Q & A Archive - September 2002


Q: Hey guys, howz it going with the tour? Everything alrite? Glad to hear thunder back together, gr8 news keep it up. I've started 6th form, boring as piss... no joke, but I have taken english and psychology, funny as piss, so its alrite!! Funny question really, have you two ever done something, and ultimately regretted it or have u not done something and regretted it?? Thank u for the music, keep it up, hard to think of ne1 more amazing than u two guys. Good luck. Jonny Wilts
L: In life it's pointless regretting things. If you make a mistake that's OK as long as you don't make the same one twice!

Q: Dearest Luke, Just to say a huge "thank you" to you, Danny and the rest of the band for such a FABULOUS night's entertainment at Rock City last Saturday - it was well worth the travel from Newcastle upon Tyne!  Peter Shoulder was brill (a credit to the North East) and could you please give Andy (the most amazing drummer) a massive kiss and hug from me and especially my mate, Margaret! Is there any chance of being able to purchase a video of the show, if that's possible? In view of your response to my earlier e-mail regarding the MOR forthcoming gig at Newcastle (when you'll be on the left and me on the right - boo hoo!), well, I've asked around my fellow Geordie mates to see if I can borrow some opera glasses and have been told, in no uncertain terms, to "hadaway and shite"!  Do you have any I could borrow? Yours hopefully ... Lynne Greenup
L: I'm afraid I don't own a pair of opera glasses as my eyesight is rather good. We filmed a couple of numbers at the gig but only on a handicam so I don't think it'll ever be released.

Q: My question is for Luke my 10yr old son is learning to play guitar (sore fingers and cramp) at what age did you begin and who inspired you? Hayley Newberry
L: I started to learn the guitar when I was 11 as a result of seeing Jimi Hendrix on TV. I'm still trying to be that good!!!

Q: Hey Danny, Luke & Thinny, just wondering will there be any Thunder merchandise apart from T-Shirts available at the MoR gigs? I still have my very funky Thunder "Laughing On Judgement Day" pendant and "Behind Closed Doors" Pin badge? Anymore small 'precious things' for me to buy? And an off the wall question - any chance of somebody smarter than me figuring out some Thunder ringtones? Preferably for an Ericsson :) Tony, Glasgow
D: The Thunder merchandise range is being designed right now, no final decisions as to items have been made as yet, but a T-Shirt and the new Back For The Crack EP will form the basis of the range offered on the MOR tour. Good suggestion about the badge, I'll mention it to the designers. Thunder ringtones, now there's another idea, but it's way beyond my feeble brain, we'll look into it.

Q: Hi, Just wanted to say you guys were great on Saturday night, totally blew me away (Especially the bit when Danny told me I was gorgeous...the smoothie). Last night I saw Bad Company at the NIA and although Paul Rodgers's performance was perfect it just seemed a bit soulless and too rehearsed. How do you keep your performance from sounding like this or is it just what happens when you have been touring for a long time singing the same songs? (then again he could just have been tired being near the end of the tour) Lyanne, Solihull
D: Performances for me are mostly driven by the quality of the audience, you looked gorgeous, you did it, simple as that. Clearly PR couldn't see you on the night you went or I'm sure his performance would have been more like mine....

Q: Is there any chance of getting any ring tones available for downloading? There was one of "This Letter" on Luke's solo website but I can't find it here yet. Ian, S. Wales
T : Unfortunately, There are no plans for any new ring tones at the moment. Working them out can be quite time consuming and all at B&M towers are extremely busy at the moment, myself included. 

Q: Looking forward to the MOR show. Just wanted to ask about the "Back for the crack" EP - on the site it refers to the forthcoming album. What is this going to consist of? New material? Live? Always look forward to new songs from you guys. Loved El Gringo and Moving Swiftly... James Alexander, Manchester
T : The album will consist of brand spanking new material that Luke is busy writing as we speak....

Q: Hello, particularly like the words 'Ignoring every Chinese Whisper dancing past my ears..' this evening..from Sacred Cow. I know there are some lyrics of your own you don't like now, (I still think 'There's a ladder in her stocking I'd like to climb' is fine) Are there any you're really pleased with? Angela, Switzerland
L: I think I've had my moments lyrically. There's some good stuff on the new EP that I'm quite proud of, particularly in 'Spin Doctor';
'Napoleon wasn't short, he was only of diminished size,
The Krays loved their Mother and the politician never lies'
And in 'The Pimp And The Whore';
'I'll make the decisions, you'll dance to my tune
While I count the money you preen and they'll swoon
With your naked ambition I'll open the door
We need each other like a Pimp and a Whore'

Q: Luke, Do you ever find half finished songs you wrote years ago? What do you do with them? I have this problem that about half of the unfinished songs I've written in the past never get finished. I don't know whether its due to the loss of the inspiration I had when I wrote the particular song or what! Do you have this problem? and how do you overcome it? Dan Birkett, Southampton
L: I'm always referring back to ideas that I didn't develop at the time for whatever reason. I always keep my ideas somewhere I can access them if I'm having writers block which can happen occasionally. 

Q: Luke, I've played "Moving.." several times (only turned up on Saturday) and last night, I only just realised what meaning "Dont take your love away" has. How on earth, do you put so much meaning into these songs that you keep writing. How do you do it? I know you've been asked about your personal experiences and the depth of your songs, but I fail to understand how a song like "don't take" can be written when you (as far as we know and not that we should know either!) are not going through an emotional rollercoaster. I know your nick-name is Mr. Word-man but you seem to be a song factory. I have been going through all the albums I have of yours, some 14 of them, and there isn't a song that doesn't represent an emotional time in everyone's life. If I was gay, I'd marry you. El Grino turned up today as well. Thumbs up! The only thing I have to say is Track 13 on the album back cover is "Love will find away" Should that be "A Way"? Kevin,Kent
L: Thank you for your kind comments. I don't know where it comes from and I don't question it; it just happens. I take your point about 'Love Will...' but you should be aware that the album is called 'El Gringo Retro', not 'El Grino.............

Q: Danny & Luke, have you ever been asked to produce or appear any other band's or artist's album? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: I've produced a couple of things but nothing which has been commercially successful. The big problem is finding the time to do other things other than what I'm working on.

Q: I was wondering have you any stories about on stage mishaps over the years? Doc', Ireland
L: Too many mishaps to remember; Benny falling over, a power cut in Derby, Benny's organ being horribly out of tune twice (Hull City Hall + Finsbury Park), Harry literally shitting himself in Germany during the set, Snake vomiting into a bucket (also in Germany), the stage being overrun by 12 strippers in Osaka etc............

Q: Firstly, I went to the ULU gig on Friday. For the people who didn't go - you missed out. A great night was had by all. My question: You both looked very comfortable playing that style of music, which I can only describe as light rock peppered with Soul & Funk. Assuming that the Thunder reformation is temporary, do you see the Bowes & Morley partnership continuing in a similar musical style? By the way, I went to the gig with some old school mates of yours - one of them being Gill McMillan (formerly Harrison?) - she even enjoyed it!! David Calvert, London
L: B+M allows us to stray more into other fields and that is fun to do. It also has the effect of sharpening the focus of Thunder's new album direction-wise because I'm writing an out + out rock album again. I couldn't have done that without making 'El Gringo' and 'MSA'. Say Hi to Gill for me.

Q: Danny & Luke - Many thanks for a fantastic concert at Rock City on Saturday night, I think it is a long time since I enjoyed a concert as much.  The B&M songs worked so well live, together with some very enjoyable and amusing covers.  I actually cannot see the huge distinction that many make between Thunder and B&M - true the songs may have seemed out of place on the first 2/3 albums, but for me are just a logical progression and evolution from the last 2 Thunder albums. Danny - you mentioned that you are involved in other music related business areas now - does that include artist management/promotion, as you did a fine job on stage with the very excellent lead guitarist Peter Shoulder, and just wondered if he is one of your clients, and if so what his
plans are next. Luke - my wife and I stood at the front corner of you side of the stage, and I wanted to congratulate you on spending so much of the night looking forward, rather than to your right, at the most beautiful, and talented, Tara McDonald.  Did you see the photographer in front of you ?  Did he take any pictures of you and Danny, or just spend the whole night trying to take pictures up Tara's very short (thank you Tara) skirt !!! Both - thanks again, am very much looking forward to the MOR NEC show in November, just 12 1/2 years since I saw Thunder for the first time supporting Heart. James Kershaw, Northamptonshire
L: Thanks for your comments. Tara is indeed a distraction and that's why I look forward as opposed to my right! 

Q: Hey chaps. I seem to remember a festival about 10 years ago where you shared the bill with Bryan Adams and ZZ Top. What did you make of the last minute addition of Paul Rodgers then band "The Law" being added above you? Seeing Mr Rodgers & co at the NIA tonite, but don't worry I won't grass you up! Kieran K, Birmingham
L: We were a little dis-chuffed at the time but to be honest it didn't really make a difference. Very early in our career a wise man said to us 'never be in a hurry to top a bill' and never was a truer word spoken. I'd rather somebody had to follow us!!

Q: 1st thanks for a great night Friday night great gig .did it make a change not playing thunder songs great that they are. Also will you do a second Bowes & Morley as I love the two different styles of music? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: It's nice to be able to play different material with different musicians as it gives you a different perspective. I think it improves everybody as a musician as well. As far as another B+M album goes I'd like to think that we'll get around to it at some point.

Q: Having seen you in the early years as Terraplane (supporting Meatloaf and Foreigner) it took me a while before I saw Thunder. The first time was at the Don Valley Stadium, Sheffield (Bon Jovi/Van Halen) where you had the crowd in the palm of your hands. The second time was your first appearance in Blackburn at the King Georges Hall where it took at least five minutes before you could start due to the audience reaction. What is it like to stand in front of crowds and receive such a positive reaction? Russ, Blackburn
L: It's always a wonderful thing when an audience goes nuts.........
Our philosophy has always been to send people home happy and excited by what they've seen and heard. I think audiences can always tell when a band is giving 100% and they will always respond to that.

Q: I see that you make mention of Jeff Baxter being in your "fantasy band". Is this the same Jeff "Skunk" Baxter of Doobie Brothers fame, who now is a Weapon's Consultant to the US Pentagon? And I've been trying to find CD's of "Kick" here in Canada but to no avail, can you give me an idea of a comparison in terms of music to another band, before I order their CD form Townsend, so I have an idea of what vein they're in music-wise. Jim McCormick, Canada
L: Are you serious about Skunk Baxter?!?!? Unfortunately I'm not familiar with Kick's music but if you post a message on the site asking the question I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses.

Q: Hello gents. Have just heard the 4 sound samples from "Back from the Crack" & they are bloody great. I have a favourite song of Thunder & it is "Everybody Wants Her". Did you ever do this song LIVE ? I just recently purchased the LIVE 2 CD set & thought that that song was the only one that I wished would have been on it. RJ Gula, USA
T: 'Everybody Wants Her' was performed several times over the years.  Live versions of the song have been issued in various places - check out the Japanese edition of the 'Live' album, or the Japan only 'Live Circuit'. Alternatively you can find the same versions on the U.K. CD singles for 'River Of Pain' and 'The Only One.

Q: Are you guys mad? Why isn't Toby Jepson on your MOR bill?  I saw him on the recent tour and his band are superb, great to see another (along with yourselves of course) "proper" rock band back in business. Stuart Griffiths, Telford
T: Unfortunately the promoters didn't want Toby on the bill, as they are looking for name acts.  Toby may have been established with the Little Angles, but he has only just started out as a solo artist. We are sure that there will be many more opportunities coming his way in the future and we wish him all the best...

Q: Hi Guys. Am really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. Whats your favourite Free song? Mine would have to be 'Be My Friend'. Lyanne, Solihul
L: Difficult question as there are so many great tunes............It would be between 'Come Together In The Morning' and 'The Stealer'

Q: Luke, I've asked 'Total Guitar' to do a piece on you several times - gear, techniques and tips, etc. If they approached you and asked if they could transcribe some of your stuff, what would you chose and why? I'd like to see some nice fat choppy riffs myself. Nick, Leicester
L: I don't really have an opinion on this. Why don't you tell Total Guitar which songs you'd like transcribed?

Q: What was the song you played with David Coverdale & Adrian Vandenberg during their special guest appearance at Hamersmith Odeon way back in 1990? Martin Cameron, London
L: It was 'Can't Get Enough' the Bad Company song.

Q: Hello team! So good to hear about the tour etc. Firstly gents I loved MSA absolutely brilliant particularly Change, top form sirs! Joe Perry used to say that if you didn't intend playing a song live you shouldn't put it on cd.
I wondered if this was view you shared? Also is there a song from any of your platters you wished you had or hadn't done live. Saul
L: I think Joe Perry is a fine guitar player but the whole point about rock'n'roll is there are no rules; if it feels good do it, if it doesn't then don't.

Q: Thinny, I've been trying to get In out put the kettle on on vid since it was issued. Can u put me in touch with any fans that may have a copy to sell or I'd happily supply a tape to record it on to. Saul
T: Your best bet is to post on the message board of the site to see if any fans have a spare copy they are willing to part with.  there are a lot of people after this one...

Q: Hi fellas, I'm coming to see you guys at Rock City and I can't wait!!!!  Think the album is fantastic and, more importantly, I've managed to convince three friends (who weren't even Thunder fans) to buy it!!!  I'm also coming to see you at Monsters of Rock and really want the EP but being a cheapskate ex-student from the North, I hate paying for p&p.  Will you have this EP on sale at Nottingham or am I going to have to bite the bullet and over via the wonderful world that is the internet? (Miss) Rae Bezer, Manchester
T: The E.P. will not be available at the Bowes & Morley shows.  It will be available at the Monsters Of Rock shows, however it will be more expensive than buying it through the web (also you won't know the lyrics, and you'll feel all left out when everyone else is singing along!)  Our advice? Bite that bullet....

Q: Hello there Luke ! I read through the questions and saw that the strangest place you have ever had an idea for a song is on the toilet! Now I wonder what song that was... I thought it must have been "Dirty Love" or the "Damage is Done" correct me if I'm wrong. I also saw that you have never been asked to put lyrics to someones song. Well, I do have a song without lyrics, and I always have dreamt about having a famous artist writing lyrics to it, maybe even performing it so.... If I ever meet you in person, will you take the challenge? Inge Hassel, Norway
L: It depends whether or not I like the piece of music you've written.

Q: Guys, Luke said that he hardly ever gets recognised in the street, but if you are seen, are you happy for people to bowl right up and say hello, or would you rather they kept their distance ? Careful how you reply as if I saw either/both of you in a pub I'd buy you a beer and have a chat. By the way, just bought 'Man and Boy' by Tony Parsons at Luke's recommendation to read on holiday in Spain - it had better be good !!! Matt, Walton
L: I don't mind people saying hello most of the time. There are occasions where it's obviously inappropriate
but it's really not something that happens much.

Q: I think this is an odd question but, what is your favorite solo by Ben? And when you wrote/write a song in which he plays the solo do you have a hand in its construction? Matt, Wetherby
L: Ben's best solo is 'Low Life In High Places'. As the producer I get involved in what everybody plays/sings to an extent where necessary.

Q: What new guitarists do you rate and recommend? Mine is Doyle Bramhall II. Mick Hodd, Luton
L: Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Jeff Baxter, Jimmy Page, Pete Townsend, George Harrison to name a few.

Q: If you could form a band with your favourite musicians, who would be in it? (ie your fantasy bass player, drummer, vocalist etc) I was going to say fantasy organ, but I could be misconstrued - ooh-er. Kieran Keegan, Birmingham
L: John Bonham (drums), James Jameson (bass), Jeff Baxter and Jimi Hendrix (guitars), Stevie Wonder (keyboards + vocals), John Lennon (vocals, guitar)

Q: I have seen Thunder play live lots of times and on one night Danny came onto stage wearing a yellow and black check suit (sort of like tartan). You looked like the dogs.....and since that day I've been trying to find one for myself.  Two questions (a) can you remember where you bought it, and (b) if you still have it can I buy it?  See you at the Monsters of Rock in Bournemouth. Andy Nash, Bournemouth
D: Can't honestly remember where that suit went. Must have given it to a charity auction, I did that a lot in the 90s. Sorry to disappoint. Keep searching...

Q: Danny, What has frustrated you most on stage, performance or reaction, I love it on the ship as I have a captive audience... where they gonna go.  but I find it strange when you feel personally its gone well but the response isn't there. Luke, When you have written a song do you discuss things about it with Danny so you are the some page, and has ever been a song that you have written and it stayed as it was without any other input. Graham
D: Crowd reactions have nearly always been great. There have been a few where you worked your butt off and they didn't get it, but of the hundreds of shows we did that only happened a few times. My view is that you have to impose your will on the occasion, and do whatever it takes to make it great. Luke and I have been together for such a long time, we've shared all the same experiences pretty much, so most of the time we don't need to discuss it. The moment I hear the music and melody and see the words, I know where he's coming from. Our approaches are different but we agree on most things, so I guess that's part of why it works.

Q: It's not a criticism but I've got to ask...Luke - do you have a complex about being left?  I've lost count of how many of your song lyrics contain the word 'away' and in particular, the phrase 'Drifting Away'.  As I said, this is not intended as a criticism - indeed, 'Drifting Away' has to be one of my all-time favourites - I'm just curious! Just want to add that the album is fantastic and I can't wait to hear Danny's amazingly sexy voice live again at Nottingham next week.  Good to have you back lads, in whatever shape or form we can get you. Angie
L: I'm not sure if I have a complex about being left or forsaken but the word 'away' is a lovely word to sing. It's onomatopoeic.......thank goodness for spell check!

Q: Do you ever get recognised when you go outside and get asked for autographs? And for Luke.. Perhaps this has been asked before, but What does El Gringo Retro actually stand for? And how does it feel Luke, to be compared to some of the greatest guitarist's / songwriters of all time? and do you consider yourself to be this good? And...where is the weirdest place you have ever thought up an idea for a song? (Notice how I'm trying very hard to take all questions away from the Thunder reunion/touring/please play here/please play this song/please marry me etc etc) Kevin, Kent
D: Yes yes all the time, and to be perfectly honest it's a bit embarrassing when you're trying to pack your shopping in Sainsburys...
L: Once in a blue moon someone will say to me 'Didn't you use to be Luke Morley?' but it occurs very rarely. 'Gringo' is a slightly derogatory Hispanic slang word used to describe white people and 'Retro' means exactly that; I suppose the translation would be 'old fashioned white geezer' or something similar.  I don't consider myself to be a great guitar player at all although I do think I've written some good songs here and there. The strangest place I've ever had an idea for a song is on the toilet!

Q: I've just bought Symphony and Stage and just ordered El Gringo and Moving... (Sorry it took so long but I ain't got as much of the green stuff as you lot.) I am slightly (not a lot) disappointed with Symphony and Stage as it is the same as Thunder's last 'fresh' album with a second CD of a mixture of live. This happened a while ago with They think, then they think... Acoustic. As much as I will continue to buy these CD's because they are you guys, (and just coz I want the entire collection) but do you have any input into these albums or is it the record company? If it is the RC do you think us fans should avoid buying the tunes because they are making money out of the same music? And do you think we are sad numbnuts for buying the same records over and over again or does it make you think "wow, these people must really like us?" Second question/point, I read the Inner Sleeve of Symphony and I have to say it brought a froggy to my throat after reading that review/article. If only that happened when you guys were together being dragged through the mud by the record company. Did your jaw's drop when you read it? Pretty damn good don't you think! Kevin, Kent
L: As we've said before record companies are at liberty to release anything they see fit without our say so and this means there will be compilations released from time to time that we don't sanction. It's up to you whether or not you buy it. I certainly wouldn't call you 'numbnuts' for supporting Thunder as we do have bills to pay! I haven't actually got a copy of S+S so I haven't read the article in question...........
D : The question of record label inspired song regurgitation is a thorny one. I have long held the belief that it is a rip off to re-package old material with the odd obscure half baked nearly song that didn't make the LP at the time. The same applies to splitting studio and live LPs. I felt so strongly I even canvassed opinion via the fan club several times during the ten years of Thunder. Each time I did the resounding response was "we love it". I subsequently resolved to shut up and mind my own business... As for your second question I have not had a copy of said LP, so I'm sorry I have no idea what you're referring to.

Q: Gents... Graham the cruise ship guy here. you'll never guess what, I am Las Vegas as I write this before going to LA and back to work and walking past a store and there is only your version of Gimme Some Lovin' Blaring out.... ( which I always thought should have been your version in the movie "Notting Hill") so like the shy person I am (ish) I start joining in.... so I have just found this internet cafe and thought I would share...which leads me to what else would you like to cover but haven't ?? Good luck at the weekend and sadly will be cruising Hong Kong and the far east when Thunder re take the stage hope to see you in the new year. Graham
L: I dare say we'll always attempt cover versions but when they occur they tend to be fairly spontaneous so anything is possible.

Q: Hi Luke and Danny, I was so happy to hear of the new Thunder CD coming out in 2003. I live in Kentucky over in America and the only way I can really get my hands on Thunder and your solo stuff is usually through E bay. God only Knows how much I've over paid, but who cares!!!!!   Do you miss playing over in the states? I've never had the pleasure of seeing you live only on video but I think I would give my right arm to see it!!!! The music scene today is so full of rap/metal and new alternative its great to see you guys not changing your sound like other bands have. Do you guys have any favorites as in new bands that you like?  Well anyway cant wait for the new album, just wish American record companies would sign you to a label here. Scott
L: First thing is you should buy your albums on-line from Townsend Records and you won't be over-charged. As I've said before the reason we don't play the USA is not because we don't want to; given the opportunity we'd be over there like a shot. The best new rock album I've heard is by the Chilli Peppers and they've been around longer than us so you couldn't call them new!

Q: Luke, are you Harry Potters best mate cos there is a picture of you in last months classic rock. Perhaps you could put the photo on the website? Mick Hodd, Luton
L: Sorry Mick I don't understand the question/observation. Are you pointing out that I resemble Harry Potter's sidekick?

Q: I heard about you (Thunder) when I was at David Coverdale's page, and in an interview he talked about in his off-time, enjoying listening to Thunder. Have you met David at all, and is there any chance of him "guesting" on a future B&M CD if the two of you are close to any degree ? Secondly, if he ever did a tour, with his obvious admiration for you and the work of Thunder - would your management be able to get you on his tour ? Jim McCormick, Canada
L: I've talked about our relationship with DC before on Q+A so feel free to browse the archive. We're always up for an impromptu jam or whatever so who knows what may happen.

Q: Luke, this is a bit of a mad one. Recently I think you said that you were a fan of "The Band". Anyway, I saw a documentary, I don't think it was the Last Waltz but I could be wrong, where Robbie Robertson was talking about touring and the rock and roll lifestyle and in particular all the flying and hotels he had to put up with. He finished by saying, "Anyway, for rolling the dice, that's the price that you pay." I was wondering had you ever seen this and was it part of the inspiration for "Rolling the Dice" from GTGA? Or should I just get out more? Glad to hear "big guitars" are coming back. Doc', Ireland
L: I think the documentary you saw was from the 'Classic Albums' series. I've seen bits of it but I didn't hear that particular quote. It just goes to show that great minds think alike!!!!!!

Q: Hi (again) guys.  Finally got round to doing something about tickets for the ULU gig for  myself and the missus (yes, Danny, I know, but she insisted on chaperoning  me when I let slip that the place was going to be swarming with top totty!). My only gripe is that the "surcharge" imposed by Ticketmaster (transaction  fee + postage) amounts to over 8 quid on top of the face value! I eschewed a Deep Purple outing in Pompey tonight so that I could put my hard earned  lolly in your pockets on Friday, but I do object to lining the pockets of  middlemen, esp when I've got to shell out  30 notes on the train fare just  to get there. How can a hard-pressed, penny-pinching bastard like me get  hold of a pair without the frills ? Paul Edmondson , Portsmouth
D: I agree the ticket agencies seem to add a lot to the cost of tickets when you buy through them. If you were able to arrange to buy direct from the venue you wouldn't have to pay the agency fee, but that is not always possible and the convenience of credit card payment has to be paid for too. Sorry my friend but these are the times we live in...

Q: Hi Luke & Danny, what is your all time fave song you both like to perform live during an acoustic set? Ben Jackson, Nottingham
L: I always enjoyed playing 'Stand Up' acoustically as it's a totally different arrangement to the album version but works very well on it's own level.

Q: Hi Luke and Danny, was wondering if you could shed any light on the Terraplane album 'Talking to You on the Great White Telephone'. I acquired a test pressing of it at a record fair many years ago, but the debut album went on to be released as 'Black & White'. The bloke who sold it me said he once owned a second-hand record shop just down the road from where you were recording and he'd been given it by your good selves. I sold the record about 3 years ago to an American (Dana I think her name was) who was coming over for the final Thunder shows and she was going to get it autographed. Don't know if you remember her (?) I sold it for £50 and put the money towards the deposit on my house (Dana, you own a brick in my kitchen !) Also guys, do you know how many copies of 'TTYOTGWT' were pressed? Rich, Sheffield
L: 'Talking....' was the original title for the album but Epic weren't too keen on the idea so it was changed to B+W. I don't know how many were pressed in the original sleeve but it can't have been too many.

Q: Dear Luke, Just a quick note to say how thrilled I am to hear that Thunder are coming to Newcastle on 21st November.  Likewise, I raced down to the Arena to buy my tickets but could only obtain seats to the RIGHT-HAND SIDE of the stage - totally gutted as you normally stand on the left (from a spectator's viewpoint that is). Could I therefore ask if you would be a dear, swap places with Ben, and stand on the right-hand side of the stage for all (from a totally selfish point of view) or part (to keep everyone happy) of the night? Lynne
L: Sorry Lynne but if Benny and I were to change sides after all these years it would cause chaos. We'd probably run round like headless chickens. Can I suggest opera glasses? 

Q: Hello there! Wish I could have won that 88 million dollar lottery this past Saturday night here in Florida, I would have attended every single MOR Show! My question is, concerning the new Thunder material you're currently writing...does it tend to lean toward the style of the earlier or later years? Or something completely different? I'm sure it'll be top notch regardless, and thanks for a wonderful birthday present to look forward to next year!! Good luck with the B&M and MOR shows, all the best. Mac, Pensacola
L: It's difficult to compare the new stuff with the old stuff although I will say that it's definitely rock with big guitars again!

Q: Have you ever been asked to put music to other people's lyrics. Angela Burrows
L: I've written with other people and co-written lyrics before but I've never been asked specifically to write lyrics for someone else's music.

Q: As a guitar fan, I've always loved Lynyrd Skynyrd. What are your views on them, pre and post 77 air crash? Kieran Keegan
L: I must admit to not hearing much post-crash Skynyrd but I love their early stuff.

Q: Hi guys!......You must have had some real fun over the years during your tours...What was the funniest wind up you were ever involved in...or on the receiving end of? Paul K
L: We were touring Germany on a sleeper bus and one evening after a show we had a very long drive to the next town so we sat up very late drinking for England. The next morning our cruel tour manager went around the bus shouting 'Get up....we're at the Hotel...everybody off the bus.' We all staggered out of our bunks, very badly hungover and got off the bus to find ourselves in a truck park miles from anywhere. It took a little time for the penny to drop but it was April 1st. Needless to say we were not too chuffed.

Q: I absolutely love the B & M album and cannot wait to see you guys at Rock City in a couple of weeks. I was just wondering what are your most memorable fan experiences in the UK. I ask as my boyfriend is always telling me about making Danny laugh at a signing session by making a comment about Harry doing something with a drumstick. Lyanne, Solihul
L: My favourite was the time two mad Dutch guys turned up at a gig with a pair of genuine clogs for each of us and the subsequent hilarity in the dressing room as everyone tried to walk in them.

Q: Hi Guys, I have been protesting this for years but no one agrees with me... Am I the only one that thinks Ben bears more than a striking resemblance to comic and TV funny man Alan Davis (Jonathan Creek) Alex Towers , Southampton
L: You're not the first person to say that. He also bears a resemblance to Brad Whitford (Aerosmith's guitarist).

Q:  Oh, Danny ! I'm getting really mad ! I love movies so much and I have found that Gloria Swanson playing the character of Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder's Sunset Boulevard (1950) said "Mr DeMille...". But, some persons have answered before me. Well, maybe next time...But Danny, you really have surprised me. Do you like movies so much, too? Which kind of movies ? I have a collection of oldies, specially horror movies. Performers like Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Sr. and Jr., Peter Lorre, Max Schrek were genius! But, my all time favourite is Orson Welles' "Citizen Kane". What is your opinion about them? Martin Romero, Argentina
D: I've seen most of the old horror movies you referred to but I wouldn't say I was an authority. I agree Citizen Kane is splendid. I have to say I love old British comedies, my al time favourite is School For Scoundrels. If you haven't seen it you're missing out.

Q:  As it's only a hour or so away now, where were you guys when u heard the news about September 11 last year? It's one of them things what I think we'll all remember where we was when we heard of it. I was in Greece walking down the road and all the bars were full of people just watching the TV's. A real tragedy it was. Jamie, Kings Lynn
D: I was at home on that day, I watched it all unfold, totally dumbfounded and numb to the sheer scale and horror, like most of the world. I didn't move from the sofa for 8 hours.
L: I think like most people I was glued to my TV all day.

Q: I gave up touring with me band 'cos me cock got really sore from all the exercise. Same for you guys? Johnny, North Yorkshire
D: Foul man, please leave the room..
L: Nice of you to share that with us Johnny. How long have you been the shy and retiring type?

Q:  Who is the chap on the front and back of the Behind Closed Doors CD? Sometimes it looks like our Danny, but other times it don't. Can you shed some light? Second question... Danny, do you consider yourself mainly a business man nowadays or mainly a musician/vocalist/entertainer? And in your business interests, do you work for yourself or for another company? Third and final question... and is one for all those 'Harry's baldness' cracks Danny makes. Why did you decide to stop colouring your hair Danny and do you think the stress of working with that Mr Morley ; ) has contributed to the grey hairs appearing? Kevin, Kent
D: The guy on the BCD cover is not me, that's for a start. As for who he is I know not. He was a model brought in by the designers when they shot the photograph. Just as a bit of background, that background is a real window, not a fake one. It took forever to make and cost a fortune. My life is complicated, I have business interests as you say but they are interlinked with my singing so it's hard to define what is my main thing. I enjoy all of it (or I wouldn't do it), the diversity is what keeps it exciting for me. I work for myself. It has always been a mystery to me why fans have been so interested in my hair. Ho hum. Anyway here goes...My hair started to go grey when I was 21 (family trait). I coloured it for many years, mainly because of the insecurities of my management and record labels ("you can't be a rock star with grey hair"). I also think long grey hair looks a bit naff but that's just my own opinion. Once I'd cut it short and we'd made our name, I decided to go natural, mainly because I hated the rigmarole of having it coloured. The strange thing is once I became "the silver fox", I had more advances from women... While I'm doing this I might as well save myself some time later, so just for the record, the blonde B&M phase lasted 24 hours, my missus hated it and shaved my head when I returned from the photo session. I should have told her I was going to do it and maybe she wouldn't have been quite so shocked... There's a lesson in there.

Q: Is the CD available at ULU next week? and any signing going on? Great to see you back. Paul Nathan, England
D: I very much doubt if the CD will be on sale at either show. If for some strange reason you haven't got it shame on you), visit Townsend Records site (link on homepage) and they'll spank your plastic for you I'm sure.

Q: I live in London, Ontario Canada - and I have my questions answered every time I've written you guys - thanks for that very, very much !!!   I see now that there is talk of a CD by "Thunder" in February - that's great news !!  I see also that you are talking about a new B&M CD (it's getting better by the minute), I assume that you have that much material at hand to release another one so soon, personally I think that's super. Have you guys approached any of the big labels stateside about a recording contract, what you have accomplished in Thunder and B&M surely must have enough weight to merit one. And is doing the B&M situation a changing environment with regards to the musicians you use for the tours/CD's - I would assume that if you used the same members it would be a "band" again. I truly hope that whatever endeavour the two of you embark on, is a huge success - for it means much to follow in the years to come for us as fans. I'm 44 years of age, and hearing your band (Thunder) starting a year ago, brought back some excitement for me in regards to music (I used to play  drums for 15 years in clubs, and your material has brought me the urge to play again) that I haven't felt for years - and the new B&M CD was amazing.  Please, I know the same questions about Thunder, re-grouping, multi-CD's, etc is repetitive for you and frustrating - but there's A LOT of us that do appreciate what you have done in music, and what pleasure you've brought us as music fans. B&M and Thunder have helped fill that continuing void of crap that is the music industry nowadays - and we as your fans, relish that we have something that we can play, that is excellent in substance - so indulge us. When we stop asking the same old questions, then maybe you should be worried. Thanks for your time in this, and the very best of luck to you in your projects ahead !!!!!  Jim McCormick, Canada
D: Wow, that's not a question, it's a declaration of LOVE! Thanks very much, but please no flowers or chocolates, I'm a shy girl and I'm easily embarrassed.....

Q: Hi Danny, here is yet another question for you, Is there any possibility in you recording and/or filming your monsters shows for a general release? if so when will you release it and if not, why not? Dale Gonsalves , London
D: I have looked into the possibility of filming it for release. So far I've found no company interested in being involved. The general consensus seems to be that Alice Cooper has lots of recent live videos and DVDs in the shops, and Thunder Live is out on DVD too, so no one really wants to do it. I have not given up yet, but we must face the fact that it may not happen.

Q: Are all the members coming back to re-unite ? Can you tell us the line up ? RJ Gula, USA
T: Danny Bowes (Vocals), Luke Morley (Guitars), Harry James (Drums), Ben Matthews (Guitars, Keyboards), Chris Childs (Bass)

Q: Welcome back boys! I knew that my prayers would help. Since i saw Thunder at Donington 90 you guys have been my favourite rock band. Since you are recording another album i invite you to do an acoustic set and a signing in Gothenburg. What do you say? Henrik, Sweden
L: I'd love to visit Gothenburg again but there are no plans to go to Sweden at the moment. 

Q: There's been a few rumors about lately that Skin were approached to be on the Monsters of Rock bill. Well actually what I heard was that Danny asked Nev from Skin about it. I was wondering how much truth there is in this? Jamie, Kings Lynn
D: Myke Gray from Skin expressed an interest via intermediaries in being on the bill. It's as simple as that. No official approaches have been made, and I've not had any contact with Nev since he was on the Thunder tour.

Q: Now that Thunder are going to stay together after the Monsters or Rock tour does that spell an end to the Bowes & Morley website in the near future and a return to the Thunder site? Jamie, Kings Lynn
D: Please pay attention, as this is the last time I will do this. Thunder will do Monsters Of Rock, there will be an EP at the time of the shows, then 3 of the songs will appear on a new Thunder LP in February. There may or may not be a tour, depending on the reaction to and sales of the LP. This does not mean Thunder are back as before with regular tours and LPs. We are all busy with other things so Thunder forms only a part of what we do. It also does not mean the end of Bowes and Morley, or even Luke's solo stuff, in fact we are talking with our label in Japan about a new B&M LP, but at this time it's only talk so I have no details to give you. Rest assured when I do I will. Please understand we are free to do whatever we want, either collectively or apart, and we will do exactly that. It's very boring to receive the same questions over and over, makes me wonder if anyone ever reads the answers we give....

Q: Hi, I just wondered now that Andy Taylor has gone back to the re-formed Duran Duran, how you think this might affect your writing relationship with him? I wouldn't have thought the kind of stuff he writes now with you would sit very comfortably with Duran's music. Maybe they could be Thunder's support act, I'm sure a lot of your 30-something fans would appreciate a trip down
memory lane. Karen, Essex
L: I spoke to Andy last week and I think we'll always get on regardless of what we're both doing. We were talking about the parallels between reforming DD and Thunder and having a good laugh about it. I don't see any problem with our writing relationship although we're both going to be too busy to do anything over the next few months. 

Q: I've been reading on a forum that people are saying how good it is you're doing a new album etc. How much they'll love the new stuff, how good the gigs will be etc. Do you feel a certain pressure to live up to expectations that people have? Jamie, Kings Lynn
L: After years of being Thunder and then having a break from it I think we're enjoying it too much to feel pressure. 

Q: Hi guys. Just wondering if Thunder had a hand in choosing support bands? Whenever I've seen you, the opening act(s) have always been excellent (Skin, Redwood, Kick etc). Is this down to you or the promoter? Rob Lindop, Stafford
D: We always choose our support bands. Choices were made purely on musical merit (i.e one or more of us had to like them musically). Contrary to what goes on with some other bands (who shall remain nameless) we also never ever forced
anyone to "buy on" to one of our tours (i.e pay us for the privilege). The Urbane will open for Bowes and Morley for both our September shows, they are a bit like Radiohead, quite interesting, we're sure you'll find them interesting.

Q: What was your opinion of Skin? Mandy
L: Myke Gray is a very talented guitar player and I think they went down well with our audience so we were pleased to have them out with us.

Q: Hello, Danny!  It's "Sunset Blvd."  Norma Desmond said it!  Am I the first?  Question; when you stand on the stage, you are always on the left of Luke. Do you feel uneasy if Luke is on your left? Hiro, Japan
D: Sadly you are not the first, and I'm beginning to regret setting the question now (so many replies). As for your question, I stand in the middle, Luke stand on my right as I look at the audience. He stands that way because he is left handed and his guitar always points away from me. It's always been that way, we're used to it.

Q: The answer to Danny's question is : Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder. A classic among classics which will get a DVD release next November (it was about time). I'm Vincent and I will collect my CD at the Rock City as I'm making the trip all the way from Paris. Glad to see that Danny has some serious movie references. Vincent, Paris
D: Sadly you are not the first so you'll not be collecting your CD at Nottingham. Sorry, you'll just have to be quicker with the next competition........

Q: Hi. Just to answer the question about "being ready for the close-up...It was Gloria Swanson (Norma Desmond) in Sunset Boulevard. Did I win (please please please???) See you at Nottingham (B&M) and Newcastle (MOR). Paul Burford
D: Correct! Hurrah we have a winner. Congratulations to Paul Burford, signed copy of Moving Swiftly Along will be with you shortly. Oh by the way, what's your address?

Q: Sandra and I would like to know why your photo's are so "bog standard". Jackie Tyson, Big house in the country
T: Erm...ask the photographer. Oi!  Jason...... ;)

Q: Hi guys. Great to hear the news about some new material, looks like the plastics going to take another beating! I'm going to be at Wembley for MOR and if I wasn't going back to Uni the same weekend, would be at the MSA gig too. As for my question, I was having a heated discussion with some mates and trying to remember which was the highest charting single you guys got here in Blighty over the ten years? I thought it was Love Walked In, but everyone else seems to think it was Dirty Love? See you in November!!! Simon, Kent
T: Actually, you are all wrong!!  Thunder's highest charting single here in the U.K. was 'A Better Man', which reached no. 18 in February 1993.  'Love Walked In' made it to 21, while 'Dirty Love' peaked at no. 32.

Q: Bonjour, Simple but fundamental question for Mr Morley : Earth Wind And Fire or Chic ? Vincent, Paris
L: It's not a fair question..........but if you held a gun to my head I would say Chic probably because I knew Bernard Edwards and Tony Thompson. Musically they were both brilliant bands.

Q: Great to hear that your doing this Thunder CD! does it ever amaze you about how popular Thunder acutly were and are still? + When people tell you that a song you wrote has such a special meaning + for them how does that make you feel? Mine is "you can't live your life in a day" for reasons best known to myself. Matt
L: The outpouring of affection for the band has been fairly incredible I must say and let's face it, who doesn't like being appreciated? It is nice when a song I've written captures a moment or a period in time for other people. That's why music is magical; one sentiment or observation can sometimes touch people and that's part of my motivation for doing it I guess.

Q: Hi guys. Just read the fantastic news about the new album. Forgive me for being synical, but was it always the intention to get back together once the "right time" (ie monsters of rock tour) came along, or have things just gone that way? Fantastic news anyway, and please god let there be a tour to coincide. I never have been loaded, and Somerset is not the best place in the world to get to gigs, but I have always said that when I saw you on the laughing tour at Hammersmith, it was one of the best gigs I have seen. As for the response of the fans, well, true rock fans just appreciate good music. You come into that catagory, as do the likes of Leppard and Maiden, and it is no surprise that the band is still hugely followed. Peter Machin, Somerset
L: I'm not a cynical person and if I was I couldn't write songs. If we didn't genuinely want to undertake becoming Thunder again we wouldn't do it. The MOR tour was initially going to be a one-off event but when we sat down to talk about it we all thought it would be fun to do an album as well which is how we've arrived at the current position.

Q: Observation: Now with the Quireboys added to the MOR bill, the line up is becoming frighteningly similar to the 1990 British Music Festival line up (all you need is Toby Jepson/Little Angels and the line up will be the same, except for Alice instead of Ozzy). Question: With royalties, how long does it take before the money ends up in your pocket?  i.e. if you release a single today, when would you start getting money in from the sales/airplay etc...?  Do you tend to get regular small payments, or does the publisher (or whoever dishes it out) rather save up and pay on, say, an annual basis?  Just curious. By the way, top news that the best British band ever (well, after Queen anyway!) are releasing a new album in Feb - superb!! Chris Smith, Kent
L: Royalties are calculated on a six-monthly basis (Jan-June and July-Dec.) and in most cases paid to the artist three months later.

Q: Hi Guys. First of all I'd like to say that I love MSA and the wife and I will be at ULU on the 20th. Secondly.....
I have to say that, despite how much affection I have for Thunder (having supported the band from the beginning) I have mixed feelings about the news of a new album. I assume that this would mean that Thunder are back on a full-time basis and although I look forward to the gigs and the music I wonder If you would be a little disappointed that after the split and the solo projects that you find yourself in a position where Thunder reform. Elliot, London
L: I don't believe that making a new Thunder album means we won't do other things as well. Collectively we all fancied doing the MOR gigs and the idea of making a new album came out of that. Surely the new Thunder album should be judged on it's merits regardless of other projects we may be involved in. When we split we felt it was the right thing to do and we now feel that making another album is the right thing to do. To put it another way, we're doing it because we can!

Q: Hello All, I thought I'd ask the obvious question; What are the reasons  behind Thunder getting back together? It's superb news because,  in my humble opinion, the band was way too good to be allowed to fade away. Is it because you feel you've been able to get some other musical styles out of your system with Bowes and Morley and now you can concentrate on what Thunder do best i.e. brilliant hard rock? I hope it doesn't mean the end of Bowes and Morley, because it would be a shame after the release of such a great album. See you at Nottingham - can't wait! John
D: Thanks for your kind words, see my previous reply for the answer to your question.

Q: Hello Lads, Will there be a meet & greet at the Rock City gig - just like the old days ? Jason, Nottingham
D: The answer to this is...probably.

Q: A new Thunder album in 2003 - I'm in a state of shock. One very important question everybody wants to know - will you tour to  promote the album? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease ! Mick Hodd, Luton
D: This may or may not happen depending on if the LP sells in big enough numbers. Unfortunately demand for live shows will be measured by sales, so as this LP is almost certainly not going to go through a record label in the UK/Europe, we will all have to tell the world to buy it.. More news when we have some.

Q: Now it's been 'officially' announced about the 4 track e.p., I was  wondering how many songs from it will be played at the Monsters of  Rock gigs? I expect 1 or 2 but as you've only got so long on stage I think any more than  that might be pushing it. I know it's to early to say what you'll  play at the gigs but it was just a thought. Jamie, Kings Lynn
D: My my you are keen aren't you...The setlist has not been selected yet, but I'm sure it will almost pick itself once we begin the process. We will almost certainly play some songs from the new EP, and those who have it by then will of course be able to sing along. Those who don't will have to put up with me and everyone else singing them. I recommend you buy a copy asap to avoid this. Ha ha.

Q: Hi Guys! Can I Please Have my Tickets Back! I booked them through ticket master for The 23rd November at the NEC and they recalled them due to "Wrong Ticket Stock being used" they all looked fine to me. the question is this: Did you know about the ticket recall and was the excuse a valid one? Please tell me that the four of us will get to see you on the 23rd!November. Kevin, Shropshire
D: Unsurprisingly, I have to report that we have nothing to do with ticketing issues, so we know nothing of the recall you refer to. I'm sure there is no sinister plot to make you miss the show, so I'd work on the assumption you'll get replacements when they're available. Have a cup of tea then put your feet up with a cold wet towel over your face, I'm sure this will help you relax a bit..

Q: Congratulations again with you're album. Especially for the acoustic special version of "Drifting Away". But for my question.. Just noticed that you're making a Thunder album which is to be released early next year. The question is, is this still just a temporary reform?? I feel like I don't really know you... guys, but as long as you keep writing new songs I'm really happy. Keep up the good work! Inge Hassel, Norway
D: I must have said this a hundred times this week but here it is again for the record....We are getting back together as a result of being offered the Monsters shows. The record has come from that. It seemed appropriate to do it, rather than simply reform, play shows and fade away again. This way the LP will have some value as a time piece. What happens after that is in the lap of the gods, we will continue if the demand is there, if not we simply won't be able to. Whatever happens it will not return to the way it was, the band are all busy doing other things now, so whatever we did would need to be on a much smaller scale than before. So it's really up to you guys to spread the word.. Hope this helps to put you in the picture.
L: We're at the stage in our careers now where we don't feel obligated to making any long-term decisions about what we're going to do. Let's just say that we're all enjoying the prospect of the MOR gigs and making a new studio album. We've all been away from Thunder for a couple of years and doing it again now will be a lot of fun.

Q: If you were condemned men on death row, what would your request for your final meal be ? (sorry - but I have this morbid fascination !) Rich, Sheffield
L: You are a sick puppy.......I'd probably tuck into a lobster.
D: You're sick! If I had to choose a final meal I wouldn't give a fiddler's fart what it was, I'd be making sure my hair was OK for the big moment. That makes me think...
"Mr DeMille, I'm ready for my close up now"
A signed B&M LP to the first person to let us know which character said it and what film it comes from. Clue : it's old....

Q: What TV/film/Comedians make you laugh? And what videos did you used to watch to kill the time on tour? Doc', Ireland
L: We used to watch Blackadder and The Fast Show on bus journeys. Favourite comic actors would have to be Woody Allen, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy + Steve Martin. I recently watched 'Freddie Got Fingered' which stars a guy called Tom Green (I think that's his name) and that had some spectacular moments.
D: Most comedians make me laugh, I'm quite quick to see the funny side of most things, so laughter comes freely. As for films on buses, you name it, we watched it over and over.. We all had our favourites, and to choose one is impossible but of recent films, Pulp Fiction is one I simply never tire of.

Q: I see you have a link to ex-Little Angels front man Toby Jepson on your links page. Is he a big mate and was there even the smallest amount of rivalry between the two bands ? Rich, Sheffield
L: Obviously we knew the guys in Little Angels but I wouldn't say we knew them well. I don't recall any rivalry between all the British bands that were around at the time and if there was any it normally disappeared after we'd met or played on the same bill.

Q: Guys. Two thirty something 'rockers' really looking forward to coming to see you in London on 20th September were wondering if you might consider one or two old Terraplane numbers in the set. 'When you're hot', 'You can't hurt me anymore' or 'Couldn't handle the tears' would be nice. Steve and Steve, Berkshire
L: There won't be any Terraplane songs in the shows we do this year.  They were of their time and now is not that time !!!

Q: Luke, who are the publishers we need to contact regarding guitar tab? If we had these, we could then all contact them and stop hassling you poor guys. Dave, Chesterfield
L: The publishers are Rondor Music UK for albums 1 - 3, Hornall Brothers for albums 4 - 5.

Q: Firstly apologies for the previous email, only had a brief moment to browse the site before deciding to email, I've now read most of it and have found the answer to my question.  I do have a new one to pose, are there any plans to tour the rest of the country? I've thoroughly listened to MSA on my trips up and down parts of the M5, it's excellent driving music! It would be great to get to a gig that doesn't take hours to get there! Cath, Bristol
D: We would very much like to play a full blown UK tour, but at this time we don't know if it will be possible. It all comes down (as with most things) to money I'm afraid. We are only playing two shows now because we don't want our bottoms kicked any more than necessary by Monsters Of Rock. The simple truth is that if we don't sell loads of tickets for these two B&M shows, the promoters will conclude there is little point in putting on another tour later. You can help by telling the world and his wife he and she should be there at the shows. For our part we shall do our best to ensure the shows are fab. Hopefully if we all do our bit there will be a tour later when you won't have to drive for hours, though I would expect you to be at every show anyway....

Q: Danny, could you tell me how those things you wear in your ears on stage work? Sarah, Derbyshire
D: The things in my ears as you put it are ear drums, they beat to tiny vibrations carried in the air to produce sounds in my head... Sorry, teasing over. The "in ear monitoring" is essentially a flashy wireless walkman, carrying the sound of the band, tailored specifically to my liking, by a sound engineer. He sets it up and sends it to a radio receiver (or belt pack) worn by me, attached to headphones. The headphones are set inside specially moulded ear pieces to make them easy and comfortable to wear. The moulds are created by squirting special gooh into the ear and removed when hard, then sent off and hey presto... They are worn so you always hear it the way you like it, regardless of where you are on the stage.

Q: I have noticed that your answers are always well written and grammatically correct. You're spelin is won hundred % spot on two! Did you both like school and leave with a string of qualifications? Or were you rebellious and skiving at every possible chance? Margie B., Wales
D: Nice question, good observation, brownie points awarded...My school qualifications were pitiful, Luke's are better. He was there more than I. I was crap at most school subjects (not interested) and for that I am full of regret. However I was always very interested in English language, fascinated by words, spelling, composition, phrasing etc. This is why I appear to be clever in emails, but trust me it's mostly an illusion.
L: I left school with 3 'o' levels in English, German and Art and took 'a' levels in those three subjects but failed miserably. I wouldn't say either of us were particularly rebellious but we had our moments.

Q: Hey guys, how u doing? I ain't asked anything recently, so here we go!! I've just taken my GCSE's, passed them all (which was luck really as I was hungover during half of them) and I was just wondering if Luke or Danny had thought of going into further education, if so, what?? I'm considering joining 6th form. What's your (both Danny and Luke's) worst memory of being drunk?? I think I know Luke's favourite drink, what's Danny's?? Anyway Thank you, for the music, and hope to see you in Nottingham!!! Good luck. Jonny Wilts
L: As both my folks were teachers I think they probably would have liked me to have gone to University but as you can see in a previous answer my qualifications would have barely got me a job in McDonalds. If I had though I would have probably studied English. When you get to our age there are so many drunken memories that it's difficult to pick one out. I'm sure the worst may be yet to come!

Q: Hi Luke, any plans for any more solo material and or gigs as El Gringo Retro is just brilliant. Tim Tyrrell, Cambridge
L: There aren't any solo plans at the moment but you never know what might happen later. Thanks for your nice comments.

Q: Hi guys. A lot of people (including myself as I was there) mention how good your performance was on the Saturday show with Bon Jovi at Wembley in 1995, (and I know you agree as you've commented on it before and Harry also highlighted it) but what felt so different about the Friday and Sunday shows? In addition, what did you think of the opening act, Crown of Thorns? I haven't heard of them since, but no great shame.. Tim, Suffolk
L: The Saturday at Wembley was one of those shows where everything clicked. I can't think of any specific reason, it just happens like that sometimes. I can't really comment on Crown Of Thorns although I did see one of them (Jean Paul de Beauvoir?) playing bass with Little Steven's band at the old Marquee Club and he was terrific.

Q: Where do you like to go on holiday? and are you a Leg man or a Breast man? (Just thought I'd ask! No politically correct answers thank-you.) Kevin, Kent
L: Spain is always a favourite but I also love Italy. I'm an everything man......it's the total package that counts!!

Q: Just thought I should mail you guy to ask a unrelated question!  Every day I log on to the site and check the updates.  I have seen some questions that are starting to become very repetitive and annoying!  i.e.,  the ones about the set list for MOR and ones about guitar tab!  Anyway back to the question. Do you not just feel like telling people to stop fuckin' asking really repetitive questions? Owen McManus
T: It can get a bit frustrating sometimes, but we can handle it.  Besides, not everyone has time to read through all the archives before submitting their question.

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