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Hello guys, this is going to sound a bit like bull so I'll just get straight to it, for as long as I can remember every time you play Sheffield my partner and I come to see you and have a whale of a time. I have a few illnesses and have not long back had treatment for my disability and in my idiot faze I miss placed the tickets now I have found them but Sheffield city hall wont give me a refund. Really pissed off because they should have been for my fiancée for his birthday on 23 November. And now the Punch line is please please [cant you tell I'm grovelling a little] could you see it in your heart to give me in exchange for my unused tickets 2 new ones for Nottingham rock city. Please respond or at least one of five of you could even if its just to say no any way buy for now and happy Christmas and have a good one. Buffy, Glasgow, Scotland
D: I do feel for you, I really I do. Fancy buying tickets and misplacing them, only to find them after the show has come and gone. How rum. I suggest placing tickets with a reliable friend in future. I'm afraid we can't give you tickets for the Xmas show, as we've already exceeded our allocation of guests, but as suggested, bye for now, and have a happy Christmas.

Q: Hi Luke, have you finished writing that brand new christmas song then? Well, to my question. You have written loads of song  during your life and so far I'm still working on the second one. If you heard a song without a lyric, would you pussle for the lyrics or would you just nail it quite straight away... I'm trying to write a love song, but I still have not solved the refrain though lol. Well... hope to see you next Wednesday since I did not meet you last year. Jim, London
L: I do use different guitars for different songs but don't ask me to remember which ones! The volume that the audience hear is in the hands of the front of house sound engineer. The band, being on stage have no idea what's going on out front so you have to have faith in your sound man.

Q: So, was carol anne a babe or did she look like a man?? Kelly, Wolverhampton
L: Ha ha ha ha!!!! Good question but none of your business!

Q: Hi Chris, you told me last year at the Astoria (if you remember) that I had to come to a Christmas show, and this year I am gonna do that! Good work on playing Preaching from a chair at the last years show :-D. Well to my question, have you listened to the other Thunder songs that you have not played yet? And can you convince the guys to do a special acoustic version of "Like a satellite" dedicated to my new girlfriend and fiancé from Hull named Julia ?? Inge Hassel, Norway
C: Glad to hear you're coming to the Xmas show - you won't be disappointed! There are still many Thunder songs that I've yet to hear - it's a voyage of discovery for me! And as for cranking solos, I'm never allowed to crank on stage...

Q: I have meet and greets!!!! (<<<<inserts ridiculous happy dance here>>>>). Thank you! I am actually a painter (artist sounds ostentatious). I have painted a picture of Luke , and if I am not too embarrassed would like him to have it. My question is... is it embarrassing for you when people give you things, or is it ok? A Girl who is going to meet you soon
L: I think it's great when people give us things especially when they've put a lot of work into them. I look forward to seeing your painting. I hope it makes me better looking!!

Q: Last night during the Extreme gig, I managed to acquire a Nuno Bettencourt "used" plectrum to go with the one I caught from Ben a couple of years ago. So my question to Luke is...could you possibly slip one into your pocket during the M&G in Glasgow, so that I could complete my hat-trick of top guitarists!! I'll even fish it out myself!!! Lol Buffy, Glasgow, Scotland
L: I shall endeavour to remember but remembering anything at my age is difficult!!!

Q: Kiltie, Belle and I were on our way back from Extreme gig last night, and lo and behold...what should we hear on the radio, but "On The Radio"! It was being played on Rock Radio....but I am sure the lyrics were changed to include "playing on Rock Radio". Did you record a special version for Rock Radio? Sounded great to hear it blasting out in the car! Catch you in Glasgow! Love and hugs, Buffy, Glasgow, Scotland
D: We did special jingles for both Rock Radio and Planet Rock. Well spotted/heard/noticed/whatever, you know what I mean..

Q: Hey Luke, I am a left-handed guitar player as well and I have just recently joined a band to start some dates around Scotland. I just wanted to know a couple of things. 1. Did you ever get made fun of for being left-handed? It's just because every time I take out my guitar at gigs people keep shouting "lefty" haha really weird?!?! 2. What settings/effects do u have on your amp (I know you might get that question a lot but I tried to look for it in the Q&A) Ham, Scotland
L: Being left-handed has never been a problem for me and if people make fun of you, be sure to point out to them that Jimi Hendrix was a leftie and that should be the end of that! I rarely use effects and the settings on my amp depend on where I'm playing. The trick is don't be too loud.

Q: As Luke produced "BANG", how do you all make sure the overall content is so good? Surely there must be times when Luke thinks he has written a cracker, but the other guys don't rate it! How do you decide what tracks are included on the CD, and who has the final say on production, is it all down to Luke or do all the band have an input? Neil Parsons,Southampton
D: Luke is remarkably objective about the material he writes. He has the big picture overview throughout the recording process and usually selects the material for the record. We all have an opinion, but to be honest most of the time we agree with him. If not we tend to chat about it and agree something that works for all. It's a pretty democratic process on most things we do.

Q: Firstly can I say I was at a 40th party on Friday, the DJ played "she's so fine" it made my night and you won a new fan in my 13 year old niece. I'm loving the new album and looking forward to seeing you in Manchester, I would like to apologise in advance for anything stupid I might say at the meet and greet, it's my birthday that day so chances are I'll  have had a few beers. My question is, what is the daftest thing anyone has said to you after a show? I'll try not to top it. Anne Taylor, Leeds
D: Well done with the recruitment, I'm sure you had a hand in it. To be honest I've had so many daft things said to me I think it's almost impossible to pick one out as the best. Most people are fine when they meet us, some go a bit weird with excitement, some go all aggressive, and we get the occasional nutter, but we've met all kinds and we're used to it. Like I said most are fine and very nice. If not we wouldn't do meet & greets. Happy Birthday for the 22nd if I don't remember.

Q: A question about your live shows. First of all looking forward to hearing some of the new material (Bang sounds as good as anything you've ever done - you spoil us with the perpetual high standard!) especially Stormwater - with it's catchy upbeat riff - surely a future live classic? The question - a couple of years ago, when supported by Toby Jepson,
Toby used a three piece brass section which worked really well. Have you / would you ever use a brass section live so you can play songs like Everybody Wants Her and Fly On The Wall, plus maybe give some songs a funky live rearrangement? Also want to say that, although I understand as musicians you need to give things a rest / keep things fresh, I hope we see the return of Dirty Love to close the upcoming shows. With its party feel and Danny's ability to include the whole crowd, it is the best concert closing song to any gigs I have been to. Keep up the good work. See you in Manchester. Gary, Manchester
L: It would be great to use a brass section at some point but it's very difficult to justify taking another three musicians on the road just so they can play on two or three songs. Maybe we'll try it at a Xmas show in the future.

Q: Congratulations for the excellent Bang! The band sounds better than ever! Luke - with the album and the recent EPs would you say this is the most prolific writing period you have ever had? Also because of the high number of great songs, was it difficult to decide what went on the album and what went on the EPs? Danny - Your vocals on Bang! are possibly your best ever! Do you think you are getting better as a singer? Love the "performances" on songs such as Miracle Man and Have Mercy, did you have to work to get into character for such songs? Also I am right in thinking you performed more of the harmonies yourself than usual? - the vocals seem to sound thicker and richer! Thanks for the music. Jeffrey, Stockton
L: I don't think I'm any more prolific than normal and one doesn't like to blow one's own trumpet but I do think the quality of the songs across the album and EPs is pretty consistent and I'm very pleased by that.
D: I'm not sure if I'm getting better to be honest. I guess we all get better the more we do something, and I've done a lot of singing this year, so maybe that's it. I think the castle environment helped a lot with the vibe while I was recording, so maybe that's it. The songs are really good too, so maybe that's it ... I don't deliberately get into character when singing, but the mood of the lyric and sentiment do tend to dictate how I approach each song. I sang ore BVs on this record than on previous records, but the addition of Tara's voice really gave the backing vocals a different quality. I'm glad you like it..

Q: Hi! I think it is a compliment to be referred to as a 'band from the '70s'! There were some jolly goods bands around then and you would certainly have fitted in! On that note, is there a particular gig venue from that era which you would have liked to have played which does not exist today? E.G. The Rainbow Theatre, Finsbury Park (apparently, it's used as a church now!) Janice, Norfolk
B: I think over the years Thunder have played all the really well known UK venues, from the Original Marquee Club to rehearsing at the Rainbow Theatre. Chislehurst caves is one that escaped us though and Hendrix played there but I think it was in the 60s.
L: Lewisham Odeon was our local theatre gig so it would have been good to play there but unfortunately it was knocked down in the early eighties. We actually did use the Rainbow for production rehearsals before the Backstreet Symphony tour. It was a little strange playing in there with no audience apart from our crew.

Q: Just want to say that the new album is excellent. Also, I bet everyone connected to thunder must be on cloud nine after what has been going on Chris Evans show this week. What with all the thunder plugging. No question just to say thank you for producing another top notch album and I cant wait till I see you at the Astoria. I really hope this album will finally give you the exposure and support via the media you truly deserve. Stephen Lawrence, Dartford
L: Thank you for your kind words.

Q: BANG! Straight in at No.2 in the BBC Rock charts! TDMMDI back in the singles charts at 17 Good Times Guys and Well Done ! And a BIG thank you to Townsend Records they never let you down!!!!! Steve, Notts
D: Indeed...

Q: With the new album and the three EPs, you have a lot of new stuff; how did you choose what song would be on the album or on the EP ? Did you put the whole titles in a hat and choose them with a innocent hand? Luc, Neuve Eglise - France
L: It was pretty random to be honest. When the first EP was released we had no way of knowing what I would write after that so all we could do was make it up as we went along.

Q: Hi there - have to mention how much I am enjoying Bang! I reckon this will be (yet another) classic Thunder album. My question is will there be meet'n'greets for the European Tour? See you in Cambridge, at the Astoria, and of course the Christmas Bash - hope you will be playing lots of Bang! Lesley, Wiltshire
T: Yep, there will be meet and greets for the Euro shows. Registrations will probably happen in January.

Q: Hello, I'm a big Thunder's fan since many years, but it's the first time I'm answering you : is there a possibility for me to buy the acoustic sessions LP from Shooting At The Sun ? It would be great to hear "If I Can't feel love" and "a lover, not a friend" in such ways... Dominique, France
T: Hi. I'm afraid that this CD was only sent to radio stations and was never released to the general public. There are currently no plans to make this available. Maybe one day...?

Q: Hi Guys! When you release a new CD, in this case BANG! do you get nervous as to what reaction you will get from your loyal fans? I myself think it is excellent. Retribution is one of my faves so far simply because Danny, you sing it so beautifully! I also think Miracle Man and Turn Left  at California are brilliant too! Thanks for a great CD! Janice, Norfolk
B: We make records that we like so nerves don't really come in to it, but it is hugely rewarding when people like what we do.
D: Nervous is the wrong expression, excited is probably more apt. We don't let it go out until we know we've made a record we're proud of, and having made a few records now, we think we know what you like too.
L: Obviously we do want as many people as possible to like it but we have to accept that not everybody will! We always genuinely try to make the best album we can and that's really all we can do.

Q: Hi Danny, In the U.K. Hit Singles book I've noticed a Thunder song "The Only One". Although it reached no. 31 in '98, I can't ever recall hearing it. Could you confirm if it was a separate release from an LP track, as it isn't on the main ones I have? Perhaps a lack of radio play was why it eluded me! I must also say how nice it is to have the live tracks recorded in Sheffield on Half a Dozen. And last but not least, many compliments to you all on Bang! (which is simply a masterpiece).
After being so saddened when you decided to split, it now "makes my day" that you're still rumbling on in style. Look forward to the band's return here on the 23rd - what's not to smile about! Angela, Sheffield.
D: The Only One was indeed released as a standalone single. It was also one of the songs on "Thunder Live". If you check out that "Thunder Live" in the discography section of the site, it's there, and all the versions are listed by the marvellous Thin One. I'm really glad you like the new record, and you are one of many, so it's all going very well. The Sheffield live recording turned out exceptionally well, so it was an easy decision to use that show. See you there..

Q: Firstly I think you should check through some of the comments made on this page, http://www2.kerrang.com/2008/11/vote_in_the_2008_kerrang_reade.html  definitely showing fan support for thunder and bang! second, you have a lot of votes on there! I voted thunder best band and best live act! third, fantastic news on bbc :) just wanted to know when the emails will be out regarding meet and greets will be out. I fear I may not be in luck :(see you at Wolverhampton non the less!)  Martint, Cheltenham
T: Thanks for the link...great stuff. Meet and Greet emails are being sent out today (9th). If you haven't got yours by this evening, then I'm afraid you've been unlucky this time...but please try again for the next tour!

Q: Hello I have an uncle that claims he was in this band for a couple of months. He claims he was on the backstreet symphony album. his name is Edward Messina but he goes by EZ Mess. He also says he wrote Don't wait for me about an ex girlfriend. Please I beg of you respond I have to no if he has been lying to me my whole childhood. thank you kindly. Matt Parker, Massachusetts
T: How odd..."EZ Mess" was never in Thunder and he certainly didn't write Don't Wait For Me...our very own Luke Morley did.

Q: How offended were you by the recent comment by Sally Boazman on Radio 2 when she said that she had sat at the table at the recent Classic Rock Awards with Thunder 'who were a Classic Rock band from the 70s'?! I had to pull the car over to text Chris Evans and alert him of her error! Sadly, I wasn't able to listen to the rest of the show to find out whether they apologised to you all. It might be nice of them to play a track or two from the new album to make up for it. Worth a thought!? Leanne, Derby
D: Sally is a nice lady, and an all round good egg. She was on the same table as us at the Classic Rock Awards last night. I'm sure she simply made a mistake with the comment about the 70's. I am not offended, besides, we gave her a copy of Bang! so you never know, we may get a song or two played one day soon.. And we got mentioned on Radio 2 in the daytime, and that's never happened before. Hurrah for Sally I say, mistakes or otherwise, it's all good..

Q: Guys this question popped into my head while I was in bed with my wife....listening to "Bang" naturally! Have you had any celebs turn up at your recent meet and greets? Matt, Ware
D: Celebs don't tend to attend meet & greets, usually they prefer to do the meeting back stage rather than in the public glare. We've always had a bit of a celebrity fan club, so we get the occasional visitor.
L: I pity your poor wife if you think about Thunder while you're in bed with her! We do get the odd muso popping in to see us when we're out and about. It's nearly always knitting or bible reading backstage at our gigs. We do occasionally go wild and have a cup of tea......

Q: Hi Luke. I am really enjoying the new album BANG! I am intrigued by the line 'mixing a soup so right' in on the radio....would you care to throw some light on this one?! I think also the guitar work and drums are particularly brilliant on BANG! too. Well done all the band for giving us another fantastic cd to listen to over & over again! Love you all! Janice, Norfolk
L: In the 70s Nicky Horne the DJ (now on Planet Rock) had a show on Capital Radio called 'Your Mother Wouldn't Like It' (also mentioned in the lyric of OTR). I loved the show because it was so eclectic. Nicky played a great mixture of different bands like Led Zeppelin, The Isley Brothers, Steely Dan and many others so the 'soup' is a metaphor for the varied of styles of music on the show.

Q: Upon presenting my copy of "BANG" to the baby faced sales assistant in HMV yesterday he took one look at the cover and said "cool" which was obviously a reference to the cover art. He liked it, I like it but it seems to have divided opinion amongst fans. My question is, did the cover meet universal approval with all members of the band?. Come on guys be honest, after all it's what's on the inside that counts. Congratulations on producing an album that in my humble opinion is one of your very best. Looking forward to a bit of a bang in Sheffield...........that takes me back, anyway all the best for the tour and thanks for the music. John & Laura, Barnsley
D: The whole band like the artwork, honest.

Q: Hi Luke just thinking with Christmas speeding its way towards us have you ever wrote a xmas track or even thought about writing one? Stew, Shrewsbury
L: I've never attempted to write a Christmas song. Maybe I will try..........

Q: Hi Guys - Thanks to Townsend's usual great service my copy of Bang! and the EP have arrived this morning (Sat) - am about to settle down and check it all out. One question though - is it a mistake at the typesetters that has caused the booklet thanks/credits page to be slotted in before the lyrics of the last two songs?!?? By the way, the new photos are
great - nice and contemporary, natural looking, not cliched, and not too forced or posed! Chris, Kent
D: It's not an error, it was done by design. Well spotted, we like to keep you on your toes.

Q: I am also a big fan of curb your enthusiasm and Seinfeld, and think Larry David is a comic genius. Do you have any favourite episodes and have you ever had any Larry David moments? Beloved Aunt,& The 5 Wood are a couple of my favourites episodes. Andy, West Lancs
L: 'Beloved Aunt' is very funny but my personal favourite is from the 2nd series when Larry opens the restaurant and the chef has Tourettes syndrome. I've never had any Larry moments myself but I have witnessed a few!

Q: Hey Luke - Loving Bang and the new EP. One thing I'm wondering....Was it a conscious decision for the main riff in Survivor to be very similar to your backing vocals in Chain Reaction? I love it!!! Dan Birkett
L: You'll have to ask Chris that as he came up that riff. Obviously if the answer is yes he'll be hearing from my lawyers!

Q: Hi ya chaps, we are getting closer to your tour of which were going to of course (Astoria 30 Nov)!! Do you ever get nervous before you go on stage and how do you deal with that? I must also say Thunder do have the most considerate and kindest fans ever and its always a pleasure to go to your gigs, your new album sounds fantastic my 3 year old keeps asking when her new Thunder album is coming!! good luck and see you on your tour. Helena, Kent
B: I don't usually get nervous but I do get excited, I think there is a difference and that difference is probably the vodka.

Q: Hi..Any plans for a tour in Sweden? .......or at least one gig...Would be great! You guys rocks! Niklas, Sweden
D: We've had no offers from Swedish promoters for shows, so at the moment, it looks like a negative. It's a shame, as we love playing in Sweden, but we can't make shows without promoters..

Q: You seem to have supported and blown off stage most of the biggest names in rock. I have been lucky enough to be at a lot of them and most of your tours going back to Back Street Symphony. If you were to choose any band in history to be your support who would it be and why (lookin forward to Xmas gig again. well worth the travel and hotel). Dave Sweetman, Lancaster
B: I'm going to try and avoid using this question to just name a band that I would like to see so I'm going to vote for Roger Hodgson. We played a festival with him in Europe and I stood at the side of the stage in awe of the guy, he only had a 12 string guitar and a keyboard so the road crew will love him too.

Hi Luke, Just looking at your gallery pics on the new site (whole thing looks brilliant btw!) and there's one of you as a teenager apparently playing right-handed. Did you start that way then swap to lefty..... or is the pic transposed? Cheers. Sam Oldknow, Manchester
L: The picture was printed backwards which is why I appear to be playing right-handed. I did actually start playing right-handed but as soon as I saw Jimi Hendrix that all changed!

Got to admit, you guys never fail to impress, first play of "Bang" Typical thunder, great melodies,g reat guitars, great lyrics catchy tunes etc etc but I am bias you are kin brilliant. Had to play the start of "Watching over You" a couple of times as I thought I had heard it before then it came to me! Roxette "listern to my heart" was this intentional? Colin Vale, Leicester
L: No...

Q: Don't forget to play Retribution in your rehearsals before the tour. I so hope it makes an appearance at the shows! Dee
L: We'll see....

Q: I've only ever heard the track 'Lucky Man' on Planet Rock. Is it available anywhere else? I have all the studio albums plus some compilations and live albums and its not on them, and I love this track! Thanks and keep up the good work! Dave Bowen. Newport, South Wales
T: It's from the 'Six Shooter' EP which is only available online. You can get it HERE!

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