Q & A Archive - January 2004


Q: If any of have looked at the message board over the last few days, you might have read a great thread (started by Dana...who else!) about Calendars and posing in the buff with strategically placed 'objects' to hide your modesty! My question to all of the guys is, have you ever been asked to 'bare all' for a charity calendar, and if you haven't, would you?!! Steve (Kiltie Boy), Glasgow
B: Not a chance - in any case how do you strategically place a barrage balloon?
D: I haven't been asked, and wouldn't if I was. I don't want to scare away the calendar buyers...
H: Never been asked thank god-if I was going to raise a hell of a lot for charity then I'd think about it. Not sure the world's ready to see my bulging muscles!!!! (I wish!)
L: I've never been asked to take my clothes off for a photo but nudity doesn't bother me and provided it was for a good cause I wouldn't have a problem with it. There actually are some photos of myself and Benny wearing nothing more than our guitars but they were taken ten years ago when we were in slightly better shape. I think all of us are exhibitionists to a certain extent or we wouldn't feel the need to get on stage and do our thing.

Q: Thunderboys, I have a question for you all. I gather you like fairly 'raw' guitar bands, from what I have read. Have you heard anything of one of my fave British bands of all time, UFO? If so what do you think of them? Chully
B: Aaahh UFO I remember them well, I loved Lights Out and Rock Bottom and used to do a cover version of Doctor Doctor when I was a youngster... then they disappeared without trace leaving only slight traces of radioactivity and a couple of blurred photos. Weird man.
H: Used to love them as a boy! Heard Doctor Doctor recently in a club, and I couldn't stop me little head bobbing up and down in time to the song!
D: I had several of the early UFO LPs, back in the 70's when I was a yoof, and loved them. I never got to see them live though, which was a shame... They had a reputation as I'm sure you're aware, splendid!

Q: Have ever been on holiday in France? Where? And what did you like in this country? The wine, the food, the landscape, the people or other things? Luc, France
B: When I was younger I often went on family holidays to France including The Dordogne and Normandy and more recently up a mountain in the Languedoc. I love the food and the landscape - if you could just see your way clear to stop blockading our ports that would be great.
H: Only to Disneyland in Paris, which I guess doesn't really count as a French holiday! But we were made most welcome and the people were nice! Food was good and as for the wine..........hic!
D: I've spent a lot of time in France over the years, and I've always enjoyed it immensely. I like the food, the wine, the weather (south), the pace of life, in fact I admire the whole French attitude towards life in general. My wife and I have friends who lived there, and we stayed with them for a while two years ago. When I left it was one of the only times in my life I can honestly say I was envious of someone else.

Q: Hi Boys and Thinny, I am a Thunder virgin as such, as I have only been enjoying your music for a few months. One of my fave Thunder songs is 'Once in a Lifetime' as I love Danny's voice on that one. My burning question is, we love Danny and Luke in a singing capacity but how about 'Silent' Ben, and 'Stern' Chris ?? Do they sing as well as they play? And while I am on the subject, do you sing Thinny?? Chully
B: We both sing a few backing vocals and I take over in the studio when Danny is feeling a bit rough as you can probably hear.
C: Do I really appear 'stern'? In what way? Like a headmaster? I'll have to start disciplining naughty people. Back on the subject, suffice to say, the singing is best left to Danny.
T: Only in my car with the windows wound down and the CD player on full blast. Seems to be a great way of clearing the traffic...:)

Q: Hi guys-Happy New Year and all that! I was at the Astoria gig last year-my very first (for which I have a very good excuse)!!!Are you a bit surprised, after all these years, that there are still people who are seeing you for the first time? Paddii, Dublin
D: I'm glad but not in the slightest bit surprised, it's always happened, and it's a good job too. Some fans sadly do sometimes become ex fans, so we need to find new ones to take their place. It's the way it is. We have found word of mouth to be one of the most effective methods, after all if your friend tells you they're good... Spread that word baby, feel free... We need millions of new fans..

Q: On the cover of LOJD there is a model of something that resembles a screaming face, could you tell me does that model hold any meaning and why did you choose it for the cover? Michael, Flint
D: The cover of LOJD and how it came about is bit of a saga, so I'll give you the potted version...We asked Storm Thorgerson to design the artwork for the record, he came up with several concepts based on his impressions following numerous meetings with the band, sitting in on rehearsals and listening very intently to the music. We liked the "screaming sculpture" concept (it
means different things to different people, but for me it represents the face Mankind will collectively pull if and when Judgement Day comes). The work began during before the recording of the record, and I remember a particularly passionate day at the studio when EMI (our label at that time) came to the studio for a crisis meeting. They basically hated the concept, saying they thought it would put people off buying the record. We disagreed violently, and after much robust discussion finally got our way. Storm was much troubled by the to-ings and fro-ings with the label and had to be constantly reassured he was not going to be fired by EMI.
He wasn't, thankfully, because when the sculpture was finished (it was 10 feet high if my memory serves), it was most impressive. My memory is a little vague but as far as I can remember the rest of the elements were typical of Storm's work, in as much as they had a common (if surreal) thread. The photographs were taken and the design completed. When he presented it to us, we were blown away by the sheer scale and detail of the whole thing, but the sculpture was (and still is) amazing. EMI conceded it looked incredible, which was lucky, as we'd put all our faith in Storm. If he'd let us down, we would have been in a decidedly dodgy position, but he didn't, he is a trouper, an our faith was justified! The artwork won awards, and he even included it in one of his books. I love it when a plan comes together...

Q: Question for Mr Ben Matthews, where are you? are you still alive?...and why don't you ever crop up on Q & A? I am sure its not because you are never asked anything, and I HOPE its not because you are completely disinterested in our banal questions. If I promise to ask a serious question such as "Choose a fave comedy programme from a choice of: Blackadder, Father Ted or The Fast Show" I am sure you will answer without hesitation....Note: If Ben is still in silent mode, would any of you others like to respond??? Chully, Cambs
T: Umm...Benny is here answering questions quite regularly. In fact he answered some just a few days ago. Scroll down and look for the red answers. The fact that they all start with B: kinda gives it away too... ;)

Q: Have to say i've been a fan since 89, seen you live a couple of times here in Portugal, with Extreme the first time and My litle Funhouse in the second and in a festival in the third, Got all your solo albuns too, love Bowes and Morley, some songs talk about feelings exactly like the ones i was through at that certain period of my life. Thanks for great music all over the years and is there a possibility of ever see you live on our shores again? Pedro Ferreira, Portugal
D: Thanks for the kind words, it's nice to now we have fans there in Portugal. It would be marvellous to get some offers from promoters to play there again. As yet we have nothing arranged but our agent is on it, so who knows, maybe soon?

Q: How goes it Luke me old mate...still playing drums left handed?...Happy New Year to you and the rest of the Thunder Team - I hope you all have a great year. I have two questions - 1. what memories do the words 'Spanish Castle Magic' conjure up 2. was Harry the drummer in Moontier? Frankie Callaghan, London
L: Hi Frank. Hope all's well with you. 'Spanish Castle Magic' was, if I remember correctly, your good self on drums, myself and Tony Myers on guitars/vocals and Malcolm McKenzie on bass. We did one gig at The White Swan in Greenwich in 1980? The year is a little hazy I have to be honest. Harry was indeed the  drummer with Moontier. As for playing the drums I haven't sat behind a kit for at least twenty years!

Q: Bonjour Luke, just wondered if you had lay an hear on the Burt Bacharach/Ronald Isley album. You always said that you love Isley Brothers so this one might interest you, vocal performance is stellar. Vincent, France
L: No but you can bet your life I will!

Q: I am a 13 year old budding guitarist. My dad introduced your fantastic music to me last year and I have looked all over the web for Thunder tablature, and yet not a sniff. Therefore I would be very grateful if you could inform me of any sites where from I could view or purchase tablature, for your awesome guitar riffs and solos. Andrew Keith
T: Well, I haven't answered this question for quite a while so here it is once more.....a few Thunder tabs can be found at http://www.fortunecity.com/tinpan/carpenters/512/tabs.html.If the song you are after isn't there, then try our links page. There is a nice chap called Lee Dawson on there who is happy to tab out Thunder songs for the fans, by request. Hope this helps...

Q: Hi Danny...long time no speak...Happy New Year mate...still loving what you do and manage to make it to the odd gig. A simple question really - what is your fav Thin Lizzy album and why? Frankie Callaghan, London
D: I haven't listened to my Thin Lizzy LPs for years, but from memory I seem to remember Fighting was always a big favourite, and Jailbreak too. They're all on vinyl so I'll have to go dig them out and hook up my turntable...

Q: Well done for another successful year guys! Anyway, I was clearing my parents loft the other day and found a load of my old toys, including my old favourite....Thunderbird 2! It had a container with Thunderbird 4 inside and everything...fantastic! So it got me wondering...what were your favourite toys as a kid and do you still have them? Smiffy1975
H: Suppose my favourite toy was my Hornby train set. I still have it up in the loft. It doesn't work but I couldn't throw it away! Hours of fun. Whoooh Oogh.....The next train arriving on platform 1............................
B: I was cleaning my parents loft the other day too – filthy, dirty, covered in cobwebs but they were good with the kids. I think I had a similar Thunderbird but mine contained a musician in it.

Q: Thunder!!! I haven't got a question but just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the Christmas Party at The Bedford, a bit different to the usual shows, but just as great. I loved the Astoria gig too. I've been a fan for over thirteen years and have to say that you are still the best live band I've seen. Don't listen to the many people who expect you to play the same songs all the time - it was great to hear some of the older songs that you don't usually play e.g. moth to the flame, empty city etc. As I haven't e-mailed you before, also wanted to thank you for getting back together - life wasn't the same without you! Just thought of a question: Do you recognize fans who have been to your concerts a lot over the years? Maria Savva
Yes we do! Don't remember everyone's names though. Sign of old age I guess?!
B: I'm afraid I have a hard job recognising the other guys in the band let alone the audiences. Just joshing, of course we do.
L: Thanks for your support. Yes, of course we recognize people who come (steady) regularly to shows.....we just don't remember their names most of the time!!!!

Q: I noticed a CD advertised on Amazon for release in January entitled "Thunder, Live Down Under" Is this an official release? Rob Fletcher, Hull
T: If you look closely at the item on Amazon, you will notice that it is in fact an album called "Live! Thunder Down Under" by a band called Pegazus. Nothing to do with Thunder...

Q: Hi....First of all I like to say I been a fan since day one!! You guys have really made my life a happy one! And I have 2 young daughters who love you guys too!! Anyway Thinny?? What do you look like?? I have often pondered this..... Baby, South Wales
T: Well, I quite like the fact that I have often occupied your thoughts, so I think I'll leave you pondering... ;)

Q: Hi guys! I've heard a rumour that you might be playing at Donington's Download festival this year...is this true?!?...if not, might I say that you really reeeeaally should!! Meeeeee!
D: This rumour is one of many Thunder rumours currently circulating (how do they start?). I've heard this one, as well as the one that The Darkness have invited us to be their special guests at the end of the year. Neither rumour is true, but if asked we would love to do both I'm sure. If and when someone asks I'll let you know.

Q: Hi Thinny and/or Danny. Any word yet on whether meet & greet passes will be available for (after) the Holland and Belgium gigs? You were going to get back on it, and I4m not trying to rush you or be funny but it4s next week already... Thanks so much, I4m sure the gigs will be great and I4d like to tell you so afterwards. Thalia
D: The meet and greets will happen I'm sure, though I'm still waiting on the official nod from both venues as to logistical details. Apologies for the delay.

Q: Hi my name is Franco and i live in Belgium. I know Mario Goossens cause I am a drummer too but my Q is why do Mario replace Harry on drums the 23&24th in Holland & Belgium ,is he still with the band? Franco, Belgium
T: Don't worry, Harry will be there hitting the skins for Thunder. Mario is playing drums for the support band The Others, not with Thunder.

Q: I've just been watching the latest Robbie Williams video (Knebworth) and three large ladies at the front lift their tops and give him a real eyeful! Anybody ever done anything like that at a Thunder gig? By the way what do you think of Robbie W as a song writer/performer? Margie B., Wales I've just been watching the latest Robbie Williams video (Knebworth) and three large ladies at the front lift their tops and give him a real eyeful! Anybody ever done anything like that at a Thunder gig? By the way what do you think of Robbie W as a song writer/performer? Margie B., Wales
L: It has happened but I think I speak on behalf of the band when I say not as often as we'd have liked it to! Generally I like what Robbie does. He and Guy Chambers wrote some very classy pop songs although I hear they're not working together anymore. I wasn't too keen on 'Swing When You're Winning' though.

Q: Well, I finally got round to treating myself to the Japanese import of Gringo, to satisfy my curiosity over the bonus track. And I'm very glad that I did 'cos I do love a good guitar-driven instrumental. Do I detect a slight Allman Brothers influence in there maybe? Are you a fan? And, more importantly, is that a whip I hear cracking in the background halfway through, young man? Move 'em on, head' em up, ..... ;-) Jules
L: Originally it started out life as a song with lyrics but I could never seem to get it quite as I wanted it so EGR developed into an instrumental by necessity really. I literally just played along over the track so it was extremely spontaneous. I do love 'Jessica' by the Allmans though so maybe that filters through the track a bit. The noise you refer to wasn't supposed to sound like a whip so perhaps I'm subconsciously into S+M....who knows?

Q: Luke, hey ho! it's obvious that some of your songs are written about people that have peed you off, i wish i could do that. I had to resort to melting one of my husbands fave cds and making it into an ashtray (lack of creativity you see and i had lost an argument). My question is, are any of your songs (don't need to know which ones if you have, i am not that intrusive and you wouldn't tell me anyway) written specifically to get back at someone as you know as soon as they hear it they are going to know it's about them. Or is it something that has festered in your mind for a little while and just needs to come to the forefront? also I would really like to have a beer with you one day i think we would get on well (not to ride the Morley love train or anything). Anonymous
L: If I feel something strongly the chances are it will surface in a song in some shape or form. I'm not a 'festering' sort of person in that I try not to worry about other people's hang ups or prejudices. The music industry isn't a good place to be if you harbour grudges so I try and see the humour in situations wherever possible.

Q: Luke will you make babies with me please, i asked nicely and everything! Ah, go on!
L: I've thought about it and tempting thought the offer is, I'm afraid I'll have to withdraw........

Q: Is it true that Danny's singing on the forthcoming shab tribute album? If so any idea which track it will be...is there any song you'd like to do. Also are the rest of the band going to be involved? Wee Fat Bob, Glasgow
D: I've agreed to sing a song for the SAHB tribute LP, final choice of song is not decided so I won't speculate. I have no information as to when it will happen, as the schedule is down to the organisers. The rest of Thunder are not involved, as the original SAHB members are the band, and to my knowledge they want guest singers to record the vocals.

Q: Ben, you've just made a very tired woman very happy !!! Your responses to the last Q&A questions almost caused my sides to split. Do you have a secret life as a stand-up comedian? Do you ever play practical jokes on the other band members? Sam, Plymouth
B: Yes I do have a secret life as a stand-up comic as I often model as a starched copy of the Beano. As for practical jokes, I'm afraid the other members of the band are completely devoid of a sense of humour so there would be little or no point. Ho hum.

Q: Chris, I was looking at the cover of the nice, shiney Thunder DVD I got for Christmas (thanks Sarah!) and spotted that your name appears credited with the design. How did that come about? James Minchew, Gloucester
C: It came about through me spending far too much of my life sitting in front of a computer, and using Photoshop a lot. When the time came to design the cover, I put my hand up and said "I can do that" and I did.

Q: Hey Chris, were you serious when you siad you were trying to learn Dutch? Why? En gaat dat een beetje, dan? (If you weren4t able to read that I think I already have my answer...) Good luck! Natalie, Amsterdam
C: Ik wil Nederlands leren zodat ik een fatsoenlijk gesprek kan houden met alle aardige fans in Nederland!

Q: Hello Thunder people, Just like to say that I got the new DVD and it is absolutely fantastic! This is not unusual, but the fact that I was able to view it in Canada on an NTSC TV was. Good news for people in North America! I recently purchased a cheap DVD player from my local Wal-Mart for $50 CDN - model CH-DVD300. This unit will play all region DVDs and convert PAL to NTSC!! Yippee, about bloody time!!! Keep up the good work, and I look forward to many more Thunder DVDs!! Terry, Canada
T: There you go, thanks Terry. Good news for all you North American fans. Looks like a trip to Wal-mart then....

Q: What Year is it? (the copyright on the front page still says 2003) Is there a reason for that? Jonathan, Aylesbury
T: Yes. The reason is that I haven't got around to changing it yet. Don't worry, I will....

Q: I'm trying to find an acoustic guitar stand similar to the one that you use live when you do an acoustic intro to a song, but the sites I've looked at so far only seem to be able to come up with normal stands. any ideas where i can find one??? cheers for any help!!!!! Sean Goodwin, Portsmouth
L: What I can tell you is they are called 'Gracie' stands but unfortunately I've lost the number of the company who supplied it to me. If you can track one down they're about £90 if I remember rightly. Good luck.

Q: Are there any bonus tracks available on the Japanese version of the new B & M album? That way I can choose which copy to buy! Ash, Edinborough
T: There are no bonus tracks on the Japanese edition of Mo's Barbeque.

Q: My mum's and my hair dresser, in West Malling, Kent says she cuts one of the bands sisters hair? Is that true, or is she a liar!!!??? Emily, Kent
B: My sister lives near West Malling in Kent so it could be true, still if it is I'm sure she's a liar anyhow.

Q: What do you think of the comedian Peter Kay? If you don't know who he is (which I'm sure you do) get the DVD - you are guaranteed to laugh your socks off! Thanks again! Leanne, Derby
B: I love Peter Kay and his father Danny.

Q: I think it's very important, from a general happiness and overall well-being sort of manner of living, to like what you do. It would be naive to think that even those most fortunate to be living their dream don't have certain duties and obligations that go with the territory, that they must do or haftado that are less than something to look forward to, but, a necessary evil, for lack of a better way of putting it. What do you most love about what you do, and what do you least look forward to having to address? Dana, Utah
B: I love me most of all and I like least addressing envelopes with my cheques in them.

Q: I squeezed into the Thunder gig on 29th Nov at the Astoria, age limit was 14, and I'm only 12! Horray, I could get to see my favourite band, I was going to wait another 2 years! Have you ever gone some where under age? How old were you, and did you have fun? My favourite song is Dirty Love because I like the na na na bit! great one! See you soon at a gig. Emily, Kent
B: I tried to get in to see a 18 certificate film when I was about 13, I couldn't even see over the ticket counter properly but they still let me in. Needless to say having watched the film I then reported the ticket clerk to the authorities and made sure he was sacked for such improper behaviour. Tsk tsk.
L: Yes I have Emily but I can't tell you what it was 'til you're 18....sorry.

Q: Hi all. I've been playing the guitar for about 10 years now and of course, know ALL the Thunder songs!! When I first started playing I said to myself that I'd be happy if I could play well enough and be able to play 3 specific songs... "money for nothing", dire straits - "Johnny B Goode", Chuck Berry and Free's "Alright Now". After much practice I mastered all of these and have gone on to many more songs and styles. As musicians, in your early days, did you guys ever have a goal to play/sing certain songs and if so, what where they? Also, the first song I ever played end to end including the solo was Hendrix's "Hey Joe" - what was yours? To use a bad "ABBA" reference, "thank you for the music"! Matt, Australia
B: One I really remember was learning to play Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd, I've nearly finished it ...
L: The first song I remember learning start to finish including solo was 'Fire' from the first Hendrix album. Really simple but very effective.

Q: Hello guys, I don't think this has been asked yet so I'll ask now. what are your thoughts on "technical" guitarists such as Satriani, Vai, Malmsteen. My favourite sort of music is classic simple rock n roll, much like yourself, but I am a big fan of these musicians as well and I'd like to hear you view on them. Dave
B: Bores the pants off me to be honest; I like the Paul Kossoff approach, play one note, out of tune, for ages – brilliant!
L: I admire their technique greatly but their music isn't my cup of tea personally as it doesn't move me. Sorry.....

Q: I see from the playing credits on the new B&M album that Mark> Taylor tickled the ivories for you. I remember Mark for the contributions he made with The Alarm (joint first with you guys as my all time favourite band). My question is to anyone really, have you ever played with the Alarm or met Mike Peters. He has always struck me as being one of the most musically passionate people in the industry. His sense of loyally to his musical roots and his fans is tremendous which must be the main factor which Mike and others bands like yourselves have to retain such a bond. It would be nice to read your views. By the way, thanks for a great party last night and Harry, apologies about the wavey finger handshake last night.. you pretended not to get caught! Jamie, Suffolk
B: Yes I often play with the Alarm, trying to get the bloody thing to stop ringing every morning. I'm afraid that I have never knowingly met Mike Peters - does he fix alarms mine appears to be broken.
L: I seem to recall meeting MP in the late 80's and that he was nice but I can't remember where it was or the context..

Q: Ha ha ha! Thanks for making a boring Monday morning at work instantly funny. I had to laugh out loud when I saw the Xmassy hats on you guys. Too bad that my colleagues saw me in stitches, came over to look what I was laughing at and so found out that when I'm supposed to be working, I visit the site... Caught! Talking about Christmas: what are your plans? How do you normally celebrate? And do you guys help cook Xmas dinner? Happy holidays! Tash
B: Church for me, I think it's important that we don't forget the true meaning of Christmas.
L: I just do the normal family thing really and I leave the cooking to those qualified to do it. My contribution is washing up (or loading the dishwasher).

Q: A MASSIVE THANK YOU! I was at Tuesday's show at the Bedford and it was absolutely bl**dy marvelous!! I had a thoroughly brilliant time and you (as always) put on a cracking show. Loads of highlights....too many to mention them all but my favs would have to be awesome renditions of "The Thrill of it all" and "Once in a lifetime" (oh...and Danny forgetting the words...and Benny holding up the building society!). Simple question....what were your highlights? And did you enjoy it as much as the audience obviously did? Kevin, Middlesex
B: My highlights were by Clairol, thanks for noticing.
D: I'm really finding it hard to find one or two moments that really stand out, both nights were great, hugely enjoyable, and packed with incident and accident, but above all they were great fun. Having said that, Sweep gliding through the crowd on the end of the Pole Cam on the 17th is not a moment I'll forget in a hurry... On behalf of the whole band, I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who came, you helped us top off a truly splendid year... 
L: I think the most enjoyable thing about both shows was the atmosphere created by everybody there and I particularly enjoyed playing 'When I'm Dead And Gone' and 'Joy To The World', both of which I've wanted to cover for ages. Well done everybody!!!!!!

Q: Hiya Guys. I'm fifteen and have been a massive fan of yours for about a year. About a year ago, a close friend of mine made me a compilation CD of rock music; track four of that CD was Love Walked In. I heard you guys, and I was like 'Wow, I gotta hear more of these guys' Since then I have almost doubled my CD collection' mostly of Thunder CDs! Anyway...on to the questions! I've recently started learning to play guitar and a few people have said that I should've started younger. I was wondering what your views are on this?
B: It's never too late to learn, my uncle didn't take up the clarinet until he retired and he is now touring all over Europe playing.
C: It's never too late to learn to play an instrument, and fifteen is definitely not too old - I was about 12 when I first started playing guitar, and 15 when I switched to bass.
L: It is always good to learn an instrument no matter what age you are!
Second question. Were you guys all naturally musically talented from young, or did you choose to learn your musical talents?

C: My brother was a singer, so music was all around me from an early age - there was never any doubt in my mind that I would be a musician.
L: I always loved music from as early as I can remember so picking up a guitar was the most obvious thing for me to do.
Question three. Do you guys drive? If so what cars are you driving at the moment?
B: I drive a BMW 528
C: Ford Focus - great little car.
L: A Jeep Cherokee
And final question...Is the car you drive now your 'dream car'? If not...what is your 'dream car'? Nicola, age 15, Darlington
B: My dream car is actually the one I drive - I can't fault it.
C: Haven't really given it much thought - cars don't do that much for me, I'm afraid.
L: I'd love a 70's Rolls Royce Silver Shadow but I don't think it would be very practical where I live.

Q: Hello Gentlemen...With the Festive Season almost upon us, do any of you have a favourite Christmas record? Paul, Charlton 
B: Who can drink the most Advocaat without throwing up.
C: Still love the Slade one.
L: Either 'Merry Xmas Everybody' by Slade or 'I Wish It Could Be Xmas Everyday' by Wizzard both purely for nostalgic reasons.

Q: I'm going to see Thin Lizzy in Newcastle next week (with my Dad!) and was wondering whether (God forbid) if anything happened to one of you guys would you carry on as a band? What do you think of what they're doing? I'm only 22 so not old enough to have been able to see the original line up and before I saw this line up in Manchester a few years back I didn't know how to feel about what they're doing; but as long as it keeps Phil's memory alive I guess that's all that matters. Emma, Durham
B: I was lucky enough to see Thin Lizzy quite a few times as a youngster, I always did like them. If I died in a freak yachting accident or similar I would certainly consider giving up playing in Thunder.
H: I have to say, this is a pretty horrendous thought! One which I can't really answer. Being that we are all pretty close mates, losing someone from the band would be pretty devastating. As for carrying on afterwards...........can't bear to think about it! I'd like to think we can do what we do, for many years to come. Even if we turn up with a walking stick!!
L: How very morbid!! To be perfectly honest I don't know how I would feel in that situation so I'll have to pass...
D: Phil Lynott was Thin Lizzy as far I'm concerned, I saw them at least 6 times as a kid, but then bands come about as a result of several people getting together and making a good noise together. If one shuffles off his/her mortal coil is it automatic that the others have to hang up their dancing shoes? There's no hard and fast answer to this I fear. If they carry on, I suppose it comes down to whether or not the band is better or worse, or even offering something different to what went before. As for us, I'd definitely want the band to carry on if I popped me clogs, if they were cold hearted enough to stamp all over my memory of course... Ha ha!

Q: Re Wed 17th - That was such a lovely evening thanks, and a great venue. I arrived late, so I wonder if I may some ask questions now My questions - deep and meaningful but having heard Sweeps question I'm feeling positively intellectual!
D: Right then. First of all I have to establish that I'll have no stones cast at Sweep. He was merely delivering a question on behalf of Sooty, if the question was daft (which it was) it's down to Sooty and not the much maligned Sweep. Right on to the questions.
Which do you prefer
Spangles v Fruit Pastilles
B: Neither.
D: Fruit Pastilles.
Acoustic v Electric
B: Difficult to choose unless it's a lawnmower in which case definitely electric you can't get the stripes with an acoustic mower.
D: Can't choose, though I did find it very hard to sit down for so long, so...
Roast Lamb v Roast Pork
B: My money's on Roast Lamb in a fight.
D: Roast Lamb.
Beer v Lager
B: Lager.
D: Lager.
CD's v Vinyl
B: Vinyl - you try making a bin bag out of CD's
D: CDs.
on behalf of a great fan of yours named Jez who couldn't be there..
1. Do you like Bowie?
B: Bowie makes a great knife.
D: Yes, early stuff, nothing much lately.
2. Would you play at his Birthday next year?
B: Are you organising it then?
D: Only if he'll play at mine first.
3. Does Luke have any spare right handed guitars? (and there's me thinking you just turned them upside down)
B: Ask Luke
D: I don't think Luke has any right handed guitars, being left handed.

4. Can he have Danny's voice for a day.
B: Ask Danny
D: He's welcome to it, all day today.
What was the name of support act -- the way he sang Iron Maiden ooohhh lovely. Angela Burrows, Surbiton
D: Earl Okin.

Q: Hi Danny, I read everywhere that you're such a fan of Stevie Wonder. Did you cry when you heard he had stooped so low as to record a single with Blue, of all 'bands'? You have my pity - please don4t ever do any Thunder songs with 'artists' like that? Thanks in advance! Sascha
D: I must confess I was a little surprised to learn he'd done it, but I can see why he would want to plug into a brand new yoof audience, after all so many of his songs have been covered by yoof acts, I bet the audience buying them don't even know who he is. He still sounds great and I think Blue are very lucky to have him on the record. As for me, who knows, but I always do my best to make everything I do as tasteful as possible...

Q: Hi, this is a question to any one of the band members. Am I right in thinking that Malcolm Mackenzie is back on board? If he is in what capacity is he involved with the band? I remember Malcolm from way back when and he always made me and my husband very welcome whenever he saw us. Kay Rogers, Barry S Wales
D: Malcolm McKenzie is not part of the Thunder set up. He is Peter Shoulder's manager however. Peter guested with the band on the Xmas Shows, and Peter's band The Others opened for us on 6 of the 11 shows in November last year. 

Q: A question which I guess would be primarily directed at Luke but would be interested in the whole bands reply. How would you feel if you were approached by the management of one of the Pop idol type artists, Will Young or Gareth Gates for example with a view to rearranging and recording one of your ballads? Would you be against the idea or would the possibility of royalties and exposure be preferable? I'm not a fan of these type of artists but bearing in mind the high quality of the material that you have written over the years it can only be a matter of time before Simon Cowell or someone like him comes knocking on your door. 
Apologies if my question makes either any of you or the fans nauseous!!! Phil Stark 
L: If someone wants to cover a song I've written then that's fine with me. Music is for everybody after all. 

Q: Hello, First I wanted to say thanks for answering my recent question. It made my day when I saw the q and a page and my question was on there! Secondly, following on from Luke's answer to my question, I have a question for Luke: I wonder whether you remember my name perchance? (Not that I'm a megalomaniac or anything) The reason I ask is that a couple of years ago I sent you a copy of my first novel 'Coincidences' because you are one of my favourite writers and one of the people who inspired me to write. I tried writing songs first but they were more like poems so I gave up!!! But I digress... What I wanted to say was I met you in the Borderline a couple of years ago and you said that you'd received my novel and were honest enough to say that you hadn't read it yet. I wondered whether you ever got round to reading it? Don't worry, I won't be offended if you haven't, I just> wanted to know. Maria Savva
L: Ooops....I have to admit that I haven't read it yet but I will get around to it. I have checked and it's on one of my bookshelves so I'll shuffle it up to the front of the cue. I hope you're still writing and good luck.

Q: Living in a flat, I've been having trouble with the people downstairs playing loud drum n bass music and generally being noisy gits. I just wondered which 2 songs (one Thunder related, one not) you would suggest for me to blast back at them. Pistjordy, East Midlands
B: Try "The Der Ring des Nibelungen" (The Ring Cycle) by Wagner first of all it's German and secondly it lasts several days, this should do the trick, if not just put on a version of Better Man with Harry singing, if this doesn't work - move.
L: Thunder song should be 'Moth To The Flame' and try 'Enter Sandman' by Metallica....that'll do the trick!!

Q : Did you ever write in to Jim'll Fix It?  If so, what did you ask him to fix?  If not what would you ask him to fix now? Nichola, Kent
B: I wrote to him asking if he could fix it for me to not have him appear on my TV ever - he never replied the miserable old sod.
L: No. Sorry, can't stand the man.
C: I seem to recall that when I was about 10 I asked Jim to fix me a date with Diana Rigg from The Avengers. Never happened - he's crap.
D: I never did, but if I had I would have wanted to go to a car manufacturing plant and seen a car built from scratch. Assembly lines have always fascinated me, I don't know why, sad isn't it...

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