Q & A Archive - June 2005


Q: Hi one and all, I've just been reading the line up for the live 8 gig on Saturday and was saddened to see no mention of Thunder. Surely with your connections you could get in touch with Sir Bob and offer your services, then EVERYONE would know how brilliant you all are!!!!! Sue, Pedmore
T: Hi Sue. The guys have dates booked in Japan over the weekend, so even if Sir Bob had asked the band to perform, they couldn't have. Having said that I suppose that they could have made an appearance at the Tokyo Live8 show alongside Bjork, McFly and Good Charlotte!? Then again, probably best that they don't...

Q: Hi, do you know yet, roughly how long a set THUNDER will be playing at the Chepstow and Derby shows? Thanks for your help. Laura Harvey, Suffolk
D: I'm not totally sure but I think Guilford will be an hour and Chepstow will be a bit longer. Derby will be longer still, but there's still some behind the scenes discussion going on about set times etc.

Q: I have just received the flawed to perfection DVD, which is most excellent. When you played backstreet symphony at donnington, is it me or was it played at 200 miles an hour? The other thing I spotted was at the t&c gig. Am I imagining it or was Jonathan King in the front row? I saw him at an Iron maiden gig once so I guess it could be possible? Look forward to seeing you all on your next tour. Paul Morgan, Harpenden
D: Yes the song was actually played at 210 mph. Adrenalin is a powerful thing. Not sure about JK in the crowd at the T&C, doubt it to be honest...

Q: More of an observation .. I recently married my American sweetheart and on our wedding night we danced to Like a Satellite, it kept us going for ages during separation. I'm back in Blighty sorting out a visa and went to a favourite pub of mine (The Tudour House) they had a new fangled jukebox. All MP3's .. do you know Thunder had 21 pages dedicated to it !! All the new stuff was there ... anyways surely this proves the value of new mediums. Paul Cunningham, Wigan/Eureka illinois
D: Fab news indeed. Congrats on the wedding etc. Spread that word baby!!

Q: Hi!!! Great news about Brian May's people asking to hear your CD. It's about time all the bigwigs in the industry started taking you seriously (I didn't mean anything about Brian May's hair by the way- big wig??!) If I pretend to be one of Brian May's people can I have a free CD too please?? (only joking! but you can send me one if you want...) Just wanted to let you all know how much I enjoyed watching the new DVD - it's fantastic! Really took me back to the old days. It was great to find it sitting on my doormat when I got back from holiday especially as I was very jet-lagged and not looking forward to going back to work to find piles of work left for me to do. Watching the DVD helped me through the week, ta! It did make me think though, how hard it must be for you lot travelling around and touring, how do you deal with the jet-lag?? Maria, Hertford
H: You just do! Luckily enough I can sleep anywhere and at any angle!! So that helps if one needs to study the back of one's eyelids.
L: Denial works for me! I change my watch to the appropriate time zone and try to act normally.
B: I find that copious amounts of alcohol and/or caffeine usually do the trick but please do not try this at home as it can be dangerous.
D: Jetlag is something you get used to if you travel a lot. It doesn't mean you don't get it, it simply means you get used to feeling rough all the time...

Q: We've all got Thunder ringtones now!!....what is the ringtone on your mobile at the moment? Margie B, Wales
H: It was the Tom and Jerry scream until a few days ago. I frightened the life out of the lady serving me on the checkout in Sainsbury's the other day and lots of shoppers looked at me in horror and disgust! It's now Hawaii Five O! Very loud!!
D: Mine varies according to who is calling. I have a boring one for non contacts, Hitchcock's psycho for people I'm not sure about, Tom (as in Tom & Jerry) screaming (that great scream he does after he's had his tail shut in the door) for friends. The Captain Scarlet theme for The Illusionators. It's all go on my phone you know...
L: I must admit I'm not a fan of ringtones so I usually have my phone on vibrate only.......
B: AC/DC Back In Black apart from Harry's which is a certain "Little Britain" expression.

Q: It's a given that you are all gifted musicians and that Luke can put words to music and quite well. I was just wondering what you all did to make a living before the music became the way? Dana, Utah
H: I was the manager of a travel agency! Obviously didn't last long! Music was always going to win in the end!
L: Assistant photographer, van boy, warehouseman, fork-lift truck driver and concert ticket seller.
B: Music was always the way, for my first job I worked for a record company and then became a recording studio engineer, charmed life really!

Q: Hi fellas, Firstly I Want to thank you all for a mega show in Glasgow and really enjoyed meeting you all you are the best ! - Now for a question - now that the Thunder Mobile ringtone thing is up and running perhaps you could satisfy the gadget freaks among us (just me then) by telling us what model of phones you use and are you flippers, sliders or brick users? Smellybum
H: Smellybum! I am a Nokia Man. Currently have a 7610 and will upgrade in a few months time!
D: I have a Sony Ericsson P910i. It has a flip thing, which I find somewhat irritating and unnecessary, and will remove when I get 5 minutes. It's very good though, and does everything very well.
B: I've just got a Nokia 7610, seems pretty good and I liked the sanded off edges.
L:  It's a brick for me everytime as I'm extremely clumsy. Any bits that I might accidentally snap off or trip over are definitely a no-no.

Q: Hi all, First of all thanks for picking me as a winner in the comp! Most happy I is! Right then, question time.... Have you ever heard of, or if you have, ever thought of or looked into playing the forestry commission venues around the country? I live near High Lodge which is a great venue (5,000+) and the FC have been very successful in attracting top acts such as Madness, Quo, Beatiful South, Paul Weller etc, which sell out very quickly. Good luck with the new single BTW! Jamie B, Suffolk
D: I must confess I've never heard of them, but I will bear it in mind, thanks.

Q: Hi Harry. Sorry no direct question but my deepest thoughts are with you!!! What a pitty that the Eagles could not win their game and West Brom was.......... Keep up. Do you think, that Palace will make it next year again??? I hope so. So don't be worry. Dirk The Crazy Dutchman, Holland
H: Dirk-Thanks for your kind thoughts. I have just come to terms with the fact that we have been relegated. How sad am I !! We nearly stayed up there! I have the new fixture list for next season and I am confident we will be back up with the big boys. Just need to hang on to a couple of key players and Iain Dowie.

Q: Do you still play Pearl Drums? Have you ever thought about playing another drum-kit?
Well, Ian Paice still plays Pearl, but long ago played Ludwig. There are many great Drum-companys, but why do you play Pearl? Simon, Germany
H: Yes I do. Pure and simple Simon! Every Pearl kit I have ever played has sounded fantastic and they have given me good support over the years. I see no reason to jump ship to be honest.

Q: Hey guys, it was a sensational show in Munich!! I hope you will be back in Germany very soon. Danny you was very happy during "Dirty Love". Harry do you know Dan Zimmerman (works by Gamma Ray and Paiste)? Good friend of mine. Gonzo, Germany
H: Gonzo! Glad you enjoyed the show. We loved it. And yes I know Mr Zimmermann. A very good man.

Q: Hi fellas!! This one goes to Harry....are there ever times when you play something wrong on the drums, and think 'oh s**t, I hope no one noticed that'!!! And is a lot of your drum work improvised?? Laura Harvey, Suffolk
H: Well I have to say everyone makes mistakes and I'm no exception. The boys do notice but thankfully, the major "glaring" ones are few and far between. Don't like making mistakes! Some of what I play is improvised but there is an obvious structure there to work with.

Q: Hi Harry, You're one of my favourite drummers of all time. You groove like hell and in every second you know what you're playing. Have you ever thought about releasing a Solo-Album? Me and my mates have every second of you on CD and we just can't wait to have more... Simon, Germany
H: Thanks Simon. Solo album? Who knows? Maybe one day..........Now there's a thought!

Q: Hi - after receiving the new Nottingham rock city CD, I was well pleased. I'm a bit sad that there are a load of tracks missing from it though. Is there any chance that the people who didn't attend the said gig of getting hold of these tracks? Especially as you can get it for silly money off ebay! I would love to buy an "official" copy off you, as would loads of other fans. What are the chances of you making rock city 3? Mitch Capaldi, Cheltenham
T: The plan right from the beginning was always to make the initial Rock City CD available to those that attended the show only. A CD with a different tracklisting would then be made available to everyone else. There are no tracks "missing" from volume 2 but 4 tracks were taken off and replaced with 4 tracks that did not appear on volume 1. There are no plans for a volume 3 at this moment in time, and to be honest I wouldn't hold your breath. Sorry...

Q: I'm just watching the Live Aid documentary and I remember being glued to the TV (I was 16 at the time) & had to work that night in a pub & taking a TV with me so I could have it on in the pub kitchen. So I was wondering if any of you went, & if not, where did you watch & what do you remember? Jan K, Wrexham
B: I didn't go to Live Aid but I remember watching a lot of it. I was in a recording studio making an album with Paul Roberts from Sniff and the Tears.
L: I seem to remember being in a studio working on a song called 'Talking To Myself' which was on the first Terraplane album although I'll have to check with Harry as he is the band's great diarist.
H: Luke is right. We were recording in the studio at the time. Great concert and my biggest memory of the day was Queen performing "We Will Rock You". Amazing!

Q: Hi guys! Very excited-hubby has just promised to buy me a new car because I've agreed to stay in Germany a few years longer!! I've always wanted an MG ZF, but no good now Rover has gone bust! A TVR would be pushing it a bit and the Austin Healey I've had my eye on has been sold! What would you guys buy if someone else was offering to pay?! Jaynie, Germany
B: I must say I love the look of the Aston Martin DB9, especially if someone else was buying it for me - now about this new female officer....
H: A "sooped" up Robin Reliant with alloy wheels and blacked out windows (of course!). But seriously, I'm a man of simple tastes and if someone wanted to buy me a car, then I'd quite like a top of the range Mini Cooper. I just fancy getting into something small, robust and fun at this moment in time. Leave it!
L: I'd love a 60's Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.
D: I'm a Mercedes fan, boring I know but it's what it is. I have 2 and love them both. It's therefore no surprise that I'd let someone else buy me an old Mercedes SL Pagoda (60's styleee with sideways headlights). I think it would be a fab way to spend their #25,000. It's not going to happen though. If you want a fast car and can wait there's a new baby Porsche coming that's amazing and cheap. Failing that wait a bit for the business to get sorted out and get the MG. There are loads waiting around to be sold...

Q: I like to say that I am so stoked that you guys are playing the rock and blues....Being a biker myself ill be there. My question is.....What's your fave motorbike and do you prefer custom or sports?? Misfit, Bristol
H: Kawasaki-I follow the fortunes of the guys in the Hawk Kawasaki team (British Superbikes). I went to the first meeting of the season and will almost certainly be at the last one in October. If I can get to a few more, I will! So I suppose the answer would be Sports(?). See you at the Rock and Blues.
L: I'm afraid bikes don't do it for me. Sorry.
B: I must admit I really enjoyed the Rock and Blues last time we played so it will be good to be there again, I think I prefer sports bike in general but I haven't ridden anything for a while now... perhaps it's time after all Summer is here.
D: I'm a bit out of touch with the biking world to be honest, it being so long since I parted company with mine, so it's best to say nought. My old mate Nik at Kawasaki would almost certainly kill me if I said it was anything other than a Kawasaki. I had a customised 3 wheeler pushbike when I was a kid, but it had no brakes and ended up under a bus with me on it... Does that count as a custom bike?

Q: Hello guys, hope you all returned home safely. The gig in Munich was really great! Just wanted to thank you all for making me and my sister feeling very welcome at the meet and greet. It made me feel soooo good that even at the age of 33 (!!!) I m still allowed for aftershows And I'd like to mention that the short haircut is very becoming to you, Danny (and that really means a lot from a girl who ADORES long-haired men, ha!). By the way, best regards to Ben from my sister Betina. Err, the question: do you need rather long time to dress up for a show just like us girls... or will you just wear whatever is on-hand? Hope to see you again soon. Take care! Ulrike, Germany
H: Takes me hours to choose what to wear for a show (don't laugh lads). I can never make up my mind. And as for my hair! Minutes.........................
C: I personally require a full six hours in make-up before each and every show, followed by half an hour yoga, half an hour pilates, and half an hour deep breathing exercises. Usually I am then too knackered to play a note.
B: We do need a long time but as you can see by our appearance we actually don't spend very long getting ready; apart from Harry who spends hours gelling his hair, and I have the photo to prove it
D: Glad you enjoyed the show, we did too. It was brilliant to be playing our own shows in Germany again, and especially so to see so many people still there for us. We will return... As to clothes, our stage clothing is picked for us fresh for each show, after hours of deliberation, by our travelling style guru fashion stylist, sorry no I can't keep this up, we wear what we want.
L: It's something we all think about although I don't think any of us are obsessive about it

Q: I'm after seeing Thunder perform live for the first time ever and can't help letting you know up to what extend you enrich some people's lives! Your fine music has provided the soundtrack to many happy and unique moments of my life, including quite a few memorable lovemaking sessions! (No, I am NOT going into details, don't worry!) I was wondering what music -if any- you'd choose to help a romantic evening move into the right direction! Nothing but the best for all of you, thanks a million! Nell, Germany
H: Thanks for your kind words. "Ace of Spades" definitely doesn't work!
Tried that many years ago and it was all over too quickly! Late night radio sometimes helps to set the mood.
C: Let's hear more of the details...
B: There can only be one answer to this question - the King of Love, the one and only - Mr Barry White singing "Can't Get Enough Of Your Love".
D: Thanks for the kind words, and I'm eternally grateful that you decided to keep the intimate details to yourself... I've always found Isley Brothers ballads have the desired effect, but if for some reason that's not working, Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye works every time, guaranteed...
L: The Isley Brothers 'Forever Gold' or Marvin Gaye 'Let's Get It On'

Q: I remember meeting you guys in a local record store when I was about 16 (16 yrs ago) and I remember telling Harry to stop eating his sandwich and sign my album , you all laughed , then commented on my bright purple lippy "purple lipstick" to which I said "nooooooo" with a look of shock on my face (being sarcastic) I was just wondering if you guys had any special memories of fans you have met. Karen, Leicester
H: Well I was obviously bloody hungry at the time! Sorry and all that. I have many memories of meeting fans over the years-too many to mention really.
B: There have been a couple of moments when fans have really helped me out. Just when I was doing my best to impress a girl I had taken to a pub in the middle of nowhere in the Peak District, the barman came over and asked me if I would sign a copy of one of our albums. Looked great, but I am sure she thought I had set the whole thing up!
C: Asking Harry to stop eating his sandwich is a very dangerous thing to do, under any circumstances.
D: There have been many thousands of fan meetings over the years and in the main most have been absolutely lovely people. Some have been weird, some over excited, some very purple in the lipstick department, some smelly ones, some that spit, some gorgeous, some ugly, and of course we've even had a few vile ones, but like I said before, most have been very nice, and for that we're very grateful. Long may it continue...

Q: I've been having a problem recently... it's called 'Lack-of-my-age-guitarists-itis' There are just no guitarists my age anymore... and people don't give a damn about this stuff anymore. What age did you take your instruments up at and did lots of others your age seem to do similar sorts of things? Did they 'copy' your ideas? Luke M, UK
H: I was 8 when I started playing and 12 when I joined my first real band.
There was one other drummer in my school at the time (that I knew about
anyway) and some of my mates dabbled on guitar and bass. We did get together and it was a lot of fun. But most of the musicians I played with were from other schools or were 5/10 years older than me at that time. Placing an ad in the paper or replying to a few may hook you up with like minded musicians of your age. Good luck Luke.

C: I agree with you in part - there are plenty of people playing guitar, but there seems to be a lack of great players coming through - when was the last time you heard a young guitarist with the ability and creativity of, for instance, Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore, or Jimmy Page? I think a lot of blame can be attributed to the live situation - back in the days when these guys were young, you had to gig, there was no other way to break a band, and in order to do good shows you had to play well. And let me tell you, gigging five or six nights a week does wonders for your technique!
B: I got my first guitar at around the age of nine or ten I think, by the time I started secondary school everyone around me was playing some kind of instrument - Youngsters today eh, don't know they're born.
L: I started playing when I was eleven years old and one of my best mates Tony Myers started at the same time so we kind of kept each other going for the next few years. He would learn stuff and show me and vice-versa. I heard a statistic recently that said sales of guitars in the UK had doubled over the last couple of years so I guess they're out there somewhere. Maybe try putting a small ad in one of the music papers asking if there are other people in your area that play. Good luck.

Q: Hi, just read the announcement of the download only track, which I will of course be buying when told how and when. But a question - what is your opinion of downloading as a paid music delivery mechanism? More instant, convenient and easier distribution perhaps, but I am a bit of a Luddite on this as I like actually being able to hold a CD or record with artwork etc, and an mp3 feels somewhat more ephemeral. Given a choice between the download and the CD, which would you buy? Ian, London
D: Good question. We're living in the digital age, and it's not going to go away, so it's important to us to explore the various ways we can use it in our business. I agree with you that to have the physical copy in your hand with the booklet, the words and the pictures is always going to give you the best feeling, so I'm pretty certain CDs (or an alternative carrier) won't be phased out. Having said that, there are instances where certain recordings may not be deemed suitable for physical CD release, so to make them available via download makes sense. I'm working on this, along with DIY artwork, so you could say download the songs you want, and if you decide to burn the songs onto CDs, then you could select certain pages, pay a modest fee, then type in the track info in the desired place and in your own style, and effectively make your own personalised artwork. This is more a seed of an idea than reality at the moment, and it all hinges on how well the "I'm A Lucky Man" song works when it's offered for download. If not many fans buy it we'll know it's not popular and I suppose we'll have to re-think...

Q: Hi Guys! I've just received the Flawed To Perfection DVD - brilliant - of course! I have to say that I just loved the alternate version of Like A Satellite and was wondering if you'd ever thought of bringing it out on CD? Wishing you all a good summer .... any chance of a winter tour? (we just can't get enough of you guys!!) Sue, Stourbridge
D: LAS is a firm favourite with loads of people, so there's every chance it may get recorded in a live situation in the future, but a re-recorded studio version is not likely. However, never say never.. Winter UK touring is not likely either as there is no availability in venues. There may be another Xmas show, but it depends on other plans and the impact they have on each other... Sorry to sound vague but everything changes all the time...

Q: When we saw you at Portsmouth in 2003 you played a fantastic version of "Addicted To Love", as a mark of respect to the late, great Robert Palmer. Both myself and the wife thought it was an outstanding cover version, possibly your best ever. Is there any chance this will be played again or used for a live album? Neil Parsons, Southampton
D: You never know, I believe most shows on that tour were recorded, and there are plans to make the best bits available at some stage. As to whether or not that song will be on there, I guess we'll all have to wait and see.

Q: Danny, just a quick question. What ever happen to the amazing version of Stay With Me Baby that you duetted with Jade at the Nottingham Xmas Party last year? I remember reading on here that you had experienced problems with the recording and were trying to sort them out? I was hoping to see this track was going to be on the 2nd Nottingham CD. Are we likely to see this track released as a B-side or a downloadable track???? Cheers, keep up the good work! Jon, Cheshire
D: Be patient my friend, work is in hand, it will appear at some stage in the future, be patient.....

Q: Morning all. While sitting at my computer looking up at my (out of date by 2 years) calendar of George Clooney, I couldn't help thinking that, whilst George is undoubtedly easy on the eye, I might get even more enjoyment out of gazing at your cheery mugs each day. I then toddled off to a reputable online photo developer and discovered that it would cost me anything from 15 to 20 squid to have one made up from my own photos. So naturally I thought it would be much cheaper (and involve much less effort on my part) if they could be produced in bulk and made available from the Thunder Shop. There have been some cracking photos over the year which would make for a great calendar, either full-size or one of those small desk ones, with suitably daft captions perhaps. If there was sufficient interest, is it something you would consider providing to the merchandise-hungry masses? They'd make great stocking fillers at Christmas. Nothing too 'Calendar Girls' though, please, as I shall be eating my breakfast in the same room... ;-) Jules, Stroud
D: We've looked into the calendar thing and as you know the costs are pretty horrendous unless you're buying 1000s at a time. By raising it here the question has been asked, so we'll gauge reaction and demand (maybe post something on the message board?). If fans want it (en masse), of course we'll see what can be done....

Q: Hi Luke, I've got a question: Are players with a university-degree better than those who practice from the heart and listening to records? I know that's a very hard question. But isn't having a hook on music itself (having bands and playing to recordings) a sometimes better practice? Just want to know and love you're fine playing! Good luck to everyone!!! Simon, Germany
L: I've always believed that music is better from the heart than from the head. It's all about moving people and it doesn't matter how you learn to do it as long as you do. I think I've definitely learnt mostly from playing with other musicians.

Q: A question for Luke and Ben that I've nicked from a well known music magazine - when you go into a music shop to buy a new guitar, what riffs/songs do you play? Barry Hitchen,  London
L: Flight of The Bumble Bee obviously!! Seriously I don't play anything in particular. I just try and get a handle on whether the guitar feels good generally.
B: Anything but Stairway to Heaven really, I am assuming you have seen Wayne's World.

Q: What do you think of Hughes and kettner edition blue 30 amps because I'm think of buying one for my next amp. Richard Marklew , Canterbury
B: I have never tried one out as we used the Tri Amp's on stage. I am sure that it will be good as H&K are generally considered to be quality amplifiers. Your best bet is to go try it and if you like the sound, steal it or maybe buy it if you can't run fast.

Q: I'm thrilled to see the band coming back to South Wales with the Rock Til You Drop gig. Is there any news on whether the guys will be doing a meet and greet after the show, as I've been coming to shows for 15 years and for various reasons haven't had the chance to make one. Jenny, S.Wales
T: Unfortunately the band will not be doing meet and greets at their festival appearances over the summer. It's the age old problem with outdoor shows. There are rarely secure places to do a meet and greet or you're in the way whilst all the temporary structures are being dismantled around you. The band have tried it so many times in the past and it's always a nightmare. Sorry...

Q: Way back in the mists of time (ok 1992) when I saw you play for the first time at Plymouth Pavillions, you came onstage to a spoken word track, and all I can remember about it was that it included the words "so I took my guitar and I threw it against the wall" (well...something like that). Please please please... can you remember what it was? Also, on another note, I have noticed that the recent Thunder gigs that I've attended have been promoted by Clearchannel. What is your take on the rising of Clearchannel as a music venue monopoly? It seems that a lot of bands refuse to use them as they charge ridiculous prices for everything from concert tickets to the price of a pint inside the venues. Paul, Darlington
D: The track was by Jim Steinman, but I'm afraid I cannot remember for the life of me what it's called. Clearchannel are a big company, but we know the guys who run it, and have known them for 15 years, since the days when they were MCP. I don't believe they have charged our fans huge amounts of money for tickets, as we're very involved with the prices of everything that gets sold on our behalf.
T: I'm reliably informed that the Jim Steinman track in questions is called 'Love And Death And An American Guitar'

Q: Dear boys, I have been seeing lots of 'new' bands in my locals down her in 'sunny' cornwall and many of their 'new' fans always mention bands like Rooster and Reef as there other interests. I mention Thunder and some, sadly, still haven't experienced your pure rock rhythms!! So, I do my up most and lend them a CD (usually BCD and Mag7) and they're amazed!! Converts. However, and here is the question(!), some ask why stick  with the name THUNDER? I thought, then, whether you had been tempted to change your name? (not that I disapprove of course!) Andrew Simpson, Cornwall
D: I see no reason to change the name of the band. It means good things to plenty of people, and whilst I agree for some it probably conjures up images of us biting the heads off small creatures or burning churches etc, the name represents what we are, that is big loud and simple. The music will always be what it is. What would it achieve? For us, it's a simple case of if it's not broken, why fix it?

Q: Whilst out last night on a drinking session, i had a phone call of my best mate...rather excited she was, and after calming her down she told me why.....YOUR COMING TO ROCK & BLUES AGAIN!!!! HOOOORAH! And a question for Chris....after seeing the flawed to perfection DVD, I wondered if you thought their descriptions of each other are still about right, or have they changed loads since then? Helen, Belper
C: Not having seen the DVD I can't really comment, but I can say that they certainly haven't changed since I joined the band, which was almost 9 years ago.

Q: Having seen you starring in a Doo Wop production at Rock City Nottingham many moons ago, are you proposing another tour in the future? Drew Staton, Derbyshire
D: We're very good friends with Danny & The Doo Wops, in fact we were responsible for bringing them to the UK for the first time back in 1991. We keep in touch reasonably regularly, but none of the band have been in the UK since 2002, and I have no idea what their live plans are. I'll ask next time we speak, but I'm sure they'll be pleased to hear you were asking about them..

Q: Hey guys. As you know I'm from "sunny" Cornwall, I went out with a friend on Friday night to a little holiday park near me, after the acts and everything you get in places like that, they put on a disco for all the adults. I've been to a few discos in my time, I am only 28!! Everytime.. I go up to the DJ and request Thunder and everytime I get either who? or Nope got none of them. I was getting amazingly annoyed so Friday I thought right I'm gonna take a Thunder CD with me...I grabbed the nearest one which was BSB and off we went. The DJ agreed to play it for me, I said its up to him which song he wanted. He played Dirty Love, as you can imagine I was up on that dance floor...the thing is after he played it, it was requested 8 more times and not by me, so I like to think that I done my bit for you down here!!!!!! :-) Vicky Daye, Cornwall
D: This is exactly what we like to see here at Thunder Towers! Fantastic, you are the woman etc. Keep it up, spread that word and tell everyone about the website address so they can catch up on all the latest news...

Q: Any chance you could get some "pay for download" songs on the site? Especially the old B-sides! Sam Maston, Florida
T: The Magnificent Seventh is already available from iTunes, and it's highly likely that exclusive tracks will be made available for fans to download in the not too distant future. However, old B-sides are owned by the various record companies that Thunder were once signed to - so we cannot legally offer them for download. The labels are the only ones with the rights to do that.

Q: There I was bragging to my friends that back in my teenage years, in the days of Thunder Channel I owned a fine pair of Thunder pyjamas (black, with Thunder down one leg - stunning they were!), I was surprised to find myself looking into their somewhat bemused and concerned faces rather than the looks of jealous excitement had expected. Have any of you ever been so into a band that you joined their fan club or bought any bizarre merchandise. Not that my PJs were bizarre. Wish I could find them..... Jill Blair, Fife
B: I'm not surprised you had bemused and concerned looks - they were not supposed to be worn in bed, I know Scotland can get a little chilly in the Winter but...
D: First of all I feel I should point out that you bought a pair of Thunder jogging bottoms or sweat pants (I hate that name, conjures up horrible images in my mind), and not a pair of Thunder pyjamas. You must have been very warm in bed! I never joined a fan club, but I guess the closest I came was when I wrote to Thin Lizzy's management when I was 17, asking for a job in their office (sweeping up, making tea etc). I was really into the band and desperate to work in the music business so it seemed the obvious way to go. About a month later, when I'd just about given up hope, I got a signed photo and no letter by way of reply, which upset me very deeply at the time. So much so that I never bought another Thin Lizzy record or concert ticket. I am pleased to report that I have since recovered...

Q:  Hello guys, I am and American living in Japan for the last few years and I am thrilled that I will finally get the chance to see you guys live next month in Kawasaki after being a fan for 15 years!! Got tickets for the July 2 show at Club Citta. As you know, it is not easy being an American Thunder fan but now that I live in Japan, it is much easier. I also just picked up the Japanese release of your "Flawed To Perfection" DVD and noticed a different version of the "Dirty Love" video. The one I remember from 1990 American MTV featured Pam Anderson. Do you guys know why both versions were not put on it? Anyway the DVD is awesome since it was the first time I had seen about 90% of those videos because American MTV stopped playing Thunder videos once grunge hit in 1991. P.S. - I picked up the Japanese remasters of BSS and LOJD and they both sound fantastic. Cheers mates and see you July 2!! Marc, Tokyo
D: The US Dirty Love video clip was made by Geffen, and not EMI. The DVD compilation has been put together by EMI, so that's why it's missing. I must say I preferred the Pam version. There's a really dirty edit of the Pam version which (I'm told by seedy acquaintances) has been seen on TVX and Playboy channel. Not sure you'll find it in Japan though...

Q: Hi Luke! We saw us at the M&G in Munich. I asked you why didn't you use your Les Paul on stage anymore. You answered to me that you have some problems with your back and this guitar is too heavy. The other guitarist of my band have the same problems and he doesn't want to play with this kind of instrument anymore. But after listen to your band, I loved the Les Paul sound again and he found a model with chambered body(a Les Paul with less weight). Do you have already tested such a model (Les Paul Florantine, Supreme, Elegant, Boneyard or Jimmy Page signature) ? I thanks again the band for the show and the aftershow (specially Ben for speaking French with me ). Luc, France
L: I haven't tried any of the models you mention but I will keep a look out for them. Thanks for the tip.

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