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Q: Just wondering... any chance of seeing you in California in the future? Maybe with the Monsters of Rock tour? It's a bit pricey to come home to Scotland to see you (although you are worth it, honest!) - I have great memories of shows at Donington, Don Valley and the Aberdeen Music Hall - I'd love to be able to add a Californian one. I'm so glad to have found out you're all still out there making music - as Thunder or not. Keep well. And stop adding stuff to your whisky, that's sacrilege ;) Julie, Half Moon Bay, CA
L: Unfortunately there are no plans to visit the USA at the moment but anything is possible in the future.

Q: Luke can you tell me will the lyrics to the new EP songs be available on the website as soon as its released so us fans can sing along at the gigs. Hope so! Dan Birkett, Southampton
L: I'll see what I can do Dan.

Q: Just wanted to mail you and ask! Firstly if there is any sign of any more Bowes & Morley stuff comin' out? And secondly I wanted to ask What the name of the bar in the picture featured in WW & W is called and where is it?  Owen
L: There may well be more B+M stuff but right now as you've probably noticed we're very focused on all things Thunder. The bar in question is All Bar One in Shad Thames near Tower Bridge.

Q: In terms of organisation, does it piss you off very much when things dont always work out, ie when certain American bands decide to split up over issues that could be written on the back of a stamp!? Matt, Notts
L: When bands decide to go their separate ways there can be a multitude of different reasons. Personally I couldn't work with anybody I didn't like because life's too short. It's pointless chasing your rock'n'roll dreams if you can't share the ups and downs with friends.

Q: Great to see you guys back together, I look forward to having a bit of a bogy at Wembley with you, just like so many of us have over the years. I would just like to know if the standing area on the tour will be completely open, or will the area nearest the stage be barriered of for the first 300 people to turn up. I know it's a bit of a stupid question, but it may effect people's plans for turning up to the shows. Well all the best and remember to have fun. Joel, Cambridge
D: Thanks for your comments and question. The answer is I'm sure most shows will have a standing area in front of the stage with seats at the back and sides. That is how we've planned it at least...

Q: Mr. Bowes....In the past you have explained to us how you started singing... I started a few years ago in a similar situation, I was the guitarist in a band and we needed a singer, couldn't find one so I started singing. I am always looking for tips on how to improve my vocals. As your voice is what I consider to be the best in rock would you give me a few tips please? Do you do any vocal exercises? any tips before gigs or in studio recording? Any help would be much appreciated. Dan Birkett, Southampton
D: I thank you for your kind words regarding my voice. I have no major revelations to impart, save for steam. I have always found steam to be the most beneficial thing for saving and rescuing my voice from the ravages of live shows. I've tried just about every tincture and potion but steam always does the trick. It means I spent an enormous amount of time on the shower during every tour but it worked most of the time. Apart from that I hum (not smell) in the mornings to get my voice warmed up, then hum louder and harder as the day goes on. As for exercises I tried but the band took the mickey, so I gave it up. Ho hum...

Q: Evenin' all. Have just listened to you guys on Virgin and got blown away yet again (strong stuff that digital radio). The wit, the joie de vivre (if you'll pardon the German) and the sheer, unadulterated flirtatiousness gets me every time - and I'm a bloke (well most of the time anyway!) As you can tell, I've only just started on the whiskey tonight, but bear with me 'cos it's bound to get worse! And so to the obligatory questions. 1. Are you into orgasmic gardening ? 2. Does DIY do anything for you ? 3. Do you (like yours truly) do foreign tongues ? 3. Has Fate (with a capital Eff) ever visited itself upon you ? 4. Is there life after Richard and Judy? .. Which leads me on nicely to the family plug: If you haven't yet caught up with the weird and wacky wotsit aka R & J at 5.00 pm on CH 4, now's definitely the time to do so. Why, you ask ? Cos my 16-year-old boy's on (again) on Tuesday night, bidding to become a now-and-then regional presenter for the show and he's up against some pretty stiff competition - an organiser of fetish parties (steady on chaps) and a lady who's deeply into the Dalai Lama. Trust he can count on you guys and the zillions of souls from the Thunderworld to make that all-important phone-call on the night ??? (If you needed any further inducement to tune in, he's gonna be wearing a blonde wig !). So, GO MAD FOR MATT ON TUESDAY (and when the realisation of what you've done hits home, regret it quietly on Wednesday). Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
L: What on earth is orgasmic gardening? Pardon my ignorance but that's a new one on me! DIY is more Danny's thing than mine as I'm fairly useless at all things practical. If by foreign tongues you mean am I conversant in another language, the answer is I do speak schoolboy level German and I can order food (and booze) in Spanish and Italian. Fate visits us every day; it's just a question of whether or not you recognise it. I don't normally do Richard and Judy but I will strive to watch your son on Tuesday.

Q: Hi guys, How are rehearsals with Thunder going? Is it difficult to get back into after a long time or do you guys just fall right back together with relatively few problems? I haven't seen my band (The Unchosen) since our last gig on the 20th September. Sometimes I find that time apart can be a good thing because we walk back into the practice room (or sometimes gigs!) with a clearer frame of mind but other times we just don't connect at all. Does this sound familiar to your experiences and is it a typical part of rock 'n roll? We have all been influenced and inspired by Thunder in some way, so I would like you to look at our website and listen to our music to see what you think or even better come to one of our gigs! Details and downloads can be found on our site - I hope putting this on won't eliminate the chances of this message being posted on your site, we just want your opinions! Andy, Oxon
L: We haven't started rehearsals for MOR yet as we're getting ready to go into the studio to record the rest of the new album. I don't think it will feel any different rehearsing again but I think there will be a level of excitement that maybe wasn't there the last time we played together as we're all looking forward to the gigs in November.

Q: Being a huge fan of Glen Hughes' voice, both in Deep Purple & his solo career now, have you ever thought of doing something with him within the format of B&M, since it would be more relaxed than the "group" situation within Thunder. I think with your taste for R&B style music - his vocals would make an awesome collaboration for both of you. Jim McCormick, Canada
L: I've met Glenn a few times over the years but not recently. We'll bare your suggestion in mind.

Q: Luke, instead of J&B + coke, try Dewars (White label) with coke, you will love it !! In any case, I know that you spend long times here in Spain (I think that in the Southern part). Any chance of a song written (at least the chorus) in Spanish ?? Or maybe some Spanish guitar influenced song? Just to hear how it would sound, possibly great !! Another - what football team do you support ?? I go for Racing Santander, and quite happy as we kicked Real Madrid´s butt on Saturday !! Hope you sell a lot of your next Thunder record, so you will come back here to Spain for gigs (5 and a half years passed since your last terrific gig in Madrid, at "La Sala"). Here in Spain we deserve to see you, too. Joaquin, Barcelona
L: I'm not sure how Spanish would sound in a SE London accent but we'll bare it in mind. I'm fairly neutral about football except when England play. If I had to pick one team it would be Man. City as they were the team I supported as a young boy. We would love to come and play in Spain so let's hope we sell enough albums to make it happen.

Q: What would be your reaction if you see that a big part of the crowd at MOR will go away after your show without staying for the rest of the program ? Luc, Illkirch, France
L: When people have paid their money for a ticket it's really up to them how they spend their evening. I would have thought that most people coming to see Thunder would like to see Alice's set but as long as they watch us I don't mind really!

Q: Hello Gringo, My questions about money and mass media (not very original, I guess): What did you think when they say that nowadays Oasis represents the finest British Rock? I can imagine that you can answer freely to this question of mine, full of scepticism. I read a pair of years ago that brits voted in a poll that the best band ever was Queen. I do agree, but How can you explain Oasis' success in the same country that adores Freddy Mercury? Fine British rock, for me, is something more rich and elaborated...for instance, your concept of music. I am glad to hear you back, full of ideas and illusion. Carlos Lage, Madrid
L: I think there's a whole generation of English music fans that are too young to have seen Queen but grew up listening to Oasis and that's why they are so popular. I agree with you that they are not as important musically as Queen but they do have a couple of good songs.

Q: Hi guys.... I've ordered my copies of 'Back For The Crack' and the new T-shirts....Can you give me a rough date  of when us that have ordered the stuff will actually get it...Please let me know...Can wait for these gigs... Thunder was my first gig, and been my favourite band since then....Hope you can help. Dan Birkett, Southampton
T: We are currently looking at a November 1st release date for the E.P.

Q: Luke Just wondered what your thoughts are on "I Can Still Hear The Music" and "Dangerous Rhythm" because these were both B-sides and never made it on "The rare ,raw and the rest". I think they are sadly underrated tracks. Mark Raeburn, Sunny Scunthorpe
L: 'I Can Still Hear The Music' was written originally as a Terraplane song so I didn't feel it was truly representative of Thunder at the time. 'Dangerous Rhythm' was one of those tunes that I never felt did justice to the original idea.....but hey, what do I know?

Q: First of all, a belated welcome back.  I saw Thunder in errr 92 or 90 on the same bill as Iron Maiden at monsters of rock, I was the short kid with...nah only kidding.  My question is this, you have a section wit, wisdom and whisky.  What is your favourite whisky?  I know JD is the choice of rock gods in general, but are you a sweet and mangey bourbon fan, a light speyside drinker or are you into the peaty smokiness that is a quality Islay?  Either way, you welcome to pop in for a wee dram if your ever up this way. Mark Raeburn, Sunny Scunthorpe
L: Ah....I like a man who knows his Scotch! My favourite pub whisky (always taken with Coke) is J+B. As a 'warm the cockles of your heart next to the open fire at Xmas' type of thing it would have to be a Glenmorangie (with a dash of water and ice).

Q: Hi Guys, I was wondering, now you have had a break from Thunder and been successful with solo and collaborative projects, does the second coming of Thunder feel like a different band than before? Elliot, London
L: Thunder feels like a pair of very comfortable, worn-in shoes; perfectly fitting but a little bit more worn + cracked than they used to be!!!

Q: Hi guys.....Can you re-confirm what the venue for Glasgow is?...The national newspapers up here STILL state the Clyde Auditorium...but it's been mentioned that on the site here some time ago that the gig had been moved to the larger SECC (Hey I know WE Scots are tight...and maybe they haven't changed the venue in the papers as it would cost money!!!) Paul K
T: Yep, it has definitely been changed to the SECC!!

Q: 1) Have you ever had a general anaesthesia, if so for what procedure? 1a) Does Danny remember his knee op (or is it how could you forget)? Why did it need operating on? 2) Do you take any interest in animal welfare? Becky, Norfolk
D: I have had general anaesthesia more than once in my life. I was a very accident prone kid and have damaged myself in many ways. The most recent occasion was in 97 when I had what's known in the orthopaedic game as ACL Reconstruction. It's the classic footballer injury, the knee ends up bending the wrong way after cruciate ligament snaps, rendering knee instable. I did it many years ago playing football and carried the injury for 9 years before getting it fixed. Given the time again I'd have had the operation straight away. The op was fine for me, I was asleep, and the pain relief afterwards was fantastic, but the physiotherapy was very intense and extremely hard. It was made worse by the fact that I had 3 months to recover in order to be ready to perform for the Thunder Live LP shows. It was a slog but it was worth it and I've had no trouble with it since. As for animal welfare, whilst I can't abide cruelty to animals, I can't honestly say I'm a pro-active or banner carrying type.

Q: Hi Guys, first of the last question I got answered (the one about Ben looking Alan Davis) didn't have my name next to it - why? was this just a break down with the CRAPP system or is my name simply not worthy for your website anymore? Secondly, you guys (just ahead of Terrorvision and James) are my most favourite band ever. When TV split last year on their farewell tour they did a thing on the website where they asked fans to pick what obscure rare live songs they would most like to hear on the tour and they played the top 3 most requested. Have you / could you do that for your M.O.R. tour and if not, why not? P.S. my personal choice would be 3. Thrill of it all 2. Today the world stop turning 1. All I ever wanted. Yes I know there all depressing but I'm depressed - I'm 22, just started at Uni (sick of working) and I havent pulled yet - I was told it's a meat market damn it! Alex Towers, Southampton
T: Many apologies for leaving your name off your last question, Alex...I've put it right now...
L: Songs we haven't played live probably haven't felt right when we've rehearsed them and that's why. It doesn't mean we don't like them or they're not good songs. With MOR we have a limited amount of time on stage so we don't have the luxury of being able to be to obscure with the set list. Keep trying and I'm sure you'll break your duck!!!!

Q: Hello All, Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Nottingham gig - great atmosphere, great playing. I though I'd be greedy and ask a more than one question...1) Now that Thunder are recording/gigging again will the Thunder website be re-launched or will the B&M website continue to be the forum for news. 2) Was Tony's guitar tuned wrongly by the guitar tech at the start of 'Drifting Away'? 3) If you had a time machine what moment in time would you like to visit? Thanks again for all the fun. John
L: Due to the fact that we're all very busy with various things pertaining to Thunder/MOR at the moment and because we didn't want Thinny to have a nervous breakdown, we decided not to launch another Thunder site but keep B+M pumping out the info. for now. Yes, well spotted. Tony's guitar was tuned incorrectly by his guitar tech........If I had a time machine I'd have to go back to the sixties; great music and lots of free love!!!!

Q: Dear Luke, my mate, Steve, plays guitar in a band.  Do you have any tips for him on how to become a 'rock star'?  By the way, your hair's gorgeous so PLEASE don't take any notice of anyone who tells you otherwise!! Lynne
L: Tell your friend to go to bed early, always drink Coco and stay away from all those pretty girls because that's the secret of my success. If you believe that you'll believe anything!!

Q: Hey there, do you think like I do that all the reality pop stars' shows are cruel entertainment and exploitation of youngsters by  middle aged TV execs, and that it doesn't actually encourage kids to start bands and learn to play/sing, instead it offers them a cheap chance at stardom and an escape from their hum-drum lives? Matt aged 21 and a 1/2. PS. Who did you vote for in Pop Idol? Matt, Notts
L: If you read the 'Wit, Wisdom and Whisky' section on the sight you'll see my rant about the English music biz. I think anything that encourages young people to play an instrument or sing is a wonderful thing. Those who seek fame alone should be careful what they wish for as celebrity without any discernable talent behind it will always make the public resent them in the end.
D: I agree with you entirely. I feel this nation is in the grip of celebrity fever. Everyone can be famous, what you become famous for is irrelevant. This is style over content as far as I'm concerned and will not encourage big stars for the future, but little stars for right now.

Q: Hi! I've just listened to the Total Rock Radio interview. So, Danny, you mentioned that your favorite song to sing is one from the forth album, but you couldn't remember which. What song did you mean? Fumi, San Francisco
D: My favourite song to sing is Living For Today. I'm afraid the demon alcohol got the better of my memory on the night we met with Tommy Vance, but that's nothing new....

Q: Dear Danny, just read about the criteria for meet @ greet and I've got one or two questions for you. How do I get hold of a thunder 2002 tee-shirt to fit either me ( size 14 or small men's) or my 11 yr old son ( 26 chest)? How can we get a membership card for thunderchannel when it doesn't exist on the web anymore? what about special invites for young fans and their parents? We've worked hard to get him to appreciate your talents you know. ( not very hard really, the boy's got taste.)  See you in Nov. Ann S, Blackburn
D: Once again we discover that no matter how much we do we still can't Please everyone. Ho hum.. Like most of the world we sell rock band T-Shirts in the most popular sizes. We are not a clothing chain, sorry our sizes don't fit you but there's nothing we can do. The reason we decided entry could be gained with Thunderchannel membership cards was purely out of loyalty to those who have been loyal to us in the past. As you so correctly point out there is no way to join Thunderchannel now as it doesn't exist, but if you joined once before your card will get you in. If you bring children to the show, they will be admitted to the meet and greets without EPs/tee shirts/membership cards, provided all adults with them satisfy the entry criteria. Space is limited so we have had to establish an entry system that's fair to all.

Q: Great news about the meet & greet! But what does it actually consist of.  Do we get to chat in depth to you guys. Will it be worth missing half the show. I don't mind so much but my other half says he will be disappointed if he doesn't get to see Alice Cooper, especially at 25 quid a ticket!! Ann, Sussex 
D: I wondered how long it would take for this to come up. I guess we should get this out of the way now. As only one part of the event, Thunder have no control over the meet & greet locations or timings. We are working to make them happen after Alice Cooper's set so everyone gets to see everything. If this is not possible then the choice may come down to meet & greets during the Alice Cooper set or no meet & greets at all. I shall be asking The Thin One to prepare a voting mechanism so you can let us know your feelings. In the interests of fairness to all we will go with the majority decision. I know this is not ideal for everyone, but to be honest nothing ever is.

Q: Hello chaps. Fabulous show at the ULU. Hopefully 'Bowes and Morley' will live alongside whatever else you do for a long while to come. There was a real party atmosphere and was easily on a par with a Thunder gig. I was the guy Danny thought was marrying the bloke next to me the following day. Danny, unlike the other guy, I was delighted to be picked on, but after careful consideration, despite being from Brighton I decided to marry my girlfriend on the 21st after all. My question however is this: On the Terraplane album, the guy credited for the drums is 'Gary' James. Is this because Harry has a bald drumming twin brother, or did he just think 'Gary' was a more cool name than Harry in his younger days? (or was it a typing error) Dave, Brighton
D: Congrats on your marriage. You're probably better off with your wife rather than that man.. Harry was and is still known to some as Gary. I have no memory of why he became Harry in our minds, it's so long since it happened. We all have nicknames for each other, mostly stupid in-jokes derived from spending too much time together in tour buses... Ho hum.

Q: Are you receiving me ... over ? I only ask because the last two questions I posed were either a) lost in the ether; b) too boring for words; or c) totally incomprehensible. So, third time lucky perhaps... ? Q.1: What would it take to tempt you guys down to Pompey for the weekend (apart from the obvious attraction of first-rate footie ?) Q.2: Looks like the missus and I I've got a stonking birthday to look forward to in a couple of weeks time (we were born on  the same day, same year!) Off to see ZZ Top at the Hammersmith Apollo on 1 Nov, followed by a dirty weekend stopover in town and then back to base  for a stomping set of Status Quo. Heaven ! What would your perfect birthday weekend include and why? Paul Edmondson, Portsmouth
D: I don't (and couldn't possibly) answer all the questions I'm asked. Nothing gets lost in the ether, I leave you to draw your own conclusions as to why your previous questions didn't get replies...Glad to hear you have a nice weekend coming up, and I'm sorry to disappoint you further, but I have a bit of a problem with disclosing personal information, even down to my likes and dislikes. Having been in a band for many years, I've found that whenever I've divulged any personal info (however insignificant it may seem), it's always somehow been either analysed to the n'th degree or used against me in some way. I'm not mad, self obsessed or paranoid, it's a simple case Once Bitten.... If you read back through all my replies to the many questions posed here, you'll see there is a pattern to what I will and won't discuss. Once again, I'm not trying to upset anyone, but....... No offence intended.

Q: Help, please help me!! Not too long ago (mayish/junish) I asked for some advice, relationship wise and got some helpful comments (Danny Bowes style!!) thanks for that. I need some more advice. Please!! Right, here we go... 2 weeks ago a girl gave me her number, I thought fair play, walked her home and things went from there. She'd only recently broken with her b/f so I was told to keep the little affair quiet - so I did. Fair enough rite?? Things continue fine, until she starts jokingly at first saying she likes other people... THAT annoyed me. Fair enough. THEN - she tells me she loves me, yey I thought, fair play me. NO. I couldn't have been more wrong if I fell from the wrong tree into the wrong canyon somewhere in wrongsville, if u catch my drift. 2 weeks pass and she's going out with someone...??? eh? She's still kissing me, telling me she loves me, but she's with someone else. I thought she needed to keep it a secret, her seeing someone, apparently not, JUST me. Oh my god this sucks.  That's basically a long story cut ultimately short. What would u guys do?? Any suggestions?? Please. What songs cheer you up in your hour of need? Anything I could do to just, forget her?? Anything?? Thanks guys. Thunder back together...rumour or reality?? Tell all. Keep playing, your amazing. Jonny Wilts.
T: Sigh.....dump her ass, get a bottle of JD and stick a Thunder CD on full blast. Or just sleep with her sister (or her mum - if she's hot!?).  Next time please write to "Dear Deirdre" or something.....

Q: Dear Luke, I've pre-ordered my MOR T-shirt - great stuff - but wondered why the smallest size is medium? I do have an old skinny Thunder T-shirt and a skinny 'El Gringo Retro' one (by the way, thanks for signing it at Nottingham - you're a gem - it's just a shame for me that I wasn't wearing it at the time!); so I just wondered why there aren't any skinny MOR T-shirts available? I'm only 5' 2", you see, and will probably look like an immersion heater in one of the bigger sizes!! Regarding your aversion of heights, did you not (with the rest of Thunder) abseil (for charity) from the Tyne Bridge when you were in Newcastle once? Lynne
L: The rest of the band abseiled off the Tyne bridge while I cowered in horror in my hotel room!!!!

Q: I see time to time mention of the name Tara, is she a wife/GF of either of you or a backup singer you use? When I was younger I was inspired by Skip Prokop of Lighthouse (Sunny Days, One Fine Morning) and began playing drums due to it for the next 15 years. Some 20 years later I had the joy of not only meeting him, but sitting down and having a beer with him after a gig and chatting for about an hour off-stage. Was there a specific major influence of someone on either of you, that you got to actually meet years later - and who was it? Fortunately for me, Skip was a very thoughtful and friendly individual - not a musician who was "too" busy to meet a long-time fan. Jim McCormick, Canada
L: There are actually two Taras.......one is my better half and the other (who shares exactly the same surname which as you can imagine leads to a bit of confusion here + there) is a vocalist and close friend. Jimmy Page is/was a massive influence on me and I've been fortunate enough to share a few beers with him occasionally.

Q: I spotted at the Rock city gig that you were using Huges & kettner (not sure on the spelling) amps. have you finally locked away the mesa's or was this just the best tool for the job? Sounded great by the way!!! Matt, Rugby
L: Well spotted...the nice man from Hughes & Kettner was keen for us to try out his amps so we did. They are very good and I may well use them in the future.

Q: Excellent gig at Nottingham.  When or if Thunder do a U.K. tour, who decides where to play? Yourselves, manager or promoters? Do fans ever influence you if you do pick the venues? See you at Brighton and Cardiff. Graham, Portsmouth.
L: It's normally a mixture of agent and promoter although we do have a perspective on it.

Q: On one of the special editions of the "Dont wait up" single there was a ballad, I think it was called "Every words a lie", does this song feature on any other recording as I have lost my copy and this edition no longer appears to be available? Andy, Sheffield
T: It was indeed called 'Every Word's A Lie', but as you said this CD single is no longer in print. Your best bet is to try www.ebay.co.uk. Alternatively, it is available from http://www.eil.com/ - however, they can be fairly pricey....

Q: Hi guys, loved the show at Rock City but was wondering about your opinions on the chap who shouted out that he had come to see a rock and roll show and not f**king Motown? Ian, Nottingham
L: There's always going to be someone who doesn't get it but I don't think he interfered with anyone else's enjoyment of the show.

Q: LUKE What inspires you to write such lyrics as THE CANDLE'S LOW I'VE GOT TO GO.. You seem to keep coming up with stuff like I've never come across before. Not being greedy but at least another 5 albums worth would do nicely. Chris lea58
L: As I've said before in Q+A songwriting is 10% inspiration and 90% persiration.

Q: Hi Guys, A couple of questions if I may?:- 1) Do you know if any of the artists that you have recorded covers of (The Who, Mott The Hoople etc..) have heard your versions, and if so, what they think? 2) Of your own songs that you have re-recorded (Life In A Day, Higher Ground, Once In A Lifetime are ones I can think of immediately), are there any specific reasons for doing so, and which versions do you prefer? Chris, Herne Bay
L: I don't know if any of the artists we've covered have listened to what we've done although I did hear that Mick Jagger loved the versions of 'Gimme Shelter' that were recorded by various artists including Thunder for a homeless charity. 'Life In A Day' and 'Once In A Lifetime' were both originally released in demo form and the subsequent versions were finished masters. 'Higher Ground' we felt had developed as a result of being played live so many times since the first recording. Having said that I still prefer the first version.

Q: Have you ever bought a CD of something you had listened to on vinyl years ago and been completely disappointed? (not 78's I know you're not THAT old!!) Angela, Switzerland
L: I started updating my vinyl collection to CD many years ago but I can't think of anything that disappointed me in the process.
D: Yes, so many times, there's something about the way vinyl sounds that makes it warmer than CDs. I replaced virtually all my vinyl collection with CDs, but I still play lots of the vinyl. I love the crackles..

Q: I have only just recently 'discovered' Thunder and Bowes & Morley and i think your music is just TERRIFIC!....so varied and inspiring. This is a question for all three of you please. When you are not busy writing, recording and performing, do you have time for any other interests? What sort of activities do you enjoy? I have my tickets for M.O.R. How many tracks will you be performing? Ann Sussex
L: Where have you been for the past 12 years Ann??? It doesn't matter, you got here in the end I suppose. I'm fairly sad and ordinary actually when it comes to things in my life that aren't musically orientated. I play golf (about 20 handicap), I walk and cycle, I love to socialise with friends, I watch too many films etc. Re. the MOR setlist I haven't decided yet but it will change on a night by night basis (probably!).

Q: Luke, as you are so gorgeous and you're such a fantastic songwriter, just wondered if you could write a song with my name, Fiona, in it? Also if you're ever in Blackpool please feel free to drop by my house as I'd love to take you up the Tower anytime!! Fiona, Blackpool
L: Thanks for your kind invitation; I've never been taken up a tower before!?!?!?!?! I'm not sure how I'd react to that with my aversion to heights though. Maybe you'd have to take me somewhere else........OK enough of the innuendo already! The trouble with your name, lovely as it is, is that I can't think of anything that rhymes with 'Fiona' apart from 'moaner', 'the owner' and 'stoner'. It's not looking good for a beautiful love song is it? Oh dear....back to the drawing board.

Q: Hi Luke...My friend was interested to know if you have ever been influenced by a guitarist called Les Dudek?...As some of your playing reminds him a little bit of him?...Apparently he was a session guy for Boz Scaggs?.......On another note the stuff off the E.P. sounds tremendous!!..and can't wait to hear the songs in November. Paul K
L: Les Dudek? Wow....that's fairly obscure. I do remember seeing a solo album of his in the 70's although I don't recall hearing it. I do however love the Boz Scaggs album 'Silk Degrees' and there's certainly a bit of 'White boys play the funk' about it as there is with B+M. Interesting observation..........go to the top of the class!!

Q: Luke, I really liked the way you explain how and why each song was written on The Raw, The Rare and the Rest. When I listen to your music, I have a fantastic picture of what the song is all about. It gives so much meaning to them, absolutely fab idea. Any chance of you doing this on future albums? PS Top night out at the Uni last week, thanx to all the band! Sally, Fordingbridge
L: Thank you for your nice comments re. RRR sleeve notes. With that particular album I felt there was a historical/retrospective element to it which needed explanation here and there. I don't know if it would be relevant or necessary with every album. Anyway, I like hearing other people's theories on the lyrics and what they're about; sometimes I don't realise myself!

Q: Will you be playing any of the new songs from the new E.P. live at M.O.R.?? Marty Wares
T: YES!!  Tracks for the E.P. will definitely be played at the M.O.R. gigs...

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