Q & A Archive - June 2002


Q: Def Leppard have a new album out shortly. I'm a fan (and I believe The Thin Controller is too, although Bazza definitely isn't !). What do you think of them, musically and as a bunch of people you have (presumably) met ? Any chance you can get them to support you on the UK dates ??? Mark Burton, London
L: I think Def Leppard started badly but improved amazingly. Hysteria was a cracking album packed with great songs and it sounded great on the radio. You don't get as big as they got in the 80's without doing something right. They are also thoroughly nice chaps.

Q: How impressed am I ?!!! I have been waiting for the gig dates and was expecting another trip to London to catch you live. The news that you will play again at my local venue - Rock City - is so cool. Which leads me to my question. I have seen you appear there twice now, since I moved to the city, and I was wondering what association you have with the place ? Both concerts were electric, by the way, and you never failed to pack the place out with dedicated Thunder fans. I know that RC has a strong influence within the music industry, but what made you choose it over other venues? P.S. - A friend of mine (honest, no my question) also wants to know whether you ever managed to hook up with a certain Marti Pellow when you attended the song-writers forum with Chris Difford. Apparently, old Marti goes as well ?!! Yours in great appreciation for gig choice! Andy
L: When we were offered the show at Rock City we were chuffed. I think it's one of the best run venues in the country and Andy Copping (the promoter) is very helpful as well as being a great laugh.
I didn't meet Marti Pellow at Chris's thing but Danny and I spent a pleasant afternoon by the pool in the Sunset Marquis hotel in L.A. with him and The Wets bass player Graham in 1989. Suffice to say we drank the pair of Scottish wimps under the table.....perhaps we helped cause Marti's well-documented problems.

Q: What do you think of Noel Gallagher as a singer/songwriter /guitar player? Do you think his songs are meaningful or rubbish, and do you think Liam is the best frontman in rock? Alan Hamill, Motherwell
L: I think Noel is very talented as a writer. 'Wonderwall' and 'Don't Look Back In Anger' are proof enough for me. He's not the world's greatest guitar player though. Liam has a very distinctive voice and I think rock'n'roll needs controversial characters. I do think there's more to being a frontman than standing at the mic and swearing but it seems to work fine for him.

Q: Congrats on MSA, wicked!  Do you think that people will always be comparing you to your thunder days (excellent as they were) with this album and does it annoy you that some people wont keep an open mind with your new material? (p.s I don't get out of bed unless I have to!!!) Kate
L: Comparison with the past is inevitable so there's no point letting it get on my nerves. I can't change other peoples opinions but that doesn't mean I have to listen to them !

Q: That question about She's so fine being in an advert reminds me. Was Flawed to perfection used in a Marathon aka Snickers advert? Kevin, Kent
L: As far as I know 'Flawed' has never been used in an advert.

Q: If you were given a 'super' power e.g. X-ray vision, flying etc., what would it be? And, quite a few years ago I was at the pictures and I'm sure 'She's So Fine' was used as the backing track on an advert for a ladies perfume or something like that, but I don't remember it being shown on the TV? The album is bloody superb - can't wait for the gigs. John
L: When I was a nipper I used to collect Marvel magazines and my favourite characters were Captain America and The Fantastic Four. If memory serves me correctly Captain America didn't actually have any super-human powers but he did have a cool outfit and a shield. I loved The Fantastic Four because one of them could stretch himself like rubber and it occurred to me that if I possessed the same ability I could sit on the sofa watching TV, pour myself a glass of wine in the kitchen, make love to a beautiful woman upstairs and mow the lawn all at the same time. Not bad eh? 'She's So Fine' was used in a Max Factor advert which was made specifically for the cinema.

Q: Luke, how did you first come to work with Andy Taylor? did he approach you or did you approach him? Sarah Badham-Spalding 
L: Andy and Thunder had the same accountant and he was looking to produce an English rock band at the same time we were looking for a producer. We met, had a few beers and wrote 'She's So Fine' and everything fell into place.

Q: I have seen somebody on your site pass comment on the new album as sounding very much like Extreme and Electric Boys. This wouldn't be a bad thing, and I have nothing against those bands and like them very much (I have all albums by both bands), but can't help this person was listening to a different CD! My thoughts are that MSA (which is superb) is far more reminiscent of Stevie Wonder and possibly even the Style Council in places, but nothing like Extreme or Electric Boys:- I know that it is difficult to assess your own work comparatively against other artists, but your thoughts on these observations please Luke and Danny? Chris Smith, Herne Bay, Kent
L: I think that if you take elements of rock, soul and funk and mix them up as we have done on this album then many comparisons are bound to be made. Extreme and The Electric Boys flirted with funk but they were both contemporaries of ours and I think MSA's influences are a lot further back in time. Stevie Wonder is a massive artist/influence for both of us so I'd agree with you there but The Style Council ??????

Q: Are You Good At Playing Golf And What's The Worst Shoot You Have Taken When Playing Golf. Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: I've seen people hit comedy golf shots many times but my bad shots aren't even funny. My handicap would probably be about 20 at the moment.

Q: Has either of you ever been called to do jury service ? (Doing mine at the moment but protocol dictates that I can't share the sordid details with you !)If so, how was the experience for you? If not, how would you feel about sitting in judgment on your peers? Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
L: I've never been asked to do Jury Service and I don't think I'd feel comfortable doing it.

Q: Okay guys, after submitting a question to you last month which appears not to have reached your high standards of golf, booze, football and women, I've been doing a little bit of research on your Q&A pages........have you ever considered yourselves sexist by any chance? There's a distinct lack of questions from the female fan base that I know you have, I'm sure there are plenty of us out here with intelligent questions so where are they?  On a more personal note, the album is great and I haven't stopped playing it since I got it (my husbands very patient!) I'm really looking forward to seeing you guys, it's been far too long since I last saw you, had to miss your last gig at Wolverhampton due to illness. Any chance you might play some venues nearer to Northampton this time out? Kerry, Daventry.
T:  There is no information available as yet regarding touring. Details will be announced on the site as and when!  
I have no idea what your original question was, but if it didn't get answered then either the guys didn't want to answer it or I didn't feel as if it was appropriate for the site (this is unlikely as I can only think of that happening on a couple of occasions).  Remember, as it clearly states on the site we do not guarantee that every question will get answered - and it certainly has nothing to do with your sex.  However, female visitors should note that sending us a naked photograph of yourself will definitely result in an immediate response.  Now what was the question again?  Oh yes - "Are we sexist?".  Definitely not.... ;)

Q: Hi to you both,  I've just got my copy of MSA and I have to say, I'm very impressed.  It's not left my CD player since it arrived!! Congratulations!  But the question is... when are you going to play the UK? Can't wait to see you guys again.  How come Japan gets all the luck, the World Cup and Bowes & Morley...no fair! (Just a coincidence or engineered to look that way?) Miss Rae Bezer, Manchester
T:  That's just they way it worked out I'm afraid.  In fact, if they guys had their way, they would have been in Japan even earlier - say, just in time for England's first world cup match!?  The U.K. dates are yet to be confirmed - so stay tuned to www.bowesandmorley.com for all the exclusive details....

Q: Love the new album. Danny's voice is always going to remind me of Thunder, but the whole affair stands up superbly on its own. Luke, I was amused by your Rick Astley remarks in a previous reply. I have to admit to owning his 'Free' album, which was actually very good and a far cry from his SAW cheese. Another person who has been saddled with an unfair rep. Talking of cheese, If anyone remembers Chesney Hawkes, I stood next to him at a Shepherds Bush gig of Thunder's a few years ago !!! So: The tour, I know details are impossible, but any chance of an indication of time of year they are likely to happen? What about venue sizes. I imagine the fan base will be undiminished from the Thunder days, so will you be trying for the 'usuals' (Shepherd Bush type places) or any chance of fitting a show in down Brighton way ?  A special requesT: Please don't set the tour between 21st September and 6 October. I'm getting married and am away on honeymoon. It'd be a tough choice......Great to see you back.  Dave
T:  Congratulations on your wedding - I hope you have a great day.  As for touring details, we could tell you odd bits and pieces here and there but this is the music biz and everything could, does and almost defiantly will change from day to day!  Therefore,  what we tell you today could be totally wrong tomorrow - and then we'd have loads of irate fans on our backs for giving out the wrong information.  I know that you are all eager for the details of the tour, but I'm afraid you're just going to have to be patient. As soon as the dates are concrete they will be announced on the site and through the mailing list.

Q: Firstly...at the last Glasgow gig my mate Arthur was dragged up on stage to sing with Danny...He's asked if you remeber the magic moment...as a clue Danny remarked he looked like DEAN FREEDMAN (Yes he really is that ugly!!)..so much so that from that night on his nickname became DEAN!!! (Ah the things the Good Lord will be making you answer for!!!) Secondly...My missus wants to know if Danny sings in the shower?...and if so can she scrub your back? Paul K. (Ayshire)
D: Yes I sing in the bath and shower every day, for the same reasons as everyone else, it sounds great! When touring I sing in the shower sometimes three or four times a day (the steam helps re-activate my voice after the previous night's ravaging). As far as company goes, when you're in the shower three or four times a day do you look a bit like a prune, but I'm always happy to consider serious offers from good singers (naturally).

Q: I've got a band here in Gib and this Saturday we're supporting The Wailers who are gigging here. One slight problem is we're not exactly a reggae band though we do touch on it with some of our songs. Anyway, in the early years have you guys ever found yourselves in a supporting slot where you've felt slightly out of place? Or is it not really important? Craig Macdonald, Gibraltar
L: I remember in the very early days of Thunder we supported an out and out soul band at Junction 10 in Walsall. I think that the audience was a bit non-plussed initially but as our set went on they seemed to warm to us. I think that as long as you do what you do well it's possible to seduce at least some of any audience. We did a very strange gig in L.A.once which was a party for a magazine which was the American equivalent of Kerrang called 'RIP'. It was 1991 and the musical tide was definitely changing at that time as one look at the bill would suggest (Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Spinal Tap and Thunder). Half the audience loved us but the other half hated us because we were a more 'traditional' rock band. It was ridiculous really as it all sounds like rock'n'roll to me but such was the wave of anger against anything perceived to be vaguely old-school that we had sections of the punters screaming all kinds of abuse at us. It was a strange evening that was compounded by the fact that we were sharing a dressing room with Spinal Tap (very funny; they even did the soundcheck in character) and Pearl Jam (nervous young boys but very nice). As ever we put it down to experience and moved on.

Q: When touring previously, you always did a new cover version for each tour. Are you planning to do the same when you go out on the road again? Neil Parsons, Southampton
L: Yes you're right but I'm afraid you'll have to wait and see !!!!

Q: Which countries do you both like to go on holiday to? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: Spain + Italy; both have great climates and lovely food and wine.

Q: I've had the good fortune to meet yourselves on a couple of occasions, and enjoy telling mates what honest gents you were. However I also had the misfortune of seeing Pete Townshend approached by a fan who he told to, erm, 'issue forth'. So two questions:
1. I know he's a quirky old bugger, legend, genius etc. but have you ever had any experience of the chap? Was he just having an off day? Or does he fancy himself a bit too much?
2. Can you please describe the most annoying or tiresome fan encounters you've experienced. (I remember seeing a nutty middle-aged woman asking you (Luke) to sign loads of photos of you that she'd obviously sniped - she was prime stalker material!) Rich G.
L: I've never met Pete Townshend but I'm sure he'd probably be equally rude to me if he was in that kind of mood. I love what he does so I only feel qualified to judge him on a musical level really.  Circumstances permitting we've always tried to speak to as many of the people that come to see us as possible and I'm proud of that. If you're in this line of work you have to accept that you will come across the odd twit but it's not been that bad for us. I like to think that most people who like what we do will be sensible enough not to overstep the line. Usually if you're nice to someone they tend to be nice back.

Q: Hi guys, finally got my copy of the album today, and I have to say that it is GREAT, just a couple of questions, 1st to Danny, what kind of vocal exercises do you do, your voice sounds just as rich and fresh as it did on Backstreet Symphony, and finally Luke what gauge strings do you use, and how do you get that crunchy sound. Dale, London
D: Thanks for your sweet words, I bet you say that to all the boys...For the authentic Danny sound I have gargled every morning for years with a mixture of donkey urine and powdered glass, the quantities of each is a closely guarded secret, known only to the donkey and myself. Seriously I've never been much of a one for all that technique and exercises stuff. I've always just opened my mouth and let it all out until I'm done, then I stop and have a drink. Hard to know what else to say really.....
L: I use 10-46 gauge Fender strings and no effects, just a Les Paul/Stratocaster/Telecaster into Boogie/Fender amps.

Q: Hi Luke, I'm celebrating my own birthday today (18th) and intend to spend the whole day being spoilt rotten and possibly opening a nice bottle of claret later, so what have you got planned for your birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Karen, Essex
L: Did you know you share your birthday with Paul McCartney ? I'm being taken for dinner somewhere nice after which I will adjourn to my local boozer where I may have a drink or two. For my birthday I have only one wish..........England 3 Brazil 2 (after extra time)

Q: Back in the days when my hair was as long as Danny's used to be, I was the drummer (no drummer jokes please!) in a band who supported Terraplane at Shelly's Stoke On Trent. We were crap, but Terraplane were fantastic. Thunder became my favourite band (still are) and yes I was at Dingwalls for the last show where my car got locked in for the night - but that's another story! Moving Swiftly Along is brilliant - It has essence of Thunder, with a taste of Little Angles, Electric Boys & Extreme and I've played it continuously in my car since getting my order copy on the launch date. And now to the question - as good as the album is, are Thunder ever going to reform?? You have an army of loyal fans just waiting to rally to the cause. Dave Shenton, Cheshire
T: The guys are still all friends and have never ruled out the possibility of a reunion, but there are currently no plans to do so.  Maybe it'll happen, maybe it won't....

Q: I once read that when Thunder supported Bon Jovi summer 1995 you guys (Thunder) had heated arguments with Bon Jovi is this true and what was it over? I went to the Don Valley Stadium gig (Sheffield) my first gig and I was blown away. Also have you met Bryan Adams before and what's he like, as you guys, Bon Jovi and Bryan are my favourite artists. Nathan, Yorkshire
L: We didn't have a heated row with JBJ but he isn't the most pleasant person in the world. Bryan is a nice chap though.
D: I don't know where the "heated argument" came from, probably Chinese whispers. There were a few problems with the "backstage arrangements" on the Bon Jovi shows but nothing more than the usual jockeying that goes on. These were more than compensated for by the fans' reactions and our meeting with Van Halen (big heroes for us). When we met JBJ it was like being summoned for an audience with royalty or the Pope, and we were made to feel we should act accordingly. Good manners prevent me from making comments on personality etc. Richie Sambora was a totally different experience, very warm & very regular.
Bryan Adams has always been nice when we've run into him. Once again very regular. As you can tell from my tone, I do have a bit of a problem with people who believe their own hype....

Q: Hi guys, love the new album. Any signs of you playing a date in Glasgow? Morag, Glasgow
T: Once again....a U.K. tour is currently in the planning stages - no news yet as to when and where the guys will be playing, so stay tuned to www.bowesandmorley.com to hear about it first!

Q: Great to hear you back fella's....this countries live scene has suffered greatly since you and the lads called it a day. I know this is something you've probably been asked a few thousand times...but what with you working together again, what actually stops you from getting Thunder back together? Is it the fact that you felt it had run it's course and something new can be liberating? Just as a side note, I thought you should know that the new music is cracking and I would buy it and see you live without the Thunder association...so keep it up. Ben E Hall
T: As 'Moving Swiftly Along' and 'El Gringo Retro' prove, there is a lot more to Luke's song writing than what he was able to show within the boundaries of Thunder.  He felt the need to stretch a little more, musically, than Thunder had previously allowed him to.  The band may have dipped their toes occasionally in other areas, but all in all they were a rock band.  His solo album, and this project with Danny, allowed Luke to work outside the limitations and expectations of Thunder.  There was certainly an element of it running it course as well...Luke would have found it incredibly difficult to write another Thunder record after the 'Giving The Game Away' album...it was simply time to move on...

Q: Which country would you both like to record an album and tour the most? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: I'd like to tour the USA again as I've only done it once (with Power Station) and also Australia as I've never been down there. I like making records in the English countryside as I find it inspirational but Spain would be a good alternative.

Q: I've been told that David Coverdale from Whitesnake got you guys (Thunder) included on the bill for Donington (forgot the year), since he thought you carried the British rock tradition excellent. I've been in touch with a lot of Whitesnake fans from all over the world on the internet, and many think that Coverdale should get in touch with you Luke to write and record some songs, maybe even a whole album. What's your thoughts about that? Is Bowes & Morley a band in regular meaning or is it just a project? Do you know Coverdale? Would you like working with him?  I saw Alan talking about Joey Tempest (birth name: Joakim Larsson). I guess you know he's from Sweden as I am, but here he's is considered to be another rocker belonging to the 80's hair metal scene, which is a shame since he writes very good songs that is not heavy metal. I too, think it would be a good idea for you to write songs together with Joey Tempest who got a good ear for melodies. Lars, Sweden
L: David did support Thunder wherever possible and I wouldn't be surprised if he was involved to some extent in getting us onto the Donington bill. The last time I met David was on the final Whitesnake tour where we had a drink and a chat. I would never be averse to writing songs with other people as it's always interesting.....you never know what you're going to get.

Q: Firstly, a big thumbs up for the superb new album - great songs, expertly performed.  Having seen the fact that Joey Tempest shares a writing credit on the album, my thoughts wonder as follows;
1) Have you listened to Joey's superb debut solo album (A Place To Call Home) from a few years back, and if so what do you reckon?
2) Joey's website states that he has a new album coming out Autumn time, and bearing in mind he apparently lives in Dublin, and Luke is possibly on speaking terms with him, any chance of talking him into doing some support on your UK shows? I'm sure that he would be very well received, and I'm also sure his material would really get the crowd ready for you as it would complement your own set. (As Joey's last CD was criminally not released in the UK, the chances of getting him to tour here under his own steam are, I guess, very low).
3) Ever heard of a young British lady singer called Treana Morris? I saw her support Roger Taylor (Queen, not Duran!) doing a solo acoustic set, and she blew me away. her album "Naked" is awesome (although again not released here), and her voice and song writing absolutely overshadow most of the current females out there today (inc Sheryl Crow, Alanis M. and any other you care to mention).
Anyway, enough waffle - bring on the shows!!! Alan Hamill, Motherwelll
L: I haven't heard Joey's album but I'm sure it's good as he's very talented. The poor bugger has got 'The Final Countdown' hanging round his neck like a heavy weight so I hope he has some success.  I haven't spoken with him for a couple of years but I'm going to Dublin this summer so I'll try and get in touch.  I haven't heard of Treana Morris bit I will try to check her out.

Q: Silly question really but what are your favourite films and your favourite books? Just curious. Doc', Ireland
L: Films;
Anything with Robert De Niro is worth watching.
All Woody Allen's films
Shawshank Redemption
American Beauty
Some Like It Hot
Erin Brockovich
American History X
Scent Of A Woman
There's loads more but I don't want to bore everyone to death.
Man And Boy (Tony Parsons)
Anything by John Grisham
Moab Is My Washpot (Stephen Fry)
Catcher In The Rye (J.D.Salinger)
Anything by Bill Bryson
Any biography of an interesting person.

Q: Was "You're Drifting Away" written about an actual situation? Cake
L: No...but it is based loosely on the experiences of a couple of people I know.

Q: With the ever growing unrest in the world, particularly the middle east, do you ever fear for the future of modern society? Alan Hamill, Motherwelll
L: The thing about the Middle East is it's amazing and saddening that such intransigence can prevail over common sense. I think it worries everybody but what can we do to change it ? If I knew the answer to that question I'd be in politics, not music. 

Q: What is the story behind 'Powertripping', it is a Power Station b-side or leftover? Love Danny's Robert Palmer-esque vocals, by the way! I only had to wait a week to receive MSA in the states and have listened to it every day since.  Chris Q, Kansas City
T: 'Powertripping' was recorded by The Power Station during the sessions for their second album, 'Living In Fear'. It didn't make the final cut of the international release, however it did appear on the U.S. & Japanese editions of the album, as well as on the U.K./European release of the 'She Can Rock It' Single. 

Q: Hi Luke & Danny, I don't understand why the last Thunder double CD called "Symphony & Stage" did contain one CD with the GTGA album (it does already exist one European, Japanese & 10th anniversary versions) and one CD with cuts from the live album. It's your choice or not? The GTGA doesn't sell so well ? Luc, France
T: The 'Symphony & Stage' CD had nothing to do with the guys.  It was released by the record company, without any involvement from Danny, Luke or the rest of Thunder.  The contents of the CDs seem as pointless to us as they do to you...

Q: Do you ever see or hear from "Snake" your old bass player? What is he up to these days? Jen, U.S.
L: I see Snake very occasionally on the London social roundabout. He has not long ago become a father for the 2nd time and recently sold a courier business he used to co-own.

Q: Not yet had the chance to pick up the latest album, but looking forward to it greatly. Luke's "El Gringo Retro" is superb and I hope to be as pleased with the new album as I have been with all the other stuff you've done. Anyway, I was just wondering where you thought Rock music was currently headed. Obviously it's had a bit of a downward spiral for a number of years, but do you think bands like Nickelback can bring it back into the mainstream? One other quick questions...What do you think of Magnum's new album, against past stuff - were you ever fans of their music? I must admit to not being too keen on the new album, but I'm glad their back again (I've also heard they've got themselves a decent drummer!!!!!). Gordon
L: I think Rock is becoming very popular with young people again which is a good thing. We've had to suffer too much manufactured rubbish in recent years. It's also a good thing that Cable/Digital TV has stuff like MTV2 and QTV. I wish there had been as many places to get your music seen and heard when Thunder was around. I haven't heard Magnum's new album and I have to admit that I wasn't a fan although they are very nice chaps !

Q: How you doing guys? COME ON ENGLAND!!!! u were right they won!! thank you! Another question(S!!)- Do any of you two smoke? What do you smoke if you do? Have you ever been lured into drugs?? What's your favourite drink Danny? I know Lukes'. Any other tips on getting over girls? How do you 2 do it when you were my age......young, 16!! I'm drinking cider at the mo, did u do a lot of drink at my age?? Keep playin, you're great. Jonny Wilts
L: Unfortunately I do smoke ( Silk Cut Ultra ) but I'm determined to give up at some point. When it comes to illegal substances neither myself or Danny participate. I smoked a bit of weed when I was younger but it didn't do it for me. I have a fairly addictive personality so I've never taken Cocaine; it's a very stupid drug in my opinion.....it's expensive and people that take it become very, very boring although they think that everything they say is incredibly interesting. It also ruins your sex life ! I used to have a few beers when I was your age and occasionally I overdid it like most people do.

Q: Danny & Luke do you remember being approached in the lobby of the Brittania hotel, Manchester by a uniform Police Officer?, well you promised me a round of golf next time you were in the northwest !!  Please contact me when you get up this way, if you still play or you get in the sh*t ! Steve
L: Good to hear from you old boy. Undoubtedly we'll see you next time we're up in Manchester and let's hope we've got time for that round of golf.

Q: Can you remember meeting me at HMV in Doncaster, the guy with all the vinyl and CD's. (you signed a pic saying 'Nathan you will have to buy some more records'). Thanks for signing them all. Look forward to seeing you soon on tour.  Would you have any info on collecting record awards as I m starting a new collection. (collected all the thunder I could!) but would like to start collecting awards. Nathan, Yorkshire
L: I remember that my arm nearly dropped off after signing all your stuff ! I would have thought that most artists/bands who've won awards would want to hang on to them but I wish you luck .

Q: Hello, how are you? Is it true that you went to school with my dad Clifford Kemp at Askes Boys School you was in his year. Anyway he has your new album and he loves it. I like it as well. It is different to what you did when you was in Thunder! Are you going to do any London shows? Hopefully he will take me. He does not know I sent this e-mail to you so he will get a shock when he next checks your web site or this e-mail address! ha ha!  Gemma Kemp
L: Hello Gemma. Yes your Dad was in my tutor group at school. I saw him a few weeks ago at a Magnum gig. We are in the process of arranging some English shows at the moment so watch the website for all the details, which will be coming soon.
D: Yes it's true we were both at school with your Father, and a skinny long haired thing he was too, unlike the last time I saw him......

Q: Hi, I realised Danny played triangle in Montana Mountain Woman because of his  highly professional style, recognised in the world entire.  And these questions are for him: Danny, would you like to sing in another tongue, Spanish, for example? If  so, which song from the MSA (or Thunder's albums) would you choose to sing? If not, what do you think about singers who do that? Walter Jorge Valdez, Argentina
D: You clearly have exceptional percussive talent recognition ability!! I have big admiration for those who do sing their songs in foreign languages, after all you are doing more to help your records sell.  I have sung in Japanese, Luke and I did a whole LP of backing vocals for a Japanese Artist in 1988. Not speaking Japanese, we had to have all the words written out phonetically, and then had to drink a lot of beer... It seemed to turn out well enough, though I'm not sure how well the LP sold, either way I'm sure it wasn't all down to the quality of the backing vocals......

Q: Well Danny and / or Luke, nothing to do with MSA but where were you when England beat Argentina 1 - 0 ? It was a very sobering experiencing watching it here but it was still fab, great, brill etc... Angela, Switzerland
L: I was in my lovely local pub and I'm sure they could have heard the noise when the penalty went in in Tokyo !!!!!

Q: Have there ever been any embarrassing moments on stage/ television appearances? Have you ever the sound go at a crucial moment/ had a string break at a crucial moment in a song or performance? James, Croydon
L: I remember once during a gig in Derby (I think it was the Assembly Rooms?) there was a power cut. All the lights and sound went in the middle of a song so we nicked all the torches from our crew and pointed them at the audience who started singing. I think Harry might have done an impromptu drum solo as well but thankfully the power came back fairly quickly. When things go wrong it can sometimes be a lot of fun for the band as spontaneous things tend to happen.

Q: Luke, in early 2000 I was at the Midem Music Conference in Cannes, France and I was walking by a bar with my friends in the early evening when I looked in and I could have sworn it was you Luke. If it was, why were you in Cannes and did you attend the conference? Marc, San Francisco
L: Yes, I was in Cannes 2 years ago. I went to MIDEM as I'd never been before and I wanted to see what went on there.

Q: When you two were younger did u try and fit in or was being different everything??? Tomo
L: I think both of us were single-minded enough to want to be ourselves but I don't think we ever tried to be different. I think we're both fairly normal really.

Q: Do you write the melody or the lyrics first??? Tomo
L: As stated in previous answers I don't have any rules when it comes to writing. It depends where inspiration comes from on that particular day.

Q: About a year a go the British prog rock band Marillion released a website only single...it was buy one get on free. It contained two A-sides and two exclusive tracks. The idea was to give the free one to a local radio station.  According to the website it worked rather well, as quite a few radio stations played the single! I have read that you weren't considering a single release....but hey, just an idea :) LOVE THE NEW CD! Cheers! Sam, Florida
L: Thanks for passing on the information re. Marillion's single idea. We'll bare it in mind.

Q: Hi Danny And Luke, having met you both on many occasions during the Thunder years (one time telling Danny about the sad story of my friend in America committing suicide the same day "Just Another Suicide" came out). I wonder if you will be repeating the after show meet and greets. Dale, London
T: As the shows are a little way off yet, the finer details have not yet been worked out.  I dare say that the guys will say hello in some shape or form though...

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