Q & A Archive - March 2005


Q: We were at the Manchester show on Monday and can honestly say that your flu, Danny, was not noticeable and didn't detract from the usual high standard of performance. Now to the question; actually we have two. Firstly do you think you could arrange for all the taller people in the audience to stand at the back so that the more vertically challenged among us can actually get to see you on stage (or maybe ask for everyone over five foot four to kneel down for a couple of songs!)? Secondly was it my imagination or is Ben playing more lead guitar on this tour? We are looking forward to seeing you again next year! John & Anne, Warrington
B: I see the medication is proving unsuccessful; we'll try a stronger dose. I not sure if I'm doing more lead work or not - never really thought about it!

Q: As you are a band that lives for live music as do the fans of the band, have you looked into doing instant live soundboard CDs where after the gig you can pick up the cd of that concert. I would much rather pay for a decent quality soundboard recording than crap quality bootleg. Oh and you get the money. ps can I have a free signed copy if you do it? Mick Hodd, Luton
D: We love the concept, and we did consider doing this for the recent UK tour, but there are issues of copyright ownership that make it tricky for us to do it without engaging in lengthy and possibly costly negotiations with old record labels. As we're already very busy going forwards, this is not an area I want to get into right now.

Q: Were you Rod Stewart and Faces fans, I noticed you have covered Stay with me and the Python Lee Jackson song in a broken dream and also An english man on holiday does resemble the Faces Had me a real good time, anyway keep up the good work, best band around, look forward to seeing you in Sheffield. Steve Weston, York
L: We all like Rod + The Faces, particularly the loose style with which they approached everything but I wouldn't say they were the biggest influence on us.

Q: This is might seem a silly question but how do you stop your hands from aching when you're playing. I work in an office and my fingers and wrists get really sore if I do too much typing. Debbie, Bathgate
L: My fingers do get extremely sore if I haven't played for a few weeks. However, after a couple of days rehearsal the skin at the end of my fingers becomes hard (ooer) and calloused again and everything is lovely and painless.

Q: Great show at Shepherds Bush a couple of weeks ago. I thought the band had a really well balanced sound. My question is - Luke, your set-up appears to be very straight forward with limited pedals and rack effects. When you kick your level up a notch for solo's are you using the volume control on your guitar or a boost pedal? Question also for  Ben? Jon
B: As I am sure you know I am not a fan of pedals and I try and do everything using the volume control. We have it on good authority that our live sound engineer occasionally remembers to turn the solos up too.
L: I use the guitar's volume control to increase volume and our front of house soundman gives it a nudge upwards as well.

Q: I would like to say a huge (belated) THANK YOU for yet another outstanding performance at Sheffield -Danny, your voice is as awesome as ever and still sends shivers! I bought the tickets for my Dad's birthday (although we would have been there anyway!) and it made the night the most memorable ever when we finally got to meet you after the show. Dad was chuffed to bits to shake hands with Luke and I just went embarrassingly all wobbly at the knees, especially meeting Danny! My question is this: During your career you must have opportunities to meet and work with some amazing people. Who have you met (if anyone) who has made you go all wobbly at the knees? p.s. My Dad wants to know who's birthday it was last and what did the rest of the band give him as a present? Sarah, Lincoln
B: My good friend Mr Jack Daniels used to make me go wobbly at the knees when I bumped into him, but we've fallen out now. I nearly got to record Bruce Forsythe once, that would have been very cool but he fell ill - shame. I have no idea whose birthday was last - sad isn't it; which also means that he got nothing from me except a smile.

Q: If *shudder* Thunder hadn't worked out as a band where do you think you would be now? Would you still be in the music business, or do you think you would have everyday jobs and if so, doing what? Dave T, Leeds
B: I was already in the music industry when I joined Thunder - I was engineering so I guess nothing really changes
L: I think I'd still be writing, maybe books or filmscripts.

Q: Hi guys, thanks for a great Sunday night in Bristol. (your sound man does a great job). At the risk of looking like a technophobe, it appeared that both Luke and Bens amps weren't turned on (couldn't see any lights on the Marshalls), am I wrong or are you using something else. Yorky, Cornwall
B: It's a fair cop; the crew told me that the bulbs needed changing
L: Well spotted. We are using the Marshall speakers but we drive them with Mesa
Boogie combos which are off stage.

Q: Hi guys. Just discovered I've been given a speeding fine, picked up driving into Bristol to see you at the Academy! I was wondering if the band would contribute to the penalty - it's £60 so a tenner each  would be nice! Didn't spoil a great gig though. Andy, Wiltshire
B: I would but you weren't going fast enough, at least my speeding fine was over £100 and I didn't notice you going for your wallet then, even though I was driving to a studio to make an album you were going to listen to.
L: Glad you enjoyed the show and no!

Q: Hi Guys, Loved the show at Shepard's Bush (Danny your still as sexy as ever). You all looked like you were having a great time, and that after all these years you all seem really close. How do you maintain such a strong friendship, and have "artistic differences" ever put a strain on the band? Kaye, Bromley
B: I think one of the key elements to our longevity is the distinct lack of egos in the band. They are simply not allowed, the others would just take the p**s far too much.
L: Danny and I were friends before we were in a band together and I think that's a very important contributory factor to our longevity. Harry and Benny have been friends for nearly as long and Chris is one of the most easy going people you'll ever meet. We couldn't work with people we didn't get along with and if anyone threatens the atmosphere within the camp, they don't last very long. We've never had an artistic difference as I can recall, probably because we're all pulling in the same direction.

Q: As a child (I'm 33 now) my favourite TV show was Dr Who and my favourite band was/is Queen. After 16 years, Dr Who is back on our screens on 26th March, and 19 years after their last tour, I will seeing Queen at Brixton Academy two days later on 28th March - I as happy as the proverbial dogs with two 'whatsits'. Anyway, my question to you is if you could see the return of any TV show, and also the reformation of any band, which show and which band would you choose? Chris
B: Tiswas and Led Zeppelin.
L: Definitely the Beatles and Mr. Ed!!!!!
D: For me it would have to be The Banana Splits and The Who (original line up). Both were extremely eccentric in their own way, and I'm not sure but I suspect at times both must have been seriously medicated also.

Q: I have been to a few special occasion parties lately and the DJs always play things like 'Stuck in the middle', 'I will survive', 'C'mon Eileen' and 'Blanket on the ground' (Yuck!!!). Unfortunately, it's usually someone else paying for the DJ so I can't throw him out. I'd be interestedin knowing which songs make you cringe. Brilliant show last Sunday and so's the album! Debbie, Bathgate
B: How long do you have? - I loathe that song where people sit on the floor in a "conga" style line and then "comb their hair" or some other sad activity - I think it's called Superman or something.
L: The list is endless but it would definitely begin with either 'The Birdie Song' or 'Agadoo'.

Q: I'm full of cold right now and sitting miserably at work.  So my question is, have you ever had to play a gig whilst ill or injured and did anyone notice? Dave T, Leeds
B: We played in Montevideo, Uruguay and I had awful flu, adrenalin saw me through until I collapsed back in my hotel room. I also played at the Rock City with a broken foot; a chair saw me through that one.
L: I've done shows with food poisoning and a slipped disc. To be honest, at the time I didn't care if anybody noticed. I just wanted to get through it. What usually happens when one of us is unwell or below par is the others try and compensate for it by trying even harder. None of us like not being able to give 100% but everybody gets ill sometimes.
D: Yes it's inevitable that you're going to have to do shows now and then when you're not feeling the full ticket, and over the years we've all had to do it loads of times. It's not nice but it's the same for all of us whatever we do. As to whether or not anyone noticed, I guess you'd have to ask them...

Q: I'm sitting here watching a surgeon's knife slice into Vince Neil's face on VH1 in-between work-outs in the gym and dramatic cutting and colouring of his hair. 12 weeks of aggressive transformation later = massive publicity for a one off in Vegas which became party to Motley reuniting for their current tour....Of course you are all gorgeous and I love you "just as you are." But, I couldn't help but wonder....If you were approached by a promoter with this type of "Idea" What would your answer be? Dana, Utah
B: Why mess with perfection?
L: A very firm 'no'!
D: Some people will do anything for publicity. I am not one of them. To be honest I find the idea abhorrent. If our appearance is the be all and end all, talent becomes meaningless. I'd rather look old and be able to sing well. It never did Frank Sinatra any harm.

Q: The sound you get at the start of Monkey see..... Can you tell me what it is cos it is amazing Thanks oh and get well soon Danny. Brian MacQueen, Helensburgh
L: If you mean the strange eerie noise at the start of the track on the album, it's an auto-harp (a strange zither-like instrument that happened to be laying around the studio) playing a chord of 'G' then reversed so it plays backwards. If, on the other hand, you mean the guitar intro when we play the song live, it's just a Stratocaster through a chorus pedal.

Q: Thanx for a fantastic do at Brum on Saturday. We were the 2 luvlies front of stage (ur left)- very red hair and very blond curly hair - if u managed to notice us that is. We're both personal trainers and every day get very sweaty putting our clients through a rigorous
workout. We were wondering whether any of u worked out because u all look very well, err, toned shall we say? Kirsti & Kirsty, Derby
B: I managed to work out where the gym is, but that's as far as I got, therest is down to a sensible diet and early nights.
L: I do go to the gym as often as possible. I don't like feeling unfit. We did do aerobics altogether for a couple of years in the 90's and that was fun(ny)!

Q: Hey Guys! Before I ask you my question I just want to congratulate you on the fantastic show you put on in Sheffield! It was amazing! Me and my friend got right to the front so we had the full close-up view. It was her first gig and she absolutely loved it (and so did I!) We even got to meet you afterwards which just topped it off, especially when I got plectrums of Ben and Luke! By the way Ben, we nicked your bottle of water (sorry). But anyway, my question, is, what do you have to do to prepare yourself for a big gig? Do you just chill, or do you have special things that you have to do to prepare yourself? Thanks again for an amazing show! Sara, Wroot
B: We are a simple bunch, a couple of drinks and a bit of decent music is all we do before we go on - that and watch Chris apply his hair product.
L: We're very relaxed before a show. It's usually a beer or a whisky for me and
maybe a couple of stretches but that's about it. Glad you both enjoyed the
D: Glad you both enjoyed the show, tell the world...Pre-show preparations are pretty relaxed really, we don't do too much in the way of mantra chanting, or circuit training. We all do different things, but it's mostly chilled back there...

Q: Do any of you use facial skincare such as moisturiser or the like? if so, what brand; Looking forward to the next tour - Shepherd's Bush was brilliant. Last Q. When the lights are shone on the audience at a gig, do you recognise some of the people in the crowd or is the light bright enough to do so? I've addressed this question to the band as a whole but would really like to hear Luke & Danny's views. Red to blonde, South Wales
L: Of course we recognise faces in the crowd. Some people have been coming to see us for many years so they are more than familiar to us. I do use a moisturiser but I'm not fussy about which one, although Dermalogica products are very good.

Q: The first band I went to see when I landed in Pompey as a fresh-faced student back in 1972 was Wishbone Ash. I've remained a faithful follower over the years and try to get along to their gigs whenever they're in the locality. Their trademark sound has always been characterised by the harmonic/duelling "twin" guitars, with the only constant member, Andy Powell, favouring the Flying V, which you yourself have recently adopted. I'm curious to know whether you've been influenced at all by the Wishbone style, which I find echos of in "Amy's on the Run", or is it just wishful (if you'll pardon the pun) thinking on my part?  *Pompey* Paul, Pompey
L: I did like Wishbone Ash a lot and saw them a couple of times in the 70's. I always thought they used twin guitars in a more original way than Thin Lizzy although they were a bit lacking in the charisma department which Mr. Lynott definitely wasn't!

Q: Oh wow!!!! What can I say!!! Went to see you in Glasgow with my other half and you were bloody brilliant!!! I only found out about you guys last year when I pulled out an old tape... I was hooked straight away and had to buy all of your albums (at once may I add). I travelled to Glasgow to see you play with Deep Purple and booked tickets for the Christmas Show about a week later!!! All I can say is you get better every time.. So, my question to you is, How on earth do you manage to sound better live than on your albums??? Thank you for the music. Danielle Barraclough, Leeds
L: When we play live the songs are, in some cases arranged differently but by and large there's not a great deal of difference. I like to think that the visual and spontaneous element of our gigs is what makes them a good experience. I've never liked bands who don't bother trying to make their shows entertaining and we like our audience to enjoy it as much as we do.

Q: Hey Guys, firstly awesome new album, I'm driving everybody nuts with its constant rotation. I really just wanted to say how chuffed I was when I heard "Amy's on the run" I was sat in my kitchen listening to the album for the first time and my jaw dropped when I heard the lyrics, I was smiling from ear to ear.I've been a thunder fan since my dad brainwashed me with your stuff around 92 and I love music, It's the best part of being alive, but sometimes I feel a little mis-represented by it, as a Gay person and a rock fan, I have often spent some of my hard earned cash on an album, only to get home and have some serious homophobic insults thrown my way, I can handle freedom of expression, and I'm no prude, but after putting up with homophobia in areas of my life I can't control, It's nice to not have to worry about being offended by something I've spent money on, I'm not trying to wave the pink flag or anything...and I know it's about transgender issues as opposed to gay issues, but still it had a big impact on me. Not really a question, just a thank you...It's the best song I have heard lyrically in sometime, and If I wasn't already proud to be a flaming out of the closet THUNDER fan, I am now...cheers. Anonymous
L: Thank you for your nice comments. 'Amy' has provoked a lot of questions in all the promotion work we've done recently so it must be making people think. Glad you like the album.

Q: Dear All - It's now Wednesday and I'm still smiling after the gig on Sunday in Glasgow! It was fabulous and you were all brilliant afterwards at the meet and greet. (I was the blonde wearing the metal sheriff's badge which was made by Buffy, one of the Scottish Loonies.) Going to a Thunder gig is an event and I wanted to know if you are all aware of the impact you've had ...... you've generated quite a social circle! Do read through the message board or look at the pictures on the loonie board to see who your fans are and what they are up to! P.S. Come back soon! I need another excuse to go out for the full day!! A wee Xmas special in Scotland would be rather nice, don't you agree? Anna Macpherson, East Kilbride
L: We all tend to have a look around on the site whenever we can so we are aware of some of what goes on. I think it's great that there's a real sense of community on the board and long may it continue. We are looking at the possibility of more shows later this year but nothing is confirmed as yet.

Q: Brilliant New Album !!!!, Saw you at the Mancheter Academy and Danny was obviously stuggling with the flu... However you managed to soldier on and give a good evening of entertainment, hope you feel better soon Danny! My question is to Luke.. Fade into the Sun is a fantastic song, even better live, at the end you performed some magnificent guitar work with Ben it was well impressive, do you practice this for the live performance or do you just go with the flow on the evening ? Please Please bring out another live CD with the new songs on !!!! Derek, Yorkshire
L: It's a mixture of both improvisation and rehearsed sections. We know what we're going to play when we play in harmony but everything else is as it feels at the time.

Q: Saw you at Folkestone last night and you just get more wonderful every time I see you. Maybe I've just missed it, but I don't recall you playing my favourite old song, "Don't Wait For Me" for years. What made you bring it back?. It made a great night perfect! Love the new album too. Paul Weatherly, Ramsgate
L: It's good to rest some songs for a while and then bring them back as quite often they'll sound fresher when you do. If you play a song for years it can feel a bit turgid to play so we do try and rotate the material wherever possible.

Q: Hi Luke, sorry for my English (I'm Italian). I follow the band from years and I would like to congratulate for the new album, amazing ... one question, one desire - to see Thunder in Italy one day...question - Monkey see, monkey do is it the most Zeppellinian song I
heard from the band, it was intended like a tribute ? or came naturally while you composed ? Thunder forever, someone in Italy loves you so much and live with your music Guys. Danny you are the greatest singer in the world, Harry no one plays drums like you, Ben no one plays EVERYTHING like you, Chris your bass pumping like no one else, Luke your n.1 songwriting in rock scenario, always keep your style, never repeat yourself, you have the gift man, and we are just luck we can share a little, listen to you... Andrea Z, Italy/Milano
L: Thank you very much for your flattering comments. 'Monkey' just came out the way it did really. I don't pre-plan how I write; I just let it happen naturally. Zeppelin are a massive influence on me so I guess that's bound to come out occasionally.

Q: First of all, congratulations on putting together a fantastic CD and for taking the decision to reform, as you will be aware you have made a lot of people very happy. My question is how do you decide the running order of songs on a CD. I made a copy of the latest CD for the car and the software I used kindly put them in a different order, they now play in reverse alphabetical order instead of the original order you selected which was very confusing the first time I listened to the CD. LOL. Mich, Bradford
L: As the songs are being recorded I'm always mentally putting them into an order of some sort. It normally takes me half a day or so to decide on it then another couple of days listening to it before the album is finally compiled.

Q: Hey. I was just listening to 'Amy's on the Run' and suddenly it dawned upon me
that the solo and some of the riff sounds just like 'Loves an easy word to say'! Was the solo and that taken from 'Loves...' because it was a B-Side and those without the 'I love you...' single wouldn't know? Which came first? Also... I only recently found out that you are actually my namesake!! I happen to be a guitarist too, and THUNDER are one of my dad's fave. bands...apparently I could've been Angus or Malcom or something after someone in AC/DC! Luke Megginson, UK
L: To be honest I have no idea. I don't worry too much about details if a song is working. There will always be familiar stylistic nuances in what any band does by nature of the fact that it's the same individuals playing the music. Good to see there's a few more Lukes around than there used to be. Nice one Dad!

Q: Just been to see you at Bristol Academy - great new Guitar, please can you tell us what make and model it is? David Gibbard, Oxford
L: It's a Gibson Flying V.

Q: Hi guys congratulations on another great album bought it the other day and it hasn't been off since. I particularly like the way you never resorted to including silly filler tracks and instead made it a full on rock experience from start to the finish did you mean to do this . My particular favourite is 'The Pride' it is a great rock track and an instant thunder
classic hope this is the next single. I hope to travel to England to see you in the near future. Are there any plans of you guys extending your tour to the North or South of Ireland at all? whose idea was it to give the new album an Old West theme I think it works rather well. Coln, N. Ireland
L: We always try to make our albums as consistent as possible. We wouldn't ever
release an album that we felt had 'fillers' on it. There are currently no plans to come to Ireland but it's not because we don't want to. We are currently talking about more shows later in the year so watch this space.

Q:  Luke, I love the album. I think your guitar playing on here is some of your best work. Would you ever consider moving away from a Les Paul (like Eric Clapton did ages ago), or could you rely on nothing else? Lee, London
L: I've always recorded using a mixture of Les Paul, Telecaster and Stratocaster and it's very hard to beat them. However I am playing a Flying V on the tour and that is also a lovely guitar as well as being a lot lighter than the LP which is good for my back!

Q: What was the first thing you bought yourself when you made money from your music? Dave T, Leeds
L: A flat!
D: A hot dinner, oh and I finally got to fill up my car with petrol (right up to the top), before that it was always £5 at a time.

Q: I want to start off by telling you that you are the GREATEST band that ever was! I've been a fan since the age of yours quite some time. My wife and I will be travelling to the UK in mid-April and was wondering if you have any concert dates planned for April? I would LOVE to see you live. We will be staying with some friends in Sutton Coldfield between April 14th and the 22nd. Keep up the great music! John Brugge, Ohio
T: All scheduled shows are listed on the gigs page. If it's not there then it's not happening - the only U.K. gig scheduled for April in in Norwich on Monday the 11th. Sorry. Have a great holiday anyway...

Q: Many times is stated on these pages that you don't own the rights to all your songs. How do you manage then to make a compilation album like "Ballads"? See you in Hardenberg. Bart, Holland
T: The 'Ballads" CD was released by EMI, not by the band's label (STC). EMI already owned the rights to the majority of the material on that album. The songs that were taken from the non-EMI albums were all licensed from the other labels (Eagle, Castle and STC) exclusively for that compilation.

Q: Great to see the Thunder Possie down in Folkestone on Thursday! The set was awesome and the new songs fitted right in. Quick question for ya...Andy in Dewsbury says that at the Sheffield gig you played "A Better Man" how come you didn't play this classic in Folkestone and what did you drop to play it? Mike Wright, Kent
D: We change the set around here and there for all kinds of reasons. We did Stay With Me Baby in Folkestone instead of A Better Man. We had the Planet Of Women girls there, and we wanted to record the show as well as that particular song.

Q: I have just bought today's Daily Mail, which has a free rock CD included. I was very pleased to see 'A Better Man' on there. My question is how do you feel about the free CD's that are becoming a way of life? Do you appreciate getting your name out there to people who perhaps wouldn't normally buy a rock CD or do you disapprove totally? Leanne, Derby
D: They're all good adverts as far we're concerned. Besides, the labels own the recordings so if we objected there's nothing we could do to stop it..

Q: Hi, I was just wondering if any of the shows so far have been (and if any of the forth coming shows will be) recorded? If so is there any plan at all to do a live CD (maybe a double?) of the best bits from either this tour or both the SATS tours in 2003 and this current tour? Sadly I missed you in London due to health issue's and would love to hear what I missed out on. I am sure I'm not alone when I say it would be nice to have more of the newer material on a live on CD. Please?:-) I hear from my girlfriend that London was brilliant and she loved it. Thank you for making her so happy (and losing her voice:-). Great new album by the way! Eccles
D: Some of the shows are being recorded on this tour, and I daresay there's a good chance at some stage that the best bits will be combined with the best bits from the SATS tour in 2003. Keep your eyes out, it'll be reported here first.

Q: Just like to congratulate you on a storming new album and a fantastic show at Bristol Academy last weekend. My question is do you remember two young lads you invited on stage on the Laughing All Over The World Tour singing Dirty Love (badly) in Plymouth 1992. It was the first time I had seen you and I've never looked back since. good luck for the future. Ryan, Plymouth
D: Sorry I'm afraid I don't remember that occasion, but I'm sure you can appreciate there have been a lot of shows since then. I'm glad it didn't scar you too much...

Q: C'mon guys. I've read in the past about people wanting guitar tab for Backstreet Symphony and the following albums. Why don't you just release a "Best of Thunder" Guitar tab book for all of your desperate fans who want it. I'm sure it would be a huge seller, although I'm sure it's not all about the money to you guys. If you did produce the book it would fly off the shelves so fast, I'm sure of it. Come on guys!! It's way past time for this to happen. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking this. Us guitarists want to learn those killer riffs that you've been relentlessly banging out over the years. I first saw you guys play at the Cornwall Colluseum many, many moons ago. In fact it was so long ago I can't even remember what year it was, but it was in the early Backstreet days, and I've been hooked ever since. Do I have to get down on my knees and beg? Just print the dam book!!!!............................................. Please.... Please.... Please.... Mike McCormick, Wiltshire
T: Begging won't make any difference I'm afraid. As stated on this page several times, the band do not own the rights to the majority of the material, therefore cannot produced tab books for them. The only people that can legally do this are the various publishers that own the songs. Just because the band wrote and recorded the songs it doesn't mean that they own them and can do what they want with them. In an ideal world it would, but this is the Music Biz we are talking about! It's out of our hands...

Q: I nearly had a heart attack when I saw 'FLAWED TO PERFECTION' available on DVD! But then I saw that it was region 2. Hey, what about us westerners? Any chance you might release it as region 1 as well? Sam, USA
T: The DVD is a EMI U.K. release and the format that it is released in is out of our control. As it is a U.K. release EMI have gone with the U.K./Euro standard of region 2. If you would like to see a region 1, or a region free version then you'd have contact EMI, though I wouldn't hold your breath. I'm told that cheap multi-region DVD players are readily available in the States now, so if you want to see it that badly, it may be a wise investment...

Q: Hello Darling, I've seen fans clamber for Harry's sticks; plectrums from Luke, Ben or Chris and setlists from crew members. But what's the best, worst or strangest thing a fan has ever mugged you for? Nicola
D: I'm a plain and simple soul when it comes to jewellery (I wear none), opting for classic rather than show off, consequently I'm not usually carrying anything to give away, but apart from laminates which I've given away after lots of tours, one of our caterers once took a shine to my sweat pants (I gave them to her at the end). The weirdest one was when a clearly deranged fan broke into my hotel room after a show, and, leaving all my valuables behind, stole my sweaty vest and underpants from the gig that night... Never managed to work that one out....

Q: Hi guys, well all I can say is that last night at Shepherds Bush, What an amazing night. you guys got it absolutely right with the mix of new songs, and the perfect choice of older stuff, and good on you for the tribute to Tommy Vance, so tell me is there any chance of a Thunder Christmas tour? Dale, London
D: "Phase 2" is currently under discussion. There are lots of bands out there already in the autumn/winter, so it may not prove possible to do another run of shows this year, but this tour has been so good we want to do another as soon as possible. Watch this space for the news as and when we have some...

Q: How's it going Danny, went to Sheffield last week and a strange thing happened. Is Chris morphing into Angus Young, during one of the songs he did this little duck walk thingy Angus young style to the edge of the stage, now when I saw this happen I began to laugh, as you don't usually see our chris doing stage moves like that, anyway I managed to control myself and noticed that you must have seen what i saw and proceeded to take the p*** out of him for the rest of the song, have you been putting anything in his pre match cuppa! By he way brilliant show (as ever), new stuff excellent, got to meet all of you at the aftershow, got some brilliant photo's and having been fans since the early days it was fantastic to find that you were all great to talk to and that you treat your fans with respect and have a great deal of time for them. Anyway take care and roll on November! Ian, Rotherham
D: Thanks for the kind words, it's a pleasure matey. You're right Chris did have a bit of a "confused feet" moment and I did have a few little pop-ettes at him here and there, but it's all done in good spirits, and we enjoy it enormously.

Q: First things first, shepherds bush outstanding as usual, misses enjoyed it to, that's two for her and eager for more. My first question, Danny You said you were very happy with the LP, as are everyone that has bought it, how well is it doing at the moment? Chris, While shouting, dancing, clapping and acting like a loon while you play your set, it looked like you were having a few issues, what went wrong? and could've Bob fixed it? Keep it going, keep it loud, can't wait for the next tour. Pete, Richmond
D: Glad you enjoyed the show, we certainly did. The LP is doing better than we expected, but it's early days at the moment and we have a long way to go before we can consider ourselves successful. If the initial reception is anything to go by, I'd say we have winner on our hands, but having made and released it, the task now is to spread the word far and wide, and we're doing our bit with the tours and the ads etc, but it's also up to good people like yourself to tell everyone you meet, convert, coerce, force, and bite (only if necessary) the world into buying the new LP. Thunder needs you to make it happen, so make it so Number One. No pressure..

Q: Went to the Southampton gig last night- AMAZING! My first Thunder gig, and it well exceeded my expectations! I particularly enjoyed the cowbell...I just have to ask, what is your opinion on Planet of Women? IMHO they were really tragic and totally not suited to the gig- I think 90% of the audience would agree with me. Do you get to choose your support bands? (Sorry if I offended anyone, it's just my opinion) Trish Hann, Portsmouth
D: Glad you enjoyed the show, we did too. The vibe has been fantastic every night so far. We choose the support bands based on a mixture of what we like and what we think our audience may appreciate. Sorry you didn't enjoy Planet Of Women, but Luke likes them and lots of people in the audience have too on the nights they've played. I guess it comes down to taste.

Q: Well what can I say? I saw you at Southampton last night and you get better and better, it was excellent. As I was stood there watching (in between jumping on Danny's command) I thought to myself Danny's dancing improves every time I see you guys and with the impressive moves he was performing it will only be a matter of time before we see him on Strictly Come Dancing. With your moves you are bound to win, so Danny if you were asked would you do it? By the way I'm still trying to find that yellow and black checked suit. Nashie, Bournemouth
D: My dancing onstage is simply me slinging myself about the stage keeping busy in between the words. This should not be confused with dancing ability, of which I'm sure I have none. If it came to dancing routines etc, I'm sure I'd be quite hopeless. Apart from anything else, I'd rather eat barbed wire than appear on that kind of show, so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

Q: When you are on stage do you see the audience and monitor reaction or is it all a blur? I saw you at the NEC in November and seeing you again on 7th March (cant wait) You seem casual on stage and didn't notice how much support you were getting from the audience last time and did no encore (shame) I wondered if this was because you didn't notice how much we were enjoying your music or for some other reason!? all the best
see you Monday.  Joanne, Hampshire
D: In bigger venues like the NEC it can be hard to get a good handle on individuals as it's vast and the spotlights are fairly blinding. I always ask our lighting engineer to let me see the crowd during "participation" type moments so he whips up the big white lights. In smaller venues it's a lot easier to see faces, but in every show I'm constantly feeding from the audience reaction. It tells me how I'm doing. We weren't allowed to do an encore during the Deep Purple shows, with 2 more bands after us and a curfew of 11pm, there simply wasn't time.

Q: Hello all, just been to Sheffield gig another brilliant night all the new stuff is top draw, can you please tell me what happened with the sound on A Better Man? It didn't spoil the show just made more special. plus can you tell me how do you decide the set list on tour?, and finally for now, what was the very first song you recorded as Thunder, keep up the great work you just keep getting better. Andy, Dewsbury
D: The battery in Harry's guitar was a duff one. It is changed every day to prevent this kind of thing happening, but sometimes a duff one creeps in and it goes a bit wrong.. It always makes for an interesting few minutes when it does... Choosing the set is down to Luke mostly, he looks at what works and sets the agenda, we play it and then the songs kind of choose themselves, we just fiddle with the order after that. I have no idea what the first song was, but it could have been She's So Fine or Dirty Love, they were both certainly recorded during the first session, way back in 1542.

Q: Once the tours, album promotions, parties and well earned rests are out the way what is next on the "to do" list? Do you think Thunder Towers will have the resources to release another single of the album to ensure global domination? I was thinking (dangerous I know but...) that even though Fade into the Sun, Amy on the Run and Dreaming Again are my favourites tunes I believe that Can't Keep a Good Man Down would make a fantastic single to follow in the successful footsteps of ILYMTRNR. Sorry to be a pain but the minds of overly excitable fans need to be put to rest. Looking forward to Saturday...good call on Winterville supporting by the way. Rat, Peterborough
D: Choice of song for a single is hard on an LP like TMS, but at this time we don't have to make that choice so we're not perplexing ourselves with it. We may elect to go with another single at some point later in the year, but it will depend on what happens with the LP over the coming weeks and months. Keep spreading the word baby..

Q: Firstly, thank you so much for a great night at Southampton. I am now totally in luv with all of you! My question is about the size of the crew you take to set up, and how long does it take? (unsung heroes and all that). Jo, Winchester
D: We have a crew of about 15 people, but there are a load of stage crew at every show who assist with the unloading and loading of the truck, movement of kit, hanging of lighting rig etc. Equipment is loaded in at around 8am every show day, and they're usually ready for us to soundcheck at 4pm.

Q: Saw the show in Bristol...was my first time seeing you guys and was really exited, as was my girlfriend. However the evening was tainted following a number of unfortunate instances. There was a strong smell of cannabis smoke from the area we were standing in and some guy decided to push me at one point, most of your set was then forgotten in a haze of sickyness and adrenaline...it marred an otherwise brilliant evening, and excellent performance from you guys. The situation just wasn't as perfect as imagined...my quest - have you ever got so exited about something only to have factors you cannot control spoil that something? also, was that the sound of you guys rehearsing around 4pm outside the carling academy on Sunday (Bristol)? Jonny, Wiltshire
D: Sorry to hear about your troubles. We can only do our best to make the show as good as possible, everything else is well, outside our control. If someone was bugging you, perhaps you should have moved to somewhere else? Just a suggestion. I am rarely disappointed, but I work very hard to create the circumstances to ensure I'm not.

Q: Hi Danny. I went to see the Southampton show on 7 March and it was absolutely brilliant. Every time I see Thunder it just gets better. You have so much energy on stage. If this singing lark doesn't work out have you ever thought about releasing an aerobics video? Dance with Danny sounds like a good title! Samantha, Southampton
D: Glad you enjoyed the show. The singing lark is working out just fine for the moment, thanks.

Q: Hi, gave you please advise a release date for the "The Magnificent Seventh" for Australia, thanks. Brisbane, Australia
T: There is no release date for Australia at the moment. The guys are in talks with various people about a release down under, but it is far from being final and could still end up not happening. Your best bet for now is to order direct from www.townsend-records.co.uk who offer international shipping at a very reasonable rate!

Q: Just a quick query - will the merch stalls at the shows take credit cards? Or do I have to sell a kidney before the show to get actual real cash... again? Tony Cottam, Glasgow
T: Cash only I'm afraid. However, the full range of 2005 merch is available at www.thunderonline-shop.co.uk - and we accept most major credit cards!!

Q:  Had a really weird dream about you the other night Luke, but not a bad one..ha! So my question is, has a dream ever influenced anything you've done, or lyrics in a song? See you guys in Birmingham at the weekend!! Helen, Derby
L: Hope I wasn't disappointing!!! I don't remember writing a song as a direct result of a dream although I did use to keep a notebook by the bed just in case.

Q:  If one song could 'sum you up' at the moment what would that song be?? Also...what's your fav. song from your new album?? Do you have one?? im amazed by 'Together or Apart' right now, truly genius.  Jonny, Wilts
B: That song would be "Gonna make your brown eyes red" by Crystal Gayle as I have a reoccurrence of Novembers' eye injury. Ole Red Eye is back in town.
L: 'Sex Machine' by James Brown. I like all the album so it's hard to pick a fave really......

Q: Hey, how hard is it to learn what you have to play on stage? For instance how long are you in rehearsal for a tour for? and have you ever come to start playing a song and then thought to yourself I can't remember what's coming next? How do you deal with the moments when someone goes wrong? See you on tour this Friday!! Lee, Leeds
B: It depends on what you are playing of course. We've never been much good at rehearsals, after all that's what shows are for. Many I time I have wondered what the next chord is but you instinctively trust your hands to go to the right place and sometimes they do. It's when you start thinking, that's when the trouble starts; never let your brain get in the way and spoil it all. Of course if you are starting the song that's another matter...
L: We're rehearsing for 4 days for this tour and that's longer than usual. This album I think will work very well in a live environment, maybe as well as tracks from BSS so we have to try a lot of them out for size. All of us have had 'where am I?' moments on stage but that's what live music's all about. Sometimes out of a mistake comes something great! If I do get it wrong I usually blame Ben.......

Q: Hi Luke, great new album, playing it over and over. Can't wait to see you in Bristol. Just wanted your thoughts on this: I think the middle eight bit in Fade into the Sun sounds like the middle eight from the Osmonds Crazy Horses! Or is it just me? Don't tell me you're a closet Osmonds fan!! Andy, Wiltshire
L: I can see the similarity and I do love 'Crazy Horses' but I wouldn't describe myself as a 'closet' anything!!!!

Q: I'm a little disturbed when I look your photograph on the last album and when I compare it to the photograph taken at the Shepherds Bush Empire in 1997 in the History section. It is the same guy ??? Luc, France
C: Yes it is the same guy - I truly am The Man Of A Thousand Faces

Q: My 11 year old son is nuts about Thunder. At the DP gig he was disappointed to find that the available Tshirts fitted him like a tent. Are there any plans to produce smaller shirts or merchandising such as patches, enamel badges etc.? If so will these be available when I take him to the Leas Cliff Hall gig? Glen Martin
D: There were kids size shirts on sale at the Deep Purple shows, but they didn't sell particularly well. Consequently we have some left over and they're for sale in the online shop (see the ILY and Cowboy tees on the BUY page). Due to the relative lack of interest, the new 0305 shirts are not available in kids sizes. Sorry. We've offered enamel badges and patches for sale in the past, and it's been a similar story I'm afraid...

Q: Hi... I was looking at the new Quireboys album the other day, and on the disc itself it has "STC Recordings" - Anything to do with you? Dan Birkett, Southampton
D: No it's not to do with us, and it shouldn't be there, but if it is they may just find their royalties going to Thunder. Oh well...

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