Q & A Archive - February 2009


Q: Hi! My band intends to record an EP to raise money for kidney research (we all work in Leicester's kidney unit). It will be called 'Taking the Piss' and consist of cover versions; my question is, what is the position on recording covers? Do we make a payment to the artists? It's all very confusing! Nick, Leicester
D: You need to contact the Performing Rights Society (google them) to apply for a licence to release the EP. You need to register the songs on the EP with them, along with the writers and other information that can be found on the original records. They will send you an invoice, based on the number of songs and the number of EPs. Once you get the licence you can manufacture the CDs.

Q: As with all other posts, many thanks for 20 great years and for giving me a quality CD collection!! My question is.. over all the years, which has been each of your personal favourite tours? Personally, Monsters of Rock in 2002 was great to see you back, but after that it was RJT for me. All the best in the future... Steve I, North Yorks
L: All of our own tours have been enjoyable so it's hard to single one out. I think the most fun I remember having on a support tour was with Heart in 1990 because the two bands got along very well.

Q: Hi guys.....Well I've been away for the past 3 weeks catching some real snow in the alps, and whilst 2600mtrs up got a text of my thunder buddy suzie...telling me the news....trust me what is usually an easy red for me turned out to be more like a nasty blackrun...I just couldn't concentrate....So I got home Sunday and am now catching up...Im not sure exactly what to make of everything, I just think that you need to do what is best for you and your families... I think maybe you have had a bit of stick cos let's face it us Thunder fans just don't want to let ya's go!! we've been spoiled by a great bunch of blokes and the fantastic music you have put out over the last 20 years....For me, 2008 has left me with some magical memories from meeting my music heros...(u guys) and then the worst day of my life on 13/12/08 my luvly pop's passed away, (he luved Thunder, and thought it was great I got to meet you guys, so thanks) Rolling the Dice was one of his fav's and Spin doctor, he just thought the words to that were great....My dad saw his first and only Thunder gig 2007 @ Manchester, at the age of 70 and luved it...Luke: I hope you don't mind? but your song "watching over you" has taken on a different meaning for me now, (and it's never happened to me before but it just makes me cry everytime I hear it), I can't listen to it at the moment....but I know he'll be "watching over me" x Anyhow's we have our tickets for Manchester...and I would just like to wish you all the best in whatever you do, and you will always be my fav band...thanks for the memories guys...Go steady..see ya soon... Jodie, Cheshire
L: Thank you for your kind words and sorry for your loss. I hope the song will become something that reminds you of your Dad in a good way as the time passes. He sounds like he was a very cool Dad!

Q: Hi Guys, I was happy yesterday. Wales beat Scotland in the rugby. I was reading the papers this morning, still buzzing, then I was down again, as I remembered. Thunder are splitting up. Gutted, truly and honestly gutted. I was with you guys from 'Low Life In High Places'. I saw the video on MTV and was hooked there after. I bought LOJD on Vinyl, then had to buy it again on Cd a year or so later, as vinyl was dying out. I would like to say Thanks for the great music and gigs and being genuine guys and not forgetting being my favourite rock band. You will be missed. Have a great life after Thunder. My question is, I love the 6 Nations and I'm looking forward to this weekends Rugby Match Wales V England. Do any of you guys watch the rugby? And Thanks Again, good Luck. Ps Luke El Gringo Retro II (You know it makes sense). Rodm Cardiff
L: I do watch the occasional international match and always enjoy it when I do but I'm not a hardcore rugby fan.

Q: Hi Lads, Thanks for the last 20 years! As a yearly pilgrimage / christmas kneesup 8 of us make the yearly visit to Rock city for the xmas show, While disappointed to see you splitting up we were glad to see the Rock city gig on the tour. This means Christmas has come early for us this year! Excellent. My question is : Danny what are the chances of getting a Bowes endorsed Kazoo for my Bog of Rock?? Cheers and good luck! Steve Goodman, Brackley
D: I'm afraid my number 1 kazoo was recently auctioned for charity, and I'm told it was bought by an unnamed American collector for several thousand pounds. That's actually a lie, I lost it after the last Xmas show. I think it ended up in the Rock City backstage toilet, so it has ended up in a bog of rock in the end, just not your one..

Q: So sorry to hear about the split. you have given me and my wife 20 years of great music, you will be sorely missed, but there comes a time in life when you just have to move on. people say you are up there with coverdale and plant but your vocal range is far superior there is no way they could sing once in a lifetime or till untill my dying day, you are the master. what I want to know is what song do you enjoy singing most and do you prefer ballads or the rockier ones? anyway good luck to you in whatever you do ,you will never be forgotten in our household. Lochhead, Armadale, W Lothian
D: You are very kind. I have no real favourites. They're all really good songs, some are harder to sing than others, and it's a bit of a battle (mental and physical) to sing them all one after another. I beat myself up to do it, which gives me enormous satisfaction afterwards, knowing I've done it. It's like a simultaneous pleasure and anguish experience. Weird.

Q: Hi Luke, I have just been looking around the Thunder side projects and found your El Gringo record, and having listened over and over to the sound clips, I intend to grab some money and buy is as soon as possible. You say you are going to keep writing music. I was wondering what kind of direction you would want to take. I would love to hear you singing some harder rock as I think your voice fits so nicely! Your heavier guitar playing (especially Love walked in) cannot get better! At the same time, write what you feel is right and keep writing because I am yet to find a more accomplished musician! Cheers and see you in London :) Martin, England
L: All I know at this time is I'm going to write some songs and see where they take me. Thanks for the nice comments on 'EGR'.

Q: Hi guys, thanks for adding the Glasgow date on 1st July. Just one problem. I have already delayed my honeymoon by 2 days to go to AC/DC in Glasgow on 30th June. What kind words do you have for my future wife to persuade her to put it back another day. Please help!!!! Loudie, Argyll
D: Tell her if she doesn't put it back another day the wedding is off. Simple.

Q: Two questions for you - first is re the Farewell tour...I remember a few years back, Deep Purple introduced the idea of letting fans pick the set. They could cast votes on favourite songs etc and then the band/webmaster compiled a top 20...would that be an idea you guys might consider? Second question..always meant to ask this so I'd better do it now while  can - I remember watching a hidden camera type show on the BBC years ago where they wanted to test peoples honesty. They put someone in a waiting room, with - I think - someone's wallet (or personal possessions) lying around unattended. A few people went through the waiting room (being CCTV'ed for their reaction) when - blow me ! - a  dead ringer for Luke Morley turns up - Luke, tell me - was it you? I have always been convinced it was ...and if it was, you were honest as the day is long! "Mart", Saffron Walden
L: I believe the contact we have had with our fans via this site, meet & greets, Q&A etc. over the years means we have a good handle on what people like and as this is our last tour we want it to be the most memorable we've ever done as I'm sure do the audience. If, when I start to compile the set for July I have trouble choosing the songs, then I promise you we will let the fans decide but you have to realise there are several inescapable truths here; 1) we can't possibly play everyone's favourites, 2) some songs do not work in tandem with others, 3) as I have stated many times before on this site, a lot of people that come to see us like our ballads above everything else so if the audience did pick the set we might end up with seven slowish songs which would ruin the balance, 4) there are factors that the audience are not aware of eg.  guitar and tuning changes, keys of songs etc that all have an influence on the running order and the overall pacing. It's a bit like picking a football team; everybody thinks they can do it but it's not as simple as it looks! Yes, it was me. The show was called 'Temptation" and you're right, I was the only person who didn't nick anything.

Q: Good afternoon gentlemen, hope your not to cold of snowed/flooded whilst watching a old VHS of clips from you fine chaps I found a interview behind the scenes of the making of "Gimme shelter" with factoids of repercussions & homeless numbers do you believe it's worse now than it was back then? "Mart", Saffron Walden
L: To be honest I have no idea. One thing I do know though is you can be sure the government massage the figures to prove it's much better than it actually is.

Q: Hi, Do you and Ben play through or have you played through mesa boogie amps ,and if so have you tried the road king ? I bought my x boyfriend a mark 4 boogie 10years a go he said that the boogies and soldarnos are the dogs knackers of amps! what do you guys think? Gill, Cheshire
L: We used to use Mesa Boogies (I used a Mk.III and Benny a Mk. IV) but now we both use Marshall Vintage Modern amps which I can assure you really are the best for the definitive classic rock sound.

Q: Luke, For the most part of Thunder you have written the songs on your own (rather successfully I might add). I remember, however, reading a news article circa LOJD era where it said you had called for the other members of the band to assist you in this. What happened - did you find that you worked better alone?, or was there a lack of enthusiasm / aptitude from the rest of the guys? I have also read you saying in these pages that if you were not a song writer you felt that maybe you would be involved in maybe writing screenplays or novels. Could you see yourself doing this in the  future? I am a novel writer, but also find myself having ideas for rock songs etc. Because of a lack of any natural music playing talent (I manage to clunk out the odd tune on the piano) my songs remain in bits and pieces on cubase. If you think you may experiment with a song writing partner in future (my ideas are awesome - probably Morley inspired!) I think my tunes would interest you, and would benefit from your polish. I know that you must get this kind of strange request often,  but if you fancy trying a different approach, I am sure some of my ideas will interest you. Thanks for the great music so far. Paul, Cheshire
L: Over the years the other guys have made the odd contribution to the writing process and I believe it's always added something when they have. I've always been obsessive about writing and have managed to stay reasonably prolific (thankfully) and maybe the other guys don't have the same desire to do it; you'd have to ask them that! I have co- written a treatment for a movie which I'm currently upgrading to a screenplay but it's a long and laborious process. Hopefully I'll finish it soon! If you wish to send me a link to your music via Thinny I'll try and have a listen but as you can imagine we're very busy so don't expect a swift reaction!

Q: Thanks for taking the time to answer all the questions re the split, you could have just said "Bye" so it is appreciated. The "out of the blue" announcement was such a shock, hence why some of the email animosity. In life we all have to make hard decisions but you have had to make yours very publicly. The fans don't mean to upset you, they're just ticked off right now, but they'll get over it and your cds will still get played very loudly! Thunder are the only band I know who are so easily accessible to the fans, through your gigs, meet and greet and this website. I have my ticket for Shepherds Bush so I'm extremely happy. So one last question, are you going to have a closing down sale of the merchandise store? Any bargains to be had? Take care guys - it's been fun. Di Gaedtke, Ashford, Middx
D: Thanks. The shop will carry on, as will our label, to sell the titles and items produced up the time we cease "banding". We'll keep it all going all the time sales are enough to keep it viable. There are bound to be some price reductions, we've not decided what or when, we've been a bit busy lately, but it seems a sensible thing to do at some stage.

Q: So much to say, but can I just say thanks fellas for giving us such a fantastic music legacy which has cheered me up on countless occasions. From my first Thunder encounter in 89 supporting Aerosmith to last years tour, it has been great to see a 'proper' rock band playing 'proper' music with no bull or ego. So all the best to you all and my question is...I'm off down to the shop, would anyone like anything? take care guys. Jason, Winsford, Cheshire
L: Thank you for your support and I would like to order some black, lacy lingerie (with Penelope Cruz inside it) please!
D: Can I have a kit kat please?

Q: Luke, thanks again for the phone interview you gave me some days ago. I was kind of shocked when I read the announcement on your website just one day later. I have to say thank you for a great Thunder time. So many memories - so many great songs. All the best for you and the band. I wish you luck for all the projects you'll be involved in. I will still go on playing Thunder songs on the radio. Now more than never! The band will depart but not your talent as a great songwriter - take care. Maybe we can talk again when some new Morley songs are released. Robert Hohensee, Kiel, Germany
L: Thank you for your support. It was difficult answering some of your questions under the circumstances but as I'm sure you understand I didn't want to say anything about the band coming to an end until we'd made an official announcement via this site.

Q: Hello guys! Don't worry this isn't going to be a rant!! Words can't express how sad I am that you have decided to split but totally respect that you need time and space to do something different so a great big THANK YOU for all the wonderful music you have made and all the fun times at the gigs and I wish you every happiness for the future ....oh and I guess I better squeeze a teeny question in as well seeing as I'm here anyway! IMHO the reason some fans have reacted a bit dramatically to your split is that you genuinely do manage to make us all feel like you are our mates....other than
the fact that you're obviously very nice people do you have a theory as to why this might be? OOh and could you do all us concert goers a favour and enlighten certain other bands (mentioning no names!) as to how to oooh I dunno have well.......errrrmmm FUN! while they are on stage???!! Take care and good luck in whatever the future holds for you all Loadsa Love Claire, Norfolk
D: Thanks, you're very kind. The band's ability to make everyone our friend is not an ability but the result of a magic spell we cast over each record and concert ticket. Sadly the spell is Thunder only, but we're hoping to bottle it one day.

Q: Hi guys. I can't put into words how gutted I am about the split. You have been (and always will be) my favourite band ever since I saw you at Wembley supporting Bon Jovi in 1995. I arrived there a casual Bon Jovi fan and left a true Thunder convert and you have been a massive part of my life ever since. I would just like to say, like so many others have, THANK YOU so much for all the music, laughs and amazing shows. I have seen many shows by many bands and none have ever come close to matching you for musical ability and sheer entertainment value. My wife is pregnant with our first child (due in May) and I intend to make sure the little one grows up a Thunder fan, and my only sadness is they will never get to see you live. My question is whether you have had any thoughts about the format of the final show yet? I know its early days but personally I loved the format of the Dingwalls show with an acoustic set and then a loud 2nd half. Not sure if it would work in Shepherds Bush but will look forward to it regardless what you decide. Sure it will be an amazing night. Allow me to add to the requests for a CD and DVD of the night. I would definitely buy it. I fully appreciate your reasons for calling it a day and respect that entirely. Just allow me one little request. If you thought that you could enjoy playing the one off Christmas show each year then I am sure the fans would support it and come to see you. It doesn't need new material because there is a balance of covers and your own stuff and we wouldn't even ask for the live CD of the evening which causes you admin pain. We would just all be pleased to have a once a year party with Thunder. Consider it, that is all I ask! But I would only want you to do it if you thought it could be fun for you guys as well. I wish you all the best for the future. Thunder will be sadly missed but I will follow you all with interest and support everything you do as long as you keep us informed. I hope you enjoy the last few months together. And to Thinny, thanks for everything you have done keeping the fans informed. Your hardwork is truly valued. And finally, someone once said, "Should you ever, change your mind, About leaving everything you had behind, it don't matter, for whatever length of time WE'LL be waiting...". Kevin, Thatcham
L: Thank you very much for support and your mini epic! As stated elsewhere on the Q&A page I won't decide on what we're going to play for some time yet, so by all means keep your suggestions coming into the forum but please, no more questions on this subject as there's only so many ways I can say 'I don't know yet'.

Q: Hi guys I was wondering whether the web site will close down or stay on so we can keep up with any news on forth coming stuff that might be going on with what ever you do musically and also for the thunder shop. Colin Vale, Leicester
T: The site and the shop will stay open for the foreseeable future.

Q: Will you be revealing the identity of Thinny on the website at some point or are you going to keep him as the elusive one? I know some people met him at the last tour, but Luke refused to reveal his identity to me! What did you think I was going to do? Thanks for 20 years of great memories and best of luck for the future. See you at Shepherds Bush. Lottie , Exeter
T: Haha, maybe those people just think they met the real me!? Like Doctor Doom I have many Thinny-bots out there that lurk around at Thunder gigs, while all the time I'm watching all the goings ons from a wall of TV screens in my secret evil lair (yes, Thunder Towers...). I quite like being a man on mystery and have no plans to reveal myself to the world. See you at the Bush...I'll reserve a Thinny-bot just for you!

Q: So, apart from the split, any other news? Otis Fett, Dublin, Ireland
D: Ha ha, very funny indeed. That's what I like, a sense of humour, and a great name matey I must say..

Q: So its been 20 years and you are still the band I try to get everyone to listen to...can't believe your ending it all...just  listening to GTGA and I have a few questions...when done will you be a) a hit with the girls? b) an ordinary guy with a strange old job c) Taken seriously? d) Retiring to the south of Spain? Now that you've finished being a juvenile slob, enjoy your post- Thunder life you will be very sorely missed. Goodbye to the people who helped make me who I am. Phil Joe, London
L: Ha ha ha...I've been asked quite a few times about the lyrics of 'Rolling The Dice'. Some songs are autobiographical in the true sense and 'RTD' falls into that category so.....a) a hit with the girls? No. I was just persistent! b) still ordinary but now without a job....c) I do tend to take myself very seriously so maybe it's not such a bad thing that other people don't...d) I'm definitely not retiring but there's every possibility I'll visit the south of Spain again.

Q: Hi there, Just wanted to offer some more words of support to you all at the moment as it seems as though you may need it, from just looking at the message board (requests for more shows whilst keeping the last show the "last" show, the final tour being recorded, rare material being released to everyone, as well as answering more questions as well). Just wanted to let you all know that what you have done over the years and what you are still doing now in order to please the fans is appreciated. Danny, I can understand where you are coming from to a certain degree with regards to calling it a day. I bet you have been even more busy than ever since the announcement and with trying to fulfill all of the requests. I'm secretly hoping that all the extra work will make you think, "Screw this ! It's more busy than ever since we announced the split, lets just stay together, there's less work involved !" LOL ! Anyway, just to say that your music as a whole will be sorely missed, but I am glad that I have a fairly reasonable CD collection by you guys. I actually applaud all of your releases. Unlike another favourite band, Van Halen, if you release a live CD or a single, or an EP, there's always cause
> to get an unreleased track, reowrked track, or cover that hasn't been released anywhere else, as opposed to a Live track that you already own from the live CD you bought. So thank you for the music, and here's hoping I can sort work issues out and get to one of your farewell shows to say goodbye to you along with a few other hundred or so others of your closest friends.> Oh, a question ? Since you split once because of the music industry, and are now splitting because it's too busy running the band by yourselves, do you think there could any be a situation or light of events that could  tempt you back ? Or would answering this question merely add fuel to a fire ? P.s. - Can I have Ben's Black Gibson if he's not going to be needing it any more ? Thanks once again guys. You will be missed... Dave Bedford, Wokingham
D: Christ! These Q&As are getting a bit like War & Peace.. Thanks for the support. I have no way of knowing what is around the corner, no one does. I only know what I intend to do, which is concentrate on other work. I can't say any more than that, and no amount of probing or rephrasing of the questions is going to change that. I know it's hard to accept for some, but I'm beginning to get fed up with this. I've made a decision about my life, the other band members have done the same. We didn't do it lightly. I hope everyone can take that at face value and let it go. I've tried to be a nice guy and explain, I felt it was right, but I've had enough now, so I'm not going to answer any more questions about this.

Q: Well, I really don't know how to start this. Being the non-native speaker that I am I hope you can get what I am talking about. It really is a pity that Thunder is splitting up. I was with you from the very beginning. Backstreet Symphony was amazing, so was any other album you released. I met you in 1993 in Germany, followed you to several gigs back then. When I married in 1998 I tried to get my wife into your music and it did not take long until she got caught by this amazing stuff. Always wnted to catch you live from then on but you just toured the UK, so we went to London in 2003 to see you. Amazing show by the way. Now we booked two tickets for the gig in Aschaffenburg in Germany. It is our 11the wedding anniversary on that particular day. Can you please play "Love walked in"? It was one of our favourite tracks of all time. If you don't you just need to continue! Anyway, you must continue! I can't believe that Danny's voice won't be heard again. He is - amongst Ian Gillan, David Coverdale, Robert Plant and others - one of the top voices in Rock. Danny, don't hide your voice from us! It is unique. And Luke, don't stop making music. You guys deserve much more  than you earned over the past years. I won't stop supporting you, whatever you will do. I know this is a Q&A section, so I guess I need to ask a question, and here it is: What would have to happen that you would decide to continue carrying on as THUNDER? (And although I know that Luke and Danny are the driving forces behind Thunder I would appreciate some thoughts from Ben, Chris and Harry as well! ) up! Joe, Germany
L: Thank you for your generous observations. An international number one album might do the trick! Seriously though, in life there are times when a reassessment of what you're doing and where you're going is necessary and regardless of the reasons, this is that sort of time for us. I won't stop making music and hopefully whatever I do in the future will hold  some interest for people that have supported Thunder so well over the last twenty years.

Q: Luke, Danny and all. I feel quite saddened by some of the flak that you have taken since your announcement. You guys simply do not deserve it and there can be little doubt that you have always been, without exception, true to your fans. The only reason I can imagine this has happened is due to us all being so upset, and letting our emotions take over. If nothing else, this just shows what you have meant to us all over the years, and how you will be sorely missed. Good luck in whatever direction life takes you. And well spotted, there is no question in here; figured you have been asked enough!! Jonny, Aylesbury
D: Thank you. I'm sure you're probably right. It's entirely understandable. We did expect it, and we do accept it. Now on to my question, can you tell me the origins of the word flak? Is mine the correct spelling?
L: Thank you.

Q: Hey up lads, last week was not a good one in our house. I work for corus (you may have seen the news last week!) that was a bit of a blow,but then you went and announced the split....what a week! Anyway now the dust has settled, may I first thank you for 20 years of great music and even greater live shows (of which I have attended many). My question is,out of all you have achieved with band, what has been probably your proudest moment, I know there must be many. I will never forget getting SATS through post and wondering if you still had the magic...then loser starts and thinking to myself oh my f***ing god, have they still got it!...Still the greatest beginning to any album ever! Anyway enough rambling...take care lads, be proud of yourselves, cos we are certainly proud of you. See you in Sheffield. Ian Helliwell, Rotherham
D: Sorry to hear about your work dramas, and thanks for the nice words. And your question is...
L: Thank you. I'm proud that we've had some great moments musically here and there and that we've put on some great shows over a twenty year period. Being consistent is one of the hardest things in life and I think we've made a pretty good fist of it.

Q: Most of my questions have already been answered and my friends and I are very grateful for all the answers. We are obviously gutted at the news, it feels like someone cancelled Christmas but we wish you all the best. Anyway, my question is, will you still be doing meet and greet at the July shows....If you dare!!! Ha Ha!! Anne, Leeds
T: Yes there will be meet and greets as usual. Registrations will probably happen in June via the site.

Q: Hey guys, I just thought I should say thank you to you all as you guys are the reason behind why I picked up my drums sticks when I was nine and you guys are the reason I want to be a rockstar ever since I was small. I am devastated about the you guys splitting up I guess my dream of playing along side you guys will never come true anymore. I would especially like to thank Harry for his advice and chats about drums. You guys really have rocked my world and you have played big part in my life and you truly will be missed. My question is will you guys come see my band when we are as good
as you? Ryan (ten thousand Flushes), Hereford
B: Only if I'm on the guest list.
D: Ryan I suspect your band is already as good as us. Don't give up and don't give in, at least not until you're as worn out as me (very).

Q: Absolutely gutted by the split announcement, you chaps have been writing and recording some of the best rock songs of the last 20 years. Anyway, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being the best band ever, for 20 great years, 8 awesome albums and for inspiring me to take up the guitar. I introduced my wife to your music, which she loves and we made it to the Christmas show last December, we're so glad we did and she got to see you at your best! I
> really wish you all good luck with your future endeavours, I know all Thunder fans will be keen to know everything you are all doing, please keep us up to date. So now my question, what will each of you miss the LEAST about touring with the rest of the band? Cheers Lads! Thanks Again. Robin, Albany, NY, USA
L: Benny's snoring!!!
B: Luke's accusations of snoring, it was him all the time.

Q: Hi guys, Not really a question here, more a message of support at what is evidently quite an intense period. Simply enjoy the last couple of months of being the great band that is Thunder and so will we, the fans. There seems to be quite
a few hissy fits being thrown in your direction at the moment but I think this is just a knee jerk reaction to bad news - in a way it's a bit like grieving and people go a bit mad with the shock. So folks, lets relax and enjoy what we have left, stop hassling the band and Thinny about when the comeback gig will be and check out whatever new projects the split throws
up! Andy Kitching, Leeds, UK
D: I'm sure your points are probably very well observed. I'm not surprised that some fans are upset, I'm sure we would be a bit miffed if everyone simply accepted it without a word. I hope the time we have left will be good, and the shows will be brilliant. That's how we want to go out, and I'm sure that's how people would prefer to remember us.

Q: Obviously gutted with the news of Thunder's forthcoming departure. But, more gutted with the inability to be able to get hold of Tickets for the July 11th/Shepherds Bush Gig for anywhere near the advertised £25!! Been trying since they went on sale on Friday to be told "not available" through LiveNation and "sold out" direct from the venue. Pretty disgusted though looking at other sites to find them available for 3,4,5 and even 6(yes 6!) times the price advertised on Thunderonline. Being not local to any of the farewell gigs so the added (acceptable) travel/accommodation costs puts these tickets out of our reach. Does the band not feel there should be some sort of control over the sell of THEIR tickets, to make them available/affordable to the real fans who have supported them over the last 20 years rather than individuals/companies out to make a quick mint??? Dan Burt, Gosport, Hampshire
D: You are not alone, and I agree it's a nasty practice, but we have no control over the selling of tickets. We're looking at the London situation, as well as the Glasgow situation. We'll do what we can to add shows, as previously mentioned. I can't say any more right now.

Q: Danny, from what I've read you've made it very clear that you don't have any interest in recording or releasing more records. Though I don't recall seeing anything about your thoughts of singing live in the future - Is the live side of the business more appealing to you? Also you said that you won't miss the convincing yourself that you can do it every
> night - Does that relate to keeping your voice in shape on tour, or because you become more and more drained as a tour goes on? I would like to thank you so much for the great years of music you and the rest of the band have shared with us all... Without a doubt you have the most fantastic voice I've ever heard! Dan
D: Thanks for your kind words. I think it would be hard to sing live if I don't make records, for me they go hand in hand. I find it extremely difficult to sing the songs night after night. My voice takes a bit of a beating during each show, and I have to fight a mental battle all day each day on tour, to get through it. It's a bit like mind over matter, the mind winning the battle over the flesh. I am always very drained when a tour comes to an end. I'm probably my own worst enemy though, as I cannot allow myself to half sing the songs, I have to go for every note. It's like a self destruction thing. I'm now off to the analyst for some much needed therapy. Wibble woof bark etc..

Q: So very sad to hear about the split. Danny, you've said you plan to be too busy for music and don't plan to make any more records. Does that also mean no more guest vocalist spots like the Don Airey CD? It seems so sad to think of you never doing anything new... Suzie, Derby
D: I'll consider any offers that come, and do the things that feel good if I have the time. More than that I cannot say. I read somewhere that someone said they thought my voice was going and that I was giving up before it got too bad. I'm sorry they think that, but it's quite untrue, and it made me laugh out loud when I read it. There are plenty of singers out there who should stop for this reason, but I'm not one of them. That's a joke by the way, and no I won't tell you who I'm referring to..

Q: Thanks for the reply to my last question, But last night as I lay in bed, I got to thinking, after all the dust as settled and you have time to reflect, you and the boys have done a hell of a lot of music and it should be herd by everyone ie the real Thunder fans, e.g. the tombstone sessions, the xmas cds you got when attending the gigs. put them on as down load tracks charge a little more than a normal download. You know as well as I do, fans search e-bay for this kind of stuff and pay up to £70-80 just to own them. It's just a thought but the real fans will understand what I mean...Thanks again... Steve, Nottingham
D: It's a tough call. We've always tried to stay true to the principles of "limited edition" or "exclusive" releases. It's like a pact we make with fans when we release them (buy this and you'll get something lots of others can't get), and whilst it's great for those who manage to get a copy, I appreciate it's not so great for those who don't. I don't think the band
will have an issue with making some recordings available via download, especially if it serves to stop fans having to pay exorbitant amounts for them on eBay. However, I think we need to be mindful of the feelings of those who have bought copies of said releases at the time. I think this may be one of those occasions when perhaps we put it to a vote, and see how the majority of fans feel about it, gauge opinion and then decide.

Q: Hi Luke - thanks for answering my last question about playing album tracks etc... you have said that wouldn't be on the cards as people would want to hear their "favourite" tracks. Surely a lot of people's favourites are indeed tracks like Long Way Form Home, Feeding The Flame, Dangerous Rhythm etc... and not just the tracks that are on 'Best Driving Rock Anthems Ever' type compilations?? Don't confuse widely distributed and popular with favourite! I'm sure as a fan you'd delight in seeing a favourite band play some of the album tracks in place of one or two of the overplayed 'hits'?? I'm not asking for a complete rendition of 'The Rare, The Raw ands the Rest' but just a few gems interspersed - please?! Secondly - on a purely selfish note, please try to make any additional dates (second night in London, Glasgow etc..) BEFORE the current Shepherds Bush gig - I want to be at the last one (again!!) ps Quick question for Danny - any chance of the ticket holder only versions of the Xmas shows being made available for purchase in the future?? Chris, Kent
D: We've only ever produced the ticket holder only CDs to match the number of tickets sold. In theory if everyone who was entitled claimed their copy, we would have none to sell, and I'm sure demand wouldn't be sufficient to justify manufacturing more (and we'll be looking to keep things as simple as possible in the time left). It comes back to the pact thing again. We make a deal with the fans who buy the tickets, and they get their exclusive CD. I think this is another fan vote moment. If the majority of fans support making the songs available for others to buy via download, I think we would consider doing it.

Q: Danny..I must say that I, like so many others am absolutely gutted about the Bands decision to call it a day.....though respect your reasons for doing so. The question I have for you is that while I can appreciate you have other things that will take up your time now..I personally hope you will continue to at least record in some shape or form...I think back to the great vocalists..of which you are indeed one..who called it a day..and we have had no output from these guys since..Steve Perry being one example who springs to mind. I just believe that not having your vocal talents in some shape or form would be a very sad loss to the music industry. And please don't think the question rude..Its not meant to be..Its just I believe that a talent that sits alongside the likes of Rodgers & Coverdale in their prime deserves to be heard. I do..however wish you and the band all the very best and hopefully a Glasgow gig may be added to the tour. Paul Keane, Ayrshire
D: Thanks for the kind words. Steve Perry is a good example of a man who has a great voice but appears to have effectively given up singing for the moment. I must assume he has other things that fill his time.

Q: Now I look out my window, to the street so far below. And I pray that I hear my THUNDER, don't know why you had to go. Now all I wanna do is> thank you, Cos all you ever did made me smile. Now all you have to say, the day you walked away. Is don't wait for me goodbye. (luke, solo). Hiya guys gutted to hear your going, but delighted you came to play for 20 glorious years. You have written the soundtrack to my life, And as the last chords are ringing out I just wanna say THANK YOU. You defiantly made your mark on the world. May I wish you all the very best for the future. And Harry made my day in Caldicot (bad company, magnum) I finally got to meet one of my heroes. Enjoy life boys you deserve it. Oh a ?. Where can I jump up and down now and get away with it? Stewart Cook, S. Wales
D: I suggest you start an aerobics club specialising in Thunder tunes only. Thanks for the kindness.

Q: Given that circumstances are changing for you, have you ever considered guitar tuition? Satriani did it, so does Paul Chapman of UFO. Or if that is not your thing, what about a dvd in the style of the 'Lick Library' series. Good luck to all the band in  all they do! Nick, Leicester
L: If I was a sensitive soul I might've thought for a second you were inferring Mr. Satriani, Mr. Chapman and myself all needed guitar tuition! I don't think I'm technically correct enough to teach and more importantly I don't think I'd have the patience!

Q: Following everyone's questions about the July set list I just wondered how you actually come up with the set? I know you've answered similar questions before but I mean actually 'how' do you do it - Do you pick songs from memory or do you sit down with a complete list of your releases (or the albums) to see if any thing shouts out at you? Really looking forward to hearing what you pick for the final tour and the format of the nights! Dan
L: I do have a list of all the material and a record of recent sets we've performed so I can put together a selection of songs that isn't too similar to the last couple of tours. Obviously it all has to make sense and be balanced as well. In July my biggest problem will be deciding what to leave out I guess.

Q: Hi everybody. After July, will it be possible to continue to submit question to the ex-members through this Q&A page? Luc, Neuve Eglise - France
T: We haven't thought that far ahead yet. We'll address the situation nearer the time.

Q: I jinxed it :-( ... back in 2007 I said to Chris in my interview with him that I hope Thunder would not celebrate the 20 years as you did with the 10 years by stopping the band again :-( DANG !! Like last time, really gutted. Of course I respect your decisions but hopefully one day Danny you will miss those crazy nights with lots of champagne and crazy people (like me) and then start once more... I know sometimes you hit the wall facing forward and everything goes black, but to call it a day completely :-( To set up the final tour in July and saying its before the summer holidays? That's straight in the  summer holidays here so unfortunately I can not come and bid you farewell. (You can not ride into the sunset in Norway in July anyway since we have a midnight sun :lol:) I have tried to convince some guys to book you to play at a Festival in my town about the 21. / 22. of May (Whitesnake is already confirmed so who knows...), but if not then last Christmas will be my final memory of the band. The X-mas show was so great, so fun and a really great adventure. I bring greetings to  Danny from my fiancee (if you remember her hehe). I hope our ways might cross one day in the future in some way. Where is the question then? I want you all to tell me what you honestly think you are doing in 5 years from now. And Chris.... you have to do a x-mas show this year... after all when I asked you if you were going to continue with them you said: We will,  guarantied, Gary Glitter is not doing it anymore is he so, we just have to do it...I wish you all a great future in whatever you may do. Its been a fantastic time to be there for those moments, the good, the bad and the ugly ;-) Inge Hassel, Norway
D: I don't know the answer to that one, my crystal ball is broken.
L: I have no idea although I'd be very surprised if I wasn't involved in making music.

Q: I must admit although I'm dreading the end of Thunder coming ever closer I am looking forward to the final tour very much indeed! Before the split was announced I wondered if an anniversary tour would happen with BSS played in full - But since the news I wondered if it would be on the cards for you to pick a set list that covers something from each studio album? There are some great tracks that sadly never make an appearance due to the time restrictions and promotion of the most recent material. In my mind it would be a great way to celebrate 20 years of the band. Also there have been many suggestions on the message boards of having no support for the tour, just a long night of Thunder... Sounds perfect, but is that something that could even be possible for the full 7 nights?! Enjoy the final months....And don't hesitate to come back again! Dan, Southampton
L: I haven't thought about what we'll play in July yet but whatever set we do, it will cover our entire history. We haven't discussed what form the entire evening will take but either way we will attempt to make it the best show we can.

Q: Hi Luke, I hope you can forgive me for I'm not asking a question here. I just wanted to wish you all the best and to say that whatever it is you choose to do after Thunder I hope I can carry on supporting you. Also thank you so much for all the music over the past 20 years, Thunder, your solo album and 'Bowes & Morley'. Rest assured even aside from Thunder I would love to be able to come and see some Luke Morley shows in whatever form they are in at some point if possible. Steve Trotter, London
L: Thank you for the kind words.

Q: I have to say it is a shame to see Thunder come to a close. I have been listening to you guys since "Backstreet Symphony". As a long time fan, I respect your reasons for needing to come to a close. I do have to ask if there are any more recordings left to be released? Thank you for all you have done...and best wishes. Sam Maston, USA
L: There are no more unheard recordings to be released I'm afraid.

Q: Got 4 tickets for me and mates to come to the final show at Sheps Bush on July 11th. Looking forward to it (but also not looking forward to it, if you know what I mean!). Seen you on most tours and most xmas gigs since Nottingham Rock City back in '89. Anyway - my question is : Any chance of messing with the format for your final gig? I know its too early to be thinking about it but I do have a suggestion. How about NO SUPPORT. An hour set playing as much of 'Backstreet' as you can. Interval and then an hour set playing stuff from all the other albums. I think this would be an awesome way to bow out and would be a real special evening. PS I might even get to hear 'Distant Thunder' again - you played it back in '89 at Rock City and I've been waiting all this time to hear it again!! James Daykin, Balsall Common
L: Once again, at this time there is no plan for the content, format or shape of the July set but rest assured I will give it a lot of thought!

Q: Ok this has nothing to do with you guys ending. Just a burning question - about 3 years ago you played a storming set a the Rock and Blues, the year it was very muddy. believe me being on the back of my husband Dug's bike going into the site was no fun! Anyway what I want to know is this - you appeared to be wearing a lovely? pair of pale pink shoes - not sure if you remember? how on earth did you manage to keep them clean?? Did one of your crew piggy back you on or did you have a pair of wellies to change out of? My bike boots took me ages to dry and clean!! I know this is a weird question but I just had to ask!!! Take Care. All the best for the future, whatever or wherever it may take the band. Serena, West Sussex
L: Ha ha ha !! I was helicoptered into the backstage area and carried Cleopatra-style on a heavily jewelled chair born by twenty oiled mud wrestlers. To reach the stage I then walked over a special pathway woven of the finest Oriental silks and adorned by perfumed rose petals while my humble servants and footmen averted their peasantly eyes from my God-like form. Or I could've just walked carefully avoiding the mud........

Q: Hi guys - so gutted to hear about the split; hope that, like the Dingwalls gig I went to, the Shepherds Bush one won't truly be 'it'. So many questions/requests: Are you going to record any of the final gigs for CD/DVD?, are you going to include loads of rarely played album tracks, b-sides etc..?, will we see some more Bowes & Morely activity in the future?, if the decision came down to just one of you not wanting to continue, was there temptation to carry on as Thunder but with a replacement (you've done it before with bass players) or for the rest of you to continue but with a new name and a
> fresh start? Hope you may be able to answer some/all of these! Lastly - THANK YOU for 20 years of great times and great tunes; you will be missed, Chris, Kent
L: We haven't discussed the possibility of recording/filming the last shows because there have been more pressing things to address as I'm sure you understand. All I can say is there are no plans to do so at this stage. As the July tour will be our last I think it would be folly indeed to play obscure album tracks and B - sides. I feel sure most people attending will want to hear their favourite songs and that's what we'll attempt to do. Line up changes don't always signal the end of a band's career but I wouldn't entertain continuing Thunder unless any new addition made the band better than it already is and that is unlikely.

Q: Very sad news that Thunder is calling it a day. I was a tad rude in a previous Q&A email on this subject (one that didn’t get answered probably because of this), so can a please try again in a polite manner? Was consideration given to putting Thunder on ice for a period? By doing this, you could have left the door open to a future reformation without getting any flack (the band has already re-formed once). Financially, announcing the split will give the band a good return in 2009 for a final tour, so was this a deciding factor? Is another Bowes / Morley album a possibility? Final bit for Danny and Luke: can either of you see yourself in another new band without the presence of other ex-Thunder members?
Thanks and good luck, Axel Thomas
L: We always give an answer wherever possible but if a question is rude or deliberately provocative it will be ignored. I don't know why you would choose to be rude in the first place but as you're asking nicely this time.....Putting Thunder on ice wasn't an option. As I see it you're either functioning as a band or you're not. We are stopping because it's the right thing to do at this point in time and not hedging our bets. Whatever happens in the future will happen regardless of 'flack' as you put it. We are musicians, not media manipulators and if we ever decided to do it again (and there are no plans to do so) we would do it because we all wanted to, simple as that. Do you really think that we would announce splitting up solely to extract money from our fans? We have the right to make a living just as you do but money never has and never will be the motivation for what I do and I deeply I resent the implication. The audience always has a choice to buy the albums and tickets or not. I believe that the relationship we have with the people that support us is unique and special. You're entitled to be as cynical as you want but as someone who does his job from the heart, I do not have that luxury. I have no solid plans at this time with or without the other boys but I would be very surprised indeed if we didn't work together on something in the future. Good luck to you also.
D: If your previous question was rude I can only assume that's why it wasn't answered. We discussed the future at length, and concluded it's not practical to "rest" the band. I intend to be very busy doing other things (I already am). We could have said we were going to be resting but we would have been asked "how long for?" etc, and "I don't know" is such a terrible answer. I think to be straight with our intentions was better than to deceive. Having said that I don't have a crystal ball, so I can't say what will happen in the future, and I don't know anyone who does.
As for flack, there are some who moan every time we do anything. You know who you are. We try very hard to be clear and explain everything the best we can, so as long as most Thunder fans get our reasons, that has always been good enough for us. We've long understood that we can never please everyone, and we accept it.
The band will make money from a final tour, and this was part of the motivation for doing it (we have to eat). The other part of the motivation was the need to say goodbye to fans. To stop without doing so would have been terrible, and I think the inevitable flack would probably have been justified. I was very nervous about adding shows so soon after the November tour last year, and still am concerned that the shows will not be full (London is sold out so it's no longer a worry but there are other shows). I hope all the fans will want to come along to celebrate and say goodbye.
I have already made it clear I do not intend to make and release any more records, and I don't intend to be in a band if it's not Thunder.

Q: Hi Danny. Thank you for addressing the lack of a Glasgow gig on your farewell tour. I'm sure Melinda was just a bit emotional and like the rest of us up here, appreciates that it was not deliberate and that, as you pointed out, there are many reasons for things happening or not happening. Anyway, I wish you and the rest of the guys the best of luck for the future and a massive thank you for the enjoyment and pleasure you have provided over the years. Stuart R, Glasgow
D: I agree with you, and understand entirely. We are doing our best to deal with all the reaction, good and bad. We are looking into the issue of Glasgow, and the London sell out (it happened in just over 48 hours, that's almost as quickly as Hammersmith in 1990 when we announced it after Donington). We're getting an enormous amount of messages from disappointed fans. We will do all we can to address both issues and announce news as soon as possible.

Q: We have all grown old together (I'm 50 next), I first saw you in the early day at Rock City 90ish? was highly impressed then and nothings really changed, last saw you xmas 2006, Rock City again this time with my 18yr old son who was gob smacked at how true to your records you were...what I'm tryin to say is this...thanks for being part of my life and may all your dreams come true...Goodbye & God bless now for the question, is there any chance you could put the tombstone session stuff up for sale its the only thing I haven't got by you. Steve, Nottingham
D: Thanks for the nice words. I don't think we have any TTAS copies left, as it was a limited edition thing. There may be some somewhere. I'll check, but if there are there won't be many.

Q: Like so many people I am truly gutted that you have decided to call it a day. Your music has been a sound track to my life for so long, you guys will be truly missed, but thanks for the memories and looking forward to the tour. My question relates to the tour, will the London gig be the final ever Thunder Gig. I have got my tickets and want to be there for the final show, just wondering if there are plans to add a date esp as the first London show has sold so well? Jon, Middlewich
D: London was arranged as the final UK show. We said when we made our announcement last week that we are looking for summer festival slots. We have nothing confirmed at the time of writing, so I can't go into any detail on this. This means that as it stands, London is currently the final show, and if nothing else is confirmed, it will stay that way. As for a second London date, we had no idea the first one would sell out in 48 hours, and it caught everyone by surprise. We've received an enormous number of messages from fans asking for a second show, and we're responding to that demand by looking into it. We've also had a load of requests for a Glasgow show, and we are looking into that also. I am told Rock Radio in Scotland are about to launch an online petition to push for it. This is great and will hopefully help. Putting in shows is not a simple or easy thing to achieve, there are many boxes that must be ticked behind the scenes. We are doing our best, and will announce news asap.

Q: Hey Danny, Please forgive me for posting this here, not a question I'm afraid and I'll not be offended if I don't get a response. One more message of the no doubt several so far to say a) thank you so much for all the enjoyment your music
has given me over the past 15 years (for me anyway, was only 6 or 7 when you guys started) and b) It sounds like you're not gonna be doing any singing after the summer tour, I'd love to ask why but I feel that may be invading privacy so I just want to say I wish you the very best and if you ever decide to return to the foreground I (and I'm sure several others) would love to have you back and would support you all the way. Again very best of luck Danny, thank you so much. I of course wish the same to everyone else in the band, especially you and Luke but I get the impression Luke will carry on in some form. Can't wait for the tour can't bear for it to finish (got tickets for the last 2 shows as I couldn't bear to think of just seeing 1). Steve, London
D: Thanks for the nice words, it means a lot. I intend to enjoy the time we have left, then move on to other things. I am truly sorry if that upsets some people.

Q: Hi- Are you sure you didn't announce split just to sell out tour?! Only kidding. Its a shame cos loads of rock bands play on for along time as long as their enjoying it! You couldn't of been enjoying it? Because the reasons your given aren't good enough in my opinion. Your got your own label, a great fan base, your great live, and your great musicians! there's
gotta be more to it than "we're too busy", Sorry - Ed Hunter, Glos.
D: I'm sorry if you don't like the reasons given, but there aren't any others. Don't look for hidden meanings, there aren't any. We have not fallen out, we will enjoy the time we have left, we want fans to help us do that.

Q: Hi (again) - I really appreciate all of your answers to all of the previous questions, BUT why cant you have just take time out from doing all things THUNDER? (like a lot of other bands too) I genuinely think you have a lot more as a band to offer! Sorry to be a pest, but we are trying our best here! Cheers. M.Capaldi, Cheltenham
D: We could have said we were taking some time out, putting the band on ice, taking a break, whatever else you'd choose to call it. Perhaps that would make some feel less upset, but it's not what we intend to do so it would be wrong. We believe the shows in July will be the last UK shows we will do, because we intend to stop being in Thunder and do other things. That's it, I'm done now, I can't add any more.

Q: Hi Chris, really sorry about the splitting. Thunder is one of the bands I saw A LOT live over the years. It is always fun and I love seeing you all again on the road - until... indefinitely maybe. Oh, yeah, the question: Do you have any plans on going on tour with Russ again? Ecki, Germany
C: Funny you should ask about Russ.. there's a strong possibility of him touring in Germany in June, so watch this space!

Q: Everybody is devastated by the split that goes without saying but as well as saying thank you to the band lets not forget Thinny who has brought us an excellent and informative web site for such a long time. Thanks mate a major part of the team you will be missed as well. Steven Watson, Durham
Its a real shame that the Band will no longer make music, but good to know that the decision was made collectively, but my question is for Thinny. I would imagine a large percentage of your time is taken up with the web site as you clearly seem to love it, but what will you do instead. Its very easy to forget that its not just the Band that are affected, and that it has a knock on effect for those working closely with them. So while I wish the Band members well, I also wish the Thunder Team the best of luck. Kev Smith, Leeds
T: Thanks guys, I appreciate that. You're right, Thunder has been a huge part of my life for the last 10 years and I will miss it incredibly. However, I do have other stuff going on...I run the GUN website and also sites for Bad Influence, The Illegal Eagles and many others. I'll also continue to maintain this site for as long as the guys decide to keep it alive...I'll always be around in some shape or form, I'm sure.

Q: Why are you not doing a Scottish date as part of your last tour? I am absolutely disgusted that you have chosen to forget your Scottish fans, even the great AC/DC bowed to pressure an included a Scottish gig acknowledging that BRITAIN is not just England, even your own forums are full of comments about Glasgow being THE gig to be at!! I hope you have the decency to reply as many more fans deserve an explanation. Melinda MacDonald, Scotland
D: I have waited a few days to reply to this question, because I was trying to come to terms with the sheer volume of questions that have come in since we made our announcement last week. Let me say firstly that we did not choose to forget Scotland, and I resent being accused of it. Our record speaks for itself. We have put in a Scottish show on every tour since 2002, and they have all been great shows for both the band and the fans. For the July dates, there were a number of factors that influenced the decision not to include Glasgow.
1. This situation has not been months in the planning, and the decision was only taken a short while ago, so we were limited in terms of venue availabilities.
2. It was not possible to route a tour that included everywhere, so we had to go for the ones that we could fit together in a way that made sense.
3. We also knew that the tour could not stray into the summer holiday period or a lot of fans would not be able to go, so we had a limited window of opportunity.
4. We only toured a couple of months ago, and the promoter was nervous about how many shows we could do.
Glasgow did not fit. It's nothing to do with fans or the band. We just couldn't make it work.
Having been bombarded by a great many Scottish fans (I suspect there will be more now), there is an ongoing discussion about the possibility of adding a Glasgow show, but at this time it is no more than a discussion. Several tricky things will have to be negotiated before we can add one, and even if they can be worked out, the promoter will be the one who decides, not the band. Please keep writing in to us, and encourage others to do so, to make it plain that you want a show, and we will use it to see what can be done.

Q: Following your sad news of throwing in the towel with Thunder, I wonder if there is another reason.....do my eyes deceive me or is that Danny on the Cooperative Funeralcare advert right at the end ??? I'm not sure if the advert is country-wide but if you did see it, the resemblance is uncanny !! Julie, Tyne & Wear
D: It's not me in the ad. I've not seen it but I don't need to. I know it's not me. I would remember.

Q: Well, let me be amongst the first ones to say thank you for 20 years of wonderful music, and wish each one of you the best in your future endeavours. I was wondering if it would still be feasible for you to continue the tradition of doing the X-Mas shows? Just meet up at the end of the year and do a one-off? Again, thank you for all the great music, cheers,
Mac, Pensacola, Florida
D: Thanks for understanding and the best wishes. I think it's unlikely that we'll do anything after we part. I plan to be far too busy doing other things.

Q: Hi Guys, Probably don't remember me, but I go back to your Terraplane days and your work (was it called that?) at CBS Studios in London with Toddy. Working with Danny, Luke and Harry and the rest of the band was probably the funniest time I ever had in the studio. Really great to see you eventually made it as Thunder. Hope to see you in Manchester later this year. Richard Hollywood, Cheshire
D: Richard it's great to see your type. I've often wondered what happened to you. It was a very enjoyable time way back then in the old CBS studios. Please let us know if you're definitely coming to Manchester, it would be great to see you after the show, drink beer, talk rubbish etc.

Q: Given today's news about the band's impending split I am so glad that I took the opportunities to take my wife and son to watch you play last year. The acoustic set at the BANG launch party was fantastic and turned my wife from a sceptic to a total fan. (I only wish I could have got over my nerves and managed to queue up and meet you all). My 9 year old son came to the Sheffield Gig (his first ever rock concert) and had a great time (18 years on from my first gig at the Cornwall Coliseum). and finally the Christmas gig at rock city, what can I say other than YOU ROCKED. So here is the obvious question. What happens next? Is this split forever this time or do you offer us humble fans a glimmer of hope that you might get back together again (again) some time in the future. Thank you for the great music, for out performing Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Def Leppard and many more on tour and for creating a soundtrack to my life. You will be sadly missed!!! Martin, Derby
D: Thanks for the question and the kind words. See my reply to the question elsewhere on the board. Nought to do with yours being less important or anything, merely that I work through them in order of date received.

Q: Hi Guys!! I've written a couple of messages in the past (after coming to England from Greece to see Thunder shows!!!) and I have expressed my feelings about how amazing you guys are and how Danny's voice has touched me!!! Due to what I consider VERY SAD news that Thunder will no longer be, I'd like to take up a bit of your time to express what 20 years of Thunder has meant to me......I was about 12 when Backstreet Symphony came out and I fell in love with a band called Thunder!!! I was glued to my MTV hoping to check out videos, hoping to catch a concert in a town near me, etc..... it didn't take long for me to realize that I wanted to be in a rock band....... you guys have influenced my entire band but most of all me.... Danny, you are one of the main reasons I do what I do, all I want is to try to make people feel all the things that you've made me feel for 20 years now with your amazing voice and your amazing stage presence!!!!! It saddens my heart deeply to know that I won't be able to see you guys in concert again... I won't hear a new song..... you are ALL wonderful and the truth is that you guys are going out with a 'BANG' but I do feel that it's not your time to go.... you guys have SOOOO much to give... but I wish you all the best in everything that you each choose to do..... a lot of people will really
> miss you guys...... thank you for 20 amazing years!!! You will continue to inspire me and my band and the music industry will be sooo much poorer without you guys!!!!! Thank you Danny for making me cry, laugh, love, and FEEL with your voice!!! Be well......... Luke, Chris, Ben, Harry, and Dan.......... you are THE BEST!!! I will be in England this summer to say goodbye!!!!Fofi, Greece
D: Thanks for the kind words. I'm a bit confused, was there a question in that lot?
Seriously, thanks, it means a lot that you have good memories of us. We'd like to keep it that way in the months to come.

Q: Hey guys very very very very sad news what I'm reading today, but I understand and Thank you so much for 20 great years, been all over the country to see you. If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have have got in to great music or left Birmingham. So thank you.  I've only just posted some questions the other day so I'm being greedy and asking more. Can we expect to see any old friends on this last tour as a support act like Toby Jepson or Quireboys or Gun? It would be fantastic to see some best of British rock with you. Also what are your plans after this tour? Adam, Birmingham
D: We currently have no idea who we're likely to invite to do the shows, so we'll have to see who's about and who wants to do it. It's a good idea in theory, but some of those guys you mention may not want to support us, even if it is to help send us on our way. They've all got stuff going on and they play their own headline shows. Whoever it is, we hope Thunder fans will make them welcome, and we'll do our best to ensure they're great.

Q: Absolutely gutted by the split announcement, you chaps have been writing and recording some of the best rock songs of the last 20 years. Anyway, I really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for being the best band ever, for 20 great years, 8 awesome albums and for inspiring me to take up the guitar. I introduced my wife to your music, which she loves and we made it to the Christmas show last December, we're so glad we did and she got to see you at your best! I really wish you all good luck with your future endeavours, I know all Thunder fans will be keen to know everything you are all doing, please keep us up to date. So now my question, what will each of you miss the LEAST about touring with the rest of the band? Cheers Lads! Thanks Again.  Robin, Albany, NY, USA
D: Thanks, you're very kind. As for touring misery, there's nothing really, apart from having to convince myself I can do it every night. I won't miss that, but I will definitely miss the catering (our guys are awesome).

Q: Hi guys - so gutted to hear about the split; hope that, like the Dingwalls gig I went to, the Shepherds Bush one won't truly be 'it'. So many questions/requests: Are you going to record any of the final gigs for CD/DVD?, are you going to include loads of rarely played album tracks, b-sides etc..?, will we see some more Bowes & Morely activity in the
future?, if the decision came down to just one of you not wanting to continue, was there temptation to carry on as Thunder but with a replacement (you've done it before with bass players) or for the rest of you to continue but with a new name and a fresh start? Hope you may be able to answer some/all of these! Lastly - THANK YOU for 20 years of great times and great tunes; you will be missed. Chris, Kent
D: We have no intention at the moment of recording and releasing the final UK tour. We haven't discussed it, but if fans want it I for one don't see why we couldn't do it. I don't intend to make any more records after we part.
The temptation to carry on if one member left question is not valid as it's not an option, we have decided to cease as a band. Thank you for 20 years of support.

Q: Bad bad news about the split. Cant wait for the last tour, you also stated you would try to fit in some summer festivals. Donington for the final gig would be a magnificent send of as that's where it really kicked off for you guys. Thanks for everything and good luck for the future. Steven, Durham
D: It's not likely we'll be offered UK festivals as we're doing our own tour in the summer. We are hoping to get some European festival slots, but at this time we have nothing confirmed.

Q: Hi lads, I can't believe that this is it !! ... after all these years. I've been there all the way with you, you have played a part in my life and laid a soundtrack to my 'best years'. Just wanna say good luck to you all in whatever you do from here. I'm coming to see you in Wolverhampton..so that I can experience your magic one last time. You are the only band that has ever got me literally dancing like a mad man at your gigs. You were the 1st band I ever saw live (Backstreet days) and I'd like to ask you......Do you think you'll cry like a big bunch of soft jessies ??? I reckon Harry will, he's always been a pansy. x Maff, Northants
D: I'm sure Harry will have appreciated your comments about his blubbing. We didn't cry the first time, I see no reason why we'd change that this time, unless there's gin on the rider. We're grown ups (ish).

Q: The band are splitting up??? This is terrible news! Am absolutely gutted - there's a lump in my throat as I type this. I just want to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the guys for giving me 20 years of listening pleasure - You will be so so missed. My question is what do each of the members have in store for the future? Luke - please don't stop writing music. Will you be going back to solo stuff? Good luck to you all for the future! Rich, South Wales
D: I intend to concentrate on other "behind the scenes" music business interests. I don't intend to make or release any more records.
L: As stated previously I won't stop writing songs. I'm not sure if I could even if I wanted to! I don't intend to make any quick decisions about the future but as we speak I am thinking about it. I enjoyed making 'El Gringo' so I wouldn't dismiss the possibility of doing more solo recording; we'll have to see!

Q: Hi - I must say I'm very surprised/shocked at your decision to jack. I thought things were going well with the band (obviously not!) It was weird reading the announcement on the web (sounded so formal & not like the thin one). I hoped now you had your own label etc you guys would be around for a long time, Do you think you owe the fans a better explanation behind your decision? I guess I feel a bit bitter cos it feels like your "clearing off" just like that - but I fully respect your decision nonetheless. Cheers. M. Capaldi
D: I haven't got a better explanation. I could have gone into a bit more detail, but I was conscious of not going on too long. As for the formality, I don't think it would be fitting to treat the subject in a flippant jokey way. We've become busier and busier as each year has passed, which in some ways is good, but in other ways it's bad, as it's got harder and harder to fit it all in, whilst balancing other interests. It's a lot of work running your own label, writing, recording, engineering and producing your own albums, then releasing them, with marketing and promotion to do, and running an online shop, maintaining stock levels, coordinating deliveries, and producing artwork for tee shirts and CDs, and doing deals and coordinating licensees, and touring and rehearsing and answering q&as and torturing The Thin One week in week out. We've done it for 6 years, and to be honest we're all a bit worn out.
L: Bands don't always stop because things aren't going well and I can assure you that we are all equally gutted to be stopping at this time.  It isn't a decision taken lightly, believe me, so I would ask you kindly to respect that and celebrate with us our last six months together.

Q: I'm stunned. Thunder splitting AGAIN. What went wrong? Have any of you got recording plans? Surely this can't be the end of Danny singing Luke's songs - the perfect match? Are any of you staying together? How will we know what you're up to in terms of recording and touring? I'm really cut up about another split - your albums and E.P.s last year were your best work yet.I wish you all luck but I don't think you realise how much you will be missed. The last separation was a failure - let's hope this one is too. Colin, Norwich
D: Lots of questions, sadly not many answers. Nothing has gone wrong, it's just got very busy, and it's too hard trying to make it all work. The band is fine, just not enough time to fit it all in. I can't speak for the others, but I don't intend to make any more records, as I want to concentrate on other things.
L: I don't think anything went wrong. We're all good mates and will continue to be so. I agree that our most recent work is amongst our best. All of us want to enjoy the next six months and after that we'll see. We'll keep everybody on our mailing list aware of any updates or news as it happens. Obviously we can't be specific about the future at the moment but we will strive to keep everybody that cares about the band informed.

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