Q & A Archive - February 2003


Q: I read all your answers coming from your deepest fans, some newer and some older, and that's a nice way you can be connected with us (as great Thunder fan). But the best way to keep that close relation is keep doing what you do on the best way: offering new songs and good music to us, and we, as a contribution to your effort and inspiration and all that stuffs, keep buying discs, going to the shows, and so on. This perspective are different to another big band I love too (Pink Floyd) and their alienation they suffered toward their fans. Have you, like a band who have been against a crowd too many times, never felt that kind of isolation between yours and the crowd? how do you face it as a band and personally ? Another one question: what do you think about that band ? Have good shows on UK and I wish all the best for all of you!! Walter Jorge Valdez
L: Firstly, I love Pink Floyd's music especially Dark Side Of The Moon and Dave Gilmour is one of the best guitar players ever. In terms of our relationship with our supporters/fans we've always tried to make ourselves as available as possible for aftershows, in-store appearances or whatever. Also this Q+A board is a great idea as we get to exchange views on many a different subject. I guess some bands don't feel comfortable being as interactive although I think that the future of music will come to depend on bands communicating with fans directly. The major labels are becoming increasingly out of touch with the public and this reflects in falling sales figures which means for bands to survive, they've got to start taking control of their own destiny and that means talking and listening to their fans.

Q: Do you watch 24?  If so what did you think of the first 3 episodes?  Also what other TV shows do you watch? Cosmeticpunk1
L: I saw a few episodes of the first series of 24 and enjoyed it. Haven't seen the new ones unfortunately. Recent TV shows; The Office would get my vote; we English are very good at creating comedy shows that are funny and excruciatingly cringe worthy at the same time and David Brent is continuing that grand tradition beautifully.

Q: I read a really good article in last Sunday's papers about the fact that Fender had sold about 20% more electric guitars in the UK last year than the year before, and the fact that we may be about to see a big increase in the popularity of guitar based rock music in this country. Can I just ask if you think this will happen and if so has it been an influence on your decision to get back together? Or did you simply miss the buzz? Looking forward to the new album and the Astoria although it will be hard to beat the old days at the Shepherds Bush Empire (especially the two nights for the live video), but i'm sure you'll do it. Tim, London
L: I don't the reason why people are starting to pick up guitars again but I do think it's great news. If that manifests itself in more rock music then great. We could do with something other than Gareth Gates and the other bloke whose name I can't remember at the moment. As far as Thunder working together again goes, it was more a case of us making it up as we went along after the MOR dates were offered. I think it's virtually impossible to time your movements perfectly in this business; sometimes your timing's good, sometimes it's appalling and that's the way it goes.

Q: Guys, if I can ask you a question outside of music for a second, I know that in the UK there are still a lot of debates going on about the Euro currency. I'd like to ask what your opinions are on it, i.e. so would you like to see it eventually become the UK's national currency or are any of you strictly pro-the pound? Peter Jordan, Dublin
D: Strange question for these pages, quite refreshing actually, beats the shit out of why I cut my hair (7 years and they still ask). Without wishing to sound like Tony Blair and his team, I have to say I share the view that whilst it makes sense from a standardisation and harmony point of view, the economic conditions need to be right for the UK if we're to scrap the beloved Sterling. So far it's been a bit of a bumpy road, but once it settles down all will become clear. Whatever happens in the short term, I feel sure it's a case of "when rather than if" we do it, it's just a matter of timing. On a purely frivolous note I do like being able to spend the same money in different countries, it's a real pain changing the money in and out of different currencies all the time...
L: I'm very pro Euro providing the time is right. Imagine coming back from holiday in Europe with pocketfuls of shrapnel you can actually use....

Q: Hi guys, just thought I'd let you know how many people love m.s a. As a gigging musician i play m.s.a before every gig through the P.A system and at every show people come up to me and ask what CD I'm playing, when I tell them they say who! I then have to tell them you can only buy it through your website to which I then have to right down your e.mail. By day I work and run a hairdressing salon normally I have to listen to the normal rubbish but recently I have started playing m.s.a all of my stylists think it's fantastic as do my clients. I can not believe that such a great record can be overlooked by the so called music industry, so I will continue my mission to inform as many people as I can about your great music. I'm really looking forward to the new album but please don't leave it to long before the next B&M record. Nick J
D: Thank you for the kind words and the superior "one man promotion machine" approach, by all means keep it up. Technically speaking all your converts should be able to buy it in record shops, but I'm not sure the label are that bothered about getting it into shops (ho hum) so it's easier to do what you're already doing and direct them to the website. There is a new B&M LP scheduled for recording this summer and release early 2004. More news as and when we have some of course..
L: Thanks for your nice comments on MSA and spreading the word, fighting the good fight etc. Keep it up!!

Q: I admit it, I'm getting on a bit (42, the new album is a birthday pressie!) & I listen to Radio 2 in the morning. Wogan & others play some great music. The Bowes & Morley Moving Swiftly Along stuff would fit in great. Are you offended? How difficult is it to get air play? Matt, Thornbury
D: Thanks for your confession, it's no shame to be old, I hope not as I am old also...as for airplay, the sarcastic answer is if it was easy, we'd be on the radio all the time...no offence...

Q: Danny, as the song, 'Moment of Truth' involves yourself in its writing (I think it's the only one without Luke), approximately how much did you contribute and who was it who had the main idea behind it? (if you can remember back from about 11 or 12 years ago that is!) I quite like the song, with its funky edge in the verses and the lyrics are good too. In addition, as I have not heard either of your Terraplane albums, how would you describe their sound? From what I've read and understand, 'Epic' wanted you to be more of a pop/rock band - would that have meant sounding something like A-ha did in the mid to late 1980's? Tim Smith, Suffolk
D: Although he has no credit, Luke was actually involved in the writing of Moment Of Truth. The song came about as a result of a coming together of ideas by Ben Harry and I. Harry and Ben had the intro and a rough plot for the verse, I came in with a melody for verse and chorus and some rather awful lyrics. We fiddled with it for a while before playing it to Luke who then took it and rather skillfully nipped tucked and generally pulled it into shape. He took no credit because he said it was more an arrangement job, my view is he's just a nice guy and the song would never have made it on to LP without his effort. Terraplane was very much a learning experience for us, we always thought we were great, even as kids, but if I listen to it now I can almost hear the naivety! The label loved us but had no real clue how to market us, and we were a rock band who wanted hits but no real firm conviction, so we floundered around together. We learned a lot, mostly what not to do, but it was all useful experience, nothing was wasted, and it helped us when it came to forming Thunder.

Q: Do you ever read the message board on your site? If you do, are you amazed by the amount of conversation Thunder generates? Margie B., Wales
D: Yes we all do and yes we all are. We note all the good and all the bad so please take note everyone...

Q: Danny, how can you sing emotional love songs and sound like they are true for you when Luke wrote the words, invariably about his own experience? Izzy Jo, Bedford
D: I get asked this all the time, and the short answer is I don't know any different, I sing everything I hear, regardless of who wrote it. I suppose it's like being an actor, I simply interpret the words and melody according to my take on the sentiment of the song. It's not something I do consciously, it just happens.

Q: This one is for Danny. What do your children think about what you do for a living? Do they brag about you at school? Have you seen Page 124 in February's issue of Classic Rock? Is it all true? Jan, Wrexham
D: My kids have always been singularly unimpressed by what I do, which is a great leveller. It's always been that way, so I suppose to them it's perfectly normal to have a Father who sings. I don't talk about it and they mostly don't ask, I'm sure they have weightier issues to contend with, so they certainly don't brag, and I dare say soon enough I'll be an embarrassment to them all... Having said that, now they're getting a bit older and into music, I get the odd question here and there. They all came to MOR at Wembley Arena in November last year and their reactions were, and I quote "I can't believe that's my Dad on the stage", "It was too loud" and "It's going on a bit, can we go home Mum?". Not exactly something to brag about to your mates, now if I was Robbie or Busted or S Club that would be different. Yes I have seen Page 124 in CR, and it's accurate for the most part. I thought this episode was pretty much common knowledge amongst Thunder fans, are you new?

Q: Thunder show no. 15  for me in Glasgow, 18 May. Danny - do you still listen to Free and did you catch Mr. Rodgers on tour last year? Koss1976
D: Thanks for coming back to see us for the 15th time. Please tell everyone you know to come with you (I mean it). As for Free I don't listen to them so much any more I'm afraid, but every now and then I'll put on the old vinyl Free Story (numbered) and drift back to my yoof... Free & Bad Co meant a lot to me as a kid, the first band I saw live, PR got me into singing, no question. Sadly I missed them last year (Bowes & Morley played in London the same night as Bad Company in September, another scheduling triumph!), but I've seen them many times and always enjoyed the show.

Q: Just wondering what your views on Oasis' "Songbird" are...Personally I think Liam tried writing his own Wonderwall and hasn't really got it!!! The fact that he dedicated it to his woman, and made that news well known, I think proves he's just trying to write a song that may be extremely controversial if the couple split and all this business about "Will they play it, wont they play it"...I also think it has a very "Lennon" sound to it which pisses me off because I'm a fan of Lennon's work and now think its almost ruined! Obviously inspiration is needed to write a good song but would you yourself make it that well known or would you just keep it to yourself as a little reminder/memento of that person??? Tomo
L: I think that the best love songs are always written sincerely. To really move people you have to move yourself first. I have no idea whether Liam's song comes from the heart although I suspect it does. I don't think I would go out of my way to reveal someone who'd inspired something I'd written because it's the sentiment of the song that's important, not who it's about.

Q: Hi Lads, Just received my 6 tickets for the Cambridge Gig. I've already started a Thunder Countdown Calendar and am crossing off the days!! I know it's not Mensa material but I've worked out that Cambridge is the last show of the tour so I'm wondering what all of you will be doing after the tour. Will you all go out for a small/large beano at a pre-arranged location or just a few sherberts and off to respective abodes? Also where was the picture taken on the Q & A page as that is a mighty fine chain!! Have a great tour and thanks for making my year! Jamie, Suffolk
L: After the tour we are planning some European festival dates (please don't ask me where because they're NOT confirmed) over the summer. We will undoubtedly have a few drinks after the Cambridge show in the hotel bar. The picture was taken on the South Bank in London very close to Tower Bridge.

Q: Hello Luke! I have listened some tunes of your new album on the radio recently. When I listened the intro of 'Loser', I thought it will be 'Lay down, stay down' (by Deep purple). So I wonder you might like Deep purple...do you like them? They are very popular in Japan, also I do. When I was student, I was absent from school trip, because I went to their concert in Tokyo. Anyway I feel your new album is going to be excellent! I'm really looking forward to listening it and seeing you in Japan! Sayuri, Japan
L: We all like Deep Purple. They were a big influence on us during our teenage years and I still listen to their albums. Danny and I actually went to see them at The Budokan on our first visit to Japan in 1990.

Q: I had never heard of you until 'Monster Of Rock' 2002 at Wembley and well WOW! Since then I been a fan and going to see you at the Astoria, one thing i was wondering was where do you get the inspiration for the songs and if so what like? (one of the main reasons i like you!) and are any of the songs written on experiences in your life or anything like that? Just wondering as i find most songs i write are, even though my life has only lasted 16 years. Antong
L: If you look through the Q+A archive you'll see a few answers to this question in detail but I would say that life in general is the inspiration for most of the songs I write; particularly relationships.

Q: I remember watching a video of a live performance you did at the lakeside (where the Darts are played) about 12 years ago. Is there any way of getting a copy of this on DVD or Video. Mitch
T: Unfortunately there is no way to get a hold of this on DVD or Video, and there are no current plans to release it (even if the guys wanted to release it, they probably don't own the rights...).

Q: A 3 fold question for you both. Is there a song you wished you had written? If you could put together an all star band, past & present. Who would be in it? (including yourself of course) And finally...Having heard Dirty Love butchered by Lonnie Thingy. Who would you most like to cover a Thunder tune? looking forward to seeing you on tour. Saul
L: It's impossible to pick one song when there are so many to choose from. All star band? John Bonham (drums), James Jameson (bass), Jimi Hendrix (guitar), Ronald Isley (vocals), Stevie Wonder (keys + vocals). I wouldn't want to follow them though!
D: Imagine. My all star band would have to be a vocal harmony group I think, they'd all be singers.. John Lennon, Ronald Isley, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight (no pips), Kurt Cobain for spice...I'd like to hear Robbie Williams do Moth To The Flame.. Ha ha.. Seriously Elton John could do any of the more sedate ballads, Kylie could do Don't Wait For Me (we'd have to do Can't Get You Out Of My Head as return favour). You see my tack here...

Q: I've read that you had to have injections before the Donny 90 show in your throat, were these directly in your mouth? I'm guessing it hurt a bit. Matt
D: You're partly right. Having lost my voice just before the Donington show in 1990, I saw a doctor who administered steroid injections in my butt, not my throat. My throat did hurt, but not because of the injections (having been stabbed repeatedly, my arse was none too pleased either). The throat pain was simply because of singing 2 shows after spending a night in a heavily air-conditioned bus environment. By the time I realised there was a problem it was too late and I was in the middle of the first show. Once I'd had the steroid jabs, I had to keep silent for 3 days, so the first time I walked on to the stage at Donington it was in front of 80,000 people. The smell of fear was very strong, but luckily the jabs had worked and my voice was fine. The rest is history...

Q: As the number of people who turn up to the shows have a direct impact on Thunders future, is it not fair that us adoring fans should have the chance to have some input to the gig. The Support Act is a great way to start but it would be really nice if you gave us 3 songs to choose, (perhaps songs you don't normally play) and let us vote on them. See you at the Astoria. And don't forget to shout 'ARSE!' Kevin Figg, UK
D: You are correct in as much as you "the adoring fans" (as you call yourself) have a direct impact on the future of the band. I would remind you that this has always been the case, and is true not only with us but all bands, who without exception depend entirely on fan support. Without fans, bands don't last long. Thunder fans have always contributed (you don't always know it but you have) towards all our decisions, for are we not the band who have done meet and greets after every Thunder headline show? Have we not met you, talked with you at these same meet and greets and listened to your opinions? Do you honestly believe we would do that if we had no interest in your views? Remember, for this tour we invited you to tell us who you wanted, but as much as we want to know what you want, at the end of the day the final decision must be ours. This has to be for a whole host of reasons. Thunder fans have always been very free with their opinions, and we respect that, mostly because we invited the opinions in the first place, and have consistently given you the opportunities to tell us face to face. Some bands have little or no direct contact with their supporters as I'm sure you know. Having said all that I'd like to think Thunder fans also have a reciprocal respect for the judgement (and dare I say wishes) of the band. Whoever we take out as a support band, I daresay many will be disappointed (it has to be), but I believe if enough of you show up (and we still need you to spread the word), I know we'll all have a very nice time, and who knows you might even like the support band too. Regarding the set list, (once again in the spirit of asking what you want), I invite all of you to send in 3 favourite songs each (subject line is SETLIST), we'll collate the data and see what we can do. No promises, but at least this way you know your voice is heard (again).

Q: Is there any Thunder performance scheduled for Donington 2003 on 31st May and 1st June? If Thunder appears, I have to discuss (deep!!!) an extension of my travel plans with the boss.... See you at the Live hall in May! Yukiko, Japan
D: Thunder have not been asked to play at this event so I don't think we'll be there.

Q: If both Danny and Luke had to put forward one example of their recorded output as a musical resume, what song would each of you choose as the one that best represents their respective talents? Elliot Lilley, L
L: I don't think there is one song that encapsulates all we do so I can't answer your question I'm afraid. When you consider the musical distance between Moth To The Flame and Go With The Flow you'll see how impossible it is!

Q: I have noticed that whenever you are asked about your favourite gig you always mention Donington 90, which is understandable as it helped launch the band.  However I have never read anything where you are talking about Donington 92.  What are your thoughts and memories of this gig?  Also would you be interested in playing Donington this May/June if you were asked? Cosmeticpunk1
L: '92 was wet and windy but still a great experience. '90 was so special that '92 was always going to be a slight anti-climax. It's difficult to give your best performance on a soaking wet stage but having said that I thought we played very well.

Q: Chaps, the location of the BSS photo shoot was ARTILLERY PASSAGE, Spitalfields. Information concerning promotion antics - I hear a rumour that whilst in South Africa, Jason Joyce will be performing a streak at the Cricket World Cup to publicise the Thunder tour. Can this be confirmed???? The Divine Miss N.
L: Thank you for clearing up the location query. Mr. Joyce may need to drop a few pounds before he streaks anywhere although a few cold beers and who knows.......and by the way.....who are you?

Q: Luke I know your not keen on the whole marriage thing, but how do you feel about kids, do you see a lot of Danny's, do you get on well with them and would you like some of your own? Sarah, Derbyshire
L: I think kids are great. I don't see a lot of Danny's or Harry's but every time I do I'm amazed at how fast they grow up. I've never ruled out having children but I don't have any immediate plans in that direction.

Q: Does anybody know what album/CD I can find "Promised land" on by Thunder? (Give me something to believe in, something to believe in) are some lyrics in the chorus. Al
T: 'Promised Land'' isn't a Thunder track - it's a Terraplane track (Danny, Luke & Harry's pre-Thunder band). It's from the album 'Moving Target' but unfortunately this album is now deleted and very hard to get a hold of...

Q: Hi Guys! Thanks to Cleggy (hurray!) I've heard the Lonnie Gordon version of Dirty Love. Off course I and I think al lot of fans are curious about the Johnny Halliday version. Does it have the same title or was it translated in French? Do you have any idea where to get it? Thanks and keep up the good work! Rob, Holland
T: It was translated into French (Amour Facile), but other than that it was a pretty faithful rendition. Unfortunately, I'm not sure where you can get it - it must be on a Johnny Halliday CD somewhere. However, I believe that Cleggy is working on locating a copy for his site...

Q: Long time Thunder fan - first time question! On several occasions you have mentioned that one of your favourite gigs was Wembley with Bon Jovi in 1995. So where were you on the Sunday??? As far as I knew at the time Thunder were due to play both Saturday and Sunday. Please help me as I need some sort of "closure' with this issue. I was waiting all day long for you to appear and had to endure listening to Ugly Kid Joe instead arghhhh. I feel that I'm owed one Thunder concert so please come over to Vancouver soon ;-) Warren McCulloch (WOZ)
D: This was a Jon Bon Jovi decision. We were originally set to appear at all the UK shows, agreed by our manager and the promoter. JBJ subsequently decided to make a change, so we went out and UKJ came in. Show business eh... Hope this helps you with your closure issue..

Q: The location for the BSS cover (& They Think It's All Over...) is Artillery Passage near Liverpool Street. Took years to recognize (and to be honest I didn't - thanks Nic!), our office was just round the corner. (Great wine bar half way down - just make it out on TTIAO called "Grapeshots")...Now we've moved the office to Euston so I cannot see this hallowed place any more! Got tickets for Cambridge (fingers crossed no Donnington that day as per last years Ozzfest!). Danny your offspring, musically, do they follow in your footsteps in what they listen to? Nige, Stevenage
D: Thanks for the info. My children seem more musical than I was as a kid (which is nice), playing flute, recorder, piano and guitar between the three of them. They're learning like mad and seem to be very determined. One shows particular promise as a singer also. None of this is my doing, as I've strenuously avoided pushing them into any kind of musical career. However if they want to do such a crazy thing I will of course help. Listening wise they're pretty much into everything other kids their age are into, mostly pop and dance, though my house is currently filled with the sounds of the singles from the latest Red Hot Chilli Peppers LP...

Q: A very new fan here ........ was just introduced to your music by a friend last year and we were luckily to go see you at Wembley last year with Alice - don't know how I missed you "first time around"! These may be have been asked before, but as a new fan I don't know.  Luke, when you write a new song, do you start with the lyrics or the melody? Maybe with some of the songs the lyrics and melody come together? Did you teach yourself guitar or go for lessons? Danny, love your voice - sends shivers down my spine in some songs! Have you/did you ever have singing lessons? Hoping to see you in Nottingham in May - can't wait. Kate, Leeds
D: Went for singing lessons once, a while after I'd started, really to see if I was doing it right. I gave the lady the money, she made me sing things while she played the piano. We did various routines for about 15 minutes, then she gave me my money back and told me to go home, said I was doing it fine and she couldn't teach me anything... My own feeling was she must have felt I was beyond help... You mustn't hope to come to the show, YOU MUST COME! TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS, ATTENDANCE IS COMPULSORY....

Q: Luke, Danny & His Thinness, it *must* have appeared to you by now that the Thunder fans have been enjoying(?) the first Thunder cover that we have *EVER* heard by a commercial artiste. Indeed, there is a website completely and unreservedly dedicated to this fact: covering all such material. Please could we have all of your opinions on the "Dirty Love" cover by, as she's known 'round these parts, "Miss Lonnie Whatshername". Cleggy
D: Just shows you, it's all in the interpretation. I hadn't heard this before today, and I thank you warmly for bringing it to my attention...It would appear Mr. Morley is a soul man after all...What can I say, it's a hit! ha ha...
L: I must admit that I never thought Dirty Love would become a boystown anthem! It's a difficult one for me because I make money out of it!!!!!! Can I take the Fifth here????
T: Hmm...I think I prefer the Johnny Hallyday version!! ;)

Q: Hi guys, why did you split with Malcolm MacKenzie, was it professional or personal, I know you were all friends from way back. Sarah, Derbyshire
D: It was a business decision, too complicated (and private) to go into here. Sufficed to say we felt it was time for a change. As you said we were friends from school so t wasn't easy for any of us, but we've been friends a long time and despite a rocky period immediately after the split, we're in regular contact and all good friends again now.
L: We split with Malcolm because we felt things weren't progressing as they should've been. Malcolm was as important as an extra member of the band when we started and a lot of his ideas were fairly crucial to our progress. We also trusted his honesty 100% which is a rare thing between artist and manager. Luckily we are still very good friends and that's the most important thing.

Q: I love all of your Thunder-albums indeed! But I'm a sax-player, and I love to listen to all the Brass-sections of Bowes and Morley! How come you arranged these songs with a brass-section? What brass-section is that? Simon Wystrach
D: We love listening to brass sections on records. Historically Thunder gave us very little opportunity to use one, but B&M meant we were free to indulge ourselves. They were 3 guys well known to Rupert our engineer, and they played on Luke's LP too. As to their names, they're listed on the B&M LP so if you love them so much why don't you look them up? Ha ha. They are Ben Gant (Trumpet), Martin Robertson (Sax) and Ian Moffat (Trombone), not sure if they have name for their section but...

Q: Hello, I've been listening to Behind Closed Doors, today. Hearing Building Castles suddenly felt a tear or two...sniff but hey it's Friday night, time for serious and deep and meaningful questions. What colour is your bathroom suite? - no fibbing. Angela, Switzerland
L: My bathroom suite is magnolia.....isn't everybody's?

Q: Where was the cover  picture of Back Street Symphony taken? Sambora 667
L: The cover was shot in a real street in the City Of London. Unfortunately, having a sieve-like memory, I can't remember the name!

Q: In the light of the recent Catherine Zeta Jones/Hello court case, I was wondering what you think about celebrities and their right to privacy? You must have experienced the intrusiveness of the press I would imagine? On a lighter note, what do you think about U.F.O.'s, visitors from outer space etc.? The clips from the new album sound superb, roll on 3rd. of March! John
L: Privacy is a very difficult thing to achieve in the 21st Century. Whether it's the internet, cameras in the street or your credit card details, your personal information is fairly easy to access especially if other people are interested in you and what you do. If you're a celebrity then you're really f**cked. The trouble is that it's very difficult to feel sympathy for celebrities who actively court and exploit the media (sometimes financially) and then scream 'invasion of privacy' when someone prints a photo of them picking their nose or whatever. Overall I think everybody has a right to some privacy but if you want total privacy then go live on a small island somewhere. UFOs and the like have always interested me. I will remain an interested skeptic until I see some kind of absolute proof that there really is something out there.

Q: What kind of format do your soundchecks take? Who chooses the music, your own songs or a cover, or do you find that certain songs cover all the angles you need for a sound check? Do you have any bad experiences of them, and do you enjoy them as I'm sure at that point in the day you just want the gig to start. Les, Tolworth
L: Soundchecks are longer at the start of a tour when we're getting used to things. Once we're up + running it doesn't take us long. We'll always do one song that has a lot of backing vocals (usually Higher Ground), a new number if there is one in the set and then make sure that our sound engineer is happy (which he rarely is!!! Sorry Pete!).

Q: If you were to go to a desert island never to return (you know the drill),  what three possessions might you be compelled to take with you? You must have had these questions before but still...also assume that family is already going with you (wouldn't want to split up a family would we!) Will
L: 1) CD collection
2) CD player
3) Guitar

Q: What cars have you had over the years?? And apart from homes and cars what is the most extravagant present you have bought your selves?? Sambora667
L: Two VW Golfs, 2 BMW's (325 + 535), 1 Mercedes 190E, 1 Jaguar XJS, 1 Cherokee Jeep. The most extravagant thing I've ever bought myself was a Versace leather coat.
D: I've had so many cars. A ford escort van, a transit van, a Bedford Luton van, a Bedford ca van, a ford Cortina mk3, a ford Capri, a ford escort estate, a VW beetle, a BMW 316, a BMW 323, a BMW 535, a Mercedes 300 TE, a Mercedes 230 TE, a Mercedes 280 SL, 2 Volvo 850s, a Nissan patrol, a mini, a ford Granada, a Volvo v40 turbo, an MGB roadster. There are more, but I can't remember them all right now. I'm not big on buying myself things, so that's a hard one, it depends on what you call extravagant..

Q: Do you remember the live acoustic gig for Radio City in Liverpool at Smokey Joes bar. That was a great night with very good publicity have you taken this idea to local radio. I am sure Radio City would love another session. Also apart from the last major tour Liverpool tends to be omitted from your schedules are we that bad an audience. I know the Summer Pops in Liverpool are looking for a couple more major rock acts this summer any chance !! Andy Byrne, Liverpool
D: Yes of course we remember that night, it was great and thanks for reminding us. We'll ask if it can be done again. Liverpool is not a bad audience, it's truly splendid, the trouble is it's very close to Manchester, and we've traditionally done consistently better ticket sales there than Liverpool. Sorry.

Q: Hi guys,  good to have you back,  I've managed to persuade eight of us in all to come to the Astoria gig, and three of us are coming to Cambridge on the last night, so hope you have a meet and greet sorted out. my question is which gig over the years has been the one you enjoyed the most and for what reason, and which did you least enjoy, having seen you about a dozen times, the gigs at shepherds bush empire recorded live were my favourites i think, (I was at them both) although you have always performed superbly, wherever I've seen you. Gareth
D: This is a question we're always being asked and I honestly can't say which is my favourite. We've had so many great shows, and been lucky enough to participate in some brilliant events, so pinning it down to one single fantastic night is damn near impossible. Donington the first time in 90 was pretty special, as was Wembley Stadium with Bon Jovi in 95, but there have been heaps of cracking shows over the years... Sounds like you've been at most of them..

Q: Following Toby Jepson's announcement last week to withdraw from the music industry. I was just wondering ..........with your connections with Tobe, what's your opinion on this and the music industry in general. Paul
D: I think it's a real shame Toby's had to come to his decision, but it comes to all of us sooner or later. He's had a good go and finally decided to give it up. You can't blame him, if it's not happening it's no fun, and if it's no fun, it's time to do something else.

Q: Danny...Got my tickets for Glasgow and really looking forward to it after watching MOR...Anyways...my question is.....I'm a singer in a band (osorts!)..and while I've been told that my voice is pretty good...I'm a "freezer" on stage....Before I go on I have all these moves worked out the...Nothing!!!...My wife calss me a disjointed puppet and claims I have 2 moves...Both facial!!!! Anyways having seen you play a few times...You got it going on dude...How DID you get it...Is it just practicing in front of a mirror or is it ALL natural?......Do you have all Paula Abduls choreographical videos for Rockers?...Or what?...Anyway PLEEEEZE give me some advice as its ruining my growing (ahem)...pub reputation. Little Green Goblin
D: I don't know where the moves came from, but they developed over years of acting like a twit in front of people, not at home in front of the mirror. If you freeze in front of audiences it's probably down to a lack of confidence. As they always say, practice is everything. I wasn't the way I am now when I started. As the band got better, so did my voice, and my confidence grew alongside. We decided to deliberately build in moments where I would have to do something to get the crowd involved, most though scheduled, were not planned in any detail. This is scary at the time and you run the risk of looking like a twat if it goes pear shaped, but it feels very nice when it works. You have to have a great band to do any of the above, spontaneity requires very good players... The more you do, the better you get at "winging it". So it's confidence, and I found I got that by achieving things. Try something, anything, if it works you'll feel you can do anything, if it doesn't learn from it and try something different next time.... Simple...

Q: Chaps - I was catching up on the Q&A's over coffee this morning (whilst pretending to work), and noticed a comment about some possible Record Shop "In Store Acoustic Appearances", which would be great if it happened, but it reminded me of a similar incident in I believe 1992, which I wondered if either of you remembered.  The shop was Ainleys in Leicester and you performed a few acoustic numbers, and did a signing session, but half way through your performance the PA broke down, so if memory serves me right (or I could did out the tape, as I was illegally taping the performance), you finished the set with Danny literally sings dry, and with Luke very Acoustic on the guitar - did that happen to you often, as you pulled it off (so to speak) with great ease and a good laugh. Anyway looking forward to the album and tour, I will be there, and would just like to take the opportunity of publicly thanking Thinny for his efforts to find a venue that you are playing with any seats for sale, as my wife also loves Thunder, and has seen you many times (plus B&M) over her short eight years of supporting the Band, but will be 6/7 month pregnant with our twins in May, so cannot stand up. James
L: I do recall the occasion in Leicester but I'm pretty sure it was the only time it happened. Sometimes when things go wrong it makes them a bit special!
T: No problem, James - glad I could be of service....

Q: Is it ok for me to bring my black permanent marker to rock city for the boob thing then? lol... Sars
L: Certainly.....although Harry may have to act as my chaperone!!

Q: Have any Thunder songs be covered by other bands? Luke, have you written songs specifically for other people or is too hard to imagine anyone else singing your stuff but Danny? Ingrid, UK
L: 'Dirty Love' has been covered a couple of times; once by legendary French singer Johnny Halliday and also by a Canadian dance artist called Lonnie Gordon. Apart from that I'm not aware of any other covers. I've written some songs without imagining anybody in particular singing them. As a writer you don't always know who will end up singing everything you write. It is great that Danny's sung so many of my songs over the years because we have developed an understanding that works and I know his voice nearly as well as he does!

Q: I read that when Bad Co toured the UK last year, Mick Ralphs guested at a couple of shows. Have people like Mark Luckhurst ever turned up at your gigs and played as a guest? If not, but they turned up during your upcoming tour, would you perform with them? Kieran Keegan
L: Snake has been at a few gigs but I don't think it would be fair on Chris to have him up to play, especially when you consider that Chris is our longest standing bass player.

Q: Hi guys, do either of you remember Sue and Graham Cox. Graham used to be one of your truckers on tour. I only ask as my hubby Dean works with Sue's current boyfriend as her and Graham split up. That's rock and roll for ya! Sarah, Derbyshire
L: I think I remember Graham Cox. Didn't he have an interesting haircut?

Q: Recently went to see the 'Legends of Rock' tour where my hubby (Big Sasher) got to meet his all time hero - Mr Glenn Hughes.  I'll be at your gig at Glasgow Academy in May and was wondering if you'll be doing a 'Meet & Greet' after the show because I would so love to be able to meet my Heroes of Rock - Namely You Thunder Dudes!!  Who would you say is your all time hero (mother not included!) and did you ever get the chance to meet him/her? HOPING to meet you soon! Emma B
L: We will be doing meet + greets after the show so watch here for details nearer the time. Most of my heroes are dead I'm afraid, but I have been lucky enough to hang out with Jimmy Page a few times.

Q: Luke, the band you worked with when Thunder split, what are they up to? All time gig you wish you could have played? Ever had a Ferrari? When Chris joined did you advertise? Do you know of any thunder tribute bands? Fave holiday hot spot? Worst gig? Most embarrassing moment? Did Harry piss him self laughing at liverpool? First gig you went to and first you played? Sorry about the questions, just emptying my head!!! p.s. Luke, about the ovation...oh yeah!!! Sambora667 Luke, the band you worked with when Thunder split, what are they up to? All time gig you wish you could have played? Ever had a Ferrari? When Chris joined did you advertise? Do you know of any thunder tribute bands? Fave holiday hot spot? Worst gig? Most embarrassing moment? Did Harry piss him self laughing at liverpool? First gig you went to and first you played? Sorry about the questions, just emptying my head!!! p.s. Luke, about the ovation...oh yeah!!! Sambora667 Luke, the band you worked with when Thunder split, what are they up to? All time gig you wish you could have played? Ever had a Ferrari? When Chris joined did you advertise? Do you know of any thunder tribute bands? Fave holiday hot spot? Worst gig? Most embarrassing moment? Did Harry piss him self laughing at liverpool? First gig you went to and first you played? Sorry about the questions, just emptying my head!!! p.s. Luke, about the ovation...oh yeah!!! Sambora667
L: Throat Oyster are no more but 2 of the guys play in a band called Stonegrass. Go to www.stonegrass.com for more details. Live Aid would have been a good gig to play. Never owned a Ferrari but I have driven one. Chris was a friend of a friend. There are 2 Thunder tribute bands in Japan as far as I know. I like to go to different places on holiday. Worst gig I'm sure I've forgotten. Most embarrassing moment I'm trying to forget! Harry was delighted at Palace beating Liverpool. 1st gig I went to was T.Rex at Lewisham Odeon in 1971. First gig I ever played was at Sedgehill School in Bellingham, S E London in 1974. I think the band was called Cosmic Fire and we played 2 songs which were Metal Guru (T.Rex) and Mean Woman Blues (Elvis Presley). My good friend Tony Myers who plays on 'Gringo' and 'MSA' was in the band as well.

Q: OK, I apologise for being too deep and meaningful in my last question! On a lighter note, what makes you laugh? You're Blackadder fans aren't you? I watch re-runs on UK Gold and they still make me laugh after seeing them hundreds of times. Did you see Phoenix Nights? I thought it was brilliant-Peter Kay is a genius. I also like League of Gentlemen and The Office (but I laugh and cringe at the same time.) Better? Jan, Wrexham
D: Much better thank you. Shallow is good (ha ha). Blackadder is genius (just got the whole set on DVD), The Office ditto. League Of Gentlemen is a tad dark sometimes for me though I do have to watch it when it's on. The Fast Show was the big one for us, we simply fell about laughing all over the place. The live fast show was one of the funniest and most impressive things I've ever seen. Phoenix Nights escaped me I'm afraid, no slight on it, I simply missed it..

Q:  I heard that Thunder has not planning to Japan tour now. Is it true? I've got depressed…Should I come to U.K. for Thunder's live? Chikako, Japan
D: This is not true, we want to come, we just don't have any shows yet. We've asked our agent to book us some Japanese shows and as far as I'm concerned he's working on it. Please don't be depressed, you'll make us depressed too.. And we'll probably cry...

Q: Are you members of the mile high club? Margie B, Wales
D: Yes. No details are forthcoming.

Q: My brother had promised his daughter who has painful kidney problems to see thunder each time they toured but one way or another she was unwell. Then you guys split now you reformed she's as happy as a pig in mud (for want of better word). Now after booking we find that The Astoria wont let her in due to age restrictions. Do you guys have any say over ho and what age people are to see you, otherwise we have now as yet spare ticket for May 23rd which is upsetting her. Tina
D: Not sure what to say about this really. I'm afraid we have no say on the venue's age restrictions, I believe it's down to licensing laws and alcohol etc. Sorry to muck up your niece's plans, especially after all her woes and all. Let Uncle Daniel see if anything can be done...

Q: Golf handicaps? Fave course? Best score? Mark
D: Scratch, sorry itch. St Andrews obviously. Not saying, but Tiger lost a lot of money that day...10/10 (mark)

Q: I've just watched the first part of The Second Coming, and wondered what you would do if you found out you were the son of God? (I used to think Luke WAS God! I've got the scrap books to prove it.) Anyway what or who would you sort out first? I wouldn't know where to start, It's all in a bit of a mess at the moment don't you think?  Jan, Wrexham
D: I wouldn't know where to start to be honest. I am certain it would take bigger minds and more wisdom than I possess. It's a bit deep isn't it? We play Rock'n'Roll you know...

Q: Danny, I see from a previous question/answer that you've got three kids. What are they and how old? Margie B, Wales
D: What are they? They're all err.. children. Two girls (aged 10 & 8) and a boy (he's 6).

Q: Is it true that the new Thunder album is going to released on April 7th in stores across the UK? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
D: We are talking to both wholesalers and retailers right now, and whilst we have nothing formally agreed at the time of typing, we're confident it will be the case. If it goes the way we want there's a chance we could also do some instores that week, play acoustic here and there etc. Once we have the official word, all will be revealed here on the site.

Q: Whitesnake And Thunder concerts together. Do you think it's bad that fans of rock music have to pick one band, even though they like both? Why do concerts like this together? Bad promoters or mangers? G. Hayward
D: Sorry for any disappointment this may have caused. It's a matter of timing, really. As he with a foot in both camps I can honestly say we tried everything we could to avoid this situation coming about. The problem is that you can't control everything and everyone, and it's not as simple as just making arrangements, there are a lot of parties involved. Tours are arranged around the availabilities of many. The MOR tour is arranged around Whitesnake's availability and their larger promotion plans, Thunder's tour is the same, and you have the venues to take into account too. It's not a case of bad managers (or mangers as you wrote), simply bad timing, but there are only 2 dates when both tours will be playing on the same night and they're at opposite ends of
the country. The money is a big consideration I know and it's not ideal, but believe me if we could have avoided this we would have.

Q: Danny, were you at the birth of your children? If so, are you the type of dad that paces the corridor or in there to watch it all? If not, why? Rebecca Thompson
D: I am happy to report that I was present and very much involved at the births of all three of my kids. No pacing, no time, the most incredible experiences of my life. Bar none.

Q: You’ve just been told you’ve got 24 hours left to live – what do you do? What ambitions have you yet to fulfill in your life? Gordon, Manchester
D: Not sure what I'd do, but I heard about someone recently who had this very experience:- Our hero discovered he had 24 hrs to live, and as he came out of the doctor's he met an old friend from years back who he hadn't met for ages. Amidst all the euphoria of meeting again, our man told the friend his tragic news. The friend decided to take our hero on the best final 24 hours anyone could wish for. They went everywhere, clubs, strip bars, hookers, shows, casinos, pubs, you name it, they went there, they did it all, leaving absolutely nothing undone. It got to 5am and they were having a great time when the friend suddenly got up and said he was going home. "How can you go now and desert me, and me with only a few hours to live?" said our hero. The friend snapped back with "Listen, I'm tired, I'm pissed, and I'm going home, it's OK for you, you haven't got to get up for work in the morning!" It's true...As to ambitions, I've far too many still undone to go into here and now.

Q: Thanks guys. Another link reconstructed in my addled brain. Malcolm's was the name I was struggling to remember. And I seem to remember the shock-waves going though New Cross when you changed drummers. As to why you don't remember me, I was probably too awestruck to talk to such demi-gods (I was very impressionable in those days!) and too pissed on cheap cider. I'm pretty sure Viv was Malcolm's g/f (very long blond hair??) and Debbie was a well endowed young lady with a glass eye (Sorry Debs if you're reading this!). And no, I wasn't at Askes, I was at Colfe's at the time. Anyway, great to find out that at least two people with real talent from my youth actually used it. Have also done the friends reunited thing and most of them turn out to have become accountants. Another question. I seem to recall you used to play a Nils Lofgren number back then. What was it? Rolf
D: Yes they come flooding back don't they.. The Nils Lofgren song was any one of a few, we absolutely loved playing his stuff. 

Q: This question is for Luke or Danny. Have either of you seen or heard anything of Dave Gooding (former No Sweat guitarist/former B.L.O.W. vocalist) and anyone else from his bands? I know they supported you on a number of different tours. I used to see Mr. Gooding a lot around Dublin but he's since disappeared. Peter Jordan
D: I've seen neither hide nor hair of said Mr. Gooding since the last time he opened for us. Does he owe you money?

Q: If you could put 5 things into room 101 what they be and why? Great news about the tour, album etc - see you in London! Alex, Southampton
L: 1) Big Brother, Popstars, I'm A Celebrity and all reality/docu-soap television because it's become dull, repetitive and insults my intelligence.
2) Ken Livingstone's congestion charge because charging people to drive into London when the transport infrastructure doesn't work is a bit like putting the cart before the horse.
3) Major British record labels for being so unadventurous in their development of talent and making a laughing stock of the singles chart by turning it into a marketing and rule-bending competition.
4) Graham Norton because I can't stand looking at his face anymore. Bring back Julian Cleary!
Can't think of a number 5.

Q: Hi Luke, I bought a copy of 'The Rare, the Raw and the Rest' a few weeks back and was wondering about the
second version of 'Future Train'. Essentially it's a completely different song to the one that made it onto 'Behind...' apart from that riff that occurs in the intro and chorus in both versions. What prompted you to re-write the song? Rob, Salford
L: I wasn't sure that the original version (which appeared on BCD) did justice to the basic idea of the song (which was the riff you highlighted) so I started again. I still prefer the version on TRTRTR.

Q: My seventeen year old son formerly known as Daniel and now renamed Seth for gigs, lives, eats and breathes music and playing guitar. Any advice for someone who's got their heart set on being in the music industry? Also, any chance of an audition if you decide to hang your guitar strings up!!?? Fiona, Blackpool
L: As I have said in previous answers the most important fundamentals are to work hard on all aspects of what you do and get yourself in front of as many people as possible via gigging, the internet, TV whatever you can do. Oh....... and be very lucky!!

Q: Alright Luke, me again. The first ever gig I went to was Bon Jovi at Wembly when you supported them. Is Jon up his own arse like reported and what is Richie like? Random questions to both of you...what's you fave song to play, what's an average day when gigging, any chance of playing at my friends wedding!, can't remember why Snake left, want to buy an ovation double neck as I cant get rid of the bastard! fave meal, fave drink? I'm not strange these are just some questions I would ask if I met you and I doubt that will ever happen!!! Mark, Swindon
L: Richie is a nice bloke. I don't have a favourite song to play; I just love playing. An average gig day involves traveling to the appropriate town, checking into the hotel, soundcheck and dinner, back to the hotel for the necessary ablutions and then the gig followed by some heavy drinking. There is no chance of us playing at your friends wedding, sorry. Why are you asking me if I want to buy a right-handed guitar? Snake was sacked because we felt it was the best thing for the band. Italian food and a good red wine.

Q: Having reached what's popularly known as "mid-life" (Don't understand it myself...we're all still 17 in our heads aren't we?) and waiting for the "crisis" to kick in, my thoughts often turn to formative years. I had a girlfriend at Haberdashers in the mid 70's and she took me to one of Nuthin' Fancy's school gigs. I remember being blown away by Luke's guitar and Danny's vocals. Question...what was the original line up in those days and are you still in touch? Sue Harris, Viv Wormwood (the bassist's girlfriend) ...Debbie Whatsername? What happened to them? Rolf
D: Who the bloody hell are you? Why don't I know your name? You clearly were there, as was I, but I'd remember if I'd ever met anyone called Rolf. The line up in those days was Paul Caple on drums, Malcolm McKenzie on bass, Gary Condon on keys (1 gig, drank a bottle of blue nun through nerves and couldn't play a note), sometimes Tony Myers on guitar or bass (homework was always a problem for some), LM and finally myself. Some of the names you mentioned have always kept in touch with us and others from school years. We've met up with others a few times initially via Friends Reunited. Everyone is older and some unrecognisable but all personalities are the same. Most funny it is too when we've met up. I take it you didn't go to the same school as us and the names you mentioned?
L: Nuthin' Fancy had 2 line ups. The one you saw was myself, Danny, Malcolm McKenzie on bass (who went on to become Thunder's manager for 7 years) and Paul Capel on drums. Line up two featured a different drummer Chris Hussey. We are all still friends and keep in touch fairly regularly.

Q: Hi guys, did you ever release "Moving along swiftly", "Giving the game away" and "Live" on vinyl as you did with your other Thunder albums? Lothar
T: None of these albums have ever been issued on vinyl.

Q: I’ve just been listening to “Their Finest Hour” and in particular “In A Broken Dream”. A couple of questions:
1) Are you fans of Rod Stewart, as you seem to have covered a few of his tracks, and does you (Danny or Luke) think Danny’s singing particularly suits Rods music?
2) How did you feel with the idea of marketing two different versions of the single? I actually bought both of them, so it worked on me, but did you feel it was a con for the fans?
3) How far up the charts did it get and what is your best UK chart position for album and single?
Gordon, Manchester
D: In A Broken Dream is a fantastic song, and we covered it simply because it felt good when we played it. This is the same rule we work to on every song we cover. The Rod connection is a strange one because none of us are really big Faces or Rod fans, though it's undoubtedly true that we share a lot of the same sensibilities. My voice is similar only in as much as it's a soulful rock voice, and the phrasing is bluesy, but I wouldn't say it sounds the same. The single was yet another EMI moment of marketing "genius", though it has to be said for the first 5 years we asked fan club members what they thought about the multi-format release thing and they always said they wanted all of it. Personally I've always thought it was a bit of a con, unless it genuinely offered fans new stuff, but I became resigned to the view that if people want it....The Thin One will know the chart position type data, it's not an area I've ever been particularly interested in I'm afraid.
T: In a Broken Dream peaked at no. 26 in the U.K. charts.  Thunder's highest charting single was 'A Better Man' which made no. 18 in 1993. Their highest charting album was 'Laughing On Judgement Day' which made it all the way to number 2 (beaten to the top spot by Kylie Minogue's Greatest Hits).

Q: Been trying all week to book tickets for the Cambridge gig, but they haven't gone on sale yet. The box office have said that there has been a problem with the promoter so they are on hold. Do you know what's happening? Hope to see you on the 24th in Cambridge, already filled a minibus with friends all wanting to come, if it gets any bigger, we're gonna hire a coach!! Dave
T: No idea about this, but it's probably just a red tape glitch. We know of no good reason from our end so our advise is to keep at it, and if it doesn't sort itself out soon, let us know and we'll look into it.

Q: Are you amazed at the amount of questions you have been (and still are) asked on the site? Thinny...how many questions in total? Margaret Bennett
T: We're amazed that you lot can still think of questions to ask! The volume of questions is only going to increase when Harry, Ben and Chris start answering them too! I have no idea how many we have answered in total. Hundreds? Thousands? Fancy counting them for us....!?

Q: Hi guys, just noticed that Monsters Of Rock 2003 is in May, so I take it you are not playing then as you will be already on tour please let me know. Samantha Swindells 
T: No - Thunder will not be playing the Monsters Of Rock tour in May.

Q: Luke, have you ever (or do you) played a Washburn?? There quite irregular in shape, however carry a really heavy sound!! Mines a Dimebag (guitarist Pantera) signature model. Do you (have you excuse my ignorance) ever have a feeling you may want to endorse a guitar using your 'Morley' name?? Jonny Wilts Luke, have you ever (or do you) played a Washburn?? There quite irregular in shape, however carry a really heavy sound!! Mines a Dimebag (guitarist Pantera) signature model. Do you (have you excuse my ignorance) ever have a feeling you may want to endorse a guitar using your 'Morley' name?? Jonny Wilts
L: I used to own a Washburn electric many years ago during the early Terraplane years although I can't remember which model....it was black though! I also own a Washburn acoustic which I used on the first few Thunder tours but the neck warped slightly and the action became ridiculously high. If someone wanted me to endorse a guitar that would be flattering but I can't see Gibson renaming the Les Paul or Fender renaming the telecaster after me!

Q: I have a page advertising the 'She's So Fine' which I cut out of an issue of Kerrang! magazine from 1989 that now adorns the wall of my flat. There is a list of tour dates on it which include the Marquee, the 2 shows you did at the Birmingham NEC with Aerosmith, and the first 4 dates were literally a 4 show tour of Ireland. Were those warm up dates for the tour? Oh, and what was the gig you did in Drogheda like? I couldn't attend that as I was 14 and locked away in boarding school there at the time. Peter Jordan
L: To be honest it's a little vague although I do remember people looking at us slightly strangely when we were walking about the town in Drogheda. It might've had something to do with the way we looked I suppose.

Q: Hello all, eleven questions added today so I hope you're not all 'questioned-out'! I was wondering what album you consider to be your best as a complete package i.e. songs, production etc.? Also, I've noticed that Luke's lead playing has become more 'jazzy' and I wanted to know if that is a conscious thing or has it just developed that way over the years? John Hello all, eleven questions added today so I hope you're not all 'questioned-out'! I was wondering what album you consider to be your best as a complete package i.e. songs, production etc.? Also, I've noticed that Luke's lead playing has become more 'jazzy' and I wanted to know if that is a conscious thing or has it just developed that way over the years? John
L: It's very hard to pick one album above the rest because they're all different but if you pressed me, at the moment it would definitely be the new album!!!! As to whether my playing has become jazzier all I would say is that I do believe musicians improve with age. Maybe it's to do with what style of playing is appropriate to the style of the song. Certainly there are moments on 'El Gringo' + 'MSA' where you're right but I suggest you listen to the new album and it's definitely the most 'rock' record we've made for many years.

Q: Hi Guys, I remember seeing a couple of songs performed live acoustically on VH1 (I think Something About You and River Of Pain), at the time of the 'The Thrill Of It All'. Was there a full session done for this, and if so how long was it and are there any chances of getting it available on some format or other or on TV again? Chris, Herne Bay
L: As I recall we recorded 'Castles In The Sand' and 'Stand Up' on the same session although I'm not 100% sure. Obviously VH1 own the footage so any release of this would be down to them.

Q: Hello Chaps, Ok Just listened to L.o.j.d Today for the first time in ages, is it me or is too long, don't get me wrong it's a great album and I can't remember thinking this when it first came out. I've just read some of the q&a's and Luke's reply about "Everybody wants Her" I totally agree with, loved when it first came out, but now it just doesn't sound like Thunder. I've been trawling through the singles from that album and there are some bloody good songs on the b-sides such as "The Damage Is Done" and " She's My Inspiration". How did these songs not make it on the album. Have you ever thought this about the album? Oh and give a stripe to Thinny for the call to arms we cannot be having Thunder stopping again!! I've rallied round, bringing the wife out of gig retirement and told friends and work mates and just ordered 7 tickets for Manchester (it could be more yet). Ian Helliwell, Rotherham
L: Yes, I do believe that we recorded too much material for LOJD and as a result the album was too long. I think that selecting which material you include or leave off is a skill that we've improved on over the years and hopefully the new album reflects that. Well done on your recruitment drive by the way!

Q: Hi Luk e, just wondering if you could tell me the amp settings you use, also any effects? Sambora 667
L: To be honest Richie (I can call you Richie can't I?) I don't have any of my amp settings cast in stone as acoustics and size of venue can necessitate changes here and there. I don't normally use effects on stage as Danny tends to tread on them but I do possess a Cry Baby wah pedal.

Q: Hi Luke, any songs you or Ben brick your selves about playing?! Also what is your key to writing bitchin' riffs and catchy lyrics? p.s. I have turned 3 hip hop fans into Thunder fans!!!! Sambora 667
L: L: I don't worry about what I'm playing when I'm on stage. I've got to the stage now where I can play what I need to so that's what I try to do. Everyone makes the odd mistake as we're all prone to human error but that's OK. I'd rather see someone f..k up while trying to be different than someone playing safely. Well done with your hip-hop friends!

Q: If someone walked up to you Luke at a gig and asked you to sign her boobs, would you do it? *hint hint* has big boobs!!! Sars, Nottingham
L: At last....a sensible question!?! Well you'll just have to try it to find out won't you!!

Q: Unsure if you two are married (not to each other...) or 'involved', I was just wondering if your music, what with travelling etc, adds unneeded strain or tension for you on the road?? How does experiencing a relationship influence your work/song writing?? Jonny Wilts
L: Relationships can be difficult at times as we all know and sometimes travelling can be a pain. However sometimes it's good to have a break from the person you're with. All aspects of relationships affect what and how I write. Art is driven by the artist's relationship with everything in his experience.

Q: Hi All. Glad to hear you're touring again and looking forward to the new album and seeing you again live. Got my Astoria tickets today, I wouldn't miss seeing you live for the world and I love the Astoria as a venue. BUT! Just wanted your opinion on the ticketing prices. I know this is probably commercially sensitive information but what sort of percentage do the venue make out of your ticket income? Or do you (or your promoter?) have to hire the venue and then retain all ticket income? The only reason I ask (and this isn't a dig at yourselves, but a general observation about ticket prices for any type of event these days, honest!!!) is that the venues seem to charge increasingly extortionate 'service fees'. In this instance, the face value of the tickets was £18.50. Fine, I've no problem with that. But on top of that we were charged £3.30 *per ticket*, as we wanted 3 tickets that was an extra £9.90. And then an additional £1.25 'processing fee' on top of that. It just seems to me that the venues have a monopoly over ticketing and are allowed to charge us any extra charges that they see fit without any real explanation. Are you aware when you choose a venue what extra charges the venues will be imposing? I'm not whinging, I would pay anything to see you play live and you are always good value for money. Just wondered what you opinions were. Trevor
D: First of all thanks for supporting the tour. Ticket price for our shows has always been an issue for us. We've always tried our best to keep the costs down to make Thunder's a good value for money show, but everything is getting more expensive. This practice of add-ons to ticket prices is one I find hard to understand, and I don't blame you for feeling a bit aggrieved by having to pay a separate service fee on top of the price for each ticket, I would too. It does seem a bit unfair, especially as you were buying the tickets all together, but this is decided by companies at a corporate level and not by artists. Pearl Jam tried to take a big company to task over this very issue in the US when they were at the height of their popularity, and they lost, big time. Part (admittedly not all) of the problem is that society as a whole is increasingly looking for more and more convenience when we pay for things. I'm not sure this is necessarily a good thing, but as it's supposedly what we want, those providing this "convenience" will defend the price for doing so on the simple grounds of supply and demand. I can only add that hopefully you'll have a great time at the show and go home happy, and all thoughts of vile ticket service fees will have vanished from your mind....

Q: As you, me and Ritchie Blackmore all share the same birth date - April 14th, would you say that you're a typical Aries? Fiona, Blackpool
D: Not exactly into the old star sign poop myself, but I'm told by those who are that I am indeed a fairly typical Aries. Whatever that is. Ritchie is, are you?

Q: Does the riff to Pimp and a Whore bear a passing resemblance to Dance Dance Dance (Til the Night is Through) or one of B-sides to the Gimme Some Lovin' red vinyl 10 inch or am I losing my noggin? Also I've already booked my flight and tickets to go to the Glasgow gig, but there's no harm in asking if there's any chance of you coming over to Ireland North or South on this tour? You've always gone down a storm here and the people here are starved of good rock gigs to attend. Def Leppard have just sold out a large venue and you're miles better! Doc', Ireland
L: Yes there certainly is a similarity which I hadn't noticed until you pointed it out. It's also in the same key which adds to the overall similarity. There aren't any plans to come over to Ireland at the moment but we would love to play there again as the audiences are barking mad.....and I always appreciate a nice pint of Guinness.

Q: Luke, I've been playing guitar for a short while and I want to invest in a better electric. I've been looking at an Epiphone Les Paul. Would you rate it for a budget guitar? And what do you look for when you buy a guitar? Also out of curiosity how many do you own? Doc', Ireland
L: The Epiphone range is made by the same people that make Gibson guitars so that's a fairly good recommendation. When I buy a guitar it's a simple process; does it feel nice to play and does it sound good are the only things I think about really. I currently own 14 guitars although it may be a couple more!

Q: Luke, how do you know when you've finished writing a song and do you ever listen back to tracks and think of another direction they may have taken? Doc', Ireland
L: A song is finished when it says everything it needs to say and dynamically it holds water for it's duration, be it short or long. Just about any song is capable of going in any musical direction. It's all about how you feel on the day you're writing it.

Q: Luke, I seem to remember seeing you on TV one night in a live Power Station concert. Was it ever released on video and what memories do you have of your time with the band? Doc', Ireland
L: The gig in question was an industry showcase at the Hanover Grand in London and it was filmed for a TV show called (I think) 'Rock Of The North' which was presented by Tony Wilson (he of Factory Records and The Hacienda fame). The show was a documentary about Robert Palmer and featured an interview with Robert intercut with footage filmed at the gig. As far as I know it's never been released commercially. I enjoyed playing with them and definitely learnt something from doing it.

Q: I have recently seen She's So Fine (CHR Version) and She's So Fine (AOR Version) on a promo US single on a Thunder discography. Can you tell me exactly what a CHR and AOR versions are and how they differ from the standard version the rest of us have got? Mark Burton, London
L: CHR and AOR are abbreviations meaning 'Contemporary Hit Radio' and 'Adult Oriented Radio/Rock'. The CHR version has a fade and no middle section in order to make it under 4 minutes and therefore suitable for most CHR formats. The AOR version is probably the same as the album version or perhaps it has a fade out (T: It has a fade out!); I can't actually remember to be honest Mark as it was 13 years ago!

Q: Well thunder are back and about time too. We need a great British rock band about not that Oasis CRAP. my question is are there any songs that you have grown to hate and that the fans still love please be honest. Thanks for many years of ringing ears. See you at the Astoria. Stu
L: I'm not very fond of 'Everybody Wants Her' to be honest but we don't play that very often so it's OK.

Q: Hey, have you two ever gone on stage or performed a gig completely legless?? Could you get away with it (performance wise?). Have any of you two ever had any serious mishaps whilst being fuelled with the lords brew?? Jonny Wilts
D: I've been very drunk on stage, a few times, a long time ago. Don't do it any more, so apart from a pre-show whisky livener, I mostly don't drink until after the show nowadays. Then I drink 10 bottles of whisky and throw TVs into hotel windows, sorry out of hotel windows. As for serious drunken mishaps, I've had more than my fair share, but let's just say I've enjoyed my time on this earth, and leave it there...
L: I got legless once in Canada and I thought I was playing OK but I'm afraid I wasn't. I can't do it drunk I'm afraid. We also all got drunk when we played the Marquee at Christmas in 1990 but I guess because we were all a bit out of it we were fairly tight....

Q: Hey, just wondering if you two witnessed the 'almighty' spectacle which was the 'Wacko Jacko' show last night? A lot of fuss I'm sure is to follow about his revelations, I thought that nothing new or anything most people didn't already know was revealed in the interview myself... Anyway, just probing to see if you two had any strong opinions on a fellow 'musician'?? Jonny Wilts
D: I watched the Jackson & Bashir show, well half of it (like many others I'm sure), out of grizzly fascination. It told me nothing new, and merely confirmed what I've always suspected, that he's a very rich and famous, but ultimately isolated and sad man. I've always admired his talent (which is enormous) but felt sorry for him and the way he's had to live his life. Some of it is his own doing (the face & the baby out of the window, etc), but having a childhood like his would screw up anyone I'm sure. I lost interest after a while, and carried on with knitting my gold threaded knickers....
L: Didn't see the program but heard a lot about it. Obviously the guy is a complete fruitcake and his bizarre obsession with children is worrying. Having said that he's also made some great records over the years....

Q: Hey... any opinions on the 'imminent' war approaching with Iraq?? Does it affect us, if so, how?? Has a war, or major world event ever triggered inspiration musically for any of you two?? (Trying not to be ignorant) Any of your songs express war within their meaning?? Jonny Wilts
D: I'm sorry but whilst I have my opinions on this subject, I'd rather keep them to myself, than enter into what could become a debate. Keep it shallow, that's my motto...
L: My my, you are an inquisitive chap Jonny....I think if you write about something that is a global event, tragic or otherwise then you have to really believe in what you're saying. The latest Springsteen album is actually quite hard to listen to as it's subject matter is totally September 11th and if you look at it purely on musical merits it's not one of his better albums although it is moving. As far as Iraq goes I'd love to know the real reason behind Bush + Blair's eagerness to get in there; I suspect it's all about oil and therefore money otherwise they'd be more concerned about North Korea which is far more worrying in terms of global peace and security.

Q: Just a quickie, how do you two guys handle being sex gods??? I always wanted to know this. Sarah Kelly
D: I don't do quickies, only longies... What the hell kind of a question is that for a shy, self-effacing, bashful, nervous around women kind of a guy like me. I handle it, some days better than others, but I handle it. Silly question, therefore silly answer...
L: I didn't know we were 'Sex Gods' Sarah but thanks for pointing it out!

Q: Which Thunder songs are the most challenging to sing? Do you tend to shy away from them when preparing the set list? Margie B, Wales
D: They're all extremely "challenging" as you put it. Because of this fact, I have no choice, they're all hard! I've always felt that despite our long friendship, Luke has a deep seated sadistic desire to see me in pain. Ha ha...

Q: I am so excited! As a Thunder fan for god knows how many years I can't wait too see you live again, as are my brother, sister and mum. A family of excellent taste I think you'll agree!  Anyway, can I ask, was it a hard decision to get back to recording and then decide to go on tour? Have you/are you having sleepless nights wondering if you're doing the right thing? Judging by Thinny's news bit I guess that's a yes. As far as I am concerned, in terms of entertainment, fun and having a bloody brilliant time, you always were, and I think still will be the best live band I have ever seen! (Oh, and you've done some pretty good albums as well!)  So I'll see you in Manchester and don't worry you'll be fantastic! Jan, Wrexham
D: Thanks for your concern over our collective night time state of mind, but there's really no need. We're not in the least bit concerned about what it will be like once the tour begins. We know 100% that it will be absolutely fantastic, after all if you stick us in a room with you lot it always is. Thinny was simply pointing out (in his inimitable way) that no one (not us or you) should automatically assume we'll all be there, in other words take the tour for granted (oh there's a good film on telly, never mind, I'll see them next time...). The trouble with coming back is you have no idea how many fans will still be there for you. After all we're releasing this record ourselves, and to be honest we have no idea how much exposure we'll be able to achieve, so we really need you guys to help spread the word. He's absolutely right when he says there's a lot riding on it for the future, so if we say nothing and it doesn't sell, promoters may conclude that no one really cares. We all know this isn't the case, but only you lot can prove me right.

Q: I have been spreading the news that Thunder are back on the Status Quo message board and the general feeling is that there is a lot of crossover fans who will come to your own tour but would also love to see a really good support band for Quo. Would you consider a support slot like with MOR/Alice Cooper? Bought my tickets today for Glasgow Academy, do you ever consider selling your own tickets like you used to through Thunder touring as I'd rather you got the booking fee rather than Ticketmaster? Marion Spence, Kirkcaldy
D: We'd never rule out a support slot, and in other countries it wouldn't be as much of a problem, but in the UK it's not an easy one to call. MOR was a great way to re-launch the band and it created a lot of interest. We loved the whole experience of being back in front of real rock fans, but we've booked our own tour so we won't be doing MOR this time around (they asked but we felt it was too soon), but we may consider it in the future, depending on the bill and our other commitments.

Q: Well, you are asking who we want as support for your shows, who would you like? I also put this on the message board about choosing the set list so we get to hear tracks we haven't heard for ages or not even heard live. What do you reckon? Mick Hodd, Luton
D: Feel free to ask the question, it will make interesting reading I'm sure. Who knows, we may even play some of them...

Q: Hey, just wondering, you've both probably been asked this hundreds of times (excuse my ignorance if you have answered this before!) when did you two first meet up, where and when?? Jonny Wilts
L: We met at school in New Cross, London in September 1971 although Danny remembers seeing me a few months earlier at the school interview. His Mum had just made him have a haircut especially for the day and apparently I was sitting there also waiting to be interviewed. The only thing was that my hair was very, very long and Danny, who was understandably dischuffed at having been unnecessarily shorn, turned to his Mum and said (pointing at me) "He's got long hair" to which his Mum replied "Yes dear, but he won't get in!" Thank God she was wrong!

Q: Hi there, this question goes to Danny or Luke: Way back when you first started playing with Terraplane and the like you must have had to play to some really small crowds. I'm going into music performance myself and nothing feels more foreboding than the thought of having to play your heart out to an almost empty room, how do you hype yourself up to a concert if you think there may only be a few spectators, clearly you got through that stage as you reap the rewards or big crowds now though! looking forward to the new album when it comes out! Will Oinn Hi there, this question goes to Danny or Luke: Way back when you first started playing with Terraplane and the like you must have had to play to some really small crowds. I'm going into music performance myself and nothing feels more foreboding than the thought of having to play your heart out to an almost empty room, how do you hype yourself up to a concert if you think there may only be a few spectators, clearly you got through that stage as you reap the rewards or big crowds now though! looking forward to the new album when it comes out! Will Oinn
L: I remember one gig in a pub in Peckham about 20-odd years ago when there were two people in the place and it was a reasonable size for a pub gig. Also the first Thunder gig only had a few people in it. In that situation we've always tried to have a laugh about it and enjoy ourselves. I know that doesn't sound like a revolutionary approach but you have to be philosophical about it and a chance to perform should never be taken lightly. At worst it's a good chance to rehearse.

Q: Firstly, thanks for everything over the last 11 years - sorry, I only came aboard in '92 having heard "A Better Man" on the radio, rushed out to buy LOJD, quickly followed by Backstreet Symphony, first saw you at Don Valley in '93 - fantastic show, and hooked ever since. I hope the new album gets you the widespread recognition and reward you deserve, as the very best of British rock music - and therefore the world, of course! A few questions for you: Any advice for a young band starting out (15-16 years of age) with their own material and set on making it (maybe a "local" support slot at one of your gigs would help), and secondly, what are your memories of recording the first Thunder album at Great Linford Manor studios here in Milton Keynes (have you any plans to return, or did we ban you!?). Oh, yes, my son has offered to stand in at any time for Harry if he is a) too drunk, b) too mad, c) watching Crystal Palace, or d) all of the above - he's a big fan of "the man at the back".  Peter, Milton Keynes
L: We had a great time making the 1st album at Great Linford. It was a beautiful hot summer (1989) and we spent a lot of time playing cricket in the gardens and partying. God knows how we managed to actually make an album! For anybody young starting out in a band now I would say spend as much time playing as possible as that will improve you faster than anything else. Also write songs!!!!! If you want to make a living as a musician, writing may well turn out to be the most lucrative part of the job.

Q: Are the promoters the same people who deal with the record sales, or are these two separate entities? If so would a poor show turnout mean no more records or would you still be able to produce them if record sales were high enough. For the record, I’ve roped in my wife to come to the Manchester show, and another two friends none of which would normally make the effort. Doing my bit for Thunder. Gordon, Manchester
D: No, they're separate. A poor turnout will mean we will struggle to tour again in the future. Record sales are always good but sales depend on promotion and touring is one of the only sure fire ways for a band who don't get radio play to promote their record. This all means nothing if there's no one at the shows, for the band are then promoting to no one. Everything helps everything else... Sterling work on the roping in of the wife and the two erstwhile non effort makers by the way. Well done, you're the man etc. Can you convince anyone else to buy a ticket? Don't stop now, you're on a roll....

Q: As an avid Thunder and Bowes and Morley fan I was wondering as you can usually fill the Apollo how come you're doing the Academy ? Is it because of a shortage of venues available or are you aiming at a more 'intimate' gig? Got the new album on order from Townsend's, can't wait to hear the full album as the samples sound great. Would I be right to assume that the set list on the tour will include some of the songs we've all come to love? Paul O., Manchester 
D: This tour is our first for over 3 years and whilst we were able to play the Apollo sized venues in the past, we feel it's important not to take anything (especially the fans' attendance) for granted. Hence the choice of some smaller venues than before. While I'm on the subject (rant coming) we need everyone who ever came out to see us on previous tours to come back this time, so we can determine if there is a real future for Thunder. The Thin One has made an impassioned call to arms on the news page recently, and he is absolutely right. The only thing I would add is that whilst you are reading my inane rantings, there are probably loads of people in your area who would come if they knew the tour was on, but won't because they don't have internet access. These people need to be told, and given the current state of the popular media, the only reliable way to let them know is if you, the fans, tell them. Sorry to get all serious, but if this band is to continue, we need all of you to spread the word and make this tour the huge success we all want it to be. Don't assume someone else will do it because they may not...Thanks a million.

Q: Hey, quick and odd question... I've just started driving (it's great!!) and I was just wondering how you two felt when you first started lessons? That's if both, or either of you drive?? Jonny Wilts
D: Learning to drive was the most miserable and frustrating time of my life. I wanted to drive so desperately, so every day waiting for the test was a lifetime. It took me three goes to pass as well (the first time I simply wasn't ready, the second time the car broke down).

Q: Hi Guys ! I just listened to a song that my son got for me called "History In the Making" & he said "Who does this sound like ?". Immediately I said that voice is Danny Bowes. Did you guys ever record this song ? Also , I wish I was in England or anywhere overseas for the ‘Shooting At The Sun’ Tour. I wish you guys all the luck , success & GREAT crowds. RJ Gula , PA
T: 'History In The Making' was recorded for the Laughing On Judgement Day album, but the guys didn't have the time to finish it. It did however appear on 'The Rare, The Raw And The Rest' in 1999.

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