are no rules.

Q: Congrats on the album..gotta say "Amy" is tops at the moment. Nice to hear such varied subject matter. No question just a big ol' pat on the back for a fine album. Mind you is that a bit of dropped tuning riffage on track two? Damn that sounds like a question. Stu Free, East Kilbride
L: No. 'Gods Of Love' is in the key of E and played with a standard tuning. Glad you like the album.

Q: Hi Luke.Love the new album! every track stands out first time which is always a good sign. I heard that 'Amy's on the Run' was written about someone you knew but they didn't know you'd done it. Have they heard it now and if so what do they think of it? This track  has to be the next single, can't wait to hear it live! See you all in Manchester. Steve Cook, Cumbria
L: The genuine answer is no and I don't know. The person who's situation inspired the song is unaware and I'd rather keep it that way as I don't feel I know them well enough to discuss it really.

Q: Hello chappies, just recieved your fantabulously amazing Magnificent albumn, looking forward to seeing you (for the first time) in Bristol!! cant wait, bringing my Thunder converted family and girlfriend along for the ride!! quest. - Who/what do you love more than rock n'roll?? Is there anything?! Jonny, Wilts
L: Nothing........
B: I'm sitting here with my guitar on playing through the new songs before we go into rehearsals and at the same time trying to think what I love more than rock n roll. I have come to the conclusion that the answer is nothing. It's been a great mistress over the years and I would miss it if it were gone. Long live rock n roll - anyone disagree?

Q: Ooooooooooooo here's a first ......My question is specific to young Benjamin. After investing considerably large amounts of wonga on the latest 7.1 digital hardware and speakers (THX approved) I would like to ask Ben the following:
I've been getting (ahem !!) many Dolby Digital DTS re-mixes of albums that are split into 6 discrete channels of sound e.g the Alan Parker one, various Sting stuff and loadsa Pink Floyd re-mastered jobbies. The sound is totally amazing :o)
*Crap question.* Could you do some Thunder stuff in this format ?
*Good question* I haven't got one lol !!! :o)
See you in March, in London, where I will ask you the same question... Cleggy
B: Technically Thunder could produce Dolby 7.1 Surround and I might play with a few mixes at some point to see what they are like but I think it really is best used by the film industry, after all would you really want a guitar solo creeping up from behind and the vocals coming out from behind the sofa. I do have a more serious point When you go to see a live band play you stand in front of them and the sound is basically a stereo mix received from two sound sources (left and right PA speakers and hopefully not too much from off stage). All surrounding sounds are reflections from the room they are playing in. Sometimes the reflection are beneficial and sometimes they are horrendous, (Wembley Arena springs to mind). Audience clapping and cheering can sound great using surround sound but I think we will make stereo albums for a while yet – after all I’ve only got two ears.

Q: Hi! I just received the new record in the mail and I have found a small problem in between track 2 and 3 on the CD. In the fadeout part on track 2 there is a cut for a couple of seconds and then it returns. At the same time the CD player is showing a countdown to track 3. Since I have ordered the record from outside the UK I received the Frontier version. My question is if you have received any information like this about the Frontier version or the STC version? CommenT: Great record (especially Fade Into The Sun) and hope to see you guys in Sweden soon. Krister, Stockholm
D: You are the first person to bring this to our attention, so well done, but sorry your CD is less than perfect. I've checked the Frontiers version I have and you're right, there is a drop out at the end. I believe it's an ID error (IDs being the numbers for each track). The 2 songs are very close together, and in these cases the machinery sometimes gets confused. I've asked the Italian company to investigate, and we'll post their findings as soon as we receive them. Hang on to your copy for the meantime, you never know it may become a collectors' item...

Q: Hey Guys! Got my tickets for your gig in Sheffield, and I cant wait. Im still keeping my fingers crossed about meet n greets though. But what I want to ask you is; at gigs, do you guys mind cameras being used during the show? It says on my tickets that unauthorised use of cameras is prohibited, but I would like to know what you think so I know whether to take my camera or not. Thanks for your time and ill see you next week. Sara, Doncaster
T: The band don't mind fans bringing their cameras along to shows, but the decision is made by the venue and not by the band. If the ticket says that cameras are prohibited then you may find that your camera will be confiscated.

Q: Hi guys, first of alL: the "Magnificent" is a BOMB! I can't wait to see you live this year and hear it loud! I have just bought "The Thrill Of It All" 2cd set. What a happiness, all these b-sides joined together! Will you remake the same thing for each album? It will be great! P.S. : why "Bed Of Roses" is the only B-side (from "The Thrill") which does not find on the edition 2 Cd? Is this song a cover of the Bon Jovi's anthem? Patsy, Brussels
T: If the other Thunder albums were to be released as 2 discs sets, then it would be down to the record labels that owned the material and not the band. There are no plans for any such releases at the moment. 'Bed Of Roses' is an original song and not a Bon Jovi cover. It was not on The Thrill Of It All reissue and the label (Sanctuary) could not find the masters for this track.

Q: Just congratulating you on another brilliant album, my band is sure to be learning tracks from it soon, if you don't mind. The question is directed at Luke and Benny boy, me and my mate where wondering what size strings you use, and if you use different size strings to create different sounds? See ya in Manchester! Anthony, Lancaster
L: We only ever use 10 - 46 gauge strings for everything electric really. Acoustic strings are light/medium gauge 12 - 52.
B: Years ago I used to use 9's but Luke called me a girl - he can be so cruel at times.

Q: Hi,I wondered if, in your travels, meeting your musical heroes has diminished your enjoyment of their music if they turned out to be prats and conversely meeting some neat folk opened their music up to you more. Stu Free, East Kilbride
L: Obviously if you like someone as a person, you will probably look at what they do in a favourable light. Thankfully we haven't met too many other bands/artists that are a major pain in the arse but whenever we have, we've always managed to see the funny side of it.
B: It's a real pleasure when you meet someone you have admired over the years and he or she turns out to be a nice person, but it doesn't ever affect my opinion of their music. We have, of course, met a few that aren't... there was this bloke once; we went into his dressing room and... Sorry run out of time.

Q: Hi Guy's. Been trying to rack my brains when I first saw Thunder on TV. (If I'm wrong please let me know). I'm sure you appeared on a TV program called either Friday or Saturday Night Live - Is this true? Ever since I've been hooked, as you always came across as a 'fans' band. I even remember reading in early press reports about how you asked fans to contribute to help towards the homeless by bringing clothes to your shows. Your energy is raw, which is great to see these days long may you continue doing this playing real music, see you at the BUSH. Chris
D: Thanks for the nice comments. Yes we did a show but I don't know what it was called. Bob Mills was the host, and very funny he was too. If my memory serves I think we played Stand Up. We did a couple of shows for Crisis, and fans did indeed bring stuff to the shows, and all felt more worthy for doing so, I'm sure.
B: The show with Bob Mills was called “01 for London”.

Q: Who are your top tips for bands in 2005? Michael, Oxford
B: Always use a good hair conditioner and backcombing gives volume.
C: That's easy - Thunder!
L: A singer/songwriter called KT Tunstall. She is one of the best singers I've heard in a while.

Q: Hi, just wanted to let you know how much I love the new album!!! Every track is great. Usually I find two or three tracks on an album that are my favourites, but this one is fantastic from start to finish. There's a lot more heavier stuff going on too!! Great!! Looks like I'm going to have to get my dancing shoes on for the gig in March; can't wait! Well done all of you, and especially Luke as you wrote the thing! My question (aside from wondering how did Ben manage to mutilate himself with a cardboard box?!) is: Did you all realise that Cowboy gear was coming back into fashion when you decided on the art work for the album or was it just a happy coincidence? The shops are full of cowboy boots and hats etc... Maybe you can pretend it was all inspired by your album when you get to the top of the charts (fingers crossed)!! Maria, Hertford
D: There's no need to pretend it was inspired by our LP. It was! Glad you like the LP, so do we, and form the looks of it so do lots of others, so don't stop baby, spread that word.... We're all on the verge of greatness...
B: As usual the fashion industry looks to Thunder to show it the way forward. Cowboy boots are the new slippers, hats are the new gloves, pink is out and Harry is in (I've just phoned him). Hold my beer and I'll show how to do the cardboard box trick.

Q: Hi Guys. Many congratulations on the new album, listened to it last night for the first time and already have my favourites on it (always a good sign). Looking forward very much to seeing you in Manchester soon. My question is ... I bought three copies of the new album yesterday from MusicZone as they where only asking £10.97 and HMV was charging £13.99 !!. Do all sales from whatever retailer go towards your sale figures or is it just the big guys ?? Also to Harry.. caught your drumstick in Liverpool at the 'Shooting' tour, wouldn't mind another to go with it. Look out for a 6ft 2in bald guy when you play Manchester wearing the first t-shirt from when you supported Heart!!!! John Watson, St. Helens
D: Records retailers pay a "dealer" price for CDs, these are agreed by the distributor and the label with the retailers. This is the same as any other retail business. The prices they charge consumers is down to them. Some retailers' sales count towards official charts, some don't, but I'm afraid we don't have the information as to which do and which don't. All sales are good sales, they all count to us, so well done for buying three copies, you clearly have your reasons, and we thank you for it. Spread the word, play it loud and proud, convert everyone, keep one with you at all times to show & play to people, never let up, this is a promotion war. Think Winston Churchill...

Q: Hi Danny. First just want to say my fiance and I saw you at Scarborough beach fest. last year, and then with Frampton and Deep Purple at Sheffield (where you should have been the main act!) We were blown away on both occasions.
On a personal note, I know you had surgery on your back, as did I 20 years ago when I had my lower disc removed. For the last 3 years I have suffered a lot of pain again, and following a MRI scan have ben told that the next disc up has gone + I have old damage which has caused nerve damage right down my left leg. I have been offered further surgery, and after outweighing the risks have decided to go ahead. I just wondered, as mine was so long ago now, how you were after yor own op. and what the full recovery period was. Thanks....and best wishes to you and the band - keep touring. Bev & Bren
D: It sounds like mine was nowhere near as bad as yours. I had fused vertebrae rather than disc trouble, and I did a lot of physio both before and after my op. Whilst it was sore it was tons better than it had been prior to the physio and subsequent knife. Mine is giving the odd twinge now and again but only if I don't do the exercises. All in it was about 3 weeks from knife to feeling OK but I was up and about 2 days later. I'm no expert, but I've always found personally that with any injury, gentle exercise is infinitely better for recovery than total rest..

Q: Well done just got my copy of the new album at hmv mega good have been a fan since Donington 1990 and wanted 2 know which album is your fave and what was the most fun 2 make and what was the hardest ...well done again. John, Edinburgh
L: Glad you like the album and being as it's the latest, I have to say it's the best really, don't I? They've all been fun to make but the one I enjoyed the least was Behind Closed Doors, probably because we spent a lot of time in L.A. which isn't my favourite place. I much prefer working in an English residential studio and I think that environment suits us best as a band.

Q: Regarding a potential US release (YEAH!) for this sure to be Magnificent new CD, how long might we on the other side of the pond here have to wait and might it contain any different tracks from the UK/European release? LeAnn J, Milwaukee
D: I wouldn't hold your breath, we have no idea if this will work out, we've been here before, and it went wrong then. If it happens we'll let you know..

Q: Congratulations on another fantastic album! I particularly like your voice on 'I'm dreaming again' and I wanted to ask (you've probably answered this before) when you're recording your vocals do you set yourself a time limit per song, are you a perfectionist or do you sometimes think 'sod it, that'll do' and have you ever only done one take on a vocal? Thanks! Jan, Wrexham
D: Usually I sing a song once to warm up and for the engineer to get his settings right. Then I sing 4 run throughs, where I sing the song right through 4 times. Then they do what is known as a "comp" where they go through the song line by line and make a composite of the best bits from each take. Once that's done we listen to it, and if we're still missing any lines I do those ones again in isolation, but all round it's better to sing it as a complete song, to retain the feel and emotion. I usually sing for about 20-40 mins per song in total, depending on the difficulty of the song, but allowing for the "comping" process it takes about 2 hours per tune. Having said that I don't usually sing more than 2 songs per day, as the tone of my voice changes after a while or it hurts, whichever comes first. I have sung some songs in one take, but not often, and I'm not a "hard and fast rule" type of guy, I'm not precious, I just sing it until it sounds like it's right, regardless of tuning or perfection, for me it's always about the performance matching the emotion of the lyrics and melody.

Q: While listening to BSS on Saturday I was flicking through the various racing channels on Sky. What should I find just as the final track begins, but a neddy named Distant Thunder. That was it, £50 on the nose and she romped home in first place, my pocket £150 larger. So thanks guys for the inspiration and just a thought, does the horse have any connections with yourselves? John, Bradford.
D: Fabulous news, will you send us our share? No connection with us and the horse, but if it means you'll send us half the winnings I'll say there is..

Q: In the early years of the band, who made you wear those dungarees ... and have you since forgiven them? Olly, Newcastle
D: I resemble that remark! No one made me wear them, I liked them, I was in my Waltons phase...

Q: Just received both the Rock City CD and 'The Magnificent Seventh' through my door today - bloody good start to the week! Just wondered as to why the lack of any mention of the usual Copyright/Publishing wordings on the Rock City CD and inner 'booklet' - I would have thought that you'd have to have put it on there for the covers at least? Is it 'cos they are not actually 'for sale'? (also spotted the 'deliberate' mistake of missing a space between two of the words on 'The Damage Is Done' on the track
listing!) Secondly - what does 'STC' (as in STC Recordings) stand for?? What about a Thunder goodie bag competition for the closest, or most humerous suggestions? Even better, how about a Thunder goodie bag for suggesting it??!!! Chris, Kent
D: Right... very good...The Rock City CD is a promotional item. It is free to those who attended the show. There are no deliberate mistakes, they are mistakes pure and simple, made in a rush to get things done quickly. STC stands for.... Suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., oh dear...Regardless, I'm afraid there are no goodie bags for people who can't spell humorous.

Q: Hi guys, first of alL: thank you for this totally magnificient new record! "One foot in the grave" is my favorite at the moment! I hope to hear it live at the biebob (cross fingers)! Anyway, i've watched the list for the "song vote" and I carried out that I miss many songs, too with my taste! Even if my thunder's collection is large (all the albums except "live at the bedford arms" and many singles!), it's incomplete!!! So, my question (a request in fact!) is: Is there any chance to see all the b-side, from the beginning until now, to re-release on sale under any kind of format (cd box, or something) in stores or just on this site ?... Thanks and see you on the road. Anthony, Brussels
T: EMI own all the early B-sides, so you'd have to ask them I'm afraid...

Q: Hi Guys, Got Xmas CD - LOVE Xmas CD - Thanks for such a great idea, hope this because a firm Thunder tradition. Two questions - 1. IS it going to become a firm Thunder tradition? 2. How did you arrive at what tracks to include/exclude? Did you have to pay royalties for cover versions and is that why 'Stay With Me' wasn't on (cos I suppose you would have to pay Planet Of Women's record company as well?) Cos it was such a great vocal performance by Danny and the backing singer (sorry, forget name). Was it filmed - any dvd possibilities? I realise that wasn't two questions at all, but about 6 masquerading as 2. Oh Well. James Daykin, Warwickshire
L: The Xmas show is very enjoyable for us as well but whether or not we do it every year will depend on our schedule and whatever our commitments may be at the time. We have a slight technical problem with the recording of 'Stay With Me' which we are currently trying to sort out. Hopefully we'll be able to fix it and release it at a later date. The only filming that took place was of the unofficial variety so there are no plans to release the show on DVD.

Q: Hello busy busy Boiyes! How excited am I about all the latest news, tours, album, merchandise etc? - HOOGE amounts!! Keep it up, it's making me a very poor, yet exceedingly happy bunny. I have just managed to answer my first question by checking back on the Q&A's (doh!) - Who does the Ozzy impersonation at the end of You Can't Live Your Life in a Day (Danny). I won the bet, btw ;o) But Danny and Luke can sound very similar at times. Can we expect Harry to be wearing a new wig on the Magnificent Seventh Tour? You all arriving on the back of a horse? Or perhaps you'll be adorned with guns, leather and cowboy hats? Luke - Which guitar are you mostly playing on the new album? I would hazard a guess that it's the 'flying V' cos your playing is absolutely incredible. Can't wait to hear the full album - these snippets are a huge tease! See you at the Bush and Naaaaaaridge. Pids, Norwich
H: My wig supplier has been away on holiday recently, but on her return, I'm hoping there'll be some new "syrups" to choose from! Ample stuff!!
L: I actually didn't buy the V until after we'd finished the album. I used Les Paul and Stratocaster in the studio this time.

Q: Hi Guys! Looking forward so much to seeing you in March - it's been 6 or 7 years since I last saw you, and I think my husband is getting fed up with me counting down the days til your gig in Hamburg (it'll be his first Thunder gig, so at the moment he doesn't know what all the fuss is about-but I hope to change that!!). My question is this, as an English fan living in Germany, are the German gigs and fans vastly different to those in good old Blighty? Are you expecting as many English fans as German at these gigs? And how good is your German? I've been here 14 months and even though I did languages at A-Level all Germans, even those aged 5 or 6, manage to put my German to shame with their outstanding knowledge of English!! Looking forward to seeing you all soon! Jayne, Germany
L: Fans are pretty much the same everywhere. I don't think there's any difference really. As to who will be attending the shows in Germany this time, I have absolutely no idea. As long as there's people there I don't care where they come from!!! My German went as far as 'A' level but it's extremely rusty these days.

Q: Hello Harry! A silly one this time...well, in fact it's not a question at all, just a personal thought that I'd like to share with you and see if you agree with me or not...The thing is that I've loved Rock and Roll since I was a child and, as every Spanish man, I'd been almost forced to love football since an early age! As a result of that I became an amateur football player and also an amateur (not to say rubbish) drummer in a noisy Rock band! That's were my silly thought takes place...I'm totally sure that there's a strong parallelism between drummers and...goalkeepers!!! Have you ever thought about it? You stand in the back, looking at everybody else's back, you can see everyone's mistakes and shout at them things like "YOU BASTARD, PAY ATTENTION!!!" Always (or almost always) the drummer is the crazy one in the band, just like goalkeepers do in their teams ( well, at least in the Spanish league). When you start playing and you eventually join with your mates to play football/music, everyone wants to play in your team/band because nobody else wants to play drums/goalkeeper but of course somebody's got to do it!!! Whenever you play a bad match/gig, you're the one to blame! And finally, drummers and goalkeepers always wear the most horrible clothes while onstage or in the playground!!! What do you think? Cheers! Daniel, Barcelona
H: I can kinda see the parallel here I think but..........................hey! Horrible clothes? By the way...................you're mad!

Q: Chris, when you go out on tour, playing night after night do you hands of fingertips hurt the following day?. I ask because I played two long gigs over the weekend and was fairly sore! Any tips would be gratefully received! Nick, Salisbury
C: Hi Nick. No, I don't usually get problems with my hands or fingers - the only thing that's sore the morning after is my head, but that's nothing to do with the activity on stage!

Q: Hi guys. I guess this is aimed mostly at Luke as he does the writing, but is open to all – have any of you considered doing a thunder “concept album”. Not that I particularly think it’s a good idea, but wondered your thoughts on it. See you all on the road.
Gordon, Manchester
L: If I ever wrote a bunch of songs that had a common theme or subject matter then possibly. I think it's a question of chicken and egg. You need to have a concept to make a concept album. I don't think it's something you just decide to do. That would be very pretentious.

Q:  Hiya, my eye sights poor and my g/f bugging me...what does the Ladies Skinny Shirt say on it? Eccles
T: "Female By Nature, Cowgirl by Choice. Thunder for Life."

Q:  Will there be a car sticker for TMS (like the SATS one)? Cheers ears. Doug Holmes
T: Erm....Doug - there already is!! Check out www.thunderonline-shop.co.uk. No relation to Sherlock, obviously.... ;)

Q: This question is for those of you who have children. I have two boys aged 13 and 9, and luckily they both like the same type of music as me. My 13 year old has seen you guys with my wife and I at Watford in 2003.So what music do your kids like, and do they listen to Thunder. Are they proud of you, or do they find it all a bit embarrassing? Paul, Harpenden
H: The kids love all types of music. Pop and Rock. Obviously they're into some of the boy bands (!!!!) but I can honestly say they're proud of Dad!
D: Sorry, I don't wish to appear grouchy, but I don't like to discuss my family. It's a part of my life I like to keep both personal and  private. Not that your questions were offensive or prying in any way, they aren't, it's just my way. Hope you understand.

Q: First of all I would like to say I love your music, I have been an avid fan since you released the dirty love single, I now have an 8 week old baby and your music has brought new meaning to the phrase 'rocking the baby to sleep'. I was looking back through some of the old Q&A and forgive me if I have this wrong but it seems you think that the Seattle music scene (or was it just Grunge) did you no favours as a band. I think it did the world a few favours weeding out the 'cock rock' (you know, the harder and faster I play my guitar the bigger it is) my question is, do you listen to the likes of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers? Miss M
C: Love The Chilli Peppers - consistently one of the best things in music.
H: Chilli Peppers are a big fav of mine. Have listened to Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. They're ok but not as good as the Chilli Peppers in my opinion.
L: Good and bad music tends to come out of every different trend or movement. The Chilli Peppers are a great band and deserve their success. Soundgarden had their moments musically but I didn't like their 'I hate being famous and successful' attitude but Pearl Jam never really did it for me I'm afraid.
B: I do occasionally listen to the likes of Pearl Jam and I thought Temple Of The Dog was a great collaboration. I think the Chilli Peppers are hugely talented and recently saw a wonderful TV appearance on the James Whale show where they performed a song as an a cappella fart dressed in only their underwear - you can't ignore talent like that. As for weeding out "cock rock"; it did have a sense of humour, something that was somewhat lacking in the grunge scene.
D: I've always loathed Pearl Jam, I liked Alice In Chains, was ambivalent about Soundgarden, loved Nirvana, and have grown into RHCP as they've gone steadily more mainstream.

Q: Been a fan since BSS and saw you on numerous tours in Bristol - bloody amazing! But I have to ask, didn't you get frustrated (nothing sexual guys) when playing before Frampton and Deep Purple? I saw you in Plymouth crimbo last year and you were far better than either of the above yet you were only allowed 35min!!! If you weren't I was!! Anyhow can wait till March - back to Bristol, keep up the good work fellas... Danny, Aylesbury
C: It was kind of hard playing such a short set - it was over in no time at all. Looking forward to the tour in March when we can at least work up a sweat!
H: Yes Danny! It would have been great to play for longer. It was a little frustrating to only do 35 mins but it was still great to be a part of the tour. Thanks for your comments. See you in Bristol.
L: It would have been nice to play for longer but sometimes it isn't possible. Glad you enjoyed the show and hopefully you'll enjoy the full length version even more.
B: It was rather convenient actually; quick show, off for a shower and in bed by 10 with a good book and an apple.
D: It may seem a bit unfair sometimes when billing doesn't appear to reflect popularity. There are a number of reasons for this, which I'm afraid I can't go into. All I can say is that we wanted to play in front of a lot of people, ahead of releasing both the I Love You single and the new LP. The Deep Purple tour enabled us to do that, and whilst it true that we'd have preferred to have played longer, we got a great reaction every night, in front of a lot of people who before that tour didn't know who we were, so as far as were concerned that was "job done". The single did very well, the web site traffic went up dramatically, the bands all got on very well, so all round it was a good tour for us.

Q: Hi Guys, I just went to a hypontist (sorry Ben, my spelling is rubbish!) to try and cure a particular fear I have of flying. I just wondered whether any of you had ever been under the magicians wand as it was or had any particularly strange phobias? Alex, Southampton
H: Went to the hypnotist to stop smoking once. Obviously didn't work and the hypnotist is now on 30 a day!!
B: I don't suffer from phobias generally, certainly not a flying phobia as Danny and I even jumped out of a plane halfway through its flight. Luckily enough we were both wearing parachutes and were strapped to an instructor, unluckily they were both driving instructors; luckily they did a bit of parachuting in their spare time, unluckily this wasn't their spare time and they had packed a picnic instead of a parachute; luckily we are both fond of Cornish pasties; unluckily the ground was racing towards us....
D: No I've never been hypnotized, have no phobias, no screaming fears, no nothing. Pretty unfazed by most things. Now I think about it I'm not sure if that's good or boring...
L: I must admit I don't like heights although it's not something that bothered me when I was younger. Maybe it's got something to do with the time a few years ago when I nearly stepped off some scaffolding as I was painting the side of a house.

Q: Were you at the Thin Lizzy gig at Bristol Carling Academy ? My fella thinks he saw you there in the gents! Was it you and if so, did you enjoy the gig? He did! Looking forward to seeing you guys there in March. Liz, Cardiff
L: Yes it was me. I went to see Winterville really but I did watch Lizzy as well. I found it a bit disappointing, not because they played badly or didn't work hard but it just didn't have the 'je ne sais pas' that it had with Phil Lynott. I saw Lizzy a few times many years ago and in my opinion this wasn't as good. Sorry.

Q: Hi guys! Been a fan since BSS and can't wait to get the new album in my mailbox. I just wonder if you're gonna do any festival gigs this summer? Not very surprisingly if I were to pick one I would choose Sweden Rock Festival.. :) Thomas, Sweden
D: You never know....

Q: Hi guys! My girlfriend and I are having a debate. At the beginning of "Like a Satellite," she thinks Danny says, "As we journey back in time to the land of huge trousers." I think he says, "youth travelers." Please correct her!(ha) But no matter who is right, cross the pond and come to the states to play! Sitting in Kentucky, waiting for your response. Brannon Hill
D: It's huge trousers, don't ask me why, but it is...

Q: Hi Danny, just to ask if you remember after your last tour where a friend & I travelled to Liverpool from Yorkshire to see the band & I asked if the band would try & include Yorkshire in future? now you have & look what's happened! Sheffield is the 1st place to sell out! good idea then don't you think? John, Doncaster
D: It was a very good idea, and one we had to insist on with the promoter and our agent. Yorkshire has done us proud, and we are chuffed.

Q: I guess this question is directed at either Luke or Danny, how do you guys work out what the harmony vocals should be in the songs you write and when playing covers? Is there a trick that I'm missing or do you just write something, see if it works and if not chop and change it about. I hope you understand what I'm asking because I have worded it in a stupid way...sorry. Dave
L: Usually we don't spend a lot of time working them out. If I hear another vocal part we'll try it and sometimes that can lead to adding a few harmonies. We wouldn't add BVs for the sake of it; they must add something to the song.

Q: Hey Luke! Just wonder how you manage to get along without smoking cigarettes anymore? You told me you are an ex-cigarette smoker. Still addictive or over the hill? Wish you good luck!!! See you in Hardenberg!!! Simon, Germany
L: Still not smoking cigarettes thanks but I do have the occasional cigar with a drink.

Q: I have to ask, because it's been driving me crazy since the clip went up. Who is Amy? And why is she on the run? And is she related in any way to Aerosmith's Janie, who we last met when she "got a gun"? :) Chris, New York
L: I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the album's out Chris as I wouldn't want to spoil anything. Believe me it has nothing to do with the Aerosmith character at all as you will discover when you hear the rest of the lyric!!!

Q: How did you like the dvd of the Thunder show in Amsterdam (1992) I gave you last year in the Biebob. I gave a copy to Harry a couple of years ago in Amsterdam but that was a video, I'm curious did you liked it? Marcel
L: It was very interesting thank you. I can't believe how thin I was!!!!

Q: Is it true that you want to produce for the band Johnny 5 who happen to have Andy Taylor's son as the front man? Sally, Plymouth
L: I did go and watch Johny5 last week in Exeter and enjoyed it. I will be helping them put their demos together later in the year.

Q: Hello! Loved the Nottingham show and we're eagerly anticipating the CD getting sent out! We were staying in the Moat House too and sent you all a bottle of wine after the show. My questions are these: Did you get it? Did you (or do you remember enjoying/) enjoying it?! Susan & Graham PS Looking forward to seeing you in Glasgow! Susan Briggs, Glasgow
L: Being honest there was a lot of boozing that evening so whilst I remember drinking wine, I couldn't be sure. Thanks a lot anyway. I'm sure you contributed to our sizeable hangovers!!!
B: I don't remember a great deal after the show, come to mention it I don't remember much of the show either - was it any good? Mixing the show is prompting a few memories but none of a bottle of wine at the Moat house. I suspect Harry, personally...
D: I'm afraid to say I got into celebrating quite soon after the show, and by the time we got to the hotel, I was extremely merry. I was dragged back to bus at some point by persons unknown, so as you will surmise I was not in a position to appreciate the kind gift of a bottle of wine. Thanks anyway, I'm sure someone got it and enjoyed it.

Q: Hi guys! We were sitting watching t.v. one night last week when we noticed ILYMTRNR blaring out of our daughter's bedroom, not such a surprise you might think? It is when she doesn't own any of your c.d.s. She had 'borrowed' one of ours. Obviously we had to advise her not to 'borrow' without asking, but both had to hide our delight that our 9 years old daughter had at last found real music in her life. Anyway to our question.....Our daughter would like to know if there's any chance of THUNDER appearing on CD:UK? We have advised her that it's unlikely, but that we would ask you anyway. I apologise profusely for asking the question, but she does play your songs to her friends, so one good thing we can take from this is at least Thunder songs can now infiltrate the minds of a new generation of Thunder fans. Good luck with the new album, & we can't wait to see you guys at The Shepherd's Bush Empire in March. Steve & Karen, Salisbury
D: This is fabulous news, and we are chuffed that your daughter is into the tune. I'm afraid the chances of us being asked to play CDUK are as remote as me winning the pools (and I don't do the pools), for we are just a wee bit too mature for them. Still, fab news regardless..

Q: Danny, you have a record label & Thunder are my girlfriends favourite band Make her day & sign my band ..... please. Dave, Loughborough
D: If I have your band, I may need to have your girlfriend also....Seriously. Thunder are quite busy enough with the making and promoting of our own records at the moment, but if you send your demo to the PO  Box address in the Thunder Online Shop (see the link), I promise we'll listen to it. More than that I cannot say.

Q: One of the gig gang may be in a wheel chair at time of the gig dew to a op it there access to the gigs for a chair? Stu, Ginger, Mullet and Baby Face (the gig gang), Nr. York
T: I'm not sure but I'm assuming all venues on the tour are now complying with European law. We'll check and post the findings asap.

Q: Hi Guys, I had an email from my cousin in Australia asking me about SATS. My question is, have you ever played in Australia and also are your albums released over there as they are here? I think he is having problems getting hold of it as he has asked me to send it over to him along with the new release. Thanks Danny for your response to my driving experience, I thought I had a harrowing experience until I read yours!! Good luck with the new album and when are we having another single release!! Donna, Nottingham
T: The band have never toured Australia and the albums are not readily available down under (although Townsend Records do offer international shipping). It's not for want of trying though - the guys would love to get their albums released there and do a tour. It's not happened yet, but who knows what the future holds? Never say never...

Q: I noticed that last year you played Plymouth and a few years before you played St Austell obviously in Cornwall, my question  is, what do you think of it down here and would you ever think of getting a home like most "stars" have to retreat to in the lazy days? Victoria Daye, Cornwall
D: I love it in the west country. As to living there, I'd love to, but the UK is getting so expensive and high pressure nowadays, I may move abroad to calmer, cheaper and sunnier climes at some stage. No idea where yet but I'm thinking about it.

Q: Hi I've got 2 questions for you first who wrote the song When I'm Dead And Gone? (It will help settle a dispute with the wife) Second have you ever considered releasing a book of guitar music with all you fantastic songs in. Chris, Derby
L: WID+G was written by Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle. Sheet music and WID+the publishing thereof would be down to the appropriate publisher I'm afraid. You could always try writing to them.

Q: Ben you stunner you! Hows tricks? Anyway,I've been a bit down latley and need some advice on cheering up as I read this page a lot and your answers have me in hysterics!!! Paige, Bristol
B: Stunner? My phaser's always set to kill. I am having a little trouble with the "saw a lady in half" trick but the rest are fine. I had someone in hysterics once; it's a small island off the coast of Belize. Chaipter, London

Q: Hi, why is the 7" version of "If That's What It Takes" not on the compilation? It was on my original copy of the album on tape. Alan Holloway
D: I have no idea why it's not on the LP. Terraplane is nothing to do with us, and we didn't release the record. I can only suggest you contact Sanctuary Records and ask them, their number is on the back of the CD.

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