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Dear Mr Bowes, just a quick line to say how much I enjoyed your performance at Don Airey's Charity gig on Saturday night. Having been to a few of these over the years the talent on display is always great so it was a nice surprise to see you and Chris there this time out. Was really impressed by the way you handled all that classic soul stuff. The question is how was it for you ? You looked like you were having a great time and the crowd certainly loved it, did you have a blast ?? Nice one Dan, you were bloody great. Angela, Cambridge
You summed it up perfectly. It was a most pleasurable experience and a very good night all round. Glad you enjoyed it.

Q: Is there a download version of 'Every word's a lie' I remember having that song once but lost it and it is such a great Morley-esque ballad. Ian, S. Wales
T: That track was originally a B-side to 'Don't Wait Up' and therefore belongs to Sanctuary Records, who never made the track available to download. To get a hold of it you will have to get the 2 Disc remaster of 'The Thrill Of It All' (the track features on Disc 2) or try to find a cheap copy of the CD single on eBay. The track was only on the limited edition Flexi-Pack version of the single though, so make sure you get the right one!

Q: Hi Guys, Had the pleasure of Whitesnake & Def Leppard in Glasgow on tuesday, and it struck me that Blackstone Cherry weren't on for very long.  Coming to the Cardiff & Liverpool gigs especially to see you guys, so just wondered how many numbers you'll manage to squeeze in? Lesley, Edinburgh
L: Our slot will be in the region of 45 minutes. I'm not sure which songs we'll be playing yet so it's difficult to say how many there'll be. We'll have to see!

Q:  I moved house after the xmas gig and lost my ticket stubs in the move and faced with the option of no xmas cd's and was absolutely gutted. I Know rules are rules but in desperation I sent an email to the great thin one telling of my plight and the case was took up by a very helpful person by the name of Jane I think). After several emails and copies of bank statements with proof of purchase I was very pleased to receive the said CDs. After seeing your recent news of the passing of your friend Howard Sparnenn I have decided to put the last two years xmas CDs (the spare ones) on eBay and donate the proceeds to charity. I know they won't fetch a massive amount but wanted to know what charity you prefer me to donate the cash. Colin Vale, Leicester
Your humanity is most humbling. Andrea's Gift
is the charity that we sent a donation to. Good luck, I hope you raise a goodly amount for them.

Q: Why can't we buy the two last EP via the Thundershop and only by Townsend Records? Luc, Neuve Eglise - France
We sell some of our products at Thunder Shop, and some are sold via Townsend Records. There are a number of business reasons for this, but they are far too boring to go into, as we will all lose the will to live.

Q: My question is for Danny but I would be interested to hear the rest of the bands opinion, so to the question do you find it frustrating when big concerts are staged and the flash in the pan stars of the day are invited to perform and with no disrespect to these artists you could blow them of the stage even on a bad day, I know Luke addressed this issue on AWS and PFAC but it must be annoying when you know you have more talent and are constantly overlooked? Lee, Bangor
It happens in every business. It can be a little irritating sometimes, but if you allow yourself to be affected by those sorts of things you become very bitter and twisted, and then it's a slippery slope, downwards... I've always subscribed to the theory that you have to enjoy what you have, and not worry too much about what other people have.

Q: Danny as astute brain behind the running of Thunder have you considered approaching the makers of Guitar Hero or Rock Band about Thunder songs for their Download Content? its fast becoming the best way to reach
new listeners & provide sales.Motley Crues new single sold 47.000 on the xbox360 & 10.000 on Itunes-P.S my Thunder 3-pack (GH or Rock Band) would be Loser, Dirty Love & River of Pain - what's yours? Mart "Metalfartz", Essex
I wouldn't say I'm astute. Cheerful, despite being extremely busy is probably more accurate. Whilst I agree it's a great way to reach people, I'm afraid it's not quite as simple as cold calling and telling them you have great music for them. If only it were. The producers of games traditionally tend to decide on the things they want, usually in association with agencies and/or working partners. I played Guitar Hero once (I'm not what you'd call a gamer, way too little time) and was utterly useless.

Q: Are you watching any of Euro 2008? I'm trying but lose interest easily! Ade C, Cheshire
B: No, lost interest a long time ago
H: I have to say I'm loving it. I was disappointed that England were not involved in the beginning but I have to say, I'm enjoying the football without the angst and tearing my hair out! I fancy the Spanish......
D: I've been watching it every night. It's been great being able to just sit and watch it, not having to deal with all the England related hype and misery. I think the Dutch team have been fabulous this time around, and I want them to win, but I've probably cursed them now...

Q: Thank you for jinxing the Dutch team. If you do it, you do it well;-)) They were totally run down by the Russians. Luckily the Russians have a Dutch coach, so somehow we did win. Bart, Holland
I knew it the moment I typed it. The Russians were very good though. I have a feeling the German team will win it now, but I can't say who I actually want to win for fear of the jinx returning..

Q: Is there are reason why your not doing any Festivals this year? Are you happy just doing the Whitesnake/Def Leppard gigs? Ade C, Cheshire
We knew we'd be very occupied with the new LP and EP3 over the summer so we didn't push for shows. The DL/WS shows are attractive because they're over in a short burst, and I'm sure they'll help us sell tickets for our UK  tour later in the year.

Q: Hi Luke! Do you remember that you were asked about your perfume by interview of a magazine in 2006(it's in "Thunder go mad in Japan" tour). I heard you showed the interviewer your perfume at that time. Do you still use same one now? And are you always carrying it?  When I saw you at M&G, I thought your scent was nice. Happy Birthday Luke! Wishing you many happy returns on your birthday! Chikako, Japan
L: Yes, I still use Emporio Armani 'Lui'. Thank you for the birthday greeting.

Q: I am now entering my 18th year as a Thunder fan and I am so glad that things are still going strong. My 'baptism' into Rock was provided by my older (and wiser) brother introducing me to Deep Purple, Rainbow and (you guessed it) Whitesnake. Sadly, I never had chance to see them live...until now... and along with your good selves. Mr C. has remained a force ever since in my CD collection and now, following a few years out, has returned with 'GTBB' album. As rock 'gurus' whom I admire deeply, I would be very interested in your opinion of his recent work. And, are you looking forward to appearing with him this summer???!!! Andrew, South West
I'm afraid I've not heard the latest Whitesnake record so I can't comment. As to working with Mr C again, I'm pretty sure it'll be a hoot.

Q: Danny, thanks for the reply to my earlier question! I'd still like to know the rest of the ten songs you picked, so these are the songs played on "My Planet Rocks": "Drive-In Saturday", "Be My Friend", "Deal with the Preacher", "Baba O'Riley", "Ice Cream Man" and "Start Me Up." Would you mind telling us the others? Fumi, San Francisco
The other 4 songs were Day Of The Eagle by Robin Trower, Superstition by Stevie Wonder, A Day In The Life by The Beatles, and Let's Get It On by Marvin Gave.

Q: Hi Danny, I listened to '"My Planet Rocks." Thanks for sharing your story, especially the part about the early years of your career-- it was quite educational and also very funny! For some reason, I was thinking you'd pick ten tunes, but there were six of them instead. Was it because you ran out of time, talking a little too much (if so, I love it!) If you were originally planning to present more songs, what were they? (Stevie Wonder, Sinatra, or Elvis, maybe... ;) Fumi, San Francisco
I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I did choose 10 tunes. I didn't get to hear the show when it went out so I don't know which songs they cut. To be honest I'm not surprised they cut it, I always go on too much, it's my biggest failing.
Still, I always think it's better to say too much than too little..

Q: Hey guys, I'm a singer & I've just had my tonsils out on Friday & I think I'm dying today, its hit me hard & what makes it worse...ITS MY BIRTHDAY :( stuck in alone!! I did message you before but the question is how long was it before you started singing again Danny after yours & the rest of the guys have you had it done & how did you cope? Steve, Wrexham
B: I've still got mine but I understand that strawberry ice cream is the answer
You have my sympathy, it's not a nice thing to have done to you. I had mine done in winter, so I was told not to go out for 2 weeks after I came out of hospital. The idea being that if I stayed in I wouldn't catch a cold or something that may make me cough. The area is very vascular so if you catch a cough you can easily rupture the stitches and lose a lot of blood, so if you don't want to end up in hospital again, DON'T COUGH! The upside is that once you heal up, you'll soon feel fabulous again, in fact if you're anything like me you'll feel better than you've felt for years, and you won't get tonsillitis ever again (hurrah!). It was 6 months before I sang, but only because Terraplane was on the verge of splitting up when I had my op, and there was nothing to sing. When I did it was so long since the op, I completely forgot to worry about it, and it was fine.. My advice would be to ask your surgeon when he/she thinks it's safe to sing again, but I'd have thought you'd be fine after 4-6 weeks.

Q: I notice that you have on the autunm tour you have dates booked with the illegal eagles and Thunder on the same dates. Who will you be playing bass for? Peter Rattray, Crowborough
:  I will be appearing on the Thunder shows, as the Illegal Eagles have a stand-in for the gigs that I can't make.

Q: If NASA asked you to give them one of your songs to go on board a spaceship to blast into space to be discovered by Aliens, which one would it be? Looking forward to Exeter in November! Cheers chaps :o) Dom, Devon
: I guess it would have to be 'Like A Satellite' !
B: I guess "A Long Way From Home" as "Like A Satellite" has already been done.
Last Man Standing would be my choice. Your question makes me think it could be a Hollywood script, and I've always thought LMS would fit brilliantly into a big Hollywood action type movie.

Q: According to the sleeve notes, Jools Holland played organ on "I'm The One" on Terraplane's "Black And White" album. Is this the Julian Miles "Jools" Holland OBE of Squeeze and Later fame? If so, how did the collaboration come about and, more importantly, why haven't Thunder had an invite to appear on Later? Thanks.... Mark Burton, London
D: It was a long time ago. He was a pretty good player, and he used to hang out in the same places we did. He also did sessions, so it was a mere matter of calling his management and offering him the work. I'm sure he doesn't even remember it, like I say, it was only one song and it was a long time ago. You'd have to ask him why he hasn't asked us to be on his TV show.

Q: Luke, on the end of beautiful day (lp)version you say "I think we should drop the e" what was you on about? its bugging me. Stew, Shrewsbury
: I think what I'm saying is 'drop me in on the E', probably because I'd messed up the outro guitar part of the song.

Q: I have just been having a clear out and found an old video tape with recordings of raw power (must have been around 90/91 I think) on it and when digging out the video player and putting it on who do I see only the lovely boys from thunder fresh off a tour with Heart doing a bit of hosting with good old Phil !!...oh how I smiled...then realised I must have only been around 10 at the time I recorded it...then felt a bit wrong...yet I'm still smiling! Anyway getting to my point I was just wondering which band over the years have you had the best time touring with and why? & which band was not so much fun to share a dressing room with? & is there a band or person you'd like to play with that you havent had the opportunity to as yet? and by the time you've answered all that November will be here! xxx. LeaAnn
: The Heart tour was a good experience. Ann was great fun and the band were generally very friendly. One particular evening in the Holiday Inn, Birmingham the Wilson girls, myself on guitar and Benny on piano were up singing Beatles songs all night. People were literally walking around us to get into the restaurant for breakfast. Occasionally bands can be a bit distant when you support them but we usually get on well with everybody we work with. Backstage each band usually has it's own dressing room which is just as well! I dont think there's anyone in particular we'd like to work with as we always enjoy playing live.

Q: Hi Luke, An old mate of mine claims to have been at school with you (or at least attended the same school). He had an old school photograph and says you are in the pic and to be honest, it does look a bit like you. The school is Haberdasher's Aske's and I would be grateful if you could confirm if  he has been taking the p**s. Looking forward to seeing you in November. Stuart Ricthie, Glasgow
: Your friend is right. Danny and I both attended Haberdashers Aske's.

Q: Luke, being blues fan as well as a thunder fan since the heart tour days 1988 - 89? what type of harmonica do you use for better man? what key and who taught you to play? Pete, London
: I used a Hohner Blues Harp on 'Better Man' in the key of 'D'. My extremely limited harmonica repertoire is self-taught.

Q: I have just returned from a holiday touring the Scottish highlands and as tradition with all holidays we forgot some thing, the CDs. After rooting through the places you shove CDs in the car I found Terraplane disc 1 ,what a blast from the past and thought what if Terraplane hadn't supported Foreigner on that particular tour I might have never discovered my life obsession, I shudder just thinking of it. Q. When you recorded "Couldn't Handle The Tears" were you in a studio with Ruby Turner or was it done in separate studios across the world where you never met. Colin Vale, Leicester
D: Ruby came to the studio, and the call and answer vocal ad-libs were done in real time around the mic, very much old fashioned style. She was great fun, and she's a great singer.

Q: Luke, will you be doing a synopsis of each song and what inspired it etc. like you have done in the past a few times. It is really fascinating and I know a lot of other people like reading it! Ian, S Wales
: I'm sure I'll get around to doing it when the album is released.

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