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A.Have any of you guys played the Guitar Hero 1 or 2 game? It's very good fun & brilliant for party-in fact are any of you Gamers?
B.Have any of you seen Storm Thorgerson's book "Taken By Storm" if not what do you make of this quote? "I wanted it (Like A Satellite cover) to be a bit threatening for a hard travelling, Hard drinking, Hard talking outfit like Thunder"-please I'd say! Mart "Metalfartz", Saffron Walden, Essex
L: Ha ha ha.....that's very Storm. He's a person who thinks deeply about everything he does and comes at things tangentially, often resulting in a strange and interesting take on something. He was very upset when a few short-sighted people at the label found the 'Satellite' sleeve sexist. He is an artist in the true sense of the word.
B: I used to be a gamer but not so much anymore and so I've never played Guitar Hero 1 or 2. Tried the real life version though and loved it.
D: A. I have played it, once, I was rubbish and everyone laughed at my ineptitude. I am not a gamer per se, so it'll come as no surprise to learn I haven't played it since.
B. I've not seen it, but I have heard about it. ST is a nice man, a trifle eccentric, but he's always been very nice to us, so everything he says is fine with me, even if I don't understand it.

Q: Hi Chaps. I've not muddied the waters of this pond for a while (and I'm too lazy to check) so forgive me if this/these subject(s) has/have been touched upon already BUT.... Does Luke ever walk into the studio with, what you would perceive to be, the 'Perfect' song? An immediate reaction from the first listen. Does anything ever jump out and say "That's an absolute Classic"? I had that buzz the very first time I heard 'Don't Wait For Me' back in the day. Hair on back of neck stands up (or, in my case, hair on back of legs) and goosebumpery stuff. I could easily name a dozen of his ditties that have affected me in that way. How about you guys? The reason I ask is: A track from the latest single, 'Don't Worry About Tomorrow" is another example of MY idea of the perfect song and that didn't even make the album!! If you do tell him, does he blush and go all unnecessary and stuff like that or does he give it the old 'just something I knocked up in the shower, this morning' malarky? Spill the beans, lads. One needs to know these things. Cheers. See y'all in November/December (except you Harry, natch ;o) ) Pabs The Nosey, next to the fireplace
D: He's done it many times over the years. Each time it happens I'm more amazed than the previous time. Not amazed that he can do it (his talent is well documented), but amazed that he can keep doing it to me (who has chirruped and chirped over almost every song he has written over the past 32 years). The last time was when he first played me his demo of a brand new tune that will be on the next LP and shall have to remain nameless for now. I'm such a tease I know.. The time before that was when he played My Darkest Hour in my car (we were going to the Marshall amplifier factory for Luke and Ben to test drive their new Vintage amps). I was speechless (this is rare).

Q: I was talkin with my girlfriend about what song I want at our wedding, I said Love Walked In & it will be the one we have. I was wondering if you ever did a more acoustic or lighter version of it? I think it would sound amazing acoustic with maybe an orchestra sound behind to make it as epic as the original. Steve, Wrexham
L: We have tried it acoustically but I don't think it worked very well to be honest. Maybe an orchestra would work; it'd depend on the arrangement. Maybe I'll give George Martin a ring......

Q: Hey guys, back to my question on having Love Walked In at the wedding, myself & my girlfriend are planning on getting the wedding date & our names tattooed on us with the lyrics to Love Walked In & THUNDER at the bottom. Is that something that u would not approve of or would you be cool with it? She's coming to her first Thunder gig in Manchester, cant wait guys! Steve, Wrexham
L: Tattoos are a very personal thing and if it feels like the right thing to do then you have to do it!

Q: Hey guys, what do you think of the music of Terry Reid? I think he is amazing, with an amazing voice. Apart from you both covering Gimme Some Lovin' have you ever played anything of his? seeds of memory is an absolute classic. Steve, Wrexham
L: I'm not that familiar with Terry Reid's work but I know he has a great voice. He was asked to join Led Zeppelin before Robert Plant and turned it down........probably not the smartest decision he's ever made!

Q: I just happened to notice that you list Deep Purple as an influence. Ever thought about belting out a cover version of one of their repetoire gents? Diolch yn fawr (Thankyou very much). Paul Booth, Blackwood, South Wales
L: We have from time to time played a bit of 'You Fool No One' at the beginning of 'Dirty Love' although it was a very loose jam type thing. We also covered 'Woman From Tokyo' in Japan strangely enough!

Q: Hi Chris, hope you are well! My daughter Beth is in a band called OxZide and they've recently had quite a few gigs. Their bass guitarist's fingers are looking like he's caught them in a shredder! Ouch! They still have a few more gigs to do and I was wondering if you have any tips to prevent this from happening. I've heard that putting super glue on the ends can help!? Looking forward to seeing the band in November! Sue Hemming, Stourbridge
C: Best of luck to Beth and her band. I've never really had a problem with shredded fingers, sounds to me like he's doing something wrong somewhere, maybe the action on his bass is too high, or he's using the wrong gauge strings. The only time I ever used super glue was when I was fitting a new nut (the thing that the strings pass over at the end of the neck) and I managed to glue my fingers to the guitar. There's still quite a bit of my skin attached to it...

Q: Hi Luke: It was a real honour meeting you & the band in Madrid. I hope the experience was good and you decide to come back (although I'll be at the Astoria in December anyway!!!) I got into a discussion the other day over whether a guitar's sound is mainly due to the neck or the body. Although the easy answer is "both", where do you think a Les Paul's sustain (see: Nigel Tufnel) emanates from mainly? P.S. I hope you liked the Loony keychain (can it hold the keys to a car the size of yours?) Manuel, Madrid
L: I think the sustain comes from all the components i.e. neck, body and pick ups. Gauge of string can also make a difference. My car isn't really that big!

Q: Hi Luke. Thanks for you last reply. I was also wondering when you and a certain Mr James last wrote material together? From memory I don't recall seeing any songs from the last few albums. Keep up the great work. Dan Birkett, Southampton
L: When our albums are written Harry and more recently Chris will send me ideas and sometimes those ideas will get developed and turn into something. I think Harry has been quite busy outside of Thunder the last couple of years and I've been quite prolific so maybe that's why

Q: Hi guys, I've just started in a band and im doing a bit of lead guitar but mostly rhythm and the other band members have asked me to  sing...I'm not really very good. I don't know weather to get singing lessons or just go for the rock approach and do with out? Did any of you get singing lessons or are you naturally talented? and is it easy playing guitar and singing at the same time or do you have to get used to it? Ben, Wiltshire
L: We are all born with the vocal equipment we have. Some people have naturally pleasing voices and some less so. It's all about developing what you have by practicing and listening to other people who make a sound you  like. Taking a lesson or two won't hurt and you may learn something from it. Singing and playing the guitar simultaneously is once again all about practice and the more you do it, the easier it will become. Good luck!
D: I'd recommend singing lessons. It's worth getting taught the correct way from the outset.

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