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Q: I don't know if this has been asked before . . . so sorry! Can or do any of the band members cook and if yes what do you prefer to prepare? Max Inzinger, Germany
B: I can cook reasonably well and I love preparing the phone to call for an Indian takeaway.

Q: Rock & Blues? Was it what you expected? Me and my 7yr old son were there (you may have seen us close to the front me 7mth pregnant one and Joe on my husbands shoulders singing & rocking like a loon the whole set!). I have to say a job well done chaps. A thoroughly fantastic set and well worth the swollen ankles and chronic backache! Wouldn't have missed it for the world! Think you'd go again even if you weren't playing? Kirsty, Derby
B: I have to say it was absolutely marvellous. Had a thoroughly splendid time and would love to do it again.
D: I loved it. I was really surprised by how good it was, not that I expected it to be bad at all, it was just so good. The organisers were very nice and looked after us royally. It's so nice to still be pleasantly surprised after all these years. Yes, I'd go, but in truth only if they moved it around the corner to me (I travel a lot all the time, so when I don't have to, I don't). Glad you enjoyed it, especially in your condition, the old ankles and back must have been v painful. You're obviously a trouper and if I were wearing a hat I'd take it off to you.

Q: I've often been on the web late at nite. I also have my "creative moments" when others tend to go to bed or are already asleep. So I have a simple question: Can you sing?...oh wait, that was the wrong question. I want to know when the ideas start to flow? When does Luke start to compose? When is Dannys best vocal moment? When does Ben mix music to the best? When does Chris play his best bass? When does Harry replace any musician the best? At which time are you in best spirits? Is there a typical daytime when you had your most creative time? I often met you at meet and greets and you were in a good mood so I expect you to be "nighttime birds", but Danny, you are the business man, do you get up early? ;-) Mars - the bringer of war, Somewhere on the solar system
B: I am definitely a 'night owl' - I always have been. It's the time when the phone doesn't ring and you can work without interruption. I find it difficult to mix before midday to be honest. 
H: I have to say that my most creative time must be when this house is quiet! Normally late at night! I'm definitely a "night owl!".......Cue owl noise!
D: Well. I get up early, always, regardless of the time I went to bed. I'm not creative so I have no best creative moments. My best vocal moments come at any time after noon, never before.

Q: I've had these questions burning a hole for awhile so if you wouldn't mind telling me, Has Simon Cowell (to your knowledge) heard 'The Pimp and the Whore' yet? Have you sent him a copy?! Would any of you consider doing 20 Questions with Metal Sludge? And, what is your favourite item on your rider? Please keep up the great work, can't wait until the November tour, and Thunder fans' pushing a new top 40 single! Matt, Notts
B: I have no idea if Simon Cowell has ever heard a Thunder record and we've never sent him one, with his money he can buy his own copy. It depends what the 20 questions are and you've had four already. My favourite item would be the egg mayonnaise sandwiches closely followed by the red wine. 
L: I doubt whether Simon Cowell has heard 'Pimp' but I think he would probably see the funny side of it. It would be very sad if he didn't. Metal Sludge? Absolutely. Favourite item on the rider would probably be the bottle of Chateau Neuf Du Pape.

H: Certainly Gaz - No need to shout! They are 10x8/12x10 and 14x12. Glad you like the sound. There’s no magic formula for tuning a kit. Trial and error really. There are a lot of drummers that I admire, but top of the list is Ian Paice.

Q: Hi Luke, I've been a fan since I first heard 'Low life in High Places' so please don't bark. The last couple of Thunder albums have become softer, more ballady (is that a word?), SATS had a few more uptempo tunes, (before I go any further I like the ballads). What can we expect from the new album (and I will be buying it what ever - Thats what fans do - It's a dirty job but someone has to do it). It would be nice to have more meaty tunes. Can we expect more heavier tunes? Rod, Cardiff
L: When I start writing an album I don't sit down and pre-determine what direction the songs are going to take. They come out naturally. If I worried about pleasing everybody all the time I'd never get anything done. Everybody has their own preferences and opinions when it comes to what we do and I have to accept that. The song vote on this site would indicate that the ballads are more popular overall and yet the most votes have been for Loser which is one of the heaviest tunes we do. See, you've got me confused now..............aaaggghhh

Q: I am waiting for another entry in the "wit, wisdom and whiskey" section. So I ask myself why you called it like this. Or is it just an idea of Thinny? Who will be the next to write something? The Incredible Joe, In the heart of the city
L: 'WWW' was so called because we wanted it to cover all possible subjects and be about anything we liked. There will be more to come but we're very tied up with the next album at the moment.

Q: Hi guys, I've been in a band singing for a few years now and I just need some advice on professional contract work in the music industry we are currently a covers band but are writing our own music now could u give me a few tips on what record companies would look for and I'm really looking forward to seeing you in November at the Pavillions its the first time I will see you live. Maria, Devon
D: How long have you got? The best advice I could give you is to ensure you have your own identifiable sound, within your music and your songs. As to what record labels are looking for, I'm not sure they know that, so the rest of us have no way of second guessing.. 

Q: Hi Danny, Just a wee bit cheeky cos here's two quick questions, pure curiosity for the first one, bit by bit and day by day it seems to me that the bands popularity is increasing all the time, we now see and hear of more younger fans at gigs and on the message board, with this mind I just wondered how many copies world wide that Shooting at the Sun sold? next quick question, any news on if the film footage of your day with us at Lotus will make a Dvd sometime near future? Carl, Norwich
D: I'm afraid record sales information is only imparted on a "need to know" basis. By now I thought everybody knew that the Lotus day edited footage is on the latest Plug It Out DVD, it's the (not so) "secret" footage. I'm sure someone can tell you how to find it... 

Q: Are you doing any appearances with the Hawk Kawasaki Team this year? Webby, London
D: They've kindly invited us to all the meets, but we're all wrapped up in the new LP and various other things on top, so we've not been able to make it so far. There was talk of playing at their end of season bash, but it looks like we'll be busy with the mixing. There's always next year...

Q: Hi Danny. What are your opinions on a project such as the Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner collaboration where both artists share the lead vocals throughout ? Could you ever see yourself getting involved in something similar or would you shy away as you feel it doesn't work or you'd far rather do all the vocals than share !? If you would do it, can you think of anyone you feel would complement your vocals/you'd particularly like to do it with? Keep up the good work. Mark
D: I've never thought about this before, but I must say I like the idea of only doing half the work, ha ha! Seriously, I have no objection in principle to the concept, but I have no clue as to who I'd do it with.

Q: Really looking forward to the new album, and looking at the track list, it looks to be another winner!  In regards to the new Single, what B sides are you hoping to include? The reason I ask, is I am really trying to get my hands on the acoustic version of "A love worth dying for" Good Luck on the forthcoming release! Simon Walker, Sheffield
T: It's really too early for the band to be thinking about B-sides...getting the album finished is the priority at the moment.  However, if it's the acoustic version of 'Love Worth Dying For' that you are after then check out the recently released remastered 2 CD set of 'The Thrill Of It All'. The acoustic version in included on CD 2. You can buy the set from here!

Q: Hi Guys, I know it's not on your gigs page, but a mate of mine came in this morning saying she'd seen a banner advertising Thunder at a place called The Cockpit in Leeds this Saturday August 14th ........ it's not you is it? In my home town??? Kate, Leeds
T: Nope, it's not our Thunder. It would be interesting to find out who this really is though...if anyone has any more details, please let us know...

Q: Wotcha 'Arry. A little question that's been buggin' (steady) me for ages. What does your missus call you? 'Arry, Gary, God, Thumper or what? If this question has been asked (and answered) before, forgive me. I've had a drink, you know!! Cheers mucker. See you soon. Pabs, East of Somewhere
H: When I met her, I introduced myself as Harry so that stuck really. If she’s in a mood with me I’m normally called “a pain in the arse!”

Q: Can you give me a list of all your studio albums? Tim, U.K.
T: Backstreet Symphony, Laughing On Judgement Day, Behind Closed Doors, The Thrill Of It All, Giving The Game Away and Shooting At The Sun. For more details on the individual albums check out the discography section...

Q: Hi Guys, imagine my surprise when (lying on a gorgeous beach in Santorini this summer) reading my new Shaun Hutson book 'Captives'; I see that the author has used 'Dirty Love' as a song played in a lap dancing club!! I have to admit that it made my day to be reminded of my fave band whilst so far away from home. Did you know that this song had been included in his book? Rae Bezer, Manchester
L: Marvellous! Good old Shaun Hutson....I can't think of a better or more appropriate context for that particular song. I didn't know about it until now although somebody did tell me he likes Thunder.

Q: How much say do you have with regards to album/single artwork? Have there been any that in hind sight you aren't keen on? Is there any by other artists that you wish had been yours? Stuart March, Essex
L: Every sleeve of every original studio album we've released has either been an idea emanating from us directly or by an artist commissioned by us. It is something that we take very seriously and I like all of them for different reasons. There's too many great sleeves to list them all here.

Q: I'm slowly doing the rounds of converting these Aussies to the cause... that's three who are slowly purchasing the back catalogue. One aussie friend is over in January and hoping there may be a concert to coincide with her trip.... any plans or too early to say? Great news about the new album, can't wait til the spring. Question about the recording.... I don't know the ins and outs of recording but I know some bands like to record as a band to get a live feel whereas some break it down to separate tracks which are then merged together. How do you go about it?
L: We will almost certainly be doing some shows around the time of the album release but there are no firm plans at the moment. We always try to record as live and spontaneously as possible.

Q: Hi Danny. Being a bit of a techno freak, I've just got my hands on a new I-Pod, has anyone else in the band got one? Now I've transferred my entire THUNDER cd collection onto it (I can now spend the next day and a half listening to nohing but THUNDER!!) I was wondering if you would consider releasing one or two tracks from the new album through i-tunes or one of the other download sites? Magic Dave, UK
D: I've had an iPod for 2 years, the others don't have one as yet. B&M's Mo's BBQ is currently available to buy digitally via The TheOrchard.com  and I'm told Appleshop also (in the US). We're considering how best to go about doing the same for the next Thunder LP. I think most people will always want the real CD deal with the sleeve and pics etc, but the digital thing is definitely here and isn't going to go away, so I say "embrace"...

Q: Hello Harry! I like to know, who you and the guys are thinking over the gig and the atmosphere at the Bospop Festival? From the first rang in the first row I had the impression, that is was not really the crowd which wanted to "dance" and "shout"??!! Nevertheless I enjoyed the gig as I enjoy every gig from you. Special thanks to you because throwing me the drumstick!!!! So my Crystal Palace shirt took your attraction??!! Hahaha. Palace in the Premier League. What a cracker! Oh before I forgeT: the bass player of Status Quo also noticed the Shirt?? Watching his reaction I think he is also a fan: Do you know that?? Anyway, thanks for a marvellous hour of music and I hope I'll see you and the boys very soon, again!!! Dirk the "Crazy Dutchman", Holland
H: Dirk you crazy Dutchman! Had a great time at the Bospop festival thanks, and it was fantastic to see the Crystal Palace shirt being worn with pride! I remember you said you would wear it. The bass player from Status Quo knows I support CP, and that's why I think he would have noticed the shirt! I think he follows Brentford though!?? Thanks and see you soon.

Q: Can you play the drums with your mouth closed?? (If you are wondering what I am talking about, take a look at the Plug it Out DVD. Excellent night by the way, the best x-mas present my sis could have brought me. Belle
H: It seems not! Though I have tried!   ..

Q: Looking through the live albums. I seen the most of the set list is close to been the same. Although everybody has there preferred favourite songs, which is on the album. Question is what happened to the songs that most of fans like but it disappointing not to find any trace of them. 2) Which unusual thunder song, would each member of the band, like to see if they made a list to create the live albums themselves? Cos not all people are the same choosing there favourites. Scott Mayfield, Wolverhampton
C: One of my favourite Thunder songs that we haven't played since I've been in the band (except at the Bedford Arms) is Castles In The Sand.
B: 1. Those songs are lurking in a small wooden box in Luke's underwear drawer
2. I would like to hear a live version of 'Shake The Tree' but I'm afraid it's about as likely as us doing a cover of 'Behind The green Door'

Q: I am contemplating the purchase of a new lappy top (the computer variety, not my legs from the hip to the knee) and this question came to mind. Which do you lot use? A lap top or desk top? Both? Wot's the brand? Dana, Utah
H: Currently using a Dell Dimenson Desktop-no lappy top darling!
B: I've always had desktops. No room on my lap as it's always full of dancers.
C: I use a desktop PC at home which I built myself specifically with recording music in mind, so it's not by any particular manufacturer.
L: One Dell desktop and one Mac G4 laptop.
D: I use a Dell laptop and an Apple iBook. Both are very nice and I love them.

Q: Hi, have/do you ever go on E-Bay?? Mark, Swindon
H: No I haven't, but a know someone who does! And she seems to make a few quid!
B: What's that - an Australian soap opera?
C: I've had a quick look a couple of times, but never bought or sold anything. I know people that swear by it, though.

Q: If each of you guys were football coaches of the national team and you get a penalty shooT: Which member of the band would you prefer to go to the penalty spot instead of Beckham? And second part of the question: Does any member of the band play football? What about sports in general? Anything you like of dislike the most? In which sport do you have the best skills or which sport do you hate? Hope I'm not too curious . . .Thanx! Joachim, London
B: I wouldn't have chosen a band member, I would have chosen a gardener!
L: Definitely Wayne Rooney. I used to play football in my twenties and I do miss a good kickabout. The last time I played was for an Iron Maiden eleven (with Harry) against a Brazilian promoter's team in Sao Paulo. If my memory serves me well we beat them 4 - 2!!! These days I content myself with the odd round of golf and that's about it.
D: For my money David Beckham is still a great player, when he's not doing too many adverts and TV shows. I think he'll have seen the error of his ways after the recent misery and will respond accordingly. I'd choose him to take the penalty next time and the time after. Sport has been a big part of my life until the past few years, when the various injuries of my youth (some sport related) have caught up with me somewhat. As a result I've had to be a little less active lately, but I'm feeling much better since my back op (felt extremely good during the recent shows) and am about to embark on a new fitness campaign. I like most sports, but I loathe jogging and working out at the gym.

Q: Last night I was sitting in a bar with some of my friends and this argument about where the prettiest women in the world can be found took place. I said Italy, one said Eastern Europe, one said Argentina and the last said Sweden (you know, we spanish guys are crazy about blond girls!). So, I thought the opinion of a well traveled Rock and Roll band would be useful...what you think so? Daniel, Barcelona
H: My opinion from experience and personal taste may I add, is from Spain, South America and Italy. Just my cup of tea!
B: In my head ... sadly.
L: I'm sorry Daniel but they're all right!! 
D: When we were there, Argentina had the most highly concentrated number of naturally beautiful women I have ever seen. They were quite simply everywhere.

Q: We've all seen photo's of various band members signing things for fans, so I was wondering what's the strangest, most fun and worst things you've been asked to sign? Stuart March, Essex
H: The strangest and most fun are signing parts of a lady's body. It has occurred many times and seems to be more in the breast department for some reason! I do love my job! The worst? Had to sign a sweaty, hairy back once, after a gig? She was very pleasant though!
B: A sample bottle, a large pair of breasts, a large cheque - in that order.
D: No question, it was the girl who had my signature tattooed on her rear end. She had me sign it first, then the tattoo artist did his thing, and she proudly showed me the next time we met. Bizarre.

Q: Regarding the Scarborough gig. I thought the band were magnificent. What did you guys think, you seemed to be having a blast on stage. would you do it again? Rob Fletcher, Hull
H: Thanks Rob. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes we did a good time, and would definitely consider doing it again, if asked??
B: We had a fantastic time, can't wait for the tide to go out so we can do it again.
L: Thank you. Yes, we did enjoy it a lot and there was definitely a great atmosphere on the night. If we were asked to do it again we'd definitely consider it very seriously.
D: We all enjoyed the show immensely. To be honest I was very pleasantly surprised by the turnout, which was fantastic, and the crowd were seriously up for it, which made it all the more exciting. The Beached production guys must have worked incredibly hard to put it all together, and they will be very pleased with their efforts I'm sure. I'd have no hesitation in agreeing to do it again if we were asked, but I'd have thought the Beached peeps would want to keep the bill different every year to keep the interest up. Still, you never know do you?

Q: Hello Thunder!! How you didling! Long time fan...asked questions about two years ago on this site. Seems a long time ago. Im torn between 'life' paths at the moment...having just finished my A'levels (and I mean just) I was wondering what you guys did post 18...how did you decided what was the right path for you? Was songwriting and band life always the obvious choice? Jonny, Wiltshire
H: At an early age, all I wanted to be in life, was a musician! Instead I chose to be a drummer-ha ha!!! Seriously, my parents suggested I get a career behind me, just in case the music business didn’t work out, and that was, and is, a very good piece of advice.
B: I went to work for a record company and then a recording studio where I became an engineer. However I’ve always been in a band, ever since I was about thirteen, it’s just that it didn’t pay very well until later in life (financially of course, it’s always paid in other respects)
L: There was no other choice of career for me really. I'm crap at everything else!

Q: A rather abstract question for you lovely guys. I was having a lovely romantic meal with my darling dearest in Tricalos before the S'boro gig and as me and him left, who should we see but our favourite band stood at the door waiting to be seated. My question is, what did you eat? And also, was it good? The gig was excellent. (I was the crazy girl screaming and singing at the front) Thank-you for a great night. Nicola, 16, Darlington
B: You really should stop screaming and singing at the front of restaurants, terrible manners don't you know.
H: I’m afraid I don’t remember the gig very well, but funnily enough, I do remember being very hungover the following day! The record company, at that time, plied us with drink back at the hotel. Never again…….hic!…………until the next time.
L: I had a salmon and prawn salad which wasn't bad considering they'd run out of spring onions!
D: I ate Pasta di Pancetta (nice), Luke had a prawn salad (ok but not the best he's ever had), Ben had Pasta and Chicken (a bit too creamy but perfectly edible), Chris had a Caesar Salad (too much cos lettuce but OK), and Jason had the house pasta special (he didn't comment but devoured it in seconds). The place was perfectly pleasant, and the food most reasonably priced. Ideal when you don't want too much and you don't have much time. Glad you enjoyed the show, thanks for coming.

Q: Hi Guys, Do you remember playing the Floral Hall in Southport many, many years ago? Would you ever consider it again? Sonia
B: I don’t think we have a song called “The Floral Hall” - you may be confusing us with Terry Wogan.
L: I don't remember playing there but I do remember doing a PA and signing session?!?!? Then again it was in the nineties..........
D: I'm very sorry but I have no memory of that show. It sounds nice though.

Q: As it's nearly the holiday season... what holiday are you looking forward to or are you staying in old blighty to soak up the glorious British sunshine and of course the scorching temperatures! James Vincent
H: I normally stay in “good old blighty”, but this year I’ve been invited to visit a mate, that now resides in San Francisco. That’s where you’ll find me for a couple of weeks!
B: Holidays! Didn’t anyone tell you being in a band is one long holiday?
C: As some of you already know, I have a special occasion looming, so I'll be off to Sri Lanka and the Maldives for a few weeks.
I may head for the Croatian islands this summer if time permits....
D: I'm too busy at the moment, so I have no plans, but when it calms down a bit I'll probably do a last minute thing later in the summer.

Q: More of a statement really. I read back in May that another fan of yours had seen a copy of SATS in Virgin Megastore in Downtown Disney. So I went out there and bought it, you've now sold out the entire stock of the cd in the store. Thought of a question...Budweiser or Fullers? Glad your back is feeling better Danny. Steve, Berkhamsted
H: I'd say Bud being more of a lager drinker - but give me a pint of Fosters any day!
B: Fullers? I don't own a fair isle jumper or like Morris dancing I'm afraid - all together now... "All around my hat... "
D: Seems a bit drastic to go to Florida to buy a copy of SATS, I know the dollar is very weak against the pound but the cost of the flight must have cancelled out the saving. Thanks all the same. I can't stand Budweiser, but to be honest I'm not a Fullers fan either. If I had to choose between them it would be Fullers.
L: I'm definitely a lager man so Budweiser although it wouldn't be my first choice. Give me a nice cold San Miguel or a Sapporo please.....

Q: I know that in the past you have answered the question about tattoos and if you have them or not. I now have four including a "Dirty Love" one. But I was wondering, with the advent of less permanent tats (the ink doesn't go as deep as normal ones and layers get sloughed with your skin, apparently) would you reconsider? Also, have you ever thought about doing a gig for all us Loonies who have young kids, so they can see what their mums and dads are rambling on about? Angie Stewart, Oxfordshire
H: No.............but have had a few stick on tattoos. Mainly on me 'ead!
D: I think both suggestions are good. As for the show, we'll have to wait for a suitable opportunity and look at the viability. I'm off to the tattoo parlour. 
C: I doubt I would ever have a tattoo - I'm too much of a pussy to endure the needle. I think the idea of doing a show that kids could come to is a fantastic idea - in fact - why not come to Scarborough on Saturday? It's on the beach, perfect for kids.  

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