Q & A Archive - February 2004


Q: Just got tickets for Mean Fiddler in June and just got Mo's BBQ, have you been listening to a lot of Doobie Bros and Steely Dan recently? I can hear a lot of their vibe throughout, was this intentional Luke or subconscious (or, more likely, am I talking Bollocks!). Keep going, you might one day reach the heights of Busted (two Brits!, what's happening to music?). Glenn Braiden, Brighton
L: I always listen to a lot of Doobie Bros. and Steely Dan so you are definitely not talking b******s! 

Q: On the Bowes and Morley tour will you be recording it for a future live CD? Franco, Belgium
L: Circumstances permitting we will record some of the shows but it's a bit early to think about a live CD at the moment as the new studio album has come out so recently. Watch this space.....

Q: Hi Luke & the Thunder boys, first great gig at the Biebob & thanks for the pictures we've made together. My q is, how come Danny doesn't write songs himself like you do. He sings them like he wrote them. Do you sing it first or how do you (both) do it? Franco, Belgium
L: Songwriting is something that not every musician does. It's really a vocational thing inasmuch as you really have to love it to want to do it. I think Danny is naturally very practical with his use of time and spending hours gazing into space waiting for an idea to arrive (as I frequently do!) probably doesn't appeal to him enough. Usually I make a demo recording, sing the song myself and pass it on to Danny. He will then listen to it and get to know it. We record Danny's vocal once the song is in it's final shape (or near enough) by which time Danny has got inside it and added his own interpretation.

Q: Hi guys, just to let you know I tried to order Mo's BBQ from HMV in Darlington last week only to have the woman behind the counter say "it's listed as back-catalogue, it has no specified release date, and it would take 3 weeks to order it". It's a shame you haven't got any dates booked north of Birmingham. Newcastle..... Newcastle..... Newcastle...." Now seeing you guys squeeze into Trillians would be a gig and a 1/2! Paul B, Darlington
T: Thanks for the email.  We put your comments forward to the distributor of Mo's Barbeque and got the following response: "It's a shame that an artist can suffer in this way. A fan has entered a major retailer to enquire about an album but has come away with un-satisfactory service. I have confirmed today with my HMV colleagues that the album is on HMV's system with full release date/cat number/supplier information. This is therefore instantly accessible to the sales assistants throughout the HMV chain. If they choose not to utilise their data properly and give false information out then B & M suffer by not achieving a pre-order alongside HMV's customer service. Sadly some people choose not to be as helpful as their job description dictates. The bottom line is the album is available to buy now instores throughout the country, Universal have plenty of stock and all stores know where to order it from if they decided not to pre-order the title".

Q: Guys, checked out the two biggest HMV stores in Glasgow for the new B&M record - both had spaces for it in the A-Z section, and BOTH said they had sold their copies... both also offered to order it in, and didn't even need prompting with any details. I'd already bought it from another local store, Music Zone Trade Direct, who had three copies for sale, in the A-Z and New Release. Good work! Anyways, the question is the photo in the middle of the booklet, I know I'm going to look like an idiot now - but is that one side of Luke's face and one side of Danny's? Tony, Glasgow
D: Thanks for the info, so it is working in some places!! The pic is a morphed version of both of us. To say it's half of one and the other half of the other is too simplistic, it's more a combination of both sets of features. Horrible isn't it...

Q: Hello Danny, Thinny & the band, Thank you for the reply to my question on providing you with Artwork. What I thought was if you ever wanted a space filled in a CD sleeve (album or single) or posters, back stage passes or anything really, I could provide it to you F.O.C in return for a caption just saying "artwork-by martsarts" bla bla. Fair swap I would say. If you give me a address i will send you samples. All the best lads & well done on the new Bowes & Morley album. Mart, Essex
D: Splendid, sounds like a more than fair exchange. Please send examples of your craft to us c/o the Thunder Shop PO Box address. We'll have a look at it and if we like it we'll bear you in mind for future projects. Did I say splendid?

Q: Hello to you all. This is just a quick question, have you ever been to Australia to release any of your music? If so how did it go? The reason I ask is that I live in Oz and the music here is 80% rock and your music would go down a storm here. Please let me know. Mandy
D: To my knowledge none of our records ever got released in Australia, though I believe we came close in the days when we were on EMI. So far no label there has been interested enough to put the records out. Shame you don't work for an Australian label....

Q: Hi guys! Recently, while watching Kerrang! music channel I noticed this band called 3 Doors Down....Have any of you heard them at all? Their song Here Without You is exerlante..... Brody, South Wales
B: Is that the band that live quite close to me?

Q: Hello Chaps! :o) I think the recent programme on CH4, 'Faking it' has triggered this one off, so if you're sitting comfortably, then I'll begin.... :o/ Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is claimed to be the greatest musical genius who ever lived - a child prodigy - he could write notes before he could write words. If memory serves (from studying A Level music wayyyyy back in 1988), it took all of thirty minutes for Mozart to master his first musical composition, which was Andante in C when he was six years old. My questions are: 1. What If legends such as Led Zeppelin or Elvis (for example) had been around in the 1700's (electricity, sexy geetars and big noise allowing), do you think Mozart would STILL be classified as THE greatest musical genius who ever lived? 2. Can any of you read music (like a book), what kinda training have you had> or are you just all gifted, talented Gods? (tee hee!) (IMHO - much more so, than flippin' Mozart - although I do listen to a snoofty of Mozart occasionally) Before I offy s*d, I just want to say, thanks HUGE amounts for last year and I'm looking forward to many more cracking gigs soon...... ;o) Piddy_Po (Cath), Naaaaaaaridge
B: I guess you failed your A level. You were close - the story goes that he learnt his first musical composition, a scherzo by Georg Christoph Wagenseil, in thirty minutes, just before his fifth birthday. As to whether he is the greatest musical genius that ever lived is a matter of opinion. My opinion is that he was with the possible exception of that fat girl off Pop Idols. I can read music but I'm very rusty now as Thunder have their own shorthand musical notation that makes no sense to anyone but us!
L: I don't know who has declared Mozart the greatest ever musical genius but I would say it's an impossible and fruitless task trying to place musicians in order of talent or worth. It's impossible to judge something as subjective as music and you can't touch it or measure it on any universal scale that applies to all music ever made. If it makes you feel good then it is good
and that's all there is to it. I don't read music and I had one guitar lesson when I was eleven years old so I guess I got here by following my nose and trusting my instincts!
H: Miss Po! Think Luke has said it all here-most eloquently and articulately may I say! I can't sight read musical notation, but give me a couple of hours, I can maybe get a tune together either on guitar, or piano (one fingered may I add - we're not talking concert pianist here!) I did have a couple of drum lessons when I was a mere boy, but basically I was self taught. Cheers Miss Po!

Q: Sorry to bother you again so soon but my curiosity has got the better of me and you being the rock gods you are, are the best qualified to answer. I know it is not Thunders style to use a guitar effect like a resanator (i think that's what it is called...you know like Peter Frampton uses) but have you ever tried one and how the hell does it work? Also a second question if you will indulge me. I was watching an old AC/DC concert on video the other night and watched in amazement when Angus Young has his guitar stop working right in the middle of a important solo...I think he sweated it to death. Have you had many "oh s#*t" moments like that? Roland Amft, Peterborough
B: It's called a Talkbox, originally made by HEIL Sound in California, I have tried one but all my teeth fell out so I stopped using it
immediately. I've had a few "interesting" moments on stage, mainly with my organ but that's another story...
L: The device you're talking about sends the sound made by the guitar via a rubber tube into your mouth. Your mouth then becomes the area in which the sound reverberates and acts like the body of an acoustic instrument. Obviously the sounds that eminate can be changed by changing the shape of your mouth. I've had so many moments of panic on stage that they don't particularly worry me anymore. Sometimes things just go wrong and you have to cope with it as well as you can. Naturally I always blame Benny for all bum notes.......

Q: OK, I give up! Looked on meanfiddler.com for B+M ticket info and you are not even listed! Have I got it completely wrong or do you have to kick some meanfiddler a**? Good luck chaps! Darren, W Sussex
T: Tickets are not available yet for the London show, so that is probably why it isn't listed. They are due to go on sale any day now though, so keep trying...

Q: I wonder if you could help me. I have met the band on a few occasions and had various items signed. I have just looked on the www.eil.com and I notice that some items are for sale signed with a letter of authenticity. How do you get one of those? I don't want to sell anything but I am curious. Also, what are the chances of B&M ever coming to Nottingham? Donna, Nottingham
D: Glad to hear you're not selling your Thunder bits, signed or otherwise. To be honest we've signed so much stuff over the years, I always think the unsigned stuff must be rare!! I have no idea how a letter of authenticity could be obtained without the band being involved somehow. We haven't, so that's a tricky one to call... As for B&M, I'm afraid we won't be playing in Nottingham this time around, as I'm told the promoter there didn't want to book us. We love it there and are disappointed in this situation, but there's nought to be done if they don't want us. Maybe next time..

Q: Well, I've been in my local HMV and Virgin stores today (23/02/04) and surprise, surprise no sign of "Mo's Barbeque"! Thank
goodness for Townsend Records, hopefully my copy will have been delivered by post this morning while I've been at work. What are your opinions on these major chain stores apparent apathy towards music that isn't by a "chart band"? Who the **** is Alex Parks anyway? Mick, Desborough
D: The High St chains are primarily concerned with chart acts and major labels, and as we're not either, it's not a major shock to discover they don't have it today on the first day of release, it's just economics baby! I would call their attitude disappointing rather than apathetic, but that may change if people keep asking for it. As you say you ordered it from Townsends, so I'm assuming your visit was purely for fact finding purposes, but nevertheless, I have a few questions (makes a change):- Did the assistants offer to order it for you? (sounds like they didn't). Did you ask them if they could order it for you? (sounds like you didn't need to so you didn't). I only ask because now we're distributed by Universal, if you're in a shop and they don't have it, it can be ordered easily by simply giving the Catalog No STC2004-1, and telling them they can get it from Universal. As a small label, this really is a big deal for us, so why not put it to the test? Let us know how you get on....Didn't Alex Parks win Plop Idol? Or is it a botanical garden in Surrey and I've got it all wrong again? 

Q: Hi. Some questions to Danny and Luke about the pictures in the Bowes and Morley mini-site. Why so serious? And another question to the band (thunder): are you ever been playing in Russia? if answer is yes, which city? and if the answer is no: do you like to play there? is Thunder well known there, I mean, like in Japan? I'm anxious to get the new album, you're fantastic, just I hope you could come here to play once again. Thank you for your music and poetry. Walter Valdez, Argentina
D: We were in a serious mood. No we've never played in Russia, and yes it would be nice to go there. I have no idea if we're known there but as we've never been, I suspect not. I'm extremely anxious for you to get our new album, you are fantastic also, and we'd love to go back to Argentina. Thanks for your questions and support. Not sure about your poetry though...

Q: I see that Love Walked In appears on the new compilation album of The Best Heavy Metal Album in the World. My question is twofold. Do you guys get asked to put forward a track to go onto a compilation album or are you asked for a specific track that the makers want to use? Julie Hoare, Kent
D: You assume we're asked...Most of the time we're not, the first we know about it is when someone tells us it's happened. This is usually the way it happens, it's wrong but, well, that's the music business...

Q: Hi Harry, Will you play with Magnum at the BYH festival in Balingen (Germany) at the end of June? THUNDER isn't interested to play at such a festival? Luc, France
H: Yes Luc - I'll be there with Magnum. With regard to Thunder....who knows.....watch this space!

Q: Hi Harry. It was a great night at the Plato in Helmond. We met for a nice photo and talked about lot's of things. But I forgot one thing. Is it right, that your favorite Football Club is Chrystal Palace?? I thought your wear a Palace shirt on the Live DVD?? I bought one, too. Hopefully it was a good decision. After all you'll see me jumping in the crowd at the Bospop Festival in July 2004 wearing the shirt. Of course players number is No. 9!!! So look out for it!!! Stay cool. Dirk "CrazyDutchman" Zoschke, Netherlands
H: Dirk you crazy Dutchman! Yes my favourite team is Crystal Palace! I will be looking out for a very crazy man at the Bospop festival. Keep wearing the shirt Dirk! Hopefully it will bring the team a little bit of luck. Cheers mate.

Q: Hey, great show in Plato Helmond. Just ordered the DVD, Super! It was nice to see you all after 5 years. It was a pitty we forgot to ask the merchandise guy for aftershow tickets... and couldn't get in...Question for Harry: Did you enjoy the gig? No yokes? No laugh? and you don't play that much in Holland, the vibe was there, wasn't it... Robert Spaninks, Holland
H: It was a great gig Robert - great vibe - looking forward to coming back very soon!

Q: Thanks for a fantastic gig in Bristol. So good to have you back, forget the moaning few. I noticed that Chris is doing more backing vocals/harmonies than previously, and that Harry is doing less (I think). Is there a reason for this and, if so, what is it? Andy, Wiltshire 
H: The main reason is that our sound man hates singing drummers................too much spillage from the kit, travels down my microphone, you see, and over a period of time, Chris has just been singing some of my old backing vocal parts so I left them to him. The real reason, of course, is that I've got a bloody fantastic voice and the boys don't want me to steal the limelight!! Ha Ha!!!

Q: I have recently been on to 'Kazaa' where you can download records, although I always buy my Thunder cds, I have been able to download most tracks off 'The Thrill Of It All'. I also came across a fantastic track by your good selves called 'One Pretty Woman'. My question is where did this song come from? I thought I pretty much had heard everything Thunder have done. Anonymous
T: 'One Pretty Woman' is a track from the Behind Closed Doors sessions. It didn't make the album, but it did appear on one of the CD singles to 'Stand Up'. Check out the Discography section for more details...

Q: My question is...Who writes your songs? I understand that the band and those connected to the band write quite a few of them but do you have people from outside who write for you? My motive for asking this question is a personal one. I am an undiscovered lyricist and I was wondering if you would like to take a look at some of my work. Let me know. PS. Received Mo's BBQ in the post this morning. It's another excellent piece of work guys. Nic
T: Luke writes the songs. Sometime he co-writes with someone else (Harry, Andy Taylor, Peter Shoulder, etc), but the majority of song writing for Thunder, B&M, etc is done by Luke. The band do not have outside writers to write for them - why would they when Luke is so good at it and he is never short of ideas for new songs! Sorry...

Q: Just a question regarding the photo competition. As you said, everything is allowed I have to ask: Only pics of myself (which could possibly harm the viewer) or maybe also of usual pets like elephants, snakes, whales or house dust mites wearing Thunder merch? If this is allowed you should add more XXXXXXXXL or XXXXXXXXXXXS Shirts to your catalogue. Any other limitations? Maybe not forcing the royal family to wear Thunderware? Would be glad for some words from you guys what you would prefer or totally dislike. Thanx! The Great Nothing, Germany
T: Are you telling me that you have a pet whale? A whale in a Thunder t-shirt I would like to see...! Pets is a bit of a grey area though, I don't want to be promoting animal cruelty for this competition. As long as it's done safely and no harm comes to the pet then it's okay! The Royal Family in Thunder wear? I think seeing the Queen in a Thunder thong would be more than most of us could stand. Just use your imagination - as long as it's legal it's okay (I think)!?

Q: Just curious...when and where was your last trip to the U.S.? Anybody have any plans to return? (We have a nice guest room). Chris, Kansas City
H: Last time I paid a visit to the States seems a long time ago. Too long ago to remember! A mate of mine has just moved to San Francisco, and is pretty keen for me to visit. Maybe??
B: I haven't been for a very long time but I did visit your neighbours in Canada a couple of years ago for a vacation - they said to say hello and could you keep the noise down a bit.
L: I haven't been to the US since 2000 when I visited LA briefly before going to Las Vegas, stopping briefly on the way to film the video for 'Go With The Flow'. I hope to visit my old mate who lives in San Francisco at some point in the not too distant future.
D: I went to Sarasota on the Gulf Coast of Florida for my summer vacation last July. It was splendid, and so much so that I'd like to go again this year if I can...

Q: 1) If the band had an almighty scrap - who would win?
H: Definitely Chris. Behind that mild mannered exterior is an animal within!
B: The Almighty but I think they've split up now.
D: Chris. He's skinny but I assume it's all muscle.
2) I was a huge Thunder fan, however over the years i kind of forgot about you (sorry). This was around the time of Giving The Game Away. I didn't actually even know you had released an album! - anyway, about 2 years ago did a compilation CD, and I put a couple of your tracks on it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, it made me love your music all over again. So much so, that my car CD changer hold 6 CD's - four of them are reserved for Thunder albums!! (the other two being Live and Rush). Anyway, my question - Have you ever fallen out of love with a band, only to suddenly fall back in love with them? - If so, who? Adrian Bridgeman, Reading
B: Yes - Thunder! Harry did I ever tell you that I love you?
D: No. I'm loyal. Ha ha.
H: I'm faithful too! (please don't say that Ben - you'll only get hurt!)

Q: I was delighted to see that you will be playing at the Bospop festival in the Summer with my other fave band Cheap Trick. Have you ever worked with them before? What do you think of them? Peter Everett 
H: Don't know too much about them to be honest! But I'm about to find out over the next couple of months!!
B: I played a few but never worked with them. Anyone who has a guitar with three neck has got to be OK.
L: I don't know a great deal about them apart from their 'Live At The Budokan' album which was very good.
D: I can't say I know that much about them, but they have a good reputation as a live act and the stuff I have heard all sounded fine. It'll be interesting to work with them, especially in Europe.

Q: I thank the band for their show last Saturday at the Biebob (a little bit to short for me) and their kindness during the M&G.The warm atmosphere and playing on a little scene of the Biebop remind me when I was playing in bars. So, what do you feel when you play in this kind of conditions ? Do you prefer play in bigger halls or in stadiums ? Luc, France
H: If the "vibe" is good, it is enjoyable whether the venue is big or small. Biebop was great and our next visit to Belgium, will hopefully have that same atmosphere! 
B: Some people think that Thunder should be playing behind bars but there's no accounting for taste. Different sized shows have different advantages and disadvantages so we don't really mind where we play so long as there is a decent bar.

Q: Hi you guys! I have no question, but I want to say thank you for a big night yesterday at the Plato/Helmond. It was so long ago that you were on a stage in Holland that I enjoyed it much more than some other gigs (which were of course also great). You guys were very patient during the aftershow party. Fantastic!! I hope that the photos will be good!! Well after a marvelous night I can't wait until July to see you again at the Bospop Festival in Weert/NL. You guys know what you can expect from there?????? Noooooooo??? I'll help you ouT: Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!!!!!!
I hope you enjoyed it (he this a question!!). So be prepared for a nice and warm welcome!! I'll wish you the very best and stay as you are!!! See ya!!! Dirk, Venlo/NL
H: Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaice!
D: Was there a question in this? Did I miss it? I don't mind, your comments are most kind. For the benefit of those who weren't there, the audience in Helmond sang the final line in Low Life In High Places (hence Plaaaaace) for such a long time I was convinced they were all miming to a tape! Very funny. Don't do it again (as if you would!) ha ha. 

Q: We all know that "Thrill of It All" is no longer available, but I'd like to know why. I don't really see the point in limiting the amount of music that's readily available to the public. If it was a limited edition compilation album or something it'd kinda make sense, but an original studio album? I don't understand. Will it ever be re-released, or are all the newer Thunder fans never to know what that album sounds like? Andy, Essex
D: The story behind the lack of availability of TTOIA is very typical in the music business. The company who signed us (Castle Communications) to make the record went belly up. The catalogue was bought by Sanctuary who continue to run Castle as Castle, but they have deleted some titles, that is to say they are not making new copies and making them available to retail and the good punter who may wish to buy them. TTOIA is one such title I'm afraid. It all comes down to demand, and they clearly don't think the demand is there to warrant the cost of manufacture. It's bizarre when the band is active again, but I suppose it could change in the future....

Q: Seeing your answer telling us "The thrill of it all" is about no more, are any of the past Thunder products worth anything as collectors items. I have the yellow sleeve of B.C.D & the postcard set of T.T.O.I.A (Not that I would ever sell them, they are mine you hear!!) Mart, Essex
T: Some of the early Thunder singles, limited editions, promos, etc, tend to change hands for a fair bit of money. For an idea of what people are prepared to pay for Thunder rarities check out the stock at www.eil.com

Q: Luke, Old flower, I've probably asked this question before but me memory is playing up again (and since you mention it in an answer below), I'm gonna give it another airing. What happened to the video's you made for the most excellent 'El Gringo'? I do recall seeing at least one, many years ago. Any chance of them seeing the light of day in the not so distant future? Also any plans for some vid's for 'Mo's BBQ'? May I also thank you (all) for the last year or so. Lots of good stuff has been happening to me recently and it all began when you chaps got back together! So its all your fault. Last question: 'Arry? What are your favorite two words? Best wishes and thanks again. Pabs
L: I made videos for 'Go With The Flow' and 'One Drop' but there are no plans to release them at present although as with all things that may change in the future. As for Mo's BBQ there are no plans at present. Sorry....
H: Pabs.............if my memory serves me correct, then the words are "Crystal" and "Palace" - or were they "ample" and "moist"?.........!!!!!!!!!!

Q: Hello, do any of you guys like Lynyrd Skynyrd? If so have you heard their newest cd 'Vicious cycle'? If not I'd strongly recommend it as it is a great album and I'm sure you'de enjoy it. Dave
B: Lyke thym? I lyve thym – they started it.
H: Love Lynyrd Skynyrd. "Sweet Home" and "Freebird" were songs that I grew up listening to....big influence on me. My Dad, believe it or not, was instrumental in bringing these songs to my attention. Haven't heard their newest CD. I'll have to check it out.

Q: What's in the glove compartment of your car? Angela, Surbiton 
B: Gloves.
L: A BMW manual and the RAC's phone number.
D: I believe there may be a couple of spare bulbs and a cloth, but I'll have to go and check. Hold on a moment..... Yup, I was right. I've had so much stuff stolen from cars over the years I never leave anything of value in it now.
H: Erm.........Gloves.......Tissues!............Nothing of great value really!

Q: Hi Guys, Thunder were voted on Status Quo's Message Board to support QUO on their 40th Anniversary Tour at the end of this year! Are you interested and what's your favourite STATUS QUO (70's) album? Tom De Vries
D: I'm always interested in getting in front of someone else's audience. However Francis Rossi told me in 98 when we opened for them in Germany, that although they loved us, the crowd did too, so we forced them to have to work too hard. Still, who knows? stranger things have happened...
B: I suppose when Thunder reach forty we’ll some kind of support too. I used like Blue For You when I was a young whippersnapper.
L: That's nice to know. My fave Quo album would be 'Quo' or 'Piledriver'
H: Well...we are going to be playing with them in July....which is nice! "Blue For You" was my fav album. Bought it twice on vinyl cos I wore the first one out.

Q: Re: my earlier comment on Ben's absence, I do apologise for implying that he doesn't want to talk to us, I am colourblind, and one of my pals has just pointed out that my condition has clearly deteriorated as Benny has appeared quite a lot over the last couple of months. Would still like to hear from the boys on their fave comedy programmes though, as I get the impression you all have a splendidly dry sense of humour... Chully
D: I love most comedy. I have collections of all the classic comedy progs and a lot of films also. I'm into collecting Terry Thomas DVDs at the moment. He was brilliant, as was Alistair Sim (if you're not old enough, don't worry, nor was I, but they're both absolutely hilarious, check them out).
B: This week I has been mainly watching.... "Little Britain"
L: Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, Only Fools And Horses, The Fast Show, Father Ted, The Office, Laurel And Hardy, Tommy Cooper, Morecambe And Wise, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks etc...
H: Over the past year, I have to say that "The Office" and "Little Britain" are definitely my favs.

Q: Dear Luke, What was it like backstage with the Darkness chaps, did you give them any tips on how to rock with long hair in tow? Martyn Brooks
L: They're all nice chaps which was nice to discover, they play very well and the show was very entertaining. The only bad thing I can say is not one of them was shorter than me! Justin and Dan were very complimentary about Thunder and they both come across as good guys. It's nice to see a band that sends people home happy, is serious about what they do but don't take
themselves too seriously if you know what I mean!

Q: Hey Luke, how will you and the rest of the band be spending Valentines Day?? Who's the most romantic out of the band???? And if you need someone special to gaze across a candlelit dinner I'm available. Fiona, Blackpool 
L: I've no idea what the others are up to but I will be spending the afternoon watching the cup match between Man Utd. v Man. City (come on you Blues!). After that it'll be a posh restaurant, oysters, fine wines, Belgian chocolates and a quick dash to the nearest latrine!

Q: Hi! Just wanted to drop an quick "Thank U" to Danny for singing a passionate and unique "nanana-nananahnah" in my recorder (backstage in Belgium) for my wife who unfortunately had to stay at home. She loved it. Hope to see you again soon. Now the question: It is stated on this site that the band is not available for birthday parties or other private things. Nevertheless I would like to know if you would accept an invitation from a millionaire that would pay a large amount of money just to have your music live at his barbeque party in Dubai? Of course the transfer would be on his private jet served by dozens of harem girls. Free drinks and unlimited rubber - as a matter of course - included...still not interested? ;-) By the way: He would support the twice-overdue Thunder World Domination by distibuting your CDs all over the world. So you could get what you deserve the first time. How about that... The Great Nothing, Germany
D: Now when you put it that way, I can feel a major change of policy coming on... All and any offers to me please, care of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I'm waiting for your email... No worries on the singing down the phone thing, it was a pleasure.

Q: Hi, it was a great pleasure to hear, that the best rockband in the universe will play some shows in Germany. Do you think "meet and greet aftershow" will be possible? Tobias, Germany
D: Aftershows are only really possible for us to organise when it's our show. In a festival situation, previous experiences have taught us it's almost always impossible. We will of course try, but we can't guarantee we will succeed. Watch this space...

Q: Hi there guys.....Recently my dad died and his wish is to have Thunder songs playing throughout the funeral as he was a massive fan....What song(s) would you liked played at your departing? Thanks guys for making my dad a fan and for making me one too. Brody, South Wales
B: Glad we can help at times like these. I would love "When I'm Dead And Gone" by McGuiness Flint. I've just finished mixing the Thunder acoustic version from the Christmas show and really enjoyed it.

Q: Hi Guys, I remember some time ago (unless I was dreaming) that you were shooting a video for "loser", and I was wondering if this will ever surface? Also a question for Luke & Ben, I was putting a new set of Super Slinky's on one of my guitars the other day, and I was wondering if you have any preference over what strings you use? I think I'm ready to play again after being repeatedly stabbed when fitting them! Paul
B: The Loser video may appear on a DVD near you, we’ll let you know don’t worry.  As for string preferences, we tend to use Fender bullets.  You should use a string winder to protect your fingers, I’d lend you mine but I’ve given him the day off.

Q: Having seen some "special guests" join Thunder on stage, I was wondering who your ultimate special guest would be (Alive or Dead)? I would love to see either Dave Gilmour (Pink Floyd) jamming with you guys or Animal from the Muppets...well he was the only drummer I could think of that was crazier than Harry ;-). Have any of you ever made any guest appearances at concerts in the past? Roland Amft,  Peterborogh
B: The late great John Bonham would have been my choice - it must have been amazing to play with him.

Q: What do I have to do to get hold of 'The Thrill Of It all' On CD? John Kent-Smith, Surrey 
T: Unfortunately 'The Thrill Of It All' is long out of print. Your best bet it to try Ebay or local second hand record shop. I believe there are also some online retailers that have a few copies left. Maybe try asking the folks on the message board...

Q: Hi Guys. Just gotta say I've been a fan for what seems like ages, and if a day goes by when I don't listen to, or sing a Thunder or B&M song in my head...well there isn't a day! Anyway...to the question...It's hardly a nail biting subject but I'd love you guys to offer your opinions on this subject. I'm currently looking for a new guitar but I'm working on a tight budget of £300. I have a choice...Epiphone Gothic Les Paul or Vintage V100 in Wine Red and Ivory. What do you guys think? Nicola, Darlington
B: Anything that's got "vintage" and "wine" in the same sentence has got to be the one surely.... Belgian chocolates anyone?
L: Try them both and buy whichever one feels best.

Q: Hello, this is addressed to no one in particular, I was flicking through the TV guide the other night and there was this film called 'Love Walked In' (1995 I think) it was on a channel called TV3 I do not receive this channel so my curiosity to whether your song by the same name was used in it or not was not answered, can you clear this up. By the way when are you guys going to come to Ireland? Belfast has that new Areana called the Odessey you guys could fill it no probs. Is that new DVD (Marquee live uncut) available in HMV, etc..? Colm Farren, N. Ireland
L: I've never seen the film in question but our song wasn't used as far as I'm aware. Sorry to not be more helpful. Please check out the gigs page for all gig news. The DVD is only available through this site.

Q: Hi Luke; I was surprised and pleased to see you wander past me at the "The Darkness" gig in Folkestone last night (Sunday). I was about to stop you and say 'Hi - love your work' but you seemed to be striding rather purposefully with a 'don't talk to me' look on your face! Just wondering whether you were there purely for a night out, or was your visit linked to Thunder and/or Bowes & Morley gigs either at Folkestone or with The Darkness? p.s. Did you get to speak to Vic Reeves, who seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself? Chris, Herne Bay
L: I was there for a night out and to meet the guys from the band who were very nice chaps indeed. I did talk to Vic Reeves afterwards and complained about his driving ability (he nearly crashed into me twice a few years ago).

Q: Guys, a few years ago Redwood supported you on tour which was a great night! Tell me, have you listened to their album Colourblind and what did u think? Myself I think this is a hidden masterpiece any ideas what happened to them? Nigel, Maidstone 
D: I'm afraid I have no idea what became of Redwood, which is a shame. I didn't know they had an album called Colourblind, so I haven't listened to it. I'm not being very helpful on this am I.... 

Q: While watching the fantastic live DVD from the Marquee last night I couldn't help but wonder that with 8 tracks from your debut album appearing do you ever get pissed off with still playing these songs at most of your gigs? If so would you ever consider radically reworking some of your best known songs, or doing acoustic versions etc such as Bon Jovi have done recently on their latest album? If so how about next time EMI want to stick out another 'best of' album giving them a bunch of these alternate versions, I'm sure more of your fans would be likely to go and buy this than yet another containing versions they already own What do you guys think? Sam
L: Occasionally we have recorded acoustic versions of our material but nearly always in a live environment which I think is a better way to do it. Recording studios are fairly dull places it's virtually impossible to recapture the spontaneity that occurs the first time you record a song so why bother? I would rather spend my time moving forward than trying to better the past. I think you'll find the reaction to the Bon Jovi album of reworked versions bares this out.

Q: Hi guys, I am a 51 year old Thunder fanatic have been for years saw you at Glasgow Carling Acadamy last year. I am in Canada just now but going home with my lady ,whom I have known since we were 12. Anyway she was introduced to your music by me her fav is LOVE WALKED IN. we also love your covers. Ok, ok I'll get on with it. 1--are you playing Glasgow this year? 2--any chance of a total covers album? You could run a contest let us Thunder die hards suggest the songs--your covers are terrific every one better than the original and that takes some doing. Wishing you all health, wealth and happiness. Russell & Moira, Canada
L: Please look at the gigs page for all touring information. Covers nearly always occur fairly spontaneously and selfishly they are a fun thing for us to do here and there. Covering a list of songs picked by other people would kind of destroy the point of doing it, being that it's the fact we get to choose them that makes it fun for us! Sorry....

Q: Hi Luke, which PA-Company the band prefer on tour and do you have some news, whether the band will play in Germany this year? Danny, Germany
L: In the UK we use a company called SSE who are lovely people and based in Birmingham. Please watch the gigs page for information on forthcoming tours.

Q: It is a long time ago but am I mistaken to say there was a connection between you and Danger Danger for their 'Screw It' album? I seem to remember them thanking you in their album notes and that on a couple of tracks there are what seems to be English accented rockers joining in the fun. Of course I could be completely wrong... Guy, Brussels
D: You are correct in that you are completely wrong! Thunder have never "joined in the fun" with Danger Danger, either inside or outside of the recording studio. Sorry.

Q: Just a quick question about the new B&M album - Why "Mo's Barbeque"? Why not Homer or Flanders? See you at Rock City (sometime this year, I hope...). Doug, Nottingham
D: Yes, very funny. I love The Simpsons, but as far as I know their Mo has a bar and not a BBQ. Our Mo has the latter, and he was entertaining friends using it one sunny afternoon in September whilst we were there making the record. Having previously forbidden ourselves from attending the BBQ (must work, must not enjoy etc), the aromas were irresistible, and we eventually succumbed. As you can probably guess, drink flowed and food was consumed, and that was the end of the work for that particular day. It was tough, but we were dedicated...

Q: Can someone tell me what happened to the German Fanclub "Rolling with Thunder"? I once met a girl who was a kind of a leading member but I can't remember her name. Is that fanclub still alive? Are there any official Thunder fanclubs at all? Thanx! Joe, Germany
D: I have no idea what happened to Rolling Thunder. There is no official Thunder Fanclub any more. Our operation nowadays is slimmer and meaner than before....

Q: Hi There, just wanted to ask a quick question, With the impending release of the new Bowes & Morley opus, will you be touring with the new material, and if so, did you ever consider playing the Beck Theatre in Hayes? If you did, then please let me know, I am sure I could help with the organisation. Dale, Hayes
D: B&M will hopefully play some shows in June. I've asked our agent to approach the promoters and venues. I have no knowledge of the Beck Theatre so I'd think it was safe to assume we won't be playing there. Thanks for the offer though.

Q: Danny, your microphone stand is cool, where did you get it from! I'd like to get one and use it when I perform in the working men's clubs of the North. I throw in "Freakshow" but the old folk don't know what it is?? They just hanging on for The Mavericks!? Johnny G, Lancashire
D: If you're referring to my "steering wheel" one piece stand of old, it was custom made for me by an engineering firm (the name of which escapes me). I had 2 but sadly both went west when we split up in 2000. I've not bothered to replace them since we reformed, opting for a heavy based automatic adjustment type affair that comes with the PA when we tour. My splendid monitor man Martin arranges for it to be there each time so I have no idea what it's called or who it's made by I'm afraid. It's nice though, and virtually indestructible (it needs to be). Don't worry about the old types not knowing Freakshow, they probably can't hear what
you're playing anyway, but as long as they're happy...

Q: According to http://users.cybercity.dk/~nmb1469/terraplanealbums.html there is a Terraplane bootleg called "Back To Innocence" taken from 2 gigs in 1985 and 1986. Interestingly, the final track on the bootleg is called ?????? which I don't believe I've ever heard before; catchy title though! Anyway, I notice that there is a track called "I Can Still Hear The Music". I don't have the bootleg myself but I was wondering if I could safely assume that "I Can Still Hear The Music" was the same song that later was released as a Thunder b-side? Were there any other songs that were released under the Thunder monicker that actually started out as Terraplane material? Mark
L: There were songs that Terraplane performed that were written in the last year of the band's existence that went on to become Thunder songs...Dirty Love, Girl's Going Out Of Her Head, Dance, Dance, Dance and I Can Still Hear The Music was probably in an early stage of development when Terraplane performed it.

Q: I have never had the pleasure of seeing Thunder live (I live in the US). You fellows seem to be very "down to earth" types. Just regular guys with no "rock star" pretensions. You seem to value your fans and genuinely care about what you can do for them. What a great way to be. Thank You. My questions are simple: Have you ever done "Distant Thunder" live? My last question is have you ever met the guys in Cheap Trick, who are also on the July 9th show with you? My favorite two groups at the same show! Maybe its time to take the wife and kids on holiday!! Thanks for your time. Ken K.
L: If my memory serves me well we did perform Distant Thunder throughout 89/90 but never after that. Thanks for the nice comments.

Q: Going back to your pre-Thunder days. Where did the name Terraplane come from? Was it anything to do with the car? Secondly where did the name Thunder come from? Was it anything to do with the Drum / Cymbal manufacturer? Looking forward to the new B&M album, we can't wait for the gig dates to be released. We're in need of a serious night out, or two!! Ian & Angie, North Wales
L: Yes; 10 out of 10 for where the name Terraplane came from. The name Thunder came from the song on our first album 'Distant Thunder'.

Q: Hello. Thinny what is the name and web address of the company you use to do the Thunder message board? I need to include a message board on my web site I'm doing and I really need to know what it is as I would like to use it. if you could help me I would be so pleased and grateful. Ant
T: The company is called DiscusWare and you can find their website at http://www.discusware.com/ 

Q: Hi guys, thanx for such great gigs in 2003 - hope there's plenty more in 2004! My friends & i really enjoyed the gig in sept at the Astoria & wanted to know how we can source a cd by Zico, the support band? Haven't had any luck so far. Hope you can help! Can't wait for the new cd from the december show! Lorriane, Kent
T: Try contacting them through their official website at www.zico.com 

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