Q & A Archive - April 2002


Q: Is there any guitar player you would most like to play live with or record with? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L:: There's so many great guitar players out there.....if you refer to my earlier answers about favourite bands/influences you'll get a pretty good idea who I really like.

Q: I was reading through my old Thunder Channel stuff and found a question and answers sheet you guys had filled out. Being quite an avid reader myself I was interested to read the sections about your favourite books at the time. Following your comment about the horse whisperer I read it myself and, er, cried like a girlie!!!! he he! Are there any other good books either of you recommend as I've run out of Grishams and Evans and needs something to read!!!! Shelley Webster, Wolverhampton
L: I would recommend 'Man + Boy' by Tony Parsons; quite brilliant on the male condition as well as being sad + funny.

Q: You played Brixton academy and Stevie Salas and Sass Jordan came on for an encore. Can you remember the songs you did and any chance you could have them as support when you tour? M Hodd, Luton
L: I think we played 'Too Rolling Stoned' which is a Robin Trower song (from the album 'Bridge Of Sighs') and 'Gimme Some Lovin' with Sass + Stevie. As far as them playing with us goes it's too early to say at this stage.

Q: Just wanted to say that I loved the Thunder cover versions and always thought that you should have done a cover of The Knack's 'My Sharona'. Would have been great hearing Thunder put their own mark on a great rock track. What do you think? And by the way Luke, I have recently lent El Gringo Retro to a work colleague, who had never heard of you, and she thought it was wonderful! Just thought you'd like to know. Andy
L: Yes...I think we would have played 'My Sharona' very well...I think we may have even played it during a sound check somewhere. Glad to hear you're spreading the word about 'Gringo'. Keep up the good work!!

Q: I know this is a bit in the past, but thank you for writing and performing "You Can't Live Your Life In A Day". The lyrics of that helped me get through a very dark period in my life, and I still listen to it regularly. I'm amazed it was never a single... still, onward and upward, eh? I was unfortunate enough to miss Luke's show in Glasgow at King Tuts Wah Wah Hut (gotta love that name) due to my son being born (inconsiderate little git) and was just wondering what you thought of Glasgow audiences through your career? I remember a few mad nights at the Barrowlands myself, especially when Skin supported you guys. I was at the meet and greet after it, and the programme signed by both bands is still one of my treasured possessions! Hopefully we'll see you guys soon - look out for a fat bloke with glasses and long hair acting mental to the right hand side of the stage, it'll probably be me... Tony Cottam, Glasgow
L: Thanks for your comments on 'You Can't Live Your Life In A Day'. We've always had great shows in Glasgow and Barrowlands is a super venue with an unforgettable atmosphere; everyone goes out of their way to enjoy the show and make themselves part of it. The sprung dance floor is a bit scary though when the audience jumps up and down !!!!

Q: Have either of you guys been to Metal Sludge and if so what did you think of it? I know it doesn't mention you guys but it does slander some former touring partners, so are they right?! Matt, Notts
L: Somebody told me about this site a while ago and I don't have any feelings about it one way or the other. I'm not interested in whether or not a musician is well-hung if I like the music he plays !!

Q: Many great things are about to happen this summer. I'm going to be a father for the first time and you guys are doing an album together. Who contacted who about making the album? Henrik Larsson, Sweden
L: That's a very difficult question to answer correctly as it was a gradual process of events that led up to us doing this record. Initially I was going to write + produce a solo album for Danny and then somewhere along the line we decided that it was going to be a joint project. You have to remember that we are very good friends so it's not a question of us only speaking when we're working together; we have the kind of relationship whereby we run things past each other regularly so a lot of things occur by a sort of natural osmosis (good word....must try and get it in a song).

Q: Glad to see you guys back. Any live shows planned? Can't wait to get back to the days of Glasgow Plaza & Barrowlands and also Don Valley Stadium. All the best with the album. Mark, Glasgow
T: Live shows in Japan have already been announced on the News page.  Stay tuned for news of any U.K. dates, as you will hear it here first!

Q: I've been a mega fan for most of my adult life (about 13 years now ...god am I that old) and have always thought you were the best band ever.  Anyway....I was in HMV today asking about your album and they said they'd never heard of you! I tried to explain and they haughtily told me that they were the best place for albums and if they didn't know about it then it obviously didn't exist.  Do you want to yell them or shall I??? Emma, Leicester
T: Well, I think that on the day of release (Monday 27th May) you should go up to the counter, find said salesperson, wave a copy of 'Moving Swiftly Along' in his face and ask him to explain why HMV are selling an album that "doesn't exist"!!!  It is possible that HMV have not added it to their pre-release sheets yet, but many on-line retailers are already taking orders.  It will most definitely be in your local record shop (yes, that includes you Mr. HMV) on 27th May. 

Q: Would Mr. Morley come clean as to who "Sacred Cow" was written about ?? There was a lot of discussion about it from us old hardcore Thunder fans when Luke's album came out. This leads me onto Q2 - we have also been talking about where all these new fans have come from !! They didn't post on thunderchannel.com or Luke's site so why now ???? Cleggy
L: I think it would be a lot more interesting to know who you guys think it's about. It is about somebody close to me but I'd rather not say who. I don't care where the new people come from as long as they keep coming....the more, the merrier.

Q: I must say that there is one thing that I have been wondering about all this years! Why do you almost release the Japanese albums with bonus tracks. I must say that is not fair! In that way I usually can not get my hands on those bonus songs without importing the whole album which costs me a fortune. Is this a deal with the record company ? If so, please please renegotiate you're deals for the future. And thank you very much for not having any bonus Japanese only tracks on you're new album. Inge Hassel, Norway
T: The bonus tracks are on there because it is cheaper for the Japanese to buy imports from the UK or US than from Japan. Without the bonus tracks no one would buy Japanese versions and the record companies would all fall.  Therefore, the record companies insist on the bonus tracks so that the record buying public in Japan are convinced to buy home grown editions, keeping the Japanese market alive! (please note its the record companies that insist this and not the artist!).

Q: Having never heard the Terraplane album  "Moving Target" I was looking at the track listing and saw a song "Nothing On But The Radio". Put me out of my misery - is it the same as the recent Alice Band song of the same title. Steve C
T: Nope - two completely different songs!

Q: First came across you guys in the early Nineties via a late night ITV show called "Raw Power" (I was in my late 30s back then and hadn't yet succumbed to the Horlicks-and-early-night routine!) Totally smitten by your offerings, having grown up with the likes of Free, Bad Co. et al, I assiduously made a point of recording each programme just in case a "Thunder" track was featured. I struck lucky on more than a couple of occasions and finally got round to editing the clips on to a compilation video. But can I find the bl...y thing anywhere now ...!? (most likely fell victim to a raid by my kids anxious to record some inane offering or other by Ant and Dec !) Any idea where I might be able to get hold of these bits of gem footage again? Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
T: Sorry Paul, but there are no Thunder video compilations available.  There was once a collection of the videos from Backstreet Symphony (along with footage from Donington '90) available. However, this has long been deleted and is highly sought after.  It crops up on Ebay every now and again, but be prepared to pay £30 + for it!
L: I'm afraid old TV footage is not something we or our management/label kept up with. Sporadically I was sent a few things here + there but a proper video archive doesn't exist to my knowledge. You could try writing directly to the TV station/production company that made the show or you could try leaving a message on the message board here....you never know. good luck.

Q: My question may sound a bit strange...but then maybe it won't...are there or have there ever been ANY song (either by yourselves...or by some other artist )...that had a profound effect on you ..whether it be the emotion of the song itself, or maybe the performance of the artist...I realise that something like this may be a personal thing but would appreciate your thoughts. Paul K
L: For pure unadulterated emotion and for maximum spine-tingling effect I would have to choose Pink Floyd's 'Great Gig In The Sky'. There are no lyrics just a beautiful and timeless piece of vocal ad-libbing/emoting by Clare Torry (I think)......wonderful. Anyone who hasn't heard this should rush out to the nearest record shop and buy it immediately.

Q: Luke, I've unsuccessfully tried to reproduce your 'usual' guitar sound on my Epiphone 335 dot and peavey amp.  Do you use any special effects or is it just a combination of the Les Paul and Boogie amp. (Promise I won't give away your secret, it'll just be between you and me).  Great have you both back together, the clips from the new album sound great !!!! Let's have more. Paul, Manchester
L: There is no secret; as you say it's just the Gibson and the Boogie (or the Fender amp for recording)

Q: When was the last time either of you heard of/from Mikael, Ben, Snake and Harry. What are they up to these days? Mark Burton, London
L: We all still speak regularly even if we don't see each other as often as we should due to everyone being busy. I see Snake very occasionally on the London social roundabout. Mikael obviously being in Sweden means I don't get to see him very often. The last time I saw him was when he came to visit me in Spain 2 years ago and that was the first time I'd seen him for 5 years. We do keep in touch via email though. Harry has just been on tour with Magnum and is as eccentric as ever. Benny is involved in various studio projects and designing websites. Mikael is working in I.T. in Stockholm although I believe he still straps on the bass occasionally to play in a hard rock covers band. Snake has not long ago become a father for the 2nd time and recently sold a courier business he used to co-own.

Q: What is the strangest gift you've received from a fan? Or what's the strangest or scariest thing a fan has done? Shell, Lake Tahoe CA
L: I can't recall any gift that would be construed as being strange unless you count baby oil, chocolate massage cream or flavoured condoms although we've signed some interesting things over the years; anatomy, Tampax, beer cans and all manner of clothing and underwear. The scariest thing a fan has done......one guy wore a Thunder t-shirt on TV (Crimewatch) during a reconstruction of the last known movements of his then missing girlfriend; he was eventually convicted of her murder.......I'd say that was pretty strange and scary; it certainly horrified us.

Q: Pat Butcher, or some lovin' from Mike Tyson? Death is not an option! James, Leeds
L: James you are a very sick puppy ! I think if you tried to make love to Mike Tyson death wouldn't be an option, it would be a certainty !!! Having said that I wouldn't like to fight Pat Butcher.......

Q: If you both had the choice of any band, who would you like to support or be supported by? Are you at all nervous before you go on stage and if so what do you do to calm yourselves down or are you just super cool? Mags & Fiona, Fife
D: I'd love to be supported by The Rolling Stones. They'd really get the audience going and ready for us, and I'm pretty sure they would be a good sized crowd too...... As for nerves, I have to say there have only been a couple of times when I've had butterflies in the stomach, and on both occasions I remember not doing anything particular, because once the show kicks off it's "you and them", and the adrenalin takes over...
L: If you scroll down to an earlier question about influences, look at that answer and pick any or all of the bands mentioned there.
I don't get nervous anymore....once you've walked on stage in front of 70,000 people there really is no need to be nervous anymore!!!

Q: Luke, is there a particular song that you have written that is dedicated to someone else? Kevin Figg, Kent
L: Many songs that I've written are about people I know or love or even despise in some cases. There are also a few that are dedicated to specific people but I'm not telling you who to protect the innocent !!!

Q: Luke, How do you come up with so many amazing love songs? This may sound like a bizzarre question, but I've noticed that you've written about every type of love there is... lost love, hopeful love, future love, love-at-first site, and the greatest "I Hate You" Love song... Dirty Love! I've always dug this but wondered where you got the heart for it. Brian Macdonald, Boston, USA
L: Human relationships fascinate me and I think like most people I'm romantic at heart.
Many years ago in the 80's the band as it then was (Terraplane) were recording a demo with a guy called Mike Batt producing (Mike is famous for writing 'Remember You're A Womble' and also 'Bright Eyes' and numerous other things). He asked me if we had any ballads which at that time (1983) we didn't. He naturally asked me why and I told him I didn't know how to write a ballad. He then gave me some very good advice: " Just tell the truth" he said. " And if you can't tell the truth then use your imagination, and if that doesn't work, lie!!!" Simple but good advice.

Q: Luke, When you tour, will you be wearing those tight leather trousers that I saw you in at one of the many Thunder gigs that I went to? Horny or what?? My husband wants to know if it's possible to get a copy of the Go With The Flow video? He won't take the CD out of the car, says it's the best album in his collection. Sue Parsons, Southampton
L: I'm not altogether sure if I will wear leather trousers again as the last time I did I was mistaken for Nicky Clarke. That's enough to put you off for life !! I'm flattered that you found them to your taste though. I don't have any plans to commercially release the 'Flow' video right now but if that changes you'll read about it here first. Also I'm glad your other half likes to play 'El Gringo' in the car as long as it doesn't make him crash !!

Q: Interesting to read Luke's comment that weddings make him nervous. Any reason? Has he ever had one of his own? If I mentioned that I was blonde, mid twenties, Australian, with a good job ... would this change his opinion??! Seriously, hoping he hasn't had any bad experiences. Hobi
L: I find the ceremony element of weddings a little bit out of step with the modern world to be honest; I find the vows totally archaic and unsuitable for me. The lovely couple I met in the desert outside Las Vegas ( I'd never met them before but I ended up witnessing their marriage) had the right idea; to me it's all about two people declaring their love for each other so why do you need all the paraphernalia that usually accompanies weddings? They are supposed to be fun after all. I know this might not be a popular point of view and I'm not trying to offend those of you who have had the wedding of your dreams; it's just that for me the traditional route wouldn't be what I would choose if indeed I ever did get married. The thing is Hobi, if indeed you are blonde, mid-twenties, Australian (I love Antipodeans as they tend to say what they think) and you also have a good job then you are probably too good to be true ! Can you cook as well ?

Q: Hi Luke, you must know that there are a lot of people out there who have enjoyed your music for many years now. Have you ever considered a 'meet the people' session in a pub somewhere, where those who are interested to meet the man behind the music could do so, over a pint or two? Or are too many of your 'fans' just a bit to freaky for you to want to meet them?! Hannah, London
L: As you will know if you came to Thunder shows in the past we always had a post gig meet + greet with the members of Thunderchannel. We enjoyed doing this as it was an informal and relaxed exchange but I'm not sure if I fancy sitting in a room and talking about myself all night. I think the songs shouldn't be analysed too deeply as they mean different things to different people.

Q: While I was at Uni studying Film I spent at least an hour travelling back and to listening to THUNDER to keep me sane in the traffic jams! While I was there I had to write a couple of scripts and for some reason when visualising what was going on I kept on picturing Danny playing one of my characters. To the point now....... Have either of you acted or do you fancy a go at it? Not necessarily as a permanent career move, just coz you wanted to try? Helen, Crewe/Stoke.
L: Good question......I spend a lot of time watching films, probably as many as ten a week on average so I've always fancied being involved on some level. As much as I fancy myself as being able to act, when I watch De Niro, Pacino, Edward Norton, Jodie Foster, Cameron Diaz (underrated), Helen Mirren or any quality actor doing their thing I realise that I'm fooling myself. More realistically I have had a few ideas for scripts that I've scribbled down here and there but never had the time to expand. It would be nice to work on a soundtrack as well at some point so you never know.

Q: FirsT: for Luke: what is a nice Rioja?? And I want to ask you about "They Think it's all over...it's now". There are some "jumps" recorded in the song "Fly on the wall", at 0:31, 1:27 and 2:22, and in the song "Love walked in" at 5:20. Those are defects from the company which had recorded the shows with this "jumps"? Why didn't they solve those songs before releasing the album? Walter Valdez, Argentina
L: Rioja is a Spanish wine from the 'Rioja' region. Check out Faustino Gran Reserva or Marques De Riscal....I recommend them both.
T: The "jumps" on 'They Think It's All Over...' were not actually faults with the recording of the gig, but a fault with the pressing of the CDs.  Most of the time these kind of things are detected and fixed before the album is released, but occasionally one slips through the net.  It's just one of those things!  At the time though, the record company did offer to replace faulty discs with fixed ones for those that had purchased the album.

Q: Do u both remember the days back at the white horse Blackheath as Nuthin' Fancy & do u think u should have made it BIG with that band!!! Tony. London
L: Actually Tony, it was The White Swan in Greenwich !!! I don't think we were anywhere near good enough in those days to have been successful; we were very young and learning our craft as musicians and performers and I hadn't written a decent song at that stage. They were fun times though......

Q: Could both of you give us a typical run through of a normal day. Kevin Figg, Kent
D: Typical day? I don't have a typical day. My life's far too glamorous (ha ha), I can't write it down, it would make you too upset to discover just how highly charged every day is for me. Seriously though, I count myself incredibly lucky that I don't have a routine working day as such like most people. However, it's not all beer and skittles being me, resisting getting a job 24 hours a day is very hard work you know......
L: Can't imagine why you'd want to know this Kevin but here goes; At around 7.30/8.00 I get out of bed and if I'm not hungover I will either go for a jog (not as often as I should) or walk to the newsagents and read the papers over a nice cup of tea. I tend to spend most days working in my home studio either writing or recording a demo of something I've written recently. This process is constantly interrupted by the phone ringing but usually I'll get some work done. I normally break for lunch about 2o'clock and then check my emails responding where necessary. It's then back in the studio 'til around 5ish then I watch the news and perhaps grab a quick power nap on the sofa. In the evening if I stay in I cook (pasta is my favourite washed down with a nice Rioja) and watch a movie on DVD or if there's something good on TV I'll watch that. If I go out it will usually be to eat (Italian, Japanese, Thai) or sometimes hook up with a mate, drink heavily and put the world to rights. I normally manage to get to bed around 1am but if I've been out socialising it's nearly always later. I hope you find this interesting 'cos it sounds fairly normal to me !!!!

Q: Danny, I spoke with you at the hotel in Copenhagen on your short  Euro tour in 97. You told me you were working on a solo project as a solo artist for EMI. Did you drop that project? Henrik Jensen
D: My record company (EMI) had a big personnel shake up, and the people who signed me moved on to pastures new. Consequently I found it impossible to get any help from the label. So after wasting a considerable amount of time finding and working with different people and getting nowhere, I eventually became very disillusioned and gave up. Record company politics, no different from other businesses I guess. However, as it turned out, they paid me quite a considerable sum in the end to not make a record, not quite in the Mariah Carey league admittedly, but I suppose you have to look for the silver lining in every cloud.....

Q: The one question I have always wanted to ask is......Was there any truth to the rumour in the 90's that Luke was asked to join Whitesnake?  I remember seeing you at the Bristol Bierkeller when this rumour was circulating and there was a very uncomplimentary chant by the crowd going on directed at Mr. Coverdale.  If this rumour was true then I am glad Luke stayed with Thunder as the music and the live shows have always been fantastic.  Keep up the good work and I hope to see some tour dates soon!  Kevin Wheeler, Wiltshire 
L: No. There was no truth in the rumour. I was asked to join The Beatles though.......or was I ?

Q: Hello Luke, It was so nice of you to be our witness to our wedding and also to meet Ian and your crew on December 1 2000. I was heading out to Las Vegas again wondering when you next trip there would be? Are you planning a trip to Holland? Thank you for the wonderful write up as well as being in the promo video of "Go With The Flow". You have truly given my husband and I a wedding to remember. Shantusha and Paul Geltink
L: Glad too see you are still together......and they said it would never last........Seriously though it was a pleasure to meet you both and a little surreal at the same time; either way it was memorable ! I don't have any plans to go back to Vegas at the moment but I'm sure I will at some point.

Q: I remember reading that John Gregory was a huge Thunder fan and used to play your songs as inspiration prior to Villa going out for games...Is this true?!!! (PS)....I presume the Derby boys weren't Rockers!!!!!!! Paul K
L: John did come to see Thunder a few times and hung out with us here + there. Whether or not he actually played our stuff as inspiration for Villa I don't actually know.........I think you're right in assuming he definitely didn't at Derby !!!!!! 

Q: To Danny, here's some house renovation advice- 1. DON'T have an injection damp-proof course injected into damp- affected  walls-they're crap,  get a plastic membrane inserted instead!  And use an NICEIC registered electrician for any electrical work that needs to be done and go for good quality kitchen units and bathroom suites-with your kind of money it won't break the bank.  Use a surveyor/architect to inspect any building work carried out.  All the best in your new ventures -  end of lecture. Paul, Merseyside
D: Thanks for the advice on building regulations etc, but you wrongly assume I know nothing on the subject. I was in the building trade for a long time before I was able to make a living from music. In addition most of my friends are plumbers, builders, roofers, electricians etc so there's really no need to worry about my house falling down around me. Besides it's been nearly finished for nigh on two years....

Q: I'm sorry, you're wrong and I think you know it. The selling of the CD won't be good unless you make it popular BY TOURING! You can't expect people to know about the CD. I know there are a lot of THUNDER-Fans in Germany but only few will know about your new project. For long-time rockers like you it would be hard to do support-gigs, but if you can't get a headliner-tour it would be better than not to play. Epi, Germany
T: I'm afraid it's not as simple as that!  Touring is not the only way of generating interest in an album.  The record companies job is to promote the record by arranging things like interviews, advertisements, etc.  If the record company does their job properly this will generate enough interest for a tour there BUT there has to be a certain amount of interest in the country/city/wherever before the band can play there - i.e.. they have to have sold a good few records.  Gigs can only be played if there is a concert promoter that is willing to put on a gig in that area for that band.  The concert promoter will only be interested in putting on a gig if they are going to make money from it.  If the record doesn't sell well, no one is going to be interested.  And what is the point in the guys travelling all that way to play to hardly anyone and lose money.  Like I said before, we'll have to wait and see what happens...

Q: From the release of Thunders début album up until the final album there wasn't a bad one among the lot, in fact they were all great!! And seeing Thunder for the one and only time Live at Folkestone in 1999 I could definitely say you were amazing live. However, Thunder were never really mainstream and no one I know has ever heard of Thunder, Do you believe that Thunder were underrated? I would certainly class Thunder as one of the top 10 best Rock acts in the world ever, along with the likes of, Status Quo, AC/DC, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, etc. Does it bother you to think that you were much more talented/skilled than ever recognized for? Liam Roberts
L: I think that perhaps Thunder would have been more successful internationally had we been around a couple of years earlier than we were. As Danny has said in other answers Grunge blew us out the water especially in the USA and if you happen to be successful there, there's nearly always a knock on effect elsewhere. Although we weren't a household name (although we were on the back of a packet of Corn Flakes once !) we were a success in as much as we had 16 top 40 singles, sold out a good percentage of the shows we did, sold in excess of a million records worldwide...we got to do things that we'd dreamed about as kids and make a living and he who is paid to do what he loves doing is a lucky man indeed !

Q: Awaiting the album with antici.........pation. My wife is delighted having hitched onto my Thunder fixation. She thankfully stopped short of making me wear a Harry mask in bed. However can you settle a sad argument. Are you totally left handed or just for guitar. My idiot monkey chum claims that, like Hendrix allegedly, you are in fact right handed for all other things. Finally Dougie White was mentioned as a friend of yours. Not the Dougie White from Glasgow, of La Paz surely. Stu, East Kilbride
L: I am naturally left-handed; however I do play cricket and golf right handed and eat right handed. Dougie is definitely from Glasgow; not sure if he was in a band called La Paz. I know he was in Violent Blue and Rainbow.

Q: Hi, I just will ask one question and this is addressed to Danny: you say you have been working behind the scenes in the film & video industry, would you please, let us know what exactly were you doing, and which are the films and videos?? I hope the Japan gig let you enjoy a lot and come with a strong urge to play around the world entire!!!! Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
D: I'm afraid the exact nature of my business is just that.  As for touring, I hope you're right, but wanting to, and being able to tour the world are sadly very different animals. Ho hum...

Q: Are you both surprised at what's happened to you over the last 20 years or so? You've brought a lot of enjoyment with your albums and gigs from when I first came across you bottom of the bill at Reading Festival. Good to see you're still doing what you do well, and I look forward to hearing what you do well soon. Steve Harvey, Brackley
D: The one big thing that constantly surprises me is that we're still doing it. It's a privileged position to be in, and we have always tried not to forget that.
L: It has been a bit of a journey since Reading '82. Without wishing to sound arrogant I always felt if people heard what we were doing, a good percentage of them would like the noise we made. Thank God enough people bought the records + came to the gigs to keep me in food and beer.

Q: Hi Luke. I remember seeing you at a very cosy and intimate Page and Plant gig at the University of London a couple of years ago (I didn't actually pluck up the courage to come and ask you whether you fancied a beer or not though!).  I'm not a huge, huge Zeppelin fan but I did think it was a good show. Can you remember it, did you enjoy it, have you met either of them and were you a big Zeppelin fan yourself - or did you just blag a free ticket and have nothing better to do that night ?? Mark Burton, London
L: I do indeed remember the show, which for a Zeppelin fan like myself was very special as they played an unusual selection of material. I think they were almost rehearsing for the tour that came afterwards which gave the gig a nice relaxed feel.  I have met both of them but I haven't really engaged R.P. in a conversation. However I have spent a few evenings in the company of Mr. Page who is a true gentleman. He came to a few Thunder shows over the years and I am fortunate enough to still see him occasionally on the odd social occasion.

Q: Gear question...Les Paul into a Marshall right? Anything in between? Wha pedal? Delay? Chorus? Lefty Jimi, USA
L: Live it's a Les Paul into a Boogie Mk. 2.  Studio it's a Les Paul, Telecaster or Stratocaster into a Fender Twin (clean sounds) or the Fender amp that Sambora uses (sorry, can't remember the model name !!). Don't like FX as I tend to trip over them !!

Q: You may have heard that Bad Company are touring the U.K. in September, no doubt you will catch them at the Hammersmith gig. when I first heard thunder I knew you must have been very much into Bad Co, Free, etc. How much influence did they have on you ? Looking forward to the new album - it will help ease the loss of thunder, the clips I've heard sound great, a bit of thunder and Bad Co I think. If you want to listen to a great rock CD try Human Stain by Cornerstone its fronted by Dougie White and the bass player from Royal Hunt. Classic Purple and Rainbow, 2002 style. John Ruggiero, Stoke
L: Bad. Co. were a big influence but I would say Free even more so. Kossoff was a great guitar player and Rodgers wasn't a bad singer either !!!!! We know Dougie White so next time I see him I'll get him to send me a copy...Cheers.

Q: Over the years I went to a good many Thunder shows and even got lucky with me being in the live album booklet. A great night was at Manchester Apollo, on election night May 1997. 'Welcome to the party' is a stomper of a song and a fitting tribute to Tony if you're of that persuasion. What I did feel was out of place was the band giving their political views via the spoken word at a gig. Hands up, I was one of the few people who shouted "Get on with it". I want to let my hair down for a couple of ours at a gig and I don't want to hear about politics, religion, rain forests etc. Luke - we all read your lyrics and you're getting the message across by playing these songs, we don't need a sermon at the gigs. Can you chaps comment? Axel Thomas
L: Fair play.......sometimes opinions just seem to come out in the heat of the moment. I don't think Thunder were the worst offenders though.

Q: I know Japan has its attractions, and I have no doubt that they'll welcome you with open arms (I have an 'email pal', Chizuko, who is waiting with baited breath for you to turn up!), but is there any especial reason for the 2 gig promotion tour? And when can we have the same?...Oh and could you detour to Cyprus for us and play a gig in the Mess at Akrotiri? David Ulke, RAF Akrotiri
T: No special reason for the Japan dates, things just fell into place a little quicker over there.  As soon as there are any U.K. dates it will be announced on the site and through the mailing list.

Q: Can you tell me if you will still be holding the Meet And Greet aftershows on your new forthcoming dates. Best wishes to you both and thanks for great times past and present. Mark, Portsmouth
T: As the shows are a little way off yet, the finer details have not yet been worked out.  I dare say that the guys will say hello in some shape or form though...

Q: After your first album was released, did you keep popping into record shops for a sneaking peak at it? Candy, Kent
L: Yes...it is a very proud moment when you see your own section in a shop.

Q: We, my friend Arjen and I, met the hole band some years ago in the Shepherd Bush Empire before a gig. I hope you'll remember. We gave you all wooden shoes from Holland with your names on it, now you know? I wonder, what did you do with the wooden shoes? Fred De Ridder, Holland
L: How could we forget you guys ? It was the one and only time in my life I've been given a pair of shoes.....marvellous. I think Harry still wears his most days.

Q: Luke, you praised The Rev's and I've just bought their album "Sonic Tonic". There's a cracking track on it called "Louis Walsh (says Rock 'n' Roll is dead)" Louis Walsh is the manager of Westlife and Samantha Mumba. The band seem to have the same ethos as yourself when it comes to modern chart music. The theme of the song is very like "Bed of Roses" or "Preaching from a Chair" and with the same element of humour. Just wondering what you saw in the band worth your approval? I had heard them play live at the Irish Rock Music Awards and they blew the place apart. Doc, Ireland
L: The Revs were very entertaining, great musicians, had good tunes and a sense of humour which is a very rare thing. They were also lovely chaps and deserve to be huge.

Q: When you say you didn't record anything in September 1999, you triggered my memory. I know that the show in Glasgow was filmed, I believe for some French TV channel. Do you know what happened to it? It has been nagging me ever since. Petra
L: I do seem to remember a film crew but I never saw or heard anything afterwards. Basically I'm as clueless as you.

Q: Danny, after splitting from Thunder, what have you done ? Did you take a break or did you continue to sing somewhere else ? I have tried  to look you up, but it seems like you just disappeared. But anyhow... I'm glad you're back and that you're working with Luke is even better... missed  you're voice and the teaser tracks from you're new album sound very very promising ! Keep up the good work. Cheers & doodle do... Inge Hassel, Norway
D: I have been extremely busy working behind the scenes in the film & video industry, managing a band and more recently a singer, and at the same time working on my very dilapidated house. A few singing opportunities have been offered, but nothing really exciting enough to tempt me. Until now...

Q: You can have 5 minutes alone with ONE of the following lovely ladies:  Buffy, Britney, Shakira.  Which one would you choose and why? Paul K
L: Interesting question.......I'd choose Buffy because as an actress she might have Penelope Cruz and Charlise Theron in her phone book !!!!

Q: I've got a mate here called Kevin Peach who's a brilliant keyboard player. He claims he knows you all very well and has visited you at different times especially when you guys used to gig in...Spain? Truth or Fiction? Why don't you come over to Gibraltar some time? You'll love it here... Craig Macdonald, Gibraltar
L: No offence to your mate but over the years we have met a lot of people on our travels and it's hard to remember everybody you meet. I'm good with faces and crap with names so it is possible we have met Kevin before.  Gibraltar ? Why not ! It's very close to my favourite golf course on the Costa Del Sol which is called Alcadeisa and you can see the Rock from the first tee.....marvellous.

Q: It seems that since the Thunder departure rock music has again become popular but in the style of nu-metal I just wondered what are the thoughts on this style of music. Also I have to tell you that I am a DJ at JB's night club in good old Dudley in the West Midlands where you played a few years ago and I recently had the pleasure of meeting you're good friend Toby Jepson and I have to say he was superb and he even gave me a promo of his CD to help me promote him. I extend the same gesture to the both of you and would love to see you at JB's and have me DJ for you it would be delightful for me and I'd guarantee a decent crowd. Mark Evans, Dudley
L: 'Nu-metal' is another piece of terminology that can sometimes confuse the issue. As far as I'm concerned it's not about the type or genre of music, it's about the quality. To be obsessed with superficial issues like haircut, clothes and image generally is not a good thing; it's not about what's in and what's out. I like a single that's on the radio all the time currently; I think it's called 'Are We Having Fun Yet'. I think it's by Creed (Note from Thinny: I think he actually means 'How You Remind Me' By Nickelback). I saw a band on MTV called 'A' who I quite liked....shades of Zeppelin and the guy had an interesting voice.  Thanks for your kind offer of a show at the lovely JB's. We'll have to see what our agent recommends.

Q: I saw Thunder about 5 times in Bradford, and Danny & The Doo Wops at Bradford Uni...any chance of dropping in on this s**t hole of a town to cheer us all up again, as either Thunder, D&TDW's or Luke & Danny? Rob, Bradford
T: As previously stated on this page neither Thunder or Danny & The Doo Wops will be playing anywhere in the foreseeable future.  Luke & Danny will be playing gigs at some point, whether or not they play in Bradford remains to be seen, but I'm sure the lads will keep you in mind...

Q: We saw you at the 'Venue' in Edinburgh 3rd of March 1990.  Support band was 'Jagged Edge'.  Do you remember the smaller gigs you played or are they just another date on your tours?  It was a really good night, we spoke to 'Jagged Edge' (Myke Gray & Matt Alfonzetti) they were nice, didn't meet you because we had to get a lift shortly after, but hey! That's life. What kind of venue are you interested in playing on your upcoming tour? Mags & Fiona, Fife
L: I certainly remember The Venue.........I think I must have lost a couple of stone in weight due to the excessive heat + lack of air that night !!!  I remember some gigs and not others, regardless of size. Harry was Thunder's diarist so he probably remembers more than the rest of us.  As far as dates this year are concerned, we will take the advice of our agent and make a decision. Watch this space !

Q: This is for Luke: hi, do you think that "El Gringo Retro" was enough as solo artist? And will you release some live songs from that album. If your new album will be released through Eagle records, what happened with Lefthook Records?, I acquired "El Gringo Retro" from that company. And will you be selling 'Moving Swiftly Along' in Argentina or we will need to deal with Townsend Records? Walter Valdez, Argentina
L: At the moment I don't have any plans to make another solo record but it may happen in the future. I didn't record any of the shows I did last year so I'm afraid there's no 'Live Gringo' !  Lefthook Records was my label created specifically for 'El Gringo' and still exists quietly.....
At the moment there are no plans to release Moving Swiftly Along in your beautiful country.

Q: Luke... You mention that you've seen both T.Rex & Deep Purple at the Lewisham Odeon...well, I never saw you there !!....As I've been the that venue on more that one occasion (The Faces & Wings etc) Can you tell me where you and Danny were born, and which school did you both attend, please... Paul Osborn, Charlton
L: Danny and I both went to Haberdasher's Askes Grammar School in New Cross. I was born in Camberwell and Danny (I think I'm correct in saying) was born in Bow.

Q: I know from your previous answers that you see the Bowes & Morley as a forward looking venture (and perhaps I've answered my own question) but do you think when playing live dates there might be room in the set for any Terraplane material or do you think those early songs are best left alone.  Personally, I think a lot of the songs still well worth a listen & would love to hear Dan belting out Couldn't Handle The Tears or I Survive. Oh and Q. to Luke how do you normally set about writing a song? lyrics first, music first or does it vary? Dean, Derby
L: There won't be any Terraplane songs in the shows we do this year precisely for the reason you stated; they were of their time and now is not that time !!!  There are no rules when it comes to writing. Sometimes it starts with a melody, other times with a lyrical idea or a guitar riff....the point is to keep your mind as open as possible and if you're lucky, sometimes you don't write the song, the song writes you !!! Other times you have to be disciplined and work hard until everything falls into place. The best quote I ever heard on song writing was from Paul McCartney (and he does know a thing or two about it); "Song writing is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration." That says it far better than I ever could !!

Q: I just wondered what was the best Christmas or birthday present you ever received? Candy, Kent
L: One of the best presents I ever had was from my Mum. It was two tickets to see T.Rex at Lewisham Odeon in 1971 for my 11th birthday. Apart from that it's just been the usual sad jumpers and socks that I hate and don't fit me properly .........

Q: Can you recommend any decent rock/blues clubs in Austin Tx, as I'm off to work there in the near future? Webby, U.K.
L: If you walk along 6th Street there's at least ten clubs all with live music of one variety or another. The best thing to do is just see what you come across. The good thing is they're all within 400 yards of each other.

Q: Do you guys, from an enjoyment point of view, prefer those small gigs or big gigs with big crowds? Jase, Newcastle Upon Tyne
D: Live shows are all different, and the atmosphere varies at each. Big shows tend to carry a great sense of occasion, but the band is somewhat removed from the audience. Small shows often lack the sensational aspect, but the very nature of a smaller venue makes it more intimate, more scary in a way because everyone is close and nothing goes unmissed. I have no preference personally, as long as it goes well, and it usually does so life is good....

Q: What do you guy's think of what Marillion have done in getting the fans to 'bank roll' a new album, removing the control from the record company? I was one of the many who happily paid up-front for the CD and I would have to say that Thunder (or you guy's) and Marillion are possibly the only bands I would do this for. Plus are you going to try and do some Christmas shows? My wife and I always attended the London December gigs and Christmas just hasn't been the same since Thunder ended.  Elliott Lilley, London 
D: I thought it was great that the fans got to finance and ultimately get a stake in the record for Marillion. In fact we considered doing it ourselves before we did the last Thunder Live LP with Papillon, but the nature of the deal we struck with Papillon was such that the "control" as you put it was split evenly between them and us, but they did all the work. We preferred this way, but there are no rules (that's the only rule in the music business), and not all record companies are the same, so it's down to personal preference as to how you make and ultimately sell your records. There are no plans at the moment for any Thunder Christmas shows (as Thunder is no more). Sorry your Yules have been un-cool, but I can't shoulder all the blame for that now can I?.

Q: Hello Don & Luke, remember me? It would be nice to see you at the Isle of Man TT this year, will it be possible? Usually we just get a few covers bands but it would be great to get you there. Much more enjoyable. Cant wait for the album followed swiftly by a tour PLEASE.  Helen (Trudy and Hilary's mum!)
D: Yes Mother Pask, of course we remember you, how could we forget? The TT Races sounds nice, but as yet we have no touring arrangements in place apart from 2 shows in Japan. We're talking to movers and shakers alike to explore all the possibilities for shows, and rest assured if it happens, here's where it will be announced first. More than that I cannot say.......

Q: 1. I can understand as professionals why you wouldn't dish the dirt on the worst bands you worked with on a tour, but who were the best? I recall Status Quo were very complimentary towards Thunder when you supported them on a tour in Germany a few years ago...
2. Why did Thunder split so quickly. You (and us) were having so much fun! Was it a legal or financial decision?
3. Had you remained as Thunder, how different would the new material be? Kev, Hampshire
L: Status Quo were great fun, Aerosmith were very professional but a little strange due to their abstinence although Steve Tyler was like a human dynamo; I wouldn't have liked to have seen him in the 70's when they were having it large; Heart were lovely and Ann Wilson can drink whisky with the best of them; Van Halen were nice guys and I couldn't believe after all the years I'd wanted to meet Eddie we only talked about golf! Metallica were my favourites as they have a very English sense of humour; Lars and I were big drinking buddies for a while. Please refer to my earlier answer about Thunder splitting....I don't have the strength to talk about it anymore I can't answer your last question as it is entirely hypothetical although I would say that it would have changed

Q: I notice that you're record company releases a lot of greatest hits & greatest live albums, but I wonder why don't songs that are only featured on singles & Japanese albums (which are hard to find) come on a second "The Rare, The Raw & The Rest"... Like for instance the song "The Damage is Done"... It's a shame that songs like this remain unknown to some people. Also I wonder if there will be possible once to find Music Videos of Thunder, Luke Morley (from the solo album) & from you're new album that's coming up on DVD/VHS, I have seen clips of some Thunder videos on the "In out put the kettle on" & would like to see them in full. Inge Hassel, Norway
L: The thing that you have to realise is that once the relationship between a band and a label is over, the label decides what is released and the band do not have any input. This is because they own the copyright in the recordings; there really is not a lot we can do about it and as I have said before in Q + A we are a lot more concerned with the future. Sorry to sound a little tetchy but everyone has an opinion on what songs should be released and packaged together so please feel free to air your views; just don't expect us to have a definitive view on something that happened 10 years ago that we can't control anymore.

Q: Now then gentlemen, Can't wait for the new album. I have almost everything you ever released in the UK. All the albums, singles, videos, promo releases etc. I just love the B-sides on the singles. Why did you change Can't Live Your Life In A Day? I prefer the b-side to the album version. Any thoughts? Richard Smith
L: 'Can't Live ...' was originally done in my home studio as were all the demos from '93 onwards. The only problem with this was that I couldn't record real drums there so I had to use programmed drums and I don't think they ever feel as good as the real thing. Promise I won't tell Harry that you preferred the ersatz drums. Ironically Thunder's biggest hit was 'A Better Man' and Harry doesn't play on that either.......maybe that's where we went wrong......ha ha ha!

Q: For Luke, bit surreal all this question and answering...and I feel like a bit of t*t but what I wanted to ask was did you find what you were looking for? Such a cheesy question I know...
Some words/music on El Gringo seemed less 'The Day The World Stopped Turning' but more lets take the roof off the car, stick some good music on and just go......... Angela, Switzerland
L: What was I looking for ????? That's a little deep and philosophical..............let me just lay down on your couch Angela;
I don't think I'm looking for anything different to most people; happiness, good health, enough money to live comfortably and not worry. Your comparison between 'El Gringo' and 'The World Stopped Turning' just illustrates the point that songwriters can only reflect their feelings and state of mind at any particular time; there isn't any great significance in what I do; it's only music and words. I suppose that if people who get to hear what we do can identify with the sentiments of the songs or feel better as a result of listening to them then we're doing our job well and it makes me feel that I'm not wasting my time !!!

Q: My next gig is Powderfinger at the end of May at the good old Empire. Any chance that you will be making a surprise appearance?? Candy, Kent
L: We won't be appearing anywhere until we've got a band together and that won't be until we rehearse for the Japanese dates in June. Sorry.

Q: Luke, you mentioned that the only compilation album you have been actively involved with is "The Rare, The Raw and The Rest." I'd like to see another compilation of bsides, rarities and unreleased tracks. Would you be prepared to get involved again if EMI asked you ? By the way, did you ever do "Drive My Car" (or any other unplugged tracks that haven't been released) on the unplugged promo tour for BCD? Mark Burton. London
L: I'm not sure if there's enough material to justify another outtakes album. The problem is that at some point in your life you have to move on and whilst I enjoyed putting 'The Rare....' together, it is an extremely time consuming thing to do and I'm not sure how good it is to spend a month wallowing in your own nostalgia!!!  As far as the unplugged shows we did for BCD go, I have to be honest and say that I can't remember which cover versions we did at that time. Maybe there's somebody out there that does remember ???????

Q: We saw you loads of times with Thunder and saw some rather scary support bands (Electric Boys probably being the worst. What happened to them!) We wondered who you thought was the worst band that ever supported you, that is of course if you can say without getting into trouble. It's wicked that you are back together. Karen & David Edwards, Nuneaton
L: We were always actively involved in choosing our support bands because we always wanted them to be as good as possible. We figured the audience would enjoy the whole evening more and it would make us raise our game so to speak.  I genuinely can't think of one support band we had that I thought were shite.  I can think of a few bands that we supported who were unpleasant and not particularly talented though. However, this isn't the time or the place for that. Maybe if you see me in a bar somewhere and I've had a few too many drinks I might just dish the dirt ............

Q: I found about your band Thunder, thru an interview that I saw with David Coverdale where he said that one of his favorite band's is Thunder - so my curiosity got peaked and I went on Grokster to find your music.  I was blown away by the band, here in Canada you're virtual unknowns. Trying to order your CD's thru Canadian Distributors is virtually impossible - and the cost of the import when you DO find a conduit, is whacko. What the hell happened to your band? Why did you not succeed over here in N. America like you seemed to have over in Britain?  To me and my friends that I've turned on to your music, you were an amazing breath of fresh air to a very stale music scene. Jim, Canada
D: Grunge....Nirvana happened just at the point when were poised to tour the US with David Lee Roth and Cinderella, the tickets failed to sell, and the tour was cancelled. Labels and radio switched overnight from playing traditional rock to grunge and everyone except Guns N' Roses sailed gently down the pan. I'm not bitter (much), it's one of life's little ironies I guess....
Thanks for caring.

Q: Will you ever release the "Thunder Live" video on DVD?  I'd love to have some of that 5.1 sound (plus my tape's a bit done in). Bob, Glasgow
T: There are currently no plans to release the Live video on DVD, but the decision is really up to Eagle who own the rights to all that material.  You're not the first to have asked about this, so you never know.  Why not try contacting Eagle?

Q: Danny......have u ever had singing lessons? Tom-Ass
D: This is only the second time I've ever been asked that question. Top marks! After I'd been singing for about 8 years, I thought I should have some lessons to find out if I was doing it correctly, so I got my manager to arrange it. I paid for three lessons, and went to a very strict schoolteacher of a lady who played various scales on a piano and made me sing them. After 10 minutes of this she gave me my money back and said she couldn't teach me anything. I wasn't sure if that was good or bad, but seriously I would recommend lessons to anyone starting out, purely for good technique and muscle strengthening. They won't do any harm and could possibly do a lot of good.

Q: Will the new album be released domestically in Canada? Will the Japanese version feature any tunes not on the UK one? If so, what? Terry, Canada
T: The guys are currently looking into the possibility of an international release, but there is no information available as yet - we'll keep you posted!  Truth is though, that even if it does get released in Canada it won't be for a little while yet, so getting it imported from Townsend might be your best bet for now!  The Japanese version does not feature any additional tracks - the only difference is that the first two track are swapped around.

Q: This is for Luke. I have fallen in love with El Gringo Retro. You sound happy on a couple of tracks. What inspired you ? Did you find love? Angela, Switzerland
L: The main inspiration behind a good few of the songs on 'El Gringo' was hanging out in Spain; the sea, the sun and the sand, the rioja etc. As for 'finding love' as you put it, I think the album is more about loving life than a particular person !!!

Q: with all those big gay boy bands doing soppy versions of decent songs, have you lot ever been approached for one of them to get their corporate paws on a Thunder tune? Steven, Notts
L: This is a great question.......Most of the time when a song has been written, the song is then submitted to a publisher and it's the publishers' job to collect all monies due to the writer (a percentage of retail sales, royalties due from the song being played on radio, TV, adverts and films etc.) and to 'exploit' the songs in as many ways as possible. What this means is that publishers (if they're doing their job right !) will look for opportunities to 'place' their writers' songs thereby maximising income for both parties (the publisher takes roughly 20%, the writer 80% although this can vary).  Baring all this in mind, most writers would be understandably be dead chuffed if the biggest boy/girl band of the day decide they want to cover one of their songs.  In answer to your question we have never been approached by any such bands but if we were I would have to have a bloody good reason to say no....I've got to earn a living as well you know !!!

Q: Luke, (me again!), can we expect to hear any clicking at the front of any of the new tracks on the CD ???? LOL!!  ps Harry did actually play some on the first night in London! Cleggy
L: I'm sure you'll be able to find something bizarre and unusual if you listen closely enough ?!?!?!

Q: Why release and album of music that's already been released? How about an album of live covers? Mhodd, Luton
L: Please refer to my previous answer.  Record companies own the copyright in the recordings so they can basically do what the fuck they like; it's just how it is. You as the punter have the right to vote with your money so if you don't like it, don't buy it.....it's your call.

Q: Hi guys! Just thought I would ask why you have never put "Every Word's A Lie" on any of your compilation albums? I love that song (& so do all my mates...now!) Emma, Bristol
L: I'm afraid to say that we have only been consulted once regarding the content of 'compilation' albums and that was 'The Rare, The Raw And The Rest'. Most labels can't be arsed to get the artist involved which is a shame as the content would be more interesting and valid if they did.

Q: Have you been considered the possibility of recording some Thunder songs with orchestra arrangements? I think songs like "All I Ever Wanted", "Moth To The Flame", "Love Worth Dying For" and specially "A Better Man" would be appropriate to be played with an orchestra. Martin Romero, Argentina
L: Another interesting question....To be honest I've never thought about this. If someone ever did it, it would have to be done with taste and flair; I'd hate it if Thunder tunes suddenly sounded like elevator music!!

Q: It's great news about your forthcoming album...I'm also a big fan of David Coverdale, and take part in his "postings" section on his web site...he always speaks very highly of you guys and sends his best wishes to you. Can you tell me/us of any experiences, good or bad(!) you have had with Mr C or Whitesnake? Matt Boocock, Newark
L: We both were fans of Deep Purple as kids and I saw the Mk. 3 line-up at Lewisham Odeon in 1974 (I think that's the right year) just after 'Burn' came out. It's still one of my favourite Purple records.  We first met David in 1990 at Donington and got along very well. He then joined us on stage at Hammersmith later that year (along with Adrian Vandenburg) for an impromptu version of 'Can't Get Enough', the Bad Company song. We decamped to a hotel bar afterwards for much drinking and a singalong developed around the piano in the bar. I particularly remember David and Harry duetting on 'Great Balls Of Fire'.....strange but true !!  The last time we met was at the London gig on Whitesnake's last tour a couple of years ago when myself and Benny had a few swift drinks after the show with David and the rest of the band.

Q: I once heard a story that years ago when Back Street Symphony was out and you were in L.A., you met Axl Rose in a bar on Sunset strip and he loved the album.  He drove off in his car with Back Street Symphony blasting out of the stereo shouting that it was the only album he kept in his car. Is that true and did he help you get the record deal with Geffen. Jason, Holland
D: This is all true and very accurate. Axl was very nice to us, he even tried to sign us to his Uzi Suicide label. I wonder how that would have turned out?

Q: Do you remember the acoustic gig that Thunder did in a record store in Gothenburg? Henrik Larsson, Sweden
D: Yes I remember it very well. Mikael was very very nervous, and we all had very bad hangovers, but it was a great success, loads of people and a nice time was had by all.

Q: What was the deal with why "Backstreet Symphony" went from being released on Capitol to Geffen in the U.S.? Mac McCraney, Pensacola, Fla
D: Good question.  Backstreet Symphony was originally released on Capitol as our worldwide deal was with EMI in the UK. Unfortunately whilst many of the Capitol staff were great, the top man hated rock music and made no secret of it. Having seen it "escape", we made the decision to switch labels to give ourselves at least some chance of selling some copies. However this proved harder to achieve than we hoped, and we could find no one to take us and our LP on. When we did Donington Monsters Of Rock in 1990, Aerosmith and Whitesnake were the main acts and both were Thunder fans. John Kalodner was there with Aerosmith, heard our set live on the radio, the next week we were on the plane to LA to meet him, and a deal was subsequently agreed. Dirty Love went No. 1 on Dial MTV for 6 weeks and we sold 250,000 copies without playing a single show. Sadly, we never got to tour the US (Grunge happened), so I guess we'll never know how that would have turned out.......

Q: What Advice Would You Give To Me Promote My Album When It Comes Later In The Year? And What Advice Would You Give Me On Store Promotions? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
D: My advice would be do absolutely anything and everything anyone asks you to when it comes to promotion. This is easy to say and hard to do, because if you're asked to do lots you will soon discover it can be quite wearing to have to repeat the same stories over and over again (most people ask the same questions) and make it seem like it's the first time you've said it. Find a
way, it's very important.  When you meet potential fans at in stores, be vile to them, they'll love you for it, or be nice them, they may love you for that too. What I'm saying in a clumsy way is be yourself, otherwise everyone will know. Alternatively......

Q: What jobe did you have before you became full time musicians? Tricia W & Margie B, Wales
D: Sorry, but I need to ask, are you overtly religious? I never had a single jobe before I was a professional musician...
I had loads of jobs if that's what you mean, but if you can't spell check your emails.......

L: I was a porter for Boots The Chemist, an MFI warehouseman, an assistant photographer, a concert ticket salesman in the Virgin Megastore Oxford St. branch, a warehouseman for Magnet + Southerns and a van boy for Curry's. I think I worked in Our Price records for a day as well.

Q: Hi Danny, its great to hear u r back on the scene, u have been sorely missed.  So would u consider playing my mates rock pub in Leicester?  I met u and the band after a gig in Leicester we had a drink in the hotel bar after, u asked how the show went and my mate rudely said u were great but danced like a cheesy gay boy dancer for this I must apologise, would love to c u in Leicester again. Donna, Leicester
D: Yes he was rude wasn't he. Still he was right though. I can't tell a lie, I probably wouldn't want to play in your friend's rock pub, nothing to do with pubs or your friend, I just did it a lot a long time ago.

Q: My worst ever job was turning over apples so the coloured side was facing up. What was yours? Candy, Kent
D: I had loads, but I remember I once had to drive a truck with a congenital idiot in the cab. He continually sent us to the wrong address, gave the customers the wrong things so we had to go back, and when he drove, if I told him to go straight over the roundabout he would do just that......
L: The worst job I ever had...........probably working in Magnet & Southerns warehouse in the Old Kent Rd when I was about 20 years old; I was made foreman very quickly which meant I had to tell all these terrifyingly huge looking Irishmen in their 40's and 50's what to do. It was fine until I had to tell one of them off for being late.......he just laughed at me understandably !!! I did however pass my forklift truck test while I was there....not a lot of people know that !!

Q: Hello lovely guys!!!! I'm screeeeming now because I heard the news that you'll come Japan on July for the gigs . Danny, do I have to bring the new dance shoes? would you please tell me, on which type of stage do you like singing and dancing? and does a horn section accompany this tour? Tambourine Woman, Tokyo
D: Yes you need new dancing shoes for these shows. Stage type is irrelevant for me, as long as it's big enough for me to get on it with the band.  The brass section will not be physically coming with us, but their genius will be there.....
Tell everyone you know that Bowes & Morley are coming to town, and they haven't even told their parents what time they're going to bed......

Q: Danny, as a long time fan of Thunder I was extremely excited when today I heard you was touring as thunder and stopping off at the Apollo Manchester on 9th June 2002,is this true? Please tell me that it is. Geoff Conway, Wigan
D:  Someone is yanking your chain. Thunder are not touring, and not dropping in to the Manchester Apollo on June 9th. Bowes and Morley may be touring soon, but I'd be pleasantly surprised if we could sell enough tickets to play The

Q: The new Thunder release, "Symphony and stage", means a possible Thunder reunion in the future to come or not ? I hope someday Luke, Danny, Harry, Ben and Chris hit the world again.  Martin Romero, Argentina
T:  As previously stated on the Q&A page the Thunder guys all parted as friends and have never ruled out the possibility of reforming - however, there are currently no plans to do so.  The "new" Thunder release was the record company's idea and has very little to do with the guys. It certainly does not indicate that a re-union is on the cards...

Q: Hi Danny and Luke! I'm really pleased to hear you get together again! I'm a long time Thunder fan and I can hardly wait 'til the release of your new CD. I hope you will tour in Germany? Epi, Germany
T:  As far as touring goes, it all really depends on how well the CD sells over there!  I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Q: I'm 15 and in a band at the moment, Thunder's music has inspired us for many years now and although I'm not 1/4 as good as Danny, I try my best.  Pleaseeee tell me what it was like for you trying to start a band and all the procedures you went through?!? Tom-Ass (15)
D: When we started our first band we had no money for equipment, and none of us could drive so gigs were a bit thin on the ground to begin with. I got a driving license and we were off. We played schools at first, and eventually
pubs, but we made no money (in fact we always lost money) for the first nine years. We entered a talent contest to win enough money to make a demo but we lost (despite winning our heat), but we did meet a man who was to become our first manager and 4 years after that we got our first record deal. It was hard keeping our collective chin up through all the disappointments and rejections but we were mates and our team spirit was always good. We rehearsed evenings after work and the went to the pub (as soon as we could get in) to talk about what it would be like to be rock stars. I believe the most important thing when you're starting off is to find people you really get on with, who will be prepared to work as hard as you will all have to.

Q: Danny, Would appreciate it if you would give me some advice on microphones...I'm after something that performs well both live...AND while recording in the studio...Would appreciate your comments...(hey and I'm not a rich rock star so something mid priced would be a help!!!)......Cheers. Paul K
D: I'm not overly technical when it comes to these things. I sing in them and break them, that's really the extent of my involvement with microphones I'm afraid. I know the tried and tested Shure Beta 58 crops up again and again in studios and on stages so it must be doing something right.

Q: Was the video, "In, Out Put the Kettle On" ever released and where can I get a copy of it? Doc, N. Ireland
T: The video had a limited run and was sold through the old Thunderchannel.com website.  Needless to say it sold out pretty quickly and is no longer available.  Try posting on the message board to see if there are any fans out there that have a spare copy that they are willing to part with...

Q: If you had one choice for a cover version, what would it be? Given the choice, which song, would you have liked to have composed and/or recorded? And for what reason? Paul Osborn, Charlton
L: It's impossible to pick one song to cover as there are so many brilliant songs. Maybe I could come up with an answer if somebody had a gun to my head. I wish I'd written 'Yesterday' as it's the most covered song of all time and I'd never have to work again !!!!!!!

Q: Where was the "Love Walked In" video clip performed, and what happened to Luke's big guitar? Are the topics of the new album love or do they make some concept of the new life, new world?? What are your perspectives of the world at this moment?? What do you think about the wars, new terrorists way, the new order, just your opinion, without a politic tendency, just what do you think. Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
L: The twin neck Gibson SG which is the guitar I think you're referring to (this was in the US video for Love Walked In) I still have although I don't think I've played it since !!! There isn't a unifying lyrical concept running through the new album but I do tend to write mainly about human feelings and relationships; love, rejection, optimism, sadness etc. It's difficult to have an opinion on the current state of the world without it being political !!!!!  Like most people my views are fairly simplistic; I think it's hard to justify war; I think we are fed propaganda via the media so it's hard to know what's true and what isn't; I think terrorism is a dreadful thing but for some nations who don't possess a massive military arsenal it's the only way they can draw attention to a cause; Sept. 11th was appalling but so was killing innocent people in Afghanistan. Having said all of that I've always seen the musicians' job as being important in terms of helping people forget how brutal the world can be and celebrating the human condition.

Q: Luke...El Gringo...I must say that the feel of the album was tremendous.  When you guys tour will you be doing a mixture of old, new & solo stuff?  Paul K
L: I'm glad you enjoyed 'El Gringo'. We haven't started working on the live set as yet so it's difficult to say how the set will run. All I can tell you is that it will be a great show !!!

Q: I'm from the city of that band you like in your trip to the U.S. (Kinky). My question is: What is your favourite live CD ever??  Gustavo Cavzos, Mexico
D: Love You Live by the Rolling Stones is my favourite, though Free Live comes a close second.
L: Once again it's hard to pick just one live album but for me Deep Purple's 'Made In Japan' was an important record. The standard of musicianship is stunning and I love the fact that they do improvise a lot without it ever becoming too self indulgent. The other one I would pick is 'If You Want Blood' by AC/DC just for sheer excitement. Also can you send me a copy of 'Kinky's CD????????

Q: 1/ Will the video of the last ever gig at Dingwalls ever see the light of day as my wife cannot iron unless she is watching one of your vids. 2/Are there any plans to involve a superb drummer who goes by the name of Harry when you tour? I saw him a few weeks ago with Magnum and he is rather good. 3/Can I be so bold as to suggest a good gig for you. The Gods festival at Maxims in Wigan in November or just come and play Wigan anyway. Peter Walker, Wigan
D: The Dingwalls show was not filmed by us, I think it may have been filmed by Ken (ace Japanese website lady). She may be able to help you.  Sadly Harry will not be our drummer. Nothing to do with ability or personality as he is exceptional in both departments. This is quite simply a different thing, and to have Harry involved would simply make it Thunder again.  Thanks for the info on the club, we'll bear it in mind.

Q: What has happened to Ben?  Tricia W & Margie B, Wales
D: Ben is busy making dance records with a DJ friend, engineering records for other people, and generally keeping his fingers in various pies.

Q: Which Bands Or Artists Would You Both Like To Do A Tour Or Album With? Have you learned to reverse in an airport yet Luke? There was rumours you were managing a band once Thunder finished Danny, was it true, who are they and what they up to now? At the end of You can't live your life in one day on The thrill of it all album, you make what seems to be a dig about Ozzy. Do you not like him? Explain pleeze... Kevin Figg, Kent
L: No...I'm still crap at reversing into parking spaces which believe me is a major handicap in London.
D: I have dabbled with management, and am currently helping some talented people as much as I can whilst balancing the rest of my life.  The Ozzy "dig" as you call it was no such thing, I shall explain. It stems from when Mikael Hoglund was in Thunder. His big hero was Geezer Butler, so us being us, we used to tease him relentlessly by playing jazz and lounge versions of Black Sabbath songs. Once he left and we were recording Thrill Of It All, we were drunk and jamming, and I walked in as the band were in the throes of the 27th cover version, bottle of wine in hand. I stepped up to the mic and quite off the cuff, said something like "Hello, my name's Ozzy Osbourne, and welcome to the Moonlight Club". Everyone fell about laughing as it got more and more bizarre. Unbeknown to us, Rupert the engineer had recorded every word......

Q: One of my favourite memories was when you opened for Heart at Wembley. At the beginning of Dirty Love, Dan would tell the story of his girlfriend leaving him but then coming back (tackled up, of course) and he would ask the audience what he did to her. Dan then jumped into the photo pit and handed the mike to a mate of mine who then told a packed Wembley crowd "f**ked her brains out".  It was a classic moment.  What was your funniest memory of being on tour?  Did this only happen at this show or was it a common occurrence? and also what was the best live performance you have seen and what made it so special?. Rob, London
L: The best live performance I've ever seen was Bruce Springsteen + The E Street Band at Wembley Stadium in 1985. I'm not a massive fan of his albums so I went to the show grudgingly but I'm so glad I did. To hold the attention of 60,000 people for three hours and not be boring is an extremely difficult thing to do and he did it brilliantly. He even took a 20 minute break in the middle of the show without losing momentum. I think the most remarkable thing was that he opened the show on his own with an acoustic guitar; no intro tape, no fanfare or anything. He just walked out into the daylight and started singing 'I Don't Wanna Talk About It' the old Danny Whitten song and the eruption of noise when he finished the song was incredible. He also manages to talk to an audience that large and still makes you feel like you're sitting at the bar with him having a conversation. The funny thing was he hadn't had a top twenty single at that time but everybody still knew the songs. A truly gifted and natural performer. I met him once in California. The guy I was having lunch with had filmed a couple of his gigs and Bruce walked into the restaurant. He came over and sat down for 10 minutes or so and chatted. What's really sickening is that he's a lovely man as well !!! Git.
The funniest thing that's ever happened on tour was the legendary time Harry vomited on the Bullet Train in Japan. Seldom have I laughed so much probably due to the expressions of the Japanese businessmen who couldn't believe that this bald man in shades had uncontrollably and violently tossed his cookies in the normally sedate and quiet first class carriage. To make matters worse Harry just wiped his mouth, looked up at everyone and said "Sorry about that", sat down and lit up a Benson + Hedges before falling asleep. I think the poor Japanese people were terrified. You'd have to ask Danny about the 'Dirty Love' intro. I think he just did it spontaneously one night when Benny or I were changing guitars and it remained a fixture in the show for the first year or so we were touring until we got bored with it !

Q: Which Bands Or Artists Would You Both Like To Do A Tour Or Album With? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: If you look at my earlier answer to the question on influences that will give you a good idea.  I was lucky enough to work with two of my heroes in Robert Palmer and Bernard Edwards who unfortunately isn't with us anymore. I had a cassette stolen from my car about 8 years ago which was a studio jam session I once had with Bernard on bass, Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds) on drums and Bernie Marsden on guitar....to say I was pissed off about having it nicked would be an understatement as it was the only copy !!

Q: Great to see you guys back together. Probably too daft a question to answer, but do you chaps still hang out with Sweety, at the St. Moritz club? Steve, Slough
L: I spent a lot of time in the Moritz during the 80's and early 90's and I did bump into Sweety in the street a couple of years ago which made me pop in for an early evening pint later the same day but I haven't been there since.

Q: Presumably following the closure of lukemorley.com, there is, presently at least, no more 'Luke Morley - solo artist'.  Why after just one (superb I must add) album, are you not 'absolutely solo' now?  Is it for financial, musical or other reasons?  Did you have the 'Bowes + Morley' thing planned, but had some spare time in between and couldn't stop working? p.s. Please, please, please make sure that, for all the red blooded males watching whenever you tour, Tara and Anna MacDonald are with you!!!!! Chris Smith, Kent
L: I thought it would be daft to keep luke-morley.com going when all the news in the immediate future is going to be mainly concerning what Danny and I are up to. I haven't thought about making another solo album but in the future who knows !  The McDonald girls are very dear friends of mine and I'm sure we will work together again so you're in luck Chris !!!

Q: When I've been to a gig, I cant sleep that night and I'm on a buzz for a good few days. I just wondered if when you are performing its the same, or if you just get used to it. Candy, Kent
L: I do get an adrenaline buzz after gigs, especially if they're really good. That's why we would normally sit in the bar at the hotel or wherever after a show and calm down over a couple of stiff drinks.

Q: I've been a fan for a while....I got the first two Thunder CDs and until I got involved with the internet I had no idea of any further Thunder releases.  I've since caught most on the way up and was just wondering why more or less only U.K. and Japan get any of your time?  I live in Columbus, Ohio (Midwestern U.S.A.) and am requesting your presence in the growing entertainment spot on the map.  The Newport or Promowest Pavilion would be perfect.  At least start releasing your music here again. Brian Wigton, USA
L: Believe me Brian, it's not the lack of wanting to release/tour the USA. I did it once with Power Station in '97 and I kept thinking to myself it's such a shame that Thunder never did tour there properly.  Unfortunately there's a lot more to it than meets the eye; we were never supported by our labels in the States and being such an enormous country, it does take a certain amount of financial backing to tour there. If your record company isn't committed to supporting you at radio and in the stores there's really not a great deal you can do about it. The great frustration is that Backstreet Symphony did sell over 250,000 copies and Geffen STILL wouldn't support a US tour....bastards.....

Q: I remember seeing one of your support bands called Lukan who released Head to the Sound in 1999. Any idea what has happened to them? Dave, Chesterfield
T: Lukan split last year due to a lack of label support, even though they'd just finished recording their debut full length record (which remains unreleased!).  However, 3 members of the band (all but the drummer) are still playing together in a band called Fin.  They gig regularly around the Nottingham area but they're quite different to Lukan - much more acoustic based, and sometimes sound scarily like U2.  Check 'em out if you can - I highly recommend them...

Q: Which Bands Or Artists Would You Both Like To Do A Tour Or Album With? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
D: I'd have loved to have sung a duet with John Lennon, or Elvis. As for living people I'd wet myself if Stevie Wonder asked me to sing with him, so I'd have to change my trousers and probably miss my chance. Ho hum.

Q: Danny, we think you sound very like Paul Rogers from Free.  Have you ever seen Free live or talked to them?  We ask this because this was the first band we saw, way back, and we are in the same age group as yourselves. Mags & Fiona, Fife
D: I'm not sure how old you think I am, or indeed how old you are (I wouldn't be so rude), but my first ever live concert was Bad Company at The Rainbow in London in December 1974 (I was 14). I never got to see Free, but it's true I practically ate & drank the entire Free & Bad Co LP collection for a few years (until Bad Co got lazy and I discovered Stevie Wonder).  I did meet Mick Ralphs (we jammed Shooting Star and Feel Like Makin' Love at the Brixton Academy), he was nice, but I've never met Paul Rodgers.

Q: We are very interested (or nosey, some might say) to find out what Thinny is like!  C'mon Thinny reveal yourself and put a pic on the website! P.S. Are you Chris Childs? Trica W & Margie B, Wales
T: Reveal myself? You know I would, but there are kiddies that visit this website and it would probably scare them!  And no I'm not Chris Childs (or any other member of Thunder for that matter) - Chris is far too busy for all this website nonsense....

Q: I am a songwriter, and as part of a band, and Thunders biggest fan I Need to play your music myself..........where can i get hold of your music, I need tab books, do u have any sites, names or numbers? Tom-Ass (15)
T: Tab books for Laughing On Judgement Day and The Thrill Of It All albums were available in Japan, but have been deleted for many years and are virtually impossible to come by. 

Q: I've a very serious question for you. Do you like Marmite? Candy, Ribbons
L: I love Marmite ! Just this morning I was dipping my marmite soldier into a hot moist yolk..........................

Q: Just visited my local HMV website and came across the following: Symphony & Stage 2 CD set - Thunder.  Can you offer any more info on this? Terry
T: It's a 2 CD compilation of Giving The Game Away and the best bits of the first Live album.  It's coming out on Snapper Records (SMDCD374)  in the U.K. on Monday 29th April 2002.  I'll try to find out a bit more, but the proposed track listing is:
CD 1:
1.   Just Another Suicide
2.   All I Ever Wanted
3.   Giving The Game Away
4.   You'll Still Need A Friend
5.   Rolling The Dice
6.   Numb
7.   Play That Funky Music
8.   'Til It Shines
9.   Time To Get Tough
10. It's Another Day
11. It Could Be Tonight
CD 2:
1.   Welcome To The Party (Live)
2.   Don't Wait Up (Live)
3.   Higher Ground (Live)
4.   Low Life In High Places (Live)
5.   Backstreet Symphony (Live)
6.   I'll Be Waiting (Live)
7.   An Englishman On Holiday (Live)
8.   Like A Satellite (Live)
9.   Dirty Love (Live)
10. A Better Man (Live)
11. Laughing On Judgement Day (Live)
12. Until My Dying Day (Live)
13. She's So Fine (Live)
14. Love Walked In (Live)
15. River Of Pain (Live)

Q: DB...wot did you do with gigantic pair of knickers we gave you at very last thunder gig at Wolverhampton? ! (Don't tell us you passed 'em on to Matron and she wears 'em for Sunday best?  P.S. Is Matron aka Thinny? If so, hope she's not easily offended. :) Trica W & Margie B, Wales
D: I remember the knickers in question but I'm afraid I have no idea what happened to them. Perhaps Harry has them in his wardrobe?
T: Matron & Thinny one and the same?!?  my goodness, what a scary thought.... ;).  Nope, last time I checked I was definitely male, and Matron is most definitely not!  And no, I haven't seen those big knickers since either...honest.....

Q: Luke, you are put in a room with no doors or Windows. You are single and not attached in any way. In the room is your guitar. Also in the room is the sexiest woman you can think of, (Lisa Snowdon perhaps) who shows a keen interest in you. Who or what do you play with? Kevin Figg, Kent
L: If I happened to be in such a place in such a situation I would pick up the guitar first then attempt to seduce the sexy woman by writing her a song then singing it to her......it usually does the trick !!!!!!

Q: Danny...you are shipwrecked on an island. You are also single. Only you, a microphone and a sexy woman are with you. Do you sing hoping one of us fans hear you and rescues you, or sing for your lady friend who has this thing for singers with a great voice? Kevin Figg, Kent
D: Sorry, but I wouldn't need a microphone.

Q: Does Danny play any instruments and did he share song writing duties on this album. If not, why not!! Also, when you tour, can I be a roadie, cos I'm drowning in my current job - rescue me, before it's too late. (You don't know how serious I am!) John
D: I play three chords on the guitar, two on the piano and can keep time on the triangle but that's it. I wrote no songs on this LP because I decided I don't write songs, and have also decided to leave that particular job to people like Luke who do it very well, rather than sing crap songs just because I wrote them.
I'm sorry your job is hell but you can't be our roadie (it's a backline tech, no one calls it roadie any more, so get it right or you'll never get anyone to take you on). I hear Toby Jepson's going out on tour, why not email him?

Q: Danny, How old were you when you realised you wanted to be a singer, and had your parents secretly been hoping that you would get a "proper" job as a doctor/lawyer/accountant? Cake
D: This is the short version....I was 15 years old, it was school lunch break, at Luke's house (heavy smoking practice), he was in a band, I wasn't. I sat next to the drum kit in his bedroom drinking tea (shiny and red, the kit not the tea), made the decision that I had to be near one (a drum kit). Had no inclination to play anything and figured that singing was the easiest option (no expense). Decision made. My Mum was always very supportive, my Dad was too but with "proper job" type reservations (until he came to a show and the after-show party was full of page 3 girls, then he was very proud).

Q: Hi Danny & Luke, It's great that you are working together again but will you try to visit Norway (Trondheim) this time on your tour if any... And will you're album be available directly here... ??? (El Gringo Retro I had to import) and a final question... I can not find your old Terraplane record anywhere... Is there a possibility that the "Moving Target" album will be re-released ? Inge Hassel, Norway
D: The new LP should be available in shops in Norway on Eagle Records. As for touring it's the same old reply, no shows are booked anywhere yet, but as soon as they are we'll announce it here. Whilst we would love to play everywhere it may not be possible, it really all comes down to how well the LP sells.....
Moving Target has been re-released by Sony in Japan, but as far as we know there is no plan to do the same anywhere else. I suggest you contact Sony UK for more accurate info.

Q: We all know that Luke is a great songwriter and he can play a note or two! Danny has a fantastic voice. What was the reason Danny wasn't singing on Luke's solo debut?  In my opinion he should have been. Luke's voice is cool for the right song, but not for an entire album. Just my opinion. Also, when the time is right, hit us with Thunder again - but you need to come back as fresh as the debut hit us in 89/90 - that was something really special! Comments? Axel Thomas, Marple
L: If Danny had sung on El Gringo Retro then it wouldn't have been a solo album would it ? It was also good for us to have a break from working together for a while as we'd not stopped in 25 years !!  As far as Thunder is concerned we'll just have to wait and see........

Q: I would like a little advice as I am new to the guitar game but had a burning desire to write down some of my thoughts...so I picked up a guitar, read a book and have mastered the basics.  The lyrics came fairly easy to me, but I wondered the best way to get an opinion on some of my attempts to see if they are anything more than pure excrement! Ian, Wales
L: The best place to get an opinion on your songs initially is from your friends + family. As the people that know you best they will be brutally honest and that isn't a bad thing. If you can stand the trauma of hearing your nearest + dearest's points of view then send out a few songs to some music publishers as they deal with songs + writers all the time.  The main point is if you really believe that your work deserves to be heard then pursue everything and everybody you can until you make something happen. It is very competitive out there but good luck !

Q: What was the musical influence behind this CD or was it all spurred on just by working together again? Matt
L: With this album we were able to call on a lot of our influences that maybe wouldn't have fitted comfortably into Thunder's portfolio. Although we love hard rock from the period during which we grew up, we also both listened to a lot of other things like Motown, West Coast (Petty, Doobie Bros), Steely Dan, Soul (Chic, Teddy Prendergrass) and it was important to us to NOT make an album that was like a bad version of Thunder...that wouldn't be fair to the other guys in the band or to the fans or ourselves.

Q: Hi Luke, Out all of your guitars which one do you most enjoy playing in the studio and live? Ben Jackon, Nottingham
L: I have five guitars that I use regularly:
1) White Les Paul Custom (studio + live)
2) White Fender Telecaster (studio + live)
3) Burgundy Fender Stratocaster (studio)
4) Ovation Balladeer acoustic (studio)
5) Takamine single cutaway acoustic (studio + live)
I don't really have a favourite as they all do slightly different jobs.  My most valuable guitar is a Les Paul Standard Re-issue but I snapped the neck about 6 years ago and since I had it repaired I don't take it out of my house as it's still a little fragile.

Q: What is your favourite, least favourite and most meaningful of all the songs you've ever performed/written? What is your stand on Napster and all that legal stuff? Any chance you will play at my wedding? Kevin Figg, Kent
L: It's very hard to objective about my own songs. Sometimes what they mean to other people is more important than what I think. There's a couple that I'm really proud of; A Better Man, Low Life In High Places, River Of Pain, Living For Today, Numb, Go With The Flow all for purely song writing reasons. Some songs are great to play live; Love Walked In, Until My Dying Day, Welcome To The Party, Just Another Suicide. The songs that we didn't generally feel that good about nearly always ended up as extra tracks or b-sides.
As far as Napster is concerned I'm not too bothered by the whole concept but I do think they should pay something to the artists involved. I have no problem with people putting one over on Record Companies as they are shafting artist and punter alike; morally they should be taking a far smaller piece of the cake than they do. Having said all of that the whole industry is based on the fact that they need us and we need their distribution network and they've been holding the whip hand for so long that they are obviously not going to change their tune unless a couple of huge acts make a stand about it.
Weddings make me nervous so I doubt we will be able to take you up on your kind offer !!!!!

Q: Any chance of covering the songs El Doomo by Ellis or Be Me Friend by Free maybe as B-sides? Gazza, Sidcup
L: We have done covers in the past and I'm sure we will again and it's always been a spontaneous thing so you never know !!

Q: Went along to see you play at the Leadmill, Sheffield a couple of years ago with Andy Taylor which was great. (Got poked in the back by Harry whilst waiting outside and told to take Thunder t-shirt off before entering though, strange man (Any reason??).  Any plans to do anymore stuff with Andy in the future? Anthony, Newcastle upon Tyne
L: You're right....Harry is a strange man !  Taylor and I have written together for years so there's no reason why we wouldn't do it again. At the moment he's very busy making an album with the original Duran line up so watch out for that.

Q: Luke, I know one of your favourite songs is "Preaching from a chair" (and it's my fave too) but never was playing in shows or never was recording live, and I wonder why. Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
L: I can't remember why we didn't do 'Preaching' live; I know we rehearsed it before the 'Behind Closed Doors' tour. Maybe it didn't work as well live....sometimes that happens.

Q: Luke old mucker, do you still have any endorsements with any guitar companies like you used too ??  If not, who would you choose ? I have seen *SO* many artists now playing the lovely Paul Reed Smith geeeetars - ever tried one? Cleggy
L: I don't have any direct endorsements because I like to be able to play all kinds of guitars without upsetting anybody ! Paul Reed Smith guitars are supposed to be lovely to play but being left-handed, I've never come across one that I could try........bugger !!

Q: Any likelihood of Danny and the Doo Wops making appearances in the future? Jason Grey
Q: Will we ever get the chance of seeing Danny and the Doo Wops again? Kevin Wheeler, Wiltshire
D: Danny & The Doo Wops is a once in a while legendary occurrence, an experience of epic proportions, and as such not one that can be planned. I have heard that several of the original members are in prison, some are working the clubs in Cuba, and one's now a bishop. Never say never, but don't hold your breath.... you may go quite red waiting.

Q: Are you going to have a fan club like Thunder Channel?  When you tour will you have after show chats like Thunder did? Will you be doing any interviews in music press, e.g. Classic Rock or Q? Marion (Syme/Clark) Spence
D: There are no plans to run a fan club for Bowes & Morley. To be honest the Thunder fan club became a bit of a monster, too big to run efficiently from Thunder Towers.  As we have no shows booked as yet, we haven't discussed the "after shows" but I dare say we'll do them, provided people don't keep going on about my hair.  The label will deal with the press issues, so we'll have to wait and see who they are.

Q: Uh slightly strange question but is it true that Danny has been directing Atomic Kitten videos for the last year or so? Matt Steven, Notts
D: You should know by now that everything you hear is true, or is it?

Q: Has Danny any plans to make his own solo album in the future?  Mark Stanton, Northampton
Q: Gentleman, Good Luck with the new chapter, I was the fan who works on cruise ships in the states and met you many times after the gigs when I was lucky enough to be  home while you were touring, but not upset if you don't remember me.  Danny, even though you and your old mucker are treading the boards again, ever been a desire to make a solo CD ?? Graham
D: Of course I remember you Graham, you had a gorgeous girlfriend, ha ha! Yes I'd love to make a solo LP one day, and I may do, but then again I may not, it's about moods with me. I hope all's well on the cruises, never did take you up on that offer did I?

Q: Great to have you back! Any chance the live tour would bring you guys to Holland? Rob, Holland
D: Holland? Why not, don't know yet, we'll all have to wait and see.

Q: I collected you guys in my cab when you were rehearsing / recording the Thrill album in Sussex!  Two questions, what the F**K has Danny done to his hair, and what's happened to Harry?!  Is Danny trying to be his body double?! Simon, West Sussex
D: That's it, it's been two days and already I'm fed up with the hair bullshit. Future questions/comments on hair will be ignored. You know I love you all, but please, enough with the hair.

Q: Hi Danny, Love your voice, love ALL Thunder music, you look great in the Video I have - with your hair very short - but pray tell me, where has it all gone??  Surely you're not going to remain 'white-headed'/bald? Honey, it doesn't suit you! Zita, Dorset
D: Here we go again with the hair comments. It's been two years and this is the best you can do? My hair is my own affair, as yours is yours. I will do with it what I will, regardless of whether or not you think it suits me. I love your voice as well.

Q: Old time U.S.fan here. If I fly over the pond to see you boys, would there be any chance to get to jam with you? I know all your music note for note.  It would be a great honour to play with two of rock's greatest. So if your looking for that second guitarist for the upcoming tour...give me yell. Lefty Jimi, USA
L: Thanks for volunteering your services but I can't promise anything...

Q: Has anything bad or really embarrassing happen while you were on stage? Clearly walking out on stage in Japan wearing next to nothing is not acceptable as this was more embarrassing for us fans. Kevin Figg, Kent
L: My, my, you are a cheeky chappie aren't you Kevin ! In the past I've always found that when things go wrong as they are bound to do occasionally, the best thing to do is to own up...an audience will always know anyway, so there's no point pretending otherwise. This philosophy was always upheld during the Thunder years as you will know if you saw us a few times.
D: Good question.  Many strange things happened to us onstage, too many to name them all but I remember once at Cornwall Coliseum when I was in the middle of singing the quiet bit after the solo in Until My Dying Day, eyes closed, baring my soul,
preparing for the big big note, when I heard someone say "Hello Danny". I opened my eyes to see a strange guy I'd never met standing right next to me, grinning. He'd apparently walked straight past all the backstage security like he owned the place, no pass or anything, past the crew and our personal security guy, and up on to the stage. I stopped the song and said hello, wondering what he thought he was doing, and also wondering if he was going to stab me, then the band's (soon to be ex) security guy rushed on and whisked him away. I'm sure the crowd thought it was a planned comedy moment but it wasn't. It was only a split second thing, but for me personally, it definitely rates as one of the strangest ones......

Q: Are Luke and Danny planning to keep recording together any other album, or is this the last?? If you are planning to go on stages, would you (please) take a ride to Argentina?  Is in the new album all the songs you done, or kept some of them out?? Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
L: We haven't actually made any plans beyond this album so we can't answer your first question....let's just say I'm sure it won't be the last time we work together !!!
We'd love to come to Argentina again. The people were really friendly and in my opinion the Argentineans are the most beautiful looking race on the face of the earth !!! I've never felt so ugly, spotty and unattractive as I did in Buenos Aires because the girls were all gorgeous and the men were all handsome......
We recorded all the songs for the album as they were written and when we had enough we stopped so there aren't any more at the moment.

Q: I have a 13 year old Sheltie named Danny (just a happy coincidence), and was wondering what you both have for pets. Chris, Kansas City
L: I'm afraid that I don't have any pets at the moment. Over the years I've had a lot of cats, gerbils, a snake called Ernie and a mouse !!!
D: I have 3 cats, Frank, Diesel and Polly. All black, or black and white. All moggies (not pedigrees), all insane, and always hungry.  I have also have a stick insect, called Dave. At least I think he's in there, I haven't seen him move for 3 months...

Q: Who has influenced you both in terms of playing, singing and writing? Paul K.
L: Influences in terms of playing: Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Pete Townsend, Jeff Skunk Baxter, Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards, Paul Kossoff, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, James Jameson
Singing: Lennon + McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Robert Plant, Donald Fagen, Levi Stubbs (Four Tops), Paul Rodgers, Roger Daltrey, Michael McDonald
Writing: Beatles, Pete Townsend, Page/Plant, Holland/Dozier/Holland, Becker/Fagen, Rodgers/Edwards

Q: I would like to know why thunder split in the first place?  It just seems a bit odd that you are two are back together. Was a record company type of thing or u just needed a break? Andrea, Manchester
L: Thunder ceased to be because we didn't feel we could further our musical careers together in the climate at that time. Also we needed a change. It's as simple as that.

Q: This may seem like a trivial question, but what kind of harmonicas does Luke use, and are the pick ups in his les paul standard, and are there any other modifications, and what amp do you use? (just looking for that authentic sound!!) Lee
L: All harmonicas are made by Hohner; I use either a Blues Harp or a Cross Harp. Les Pauls are all off the peg models without modifications.  I use Fender and Mesa Boogie amps; Fender for recording and Boogies live.

Q: Who are the other musicians on the new album? Jon, Norway
D: The musicians on the LP are (lifted from the credits):
Daniel Bowes: lead & background vocals, wheels, deals, food, drink etc.
Luke Morley: lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars, bass (one), background vocals, percussion + keyboards (but not the hard bits).
Chris Childs: bass guitar (all bar one).
Dave (Muncher) Moore: keyboards (all the hard bits).
John Tonks: Drums.
Ben GanT: Trumpet.
Marlin Robertson: Saxophone.
Ian MoffaT: Trombone & tadpoles on washing lines.
Garfield Anthony Myers: Sitar-guitar on Something About My Baby, nice teeth.
Peter Shoulder: Solo guitar on Powertripping, youth.
Linda & Dee Lewis: Background vocals on Dancing The Night Away, Something About My Baby & Hesitate.
Ana & Tara McDonalD: Background vocals on Freakshow & Better Times.

Q: Re: Danny's hair!  Danny...Did you win the bet ??.... Paul
D: Yes, thank you.

Q: Hi thanks for the update, this is great news!! But what about us poor sods in the US? Will it be released here or will we need to import it? And if I must import it, can you recommend a good source? Mac McCraney, USA
D: We're talking to a couple of labels about the possibility of releasing the new LP in the US. Though to be honest it will almost certainly not be out there until after it's out in UK/Europe so I suggest you get it from Townsend Records who will be happy to sell it to you I'm sure.

Q: Hi Danny, Who Is Your Fave All Time Band At The Moment? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
D: I've no favourite band at the moment. To be perfectly honest I find the current kid band thing a bit non-stimulating. I like the energy of the punkier bands but I find the lack of songs a bit dull. I can't help it, I like to hear singers...

Q: Did Luke ever take part in a tv programme years ago that involved being left in a room with a table loaded up with chocolate bars, with a hidden camera watching to see if he would stuff his pockets when no-one was looking?  Heaps of other people took part too, the test being to see what type of person would take the choc if they thought they would get away with it.  I think Luke was in it, and he stood with his back to the goodies studying the pictures/paintings in the room. Cake
L: Yes....it was me ! The programme was called 'Temptation' and presented by Angus Deayton. They took people from different walks of life and professions (I was the token rock musician) and stuck all of us individually into a room full of goodies (wine, food, designer clothes etc.). I was told that everything in the room had been left over from a photo shoot and a party the night before and  that while I was waiting for Angus to finish his previous interview I could help myself to anything I wanted. The objective of the show was to see how the different individuals would react to being told they could have anything in the room they wanted. They didn't however tell us we were all being secretly filmed. The only problem was that I happened to notice the badly hidden security cameras and I knew the show was called 'Temptation' so it didn't take me long to suss out what was going on. Also I had a crippling hangover (the show was filmed at 10.30am) so the last thing I fancied was wine or food. I suppose I could have thrown up on some of the designer labels but I certainly didn't want to be filmed doing it!!

Q: soooo do you miss Thunder or are they still kinda lurkin around *wink wink* and how do you rate rock city in Nottingham?? Sarah Kelly, Nottingham
L: Having been in a great band like Thunder part of us will always miss it a bit; it's inevitable. However we've all got to move on in life and put the past into some kind of perspective; standing still isn't a healthy thing !!! We've always had a great time at Rock City. It's a rare combination of being a very well run venue from a bands point of view as well as being a great place to see bands. It isn't too big or too small and has a fantastic and friendly atmosphere. We love it !!!

Q: Surprised to see you're back on Eagle Records - will the album be on sale in HMV / Virgin etc, or just over the web? Chris D, Croydon
T: The album will be available in all good record shops!!

Q: Is the backing music without vocals (I do love Mr Bowes' voice and will never match it) available? I have singing lessons and would dearly love to have a go at some tracks from Behind Closed Doors, I'll be waiting, 'Til the River Runs dry  or Preaching from a chair.  Angela Burrows, Switzerland
T: Unfortunately, the backing music without vocals has never been, and almost certainly never will be, available.

Q: Are you guys going to be going out on tour?, because everyone is sooooooooooo excited!!!!!! Craig Saunders
Q: The big question is......are you going back on the road with a tour or even a few gigs? (please say yes)! Margie B, Wales
Q: Hi guys, can't wait to hear your new stuff live any info yet? Susan Coghill
Q: Are there any tour dates in the near future ? (Could you possibly make the venue bigger than The Borderline?). Paul
Q: When are we going to see you guys live ????? Steve Crooks
Q: Are you going to be touring Scotland this year? Mags & Fiona, Fife
L: We're still in the planning stages right now but all visitors to bowesandmorley.com will be the first to know when dates and details of live performances are finalised.

Q: The burning question ! Will Thunder reform? Paul
Q: I would like to know if there are any chances that Thunder (the best band ever) will reunite? Jonas Hamm
Q: Any chance Thunder will ever get back together? Kevin Figg, Kent
L: We parted as friends, we're still friends and we've never ruled it out. If a time arises when we all feel like we want to do it and we're all in a position to do it, then who knows; it's always a possibility.

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