Q & A Archive - November 2003


Q: I know that you have been using in ear monitoring system for some time. But at the recent Glasgow gig I saw that you also had monitors at the front of the stage, just curious as to why. As I wouldn't think you would require them if wearing the earphones. James
D: I use in ear monitoring, but conditions vary in venues, so it's more successful in some than in others. I keep the traditional monitors as a fallback in case the IEM fails. Also Luke and Ben sometimes get their guitars switched into the monitors at the front and center during their solos.

Q: Danny made a comment during the gig concerning the lack of people at Watford. Our question is...As loud as the crowd are, (or not), and as happy you all 'seem' on stage. Does it get you down if the crowd isn't as large as it should be (considering Thunder are 'The Dogs B******ks live) ? As a completely fulfilled crowd member and fully autographed aftershow meeted and greeted fan, no matter how intimate the gig felt, it p***ed me off that 'too few' fans turned up on the night to support a band that never seem to give less than 100% at each gig they perform. Without wishing to sound like a twat, keep up the good work, and we ,look forward to seeing you all on the 29th Nov. and the 16th Dec. Steve/Tracey B. 
D: There are all kinds of reasons why shows aren't full, sometimes it's down to dodgy promotion, or the fact that the band have not been there before, or the proximity to other shows on the tour. It can be some or all of the above, but regardless, we like to put in shows at places we've never been to, just to find out. When we do we don't take anything for granted, and whilst I may make a joke or two, it's to help the vibe, the truth is we're always glad to see smiling faces, regardless of how many.

Q: Saw the show last night (brilliant) can you give me any details on your support act or point me in the right direction to find out some info? Alan Walker, Watford
T: The support band at the Watford show was Schism. 

Q: Hi Danny, I was just reading Through the Q and A's and saw one regarding a Jim'll fix it question. your answer read that you are and always have been fascinated with car manufacturing plants, well how do you fancy looking round one? I cant promise when I could arrange it but if you have the time I could possibly arrange a tour of the Lotus Cars plant here in Norfolk you would see a prestige sports car being hand built from start to finish. If you ever fancy the idea then let me know, My brother is sales and export co-ordinater for Lotus Sports cars Ltd and they always have factory tours you would be most welcome. see you in
Norwich in Nov and at the xmas party in dec. Carl
D: This is fantastic! I'm sure some of the others would be into it too, so thanks for the kind offer, and let us know when your brother might be able to arrange a visit. Could we bring a cameraman to film us while we're there? We're trying to gather footage from everything we do for next year's DVD.

Q: I know this isn't a guestbook but I feel that it would be the best place to start a crusade! In response to Bezo's idea, I for one would be up for the the 'formal' night. I'll be going on the 17th so I call on you Danny, as the literal 'voice' of the band, to start a campaig n for DJ's and Ballgowns (band included.. probably not the first time Harry has worn a frock I should guess!!!). What's the verdict Danny? Are you all up for it? Nigel
D: I have no objection to the Christmas party nights being attended by either fancy dressed, or formally dressed people. The rest of the band are likeminded. Given the time of year, and the potential expense of dressing up (not to mention the exposure to potential travel ridicule), we will be happy to see you wear whatever you wish, provided you wear something. This should be a stress free, fun night, after all it's a party...

Q: Hi just a quick question, I was lucky enough to get tickets for the xmas gig 2 on the 17th. Just wanna know if both evenings will be filmed? Nigel
D: Both evenings will be filmed and recorded.

Q: A questions of integrity and morals over business sense if you don't mind? Bearing in mind your well publicised opinions over Bon Jovi (both personality and music-wise), if the opportunity came up to support them again at some huge gig or tour, would you take it??? As an addendum, what are your thoughts on the situation where headline bands advertise amongst their fan base for support act ideas, promising them that this will give them a chance to get a well matched band, only to turn up at the gig and find that it always ends up being the bands with management/label money behind them who get the slot? A particular instance in mind is from Skin a few years back advertising in Kerrang! for bands only in the same musical vein to send in demos etc for
consideration, only for the slot to go to a country/southern boogie type band cos their management were buying them onto every tour going. Hope you can answer and give your thoughts to this - can't wait for the Astoria! Chris, Herne Bay
: If we got the chance to tour with Bon Jovi, I'm sure we would! They still attract a huge audience and the name of the game is to play to as many people as possible. As for the support slot issue, it's morally wrong to advertise for local bands to support you, only to take out a band slightly better known, established and with financial backing. It's the nature of the music business unfortunately! And money does talk!!! See you at The Astoria Chris. Make sure you shout loud !!!!
C: I personally would be excited about doing a support slot with Bon Jovi. It would be a great opportunity to get in front of a a lot of people who aren't necessarily familiar with Thunder, and I'm confident that once somebody has seen us live, they're sold. On the issue of asking fans for support act ideas, there are more considerations than compatibility with the main act - usually financial - but also what the support might bring to the show in terms of profile or additional bums on seats. It can be very hard to make money on tours, and any stream of income, whether it be tour support from record companies or simply more people at shows is welcomed by the guy doing the sums at the start. Doesn't really answer your question, does it? And personally, aside from giving the fans value for money and a good show, I'm not really bothered who supports because most of the time I'll never get to see them!

Q: Guys (and even Thinny - hi Thinny!). Have you heard the new Bon Jovi record? And how they've butchered the classic songs we all know? I loved the '95 acoustic remake of Livin' On A Prayer, but that CD takes the jammy dodger... This is basically a double edged question - what do you think to it (if you've heard it) - and would you ever go back to your earlier songs, rip them apart and rebuild them like that? Thanks, see ya in a couple of weeks! Inno, Glasgow
H: I haven't heard it to be honest. but it can be fun to re-record a song or an album of songs, with a slightly different slant. That's why I think it's good fun to play some of our stuff acoustically. But as for going back into the studio and recording old stuff, it's a waste of time really. What's done is done......move on!
C: I haven't heard the new Bon Jovi record, so I can't comment on that one. As for remaking old songs, unless you're taking a radically different approach, ie doing acoustic versions or (ahem) dance mixes I see no real point. Chances are you've already done the best version first time around.
D: Haven't heard it, not surprising really, I can't stand them (though Richie seems a nice chap)
T: Hi Inno. I havn't heard the Bon Jovi album in full but I did hear sound clips of it on the net - and I was suitably unimpressed. I hear that Richie is about to start work on a new solo album though - now that I am looking forward too!  I always thought that he was the real talent behind Jovi anyway and he has a much better voice than Jon in my opinion.

Q: Was there any milestone in your musical careers where your parents thought that you may indeed be able to make a living out of music and stop pestering you to 'get a real job'? David Boyd, Kilmarnock
H: Mum and Dad always gave me plenty of support in my early years and still do! I did have a "proper" job before Terraplane signed their first record deal, and I believe it was at that moment in time, that they realised that I was going to make a living within the music industry! Dad always wanted to play drums and always dissuaded me from following in his footsteps-the butchery game! I also could have been pretty good selling shoes.........Size 8....We have that. See!
L: I think my Mum stopped worrying the first time we sold out Hammersmith Apollo and she watched it from the balcony. I think all our folks were very proud and relieved.
D: I don't think my parents ever had a clue as to how the music business worked, and what they learned they heard from me, but they'd always been very supportive throughout the struggling years, and they were very proud when things started happening for us. When we landed our first record deal with Terraplane, we got most of our Mums and Dads together and drank champagne, it was very nice to see them all proud together. I remember my Dad was especially proud later when all the Page 3 girls came to a Thunder show at Hammersmith Odeon! That was certainly a milestone for him....
B: Who said they've stopped?

Q: As these Christmas Shows are going to be really special I think it would be a smashing idea to encourage everyone to dress up. I always enjoy a black tie and ballgown affair, but very rarely have the excuse to dust down the DJ. If it was a full blown rock night then I'd say it would be a bit too stiff. However, the seated tables, acoustic, festive show may provide a perfect occasion and could look jolly good on the DVD. What are your thoughts on this? BTW, really looking forward to a few dates next week and of course December 16th. Thank you for a great Thunder year. Mark 'Bezo' Besley. Frome
D: I have to say this is the best idea I've heard for ages. I did initially think of making it fancy dress but changed my mind. The bizarre thing is now I think about it, I can't remember why... It would be good for us (and the film) to see an audience who'd really taken the idea on and gone to town. Whilst I don't think we should try to dictate what you wear, just let me say if this becomes a reality, we'd be chuffed..

Q: A long time ago, you talked about European AVO Session gig. You said : "The TV broadcast will also go out on the same night, but will not be live." It's really near now. (14th November) Will it be broadcasted during the same night or not ? I've searched everywhere on swiss TV websites and found nothing about it! Olivier, Belgium
D: That's what we've been told. Why not go to the AVO Sessions website and ask them?

Q: How do the rules regarding the release of singles work? I ask because supposing people went in to HMV tomorrow and bought copies of Loser from the 'past singles' bit of the shop, does it count for anything, or do sales not get counted after a certain period of time? I'm not asking if you've got any further chart ambitions (for the minute!) but would it have any sort of retrospective effect? Matt, Leeds
D: Theoretically, if enough people descended upon HMV tomorrow and were able to purchase hundreds of copies of Loser, it could make the chart, but it depends on how many copies of all the others singles were sold that week. There's no reason why that couldn't happen, apart from the fact that there are very few copies in the shops any more, and I'm sure most of you already have it.

Q: Dear Thinny, I may be thick, but I'm a bit confused. When asked about a DVD, sometimes it's said that it will be here before Xmas, and other times there's talk about a DVD coming out in the new year. Could you please explain once and for all which is which? Sorry if I'm the only one that can't get it straight... And my other question: will there also be a meet & greet session after the Dutch show? Hope so!!! And if so - how does one go about getting said passes? Thanks for taking the time to answer and you're doing a great job! Caroline, Holland
T: Hi Caroline. There will be a new DVD released very soon through this website. This DVD will include the full show from the Marquee last November and a remastered 'In Out Put The Kettle On' (handy cam footage filmed throughout the bands career). A second DVD will be released at some point next year. This will include the Christmas show which will be filmed next month. Hope this makes a bit more sense now...

Q: Hi fellas. May I first say that I'm really looking forward to being part of the party on Dec 16th, as I know it's going to be a blast, as indeed are all Thunder gigs. But I hope I'm not alone when I say that just to be going to the gig is thrill enough, and that you guys should take this opportunity to make some dosh for yourselves by making the 'exclusive' CD available to all who wish to buy it. I'm going to the gig (and feel privileged to be one of the lucky ones) for the fun and to store up precious memories, and that's enough for me. I don't need the smug satisfaction of knowing that I have something that others can't have, and frankly I'd be disappointed in any Thunder fan who felt otherwise. It wouldn't be hard to poll those who have successfully purchased tickets to find out how they feel. And I really would object if I saw one going for an inflated price on Ebay, knowing that you didn't profit from it in any way. The bottom line is that we fans are in this thing for love of the music, but you have to make a living. See you soon and, again, thanks for taking the time to party with us on 16th! Jules, Glos.
D: Thank you, your words of support are very much appreciated. I honestly believe most Thunder fans are nice people, but we have to be alive to the fact that they can't all be like you. As for the Live CD, we've decided to put off making a decision on that until after the show and we've heard it.

Q: Ok guys. I think a while back you said the DVD would be coming around October time but still no sign, will we see the DVD come out before Christmas? I hope so. Michael, Flint
T: It will be here well before Christmas...

Q: Hello chaps. We were listening to The Rare, The Raw and the Rest this afternoon and my daughter Rebecca would like to know who does the Scooby Doo laugh at the beginning of MOVE ON. Denise
D: It's me.

Q: Hey Guys, can you tell me where the live tracks on disc 2 of "Symphony And Stage" are from? The Liner notes don't say. Danny calls the crowd "Wolverhampton" during one song. Are any of them the same tracks as on "Live" or "They Think It's All Over..."? Thanks. Really, really hope to be at the Christmas show. Andy, Essex
T: All the tracks from CD 2 of Symphony and Stage are the same tracks as the ones that appear on the "Live" CD - it is just a record company re-hash that had nothing at all to do with the band. All the tracks were recorded over four shows (2 at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London and 2 at the Wulfrun Hall in Wolverhampton) in November 1997.

Q: Luke what is your current set up on stage ie amps guitars, mikes, etc what was the first guitar you played on? Jan Starchild
L: My first guitar was a cheap Spanish nylon string which cost my Dad £10. On stage I use Gibson Les Paul Customs, Fender Telecasters and a Tanglewood acoustic. Amps are either Mesa Boogie or Hughes & Kettner. Mics are Sennheiser.

Q: Mr.Morley,I had such a rude dream about you last night, delighted! My question is would you like me to bring you all a proper cornish pasty for after your wolves civic gig? looking forward to seeing you all again love you from the bottom of my heaving bosoms. Wazzomamatron, Cornwall
L: Well I do like a Cornish Pasty and I know Harry loves them as well so why not?

Q: Hello guys. I am 20 and have been listening to you guys for about ten years or maybe longer (also am really into great rock bands such as FREE, Deep Purple, Wishbone ash (old), Status Quo (early 70s), Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac. I got a few quick questions 1. What are your favourite guitar solos other artists/ your own (don't think to long, the first thing that comes to mind.
L: 'My Old School' by Steely Dan....'Goodbye To Love' by The Carpenters.....they're the first two that spring to mind today. As usual I have to pass on my own work....that's for you to decide.
2. Why was EMPTY CITY not on the THUNDER LIVE video???
L: I can't remember....sorry.
3. PLEASE, PLEASE come and do a show in Ireland , Dublin, Belfast anywhere (not really a question but needed to be said.)
L: We'd love to but I'm afraid it's not as simple as that.
4. Is Empty City like Thunders version of Rainbows Stargazer? Similar drum sound and soaring guitar and vocals (although you guys really go to town when performing it live just simply amazing I thank you for this that live version off thunder live is perfect a true classic)
L: They're both big rock epics but EC has a much better lyric!!!! I've always been suspicious about lyrics involving Wizards, especially when sung by an Elf!
5. will you guys ever cover an early Free song e.g. I'll be creeping, I'm a mover, Mr. Big, oh, I wept, Heavy load, Fire and Water....?
L: I'm sure we covered 'My Brother Jake' or maybe I imagined it....
6. I don't know if anyone has ever asked this before but is ' Baby I'll Be Gone' your version of Free's Mr Big? similar structure and theme (is it just me) (have any of you guys ever seen Paul kossoff play the guitar solo to Mr Big Live isle of Wight 1970? It is full of agony and pain he really does feel every note he is my favoutite guitartist a real true guitarist who nerver really go his due).
L: Baby I'll Be Gone' is actually our version of 'Baby I'll Be Gone' as far as I can tell.....
6. What in your opinion makes a great band?
L: The 'X' factor.....just don't ask me to define what that means. I only know when I feel it.
7. Whats on that new Dvd put the kettle on? CF, Ireland
L: Read the news page on this site and it will tell you.

Q: Ok, you know that scene in the Blues Brothers film where they find themselves in a Country & Western bar, and they have to play Stand By Your Man, and the Theme From Rawhide to escape a lynching? What songs would you guys play if you ever found yourselves in that situation? Robert Elliott, Glasgow
L: Ha ha....good question; probably 'Sylvia's Mother' by Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show or 'A Boy Named Sue' by the late, great Johnny Cash.
D: It would have to be a cast iron sure-fire winner, a song that would be guaranteed to get everyone up and into the vibe. I guess it would have to be Bright Eyes by Art Garfunkel.
C: I've been in a similar situation on more than one occasion - but we didn't have the benefit of chicken wire in front of the stage! As for what songs we played, I've no idea, but they must have been the right ones or I wouldn't, be here to tell the tale!

Q: Hi Guys. Not that anybody has asked me yet, but the man who does ask me to marry him will have to understand one thing, well, two things really, the first is that when I walk down the aisle I want a Thunder song playing and the second, that the first dance at the reception will be a Thunder song. I was thinking of Here In Your Arms for the first dance, but what would you recommend for when me and Ben...er...whoever are walking down the aisle? Could I also just say how icky cited I am about seeing you at Wolverhampton in November, I cant wait, (but think I might have to.) Jodie Lewis, Worcester
L: Definitely not 'Cosmetic Punk' as you don't want to be running down the aisle....how about 'Until My Dying Day' as that's a pledge of love that will last a lifetime?
C: I think 'Just Another Suicide' would be appropriate for the wedding.... just kidding
D: Cosmetic Punk would be great fun, not necessarily for the Vicar of course. I gather many have gotten spliced to the accompaniment of Love Walked In, but to be honest I can't imagine it, I just can't. Seems so weird to me.

Q: As a history buff as well as a rock fan I was wondering who from history would you be and why? I'd be Nell Gwynne because she made something of herself despite a poor start in life, she didn't want too much and made sure that her children were well provided. See you at the Portsmouth meet and greet. Angie Stewart, Oxfordshire
L: I wouldn't have minded being Lord Byron.....running around the South of Europe in a big floppy white shirt drinking too much wine, writing poetry and chasing girls....a bit like what I do now really!
C: I'd have to be Vlad The Impaler. What a great name!
D: Winston Churchill would be my choice, no question.

Q: Danny, I can't find it right now but I distinctly remember someone asking before if it was true you had made videos for Atomic Kitten. You didn't really answer. So, being the freak that I am, when I had an interview with the ladies (well, one - Liz) recently, I decided to throw the same question in for fun. And I'm sorry to report she doesn't have a clue who you are. Care to comment? Just thought the other fans would like that, too... And Luke: thanks for writing so many beautiful songs that stick with you. Question: do the lyrics of the songs take you back to what- or whoever inspired them every time you play them? Great you guys are back together. Now, if you would only play Holland... Never mind, thougH: three of us cloggies are coming to see you in London. Now if only the useless travel agent can find us a hotel... Any space left on your respective floors? Miss TCA, Holland
L: Umm...I thought we were playing in Holland in January; have a look at the news page. Some of the tunes are like little time capsules but time can also play tricks on one's memory as well...it's a bit like that Clive James book 'Unreliable Memoirs'.
That is correct, Liz doesn't know me, nor I her. Please see other pages for latest Dutch show information.

Q: Danny - you have on these very pages I believe extoled the virtues of Sennheiser IEM systems. If I were to come along to a gig with my IEM recevier and earpieces, is there anything electronically or legally preventing me from listening to the gig via one of the band's monitor mix, if I can find one of the frequencies? I'm not going to do it of course, but (as I've been delving into the aread of IEM for my band) the thought just struck me as something strange and stupid that someone might one day do! Chris Smith, Herne Bay
D: You assume I'm up on the technology (I am most definitely not), and if I was, and you were right, do you think I'd tell you? In short, I have no idea... Try it, you might get my mix, or you might get Harry's. Seems like a load of hassle to me, especially as security could conceivably see you twiddling with your kit, mistakenly think you were bootlegging, the gig and throw you out! That would be a choker!

Q: Thinny, Information please. I no it's a bit far in advance but is it still the case that Astoria on a Saturday have to start early because of some club night? if so what time will Thunder be on? Also, this X-mas thing, will it just be the details announced on Monday or will the tickets be on sale that day as well, i.e. do I have to be on this website all day, miss lectures in order to have any chance of getting tickets? Cheers Thinny! Alex, Southampton
T: The Astoria is indeed an early show because of the club that takes place afterwards. Details are not fixed yet, but we think it will go like this:-
6.00p.m Doors
7.00-7.40p.m. Must
8.00p.m Thunder
I must stress this is how we think it will go - remember, nothing is set in stone yet!!
Christmas Party: Full details will be available on Monday. We are going to do our best to make the announcement as comprehensive as possible, so hopefully all questions will be answered, including what, where, when, age limits, and of course how to order tickets. The tickets will go on sale at the same time the full details are published. We cannot advise as to the exact time, it would be foolish to attempt it. If we did, evil forces will inevitably conspire to make it go wrong, and/or the sheer weight of traffic will cause our server to grind to a halt. Neither eventuality would be acceptable. Sorry not be more specific, but we're not doing it on purpose...

Q:  1.Do you think Ben looks like the reporter from AIRPORT??!!
B: Not high on my list of things to watch.
H: No I don't!
C: Haven't seen it, so I can't comment
D: I have never seen Airport.
2.What do you think of beefeater restaurants??
B: Should stick to making gin, not dabble in things they don't understand.
H: They're OK - I'm partial to a bit of steak!!
C: Being a closet vegetarian..... not really my choice
D: I would have to be very hungry to eat in one.
3.Ever been to Swindon
B: Why, do you need directions?
H: Not yet-why is it nice?
C: Not voluntarily
4.Your headlining a major gig, which three of todays bands would you want supporting you?? Mark, Swindon
B: I'm at the bar in anycase.
H: The Darkness, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Girls Aloud!
C: Atomic Kitten, Liberty X and Girls Aloud - not for the musical aspect, you understand....
D: Must, The Others and Danny & The Doo Wops.

Q:  I was digging through my CD collection the other day and came across an old Tesla CD, I had forgotten what a great sounding band they are (I think they re-formed recently). Have any of you heard or seen Tesla, if so what did you think? Elliott, London
B: I watched the soundcheck when we played with them in Japan. It was enough.
H: Not bad  -musically they're fantastic but live, found them a little boring!
D: Tesla were on the same bill as us at the Final Countdown show in the Tokyo Dome in 1990. Europe and Metallica were also on the bill. Tesla were good players, but I've got to be honest I personally found them a little dull as a live spectacle.

Q: I just had my school photo taken, and I wanted to know, do you like having your photo taken? And what is your favourite photo of yourself? Harry Griggs-Walker, age 6, Kent
B: It's not my favourite part of the job but you gotta do it. As for a favourite photo, I love them all!!
H: Yes - I enjoy having my photo taken - it's part of the job really! My favourite photo of me was taken by Ross Halfin. It appeared on the back of an issue of "Kerrang" and Ross drew a line on the top of my forehead and wrote "cut here"! Harry - Don't try this at home!!!I
L: I don't mind having my photo taken as it's part of what we do. I don't have a particular favourite photo of myself but I have many great snaps of the rest of the band.
D: I remember feeling very strange when I had my picture taken at school, they made me hold a pencil and pretend I'd drawn a picture of a house that was already there. I found this most puzzling, I wondered who'd drawn it, and felt that mine would definitely have been a much better house. Nowadays whilst I don't particularly enjoy it, I don't hate having photos done, it goes with the job. When we get the pics afterwards I'm always amazed that I look that way to others, it's not how I feel, or how I see myself when I look in the mirror... Strange...Still as you're only 6 I guess all that was very boring, so let's talk Beyblades and liven it up a bit...
C: I do like having my photo taken, and my favourite photo of myself is one that was taken when I was about 7 - I was such a sweet little boy, don't know what happened.....

Q:  Hi guys, I'm really looking forward to the Wolverhampton gig cant wait..just got one quick question which song is your favourite to perform off the new album? See you in November. Samantha Swindells
B: Of the one’s we’ve played I think Loser wins the day so far. It’s a very satisfying song to play.
H: I think it would have to be "Loser" with "Everybody's Laughing" coming a close second.
L: I have no idea as we haven't actually performed all of them. Ask me again after the next tour.
D: So am I, the simple answer is I don't know, we haven't played them all live yet and won't until we've done a bit more rehearsing in the next coupe of weeks. Stay by the computer, I'll let you know how it goes... Failing that I'll see you in Wolverhampton, where we'll both find out.
C: That's an easy one - Loser

Q: When I was still very young, maybe 9 or 10 (a ve-e-e-ry long time ago), my dad took me along to the Fairfield Halls in Croydon to see the Spanish flamenco guitarist, Paco Peña. I still remember with absolute clarity the awe I felt that evening, and it instilled in me a lifelong love of classical guitar music. So, as I sit here sipping a rather nice Rioja and listening to the music I heard that night (The Preludes by Villa-Lobos), I found myself wondering whether any of you enjoy classical music and, if so, what kind? Or is it rock all the way? Jules, Glos.
B: When I was young my parents took me to the 1812 Overture at Crystal Palace Park and I loved every minute of it, cannons and fireworks, it was the AC\DC of the classical world.
L: I have been known to listen to Radio Three in the car and I do own a good few classical CD's but normally when I do get the opportunity to listen to music it wouldn't be my first choice. I don't suppose 'The Buena Vista Social Club' counts a classical but I do listen to it quite a bit.
H: Believe it or not, it has been known for me to slip into classical music mode. It is of course a mood "thang" for me but I have a few CD's-mostly compilations. Whilst holidaying in Spain a couple of years ago, I bought a couple of classical guitar CD's which reminded me of my holiday and also enabled me to continue my flamenco dance routine!
C: I can't say that I would sit at home and listen to classical music - but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy it. I try to keep my mind open to as many different styles of music as I can, often you'll find inspiration in the most unlikely places.
D: I'm not a massive fan of classical music, more out of ignorance than anything else. I like some opera, Puccini and Donizetti are my favourites really. I have to be in certain frame of mind to really enjoy operatic pieces, so I don't play it very often, but when I do I always think I should make more of an effort.

Q: Seeing as how my daughter's miniature schnauzer is soon to be a mommy, my other daughters chi mix is just sooo snuggly, cozy, and I was made fun of the other day for leading such an exhilarating life because I was changing the water in my fish tank, I began to wonder if any of you have pets? If yes, what kind? If no, what type of animal would you consider if you felt you could give some time to one? Dana, Utah
B: I thought a miniature schnauzer was a very small nose, you can imagine my surprise...
L: No pets currently but over the years several cats, gerbils, mice and a snake. I always wanted a dog but never really lived in the right kind of environment to make it a possibility.
H: I have a rather fierce cat called "Elfy". He's a bit of a monster but we love him! I did have 3 goldfish-I now have two! Elfy-Where are you!!! I am constantly under pressure to get a dog; but just haven't got the time!
D: I have three cats, 2 long haired black and white (girls), 1 black and short haired (old boy). I had 2 dogs as a kid and loved them both dearly. I'd like to get another one day, but at the moment I have no time to devote to my family let alone a canine, so that one's very much on the back burner for now. One day...
C: I have two cats, my favourite animal.

Q: Guys, bit of an odd question here. As you'll know Johnny Cash died in the last few weeks. In the last decade of his life he recorded covers of songs by people like Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails. How would you have felt if he had "countrified" a Thunder song, and is there any particular song you think would have gotten an interesting twist from JC singing it? Kieran Keegan
B: I'd love to hear him do a version of Backstreet Symphony - yee haw
H: Mmm......."Does It Feel Like Love"..........Now that would have been interesting!
D: Johnny Cash, not much to say really. Very few artists sold more records than he, now that is an amazing fact. If he'd have covered a Thunder song it would have to have been Stand Up. When we play it acoustic style it has a country slant to it, and I know he could have done what only Mr Cash could do with the angry lyrics. 

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